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‘Settle Your Grudge’ Blows…

…and now we have video proof. Our favorite parts?

1) “You ripped it up lookin’ for guns, well, I got ‘em. And I’m gonna beat you with ‘em.”
2) The theme song (0:45-1:13), which makes “Jesus Didn’t Tap” sound like The Low End Theory. “The grudge is some guy, who just wouldn’t quit / A heated argument, over some buullll / such.”
3) Officer Carter’s compulsive finger-counting.
4) “They have a gruuzh, they wanna settle.”

In related news, it was announced last week that Tito Ortiz’s grudge-settling show, Anytown Beatdown, will be produced for the G4 cable network.

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Video: Frank Shamrock vs. Cung Le

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3 (demoralizing leg sweep at the 2:25 mark; arm-breaking leg-kick at 4:57, Cung’s meddlesome girlfriend at 7:30):

UPDATE: The round 3 vid has been taken down. You can watch the whole fight here.

Final thought: Remember that stuff about Frank not being dumb enough to stand and trade with a superior striker? We will never doubt the stupidity of any member of the Shamrock clan ever again; that’s a promise. And so goes the last remaining shred of marketability for Blood Brothers


Tim Sylvia Nearly Barfs on ‘Inside MMA’

(Video courtesy of my Canon PowerShot.)

Bad Indian food, maybe? Check out the 0:16 mark to see him swallow it back down. Lovely.

Oh, and about Timbo’s “huge news”: Yeah, it actually was pretty huge. Here are the brass tacks:

— Tim Sylvia has left the UFC in a “mutual separation” and is officially a free agent.

— He has signed a non-exclusive contract with Adrenaline MMA (formerly M-1 Global). Between his fights with Adrenaline, events in Japan (likely referring to Sengoku and DREAM), and “the Affliction show,” he expects to fight 5-6 times per year.

— Adrenaline plans on holding its first event on June 14th in Chicago. Ben Rothwell has also signed to the organization.

— Notable Tim quote #1: “I’m out of the UFC for a couple years, and maybe I go back. I want to end my career in the UFC…Right now, this is the best thing for me.”

— Notable Tim quote #2: “There’s a guy out there named Fedor who I’d like to fight, and I think the only way that’s gonna happen is by me leaving the UFC.”

Holy crap! Can you imagine if Tim got a crack at Fedor before Randy Couture? It seems a little shocking that Dana White would let Tim leave the UFC without putting up a fight (Sylvia had one match left on his current contract), but maybe this is just an elaborate scheme to screw Randy. Dana, you brilliant asshole!


‘Ricco’s World’: First Look

We’re short on details right now, but this video was posted to YouTube yesterday with the description “A trailer for up coming Bio pic for Ricco Rodriguez.” Could this be Ricco’s version of The Smashing Machine? Or maybe it’s a promo for an upcoming VH1 spinoff of Celebrity Rehab — just like Flavor of Love begat I Love New York?


Fight of the Day: Jet Li vs. Jackie Chan

I don’t think I’ve sat through a fight-flick since Ong-Bak (Jaa ftw!), but this is straight-up historic — Jackie and Jet on the same set, battling for cinematic kung-fu dominance. The Forbidden Kingdom hits theaters on April 18th, but you can get a taste right now by watching the fight scene above and the official trailer here.

More must-see video goodness after the jump.


MMA on Stage: Strikeforce/NBC Official & Redbelt’s Debut Date

(Cung Le to appear on The Peacock soon.)

MMA continues to penetrate the media, what with “Iron Ring” on BET, Spike TV’s UFC broadcasts, CBS agreeing to air EliteXC shows, Frankie on Kimmel tomorrow, and now the official announcement of the NBC/Strikeforce marriage. We dropped details for it a while back, but now the official announcement has been made.

From the press release:

In a major step for the fastest-growing sport around the globe, NBC has partnered with world championship promotion company Strikeforce to be the first to premiere a weekly mixed martial arts cage fight series on broadcast television. “Strikeforce on NBC” will premiere the night of April 12 from 2-2:30 a.m. ET on NBC.

“Strikeforce on NBC” will air immediately following NBC’s hit poker tournament series, “Poker After Dark” (1-2 a.m. ET/check local listings), the core audience of which — 18-34 year old males — matches that of mixed martial arts.

