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Tito Ortiz + Jenna Jameson + Horse = Not What You’re Thinking

If you haven’t been watching The Celebrity Apprentice…well, you’re not missing much. But our boy Tito is still in the game, and on Thursday’s episode he was part of a challenge where he and three teammates had to run a successful carriage-ride operation in New York’s Central Park. Jenna Jameson shows up with a wad of hot money she just got from God-knows-where, and they ride off. And she calls him “pumpkin.” And it’s really gross.

(Props: MMAFever)


Kim Couture and Gina Carano on ‘Inside MMA’ Tonight (And CagePotato Right Now)

Inside MMA is promising a must-see show tonight with “HUGE breaking news” (according to their press release) and a panel that includes Randy Couture, Kim Couture, and Gina Carano. They’ve also released a clip of tonight’s show where Kim Couture discusses training for her first MMA match and the sparring session in which Gina Carano broke her nose. We gotta say, Randy’s wife is lookin’ good — she kinda has a Speed-era Sandra Bullock thing going on. Meanwhile, Gina kinda has a tough-but-warmhearted-lesbian-who-rides-in-an-otherwise-all-male-motorcycle-club-on-the-weekends thing going on. And that’s why we love her.

Inside MMA‘s breaking news will most likely involve Couture’s escalating legal battle with Zuffa. This could be unrelated, but MMAPayout‘s Adam Swift has an article on Sherdog today about HDNet Fights’ new suit against the UFC parent company, which seeks “a declaratory judgment concerning the contractual status of Couture under his Zuffa promotional contract. In an ironic twist, Zuffa’s co-defendant in the suit is technically none other than Couture himself.” Inside MMA airs on HDNet tonight at 9:30 p.m. ET.


Fight of the Day: Phil Baroni vs. Dave Menne

On the suggestion of reader “rheindog,” here’s Phil Baroni’s 18-second destruction of Dave Menne at UFC 39 (9/27/02). Baroni’s jackhammer-beatdown is memorable enough, but what makes this one classic is his Super-Guido celebration at the end: “I’m the best eva! I’m the man! I’m the man! I’m the man!” Unfortunately, he wasn’t — Baroni’s next four fights would result in losses at the hands of Matt Lindland, Evan Tanner (twice), and Pete Sell.


‘Redbelt’: It’s No ‘Glengarry’

A trailer has been released for the upcoming MMA-themed movie Redbelt, which was written and directed by David Mamet and co-stars Randy Couture. We tried to sum up the plot in our post about Caroline de Souza Correa, but it’s even weirder then we thought. Basically, Chiwetel Ejiofor plays this Art of War-quoting MMA instructor who likes to run a drill in which students have to fight with one arm tied to their body. So then, Joe Mantegna and Ricky Jay take his idea and turn it into the basis of a new MMA league. (Cripes, did Bob Meyrowitz do script supervision on this one?) Ejiofor gets pissed, especially when he learns that the game is rigged! For viewers who aren’t familiar with mixed martial arts, it could get a pass; for the rest of us, it kind of feels like hokey, artificial bullshit. Witness:

We’re somewhat willing to reserve judgment at this point, but we have a feeling Redbelt will fall far short of Mamet’s previous work:

(Props: MMA Mania)


Fight of the Day: Antonio Silva vs. John Wiezorek

In his 10 professional matches, Antonio “Bigfoot/Junior” Silva (9-1) has never been out of the first round. Eight of those fights ended in brutal KO/TKO victories, earning Silva a reputation as a lead-fisted brute who’s not to be trifled with, and compelling EliteXC’s Gary Shaw to claim that Silva could hang with any heavyweight in the world. But his last fight was different: At EliteXC: Renegade (11/10/07), Silva actually ended Jonathan Wiezorek’s night via rear-naked-choke — Bigfoot was evolving. Silva faces Celebrity Rehab resident Ricco Rodriguez Saturday night at Street Certified. If it turns out that Silva has more ways to win than just his enormous fists, Ricco will be popping some painkillers after this one. (If Dr. Drew lets him, that is.) Enjoy, and forgive the sound un-synchronization:


‘What Would Kimbo Do?’ — Episode 1

It’s finally here! Kimbo Slice dishes out some poetic justice, garbage-can-style, in the series premiere of What Would Kimbo Do? Enjoy, and let us know what you think…


TUF 7 Coaches “Not the Brightest Guys in the World”


The UFC recently allowed Las Vegas’s ABC affiliate to poke around the set of The Ultimate Fighter 7. Though an unusually reserved Rampage questioned the mental capacity of himself and his rival coach, Forrest Griffin was able to correctly use the word “curmudgeon.” You be the judge:

Update: The video embed went fubar. Watch it here. (Windows Media Player required)


Videos of the Day: Fedor Wins Combat Sambo Championship, Will Be Grand Prize on M-1 Reality Show

Fedor Emelianenko rolled through three opponents last Thursday in St. Petersburg to win the 2008 Russian Combat Sambo Championship. His first two matches lasted just 35 and 10 seconds long, and his final match against Stanislav Shushko (who had a near-Hong Man-esque height advantage against Fedor) lasted a full minute. The video from that match is below. This is the third-straight year that Emelianenko has won the tournament, and fifth overall.

In other Fedor news, has posted a new preview video for an M-1 Global-sponsored reality show called Fighting Fedor, in which 16 MMA hopefuls will do battle for a chance to get their ass tore up by Mr. Emelianenko himself. I gotta say, this isn’t going to do much to deflect criticism that Fedor is avoiding high-level competition. The trailer even doesn’t mention if all these guys are even heavyweights (Update: it does, and they are) — or what channel this show might be on. But hey, great concept! The video doesn’t allow embedding, so