Each episode of the hard-hitting series will feature Strikeforce mixed martial arts fights and highlights as well as fighter profiles. Mixed martial arts pits fighters skilled in a wide array of combat disciplines against each other inside a caged-in ring. Popular disciplines include boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and judo, among others. The premiere Strikeforce episode will feature superstar Cung Le vs. Brian Warren, Duane “Bang” Ludwig vs. Tony “The Freak” as well as a profile on Le, recognized as one of the most dynamic competitors in the sport.

While it’s annoying that they kept typing out “mixed martial arts” as opposed to just going with “MMA”, this is still a forward motion for the sport and we’ll applaud that. However, here’s something NBC-related from an IFL press release that makes the applause stop cold:

…twins Jim and Bill Germanakos, the most recent winners of NBC’s hit show “The Biggest Loser,” will host the IFL weigh-in next Thursday, April 3, at 3 p.m. at L.A. Boxing in Secaucus, N.J., and give tips to the athletes trying to make weight for the IFL “New Blood, New Battles” show at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, N.J. The fights will take place on Friday, April 4, at 7:30 p.m.

“These athletes are in unbelievable shape, but if there are any quick tips that we can help them with to shed a few ounces as they hit their desired weight, it will be our pleasure,” Bill Germanakos said. “The sport of Mixed Martial Arts is a great base for training and weight loss since it involves so many aspects of conditioning, including strength and flexibility and self discipline, so this will be fun for us as we continue to spread our message of healthy lifestyle to a larger audience.” All information for Jim and Bill can be found at

Dear God. Speechless…


‘WWKD?’: The Stunning Conclusion

In the final episode of “What Would Kimbo Do?”, Ferg realizes he’s only a figment of Average Joe’s imagination, and wakes up next to Suzanne Pleshette. Wild, man…


K.O. of the Day: Stann vs. Cantwell

Though they’ll be fighting in separate matches tonight, Brian Stann and Steve Cantwell previously faced off at WEC 26 (3/24/07), in a match that was stopped a little too early for Cantwell’s tastes. Check it out below for a preview of what Stann will be bringing to the Rhino in their title fight.

Bonus #1: The end of Doug Marshall’s first WEC title defense against Justin McElfresh, which was stopped at 2:16 of the first round.

Bonus #2: Blas Avena’s 29-second choke-out of Joe Benoit at WEC 30. Avena (2-1) takes on Hiromitsu Miura (8-4) tonight in a middleweight matchup.


Chael Sonnen Strikes Gold

(Sonnen: $250k richer.)

Real Estate hawker Chael Sonnen just picked up 250k. Not for a commission on a house sell, but on a soon-to-be-unveiled clothing line, Nasty Threads. The organization has signed Sonnen as their first sponsored fighter — to the tune of $250,000 for six fights, in a conditional contract. InsideFighting reports:

The money amount, exclusivity, accountability and organization seem to separate this endorsement contract from the typical MMA fighter sponsor deals, according to Sonnen.

“All of the athletes will be exclusive, from the shirts, shorts and hats they wear whereas a lot of guys now a days are like NASCAR drivers [with sponsors all over them],” Sonnen says.

“They are expecting things out of you. You realize that you are working with a professional and that this is a business deal and that does two things for me. One, there is a lot of clarity and a lot of confidence in them and two; I understand that they are expecting things from me. Certain things like I have to be a good person. If you are out in the world being a bad person you lose your contract. Usually that type of thing is exclusive to companies like Nike and more recognized athletes,” Sonnen says.

“Being a bad person?” What does that constitute? Because now my mind is racing and I think I just might be a bad person in Chael Sonnen’s eyes. But in my defense, that old lady could walk her self across the street. Anyway, the irony is not lost on his “bad person” comment since he is reppin’ a company called Nasty Threads.

On the good-humanitarian-side, the company will give some of every buck earned to support and research for the condition. Sonnen will also donate 10% of his purses to the Autism cause. Chael believes this type of contract will change how sponsors deal with fighters from here on out. The company is really pushing him, too — he was given the keys to an office at Nasty’s HQ in Lake Oswego (reportedly somewhere in Oregon, but I don’t have an Altas handy).

Amazing for a guy of Sonnen’s level to score this type of deal. I wish we could watch the contract signing, just because…oh, wait, we have the video! Check out Chael Sonnen signing the contract below. Almost certainly made by the amazing team of Fred and smokin’-hot Sharon.


American Top Team Highlight Reel

Sick new vid from ATT via TUF. It’s hard to name another fight team that’s as deep and consistent as Calvancante, Kang, Monson, “Dinyero,” Yves, Bigfoot Silva and the rest. Coconut Creek FTW.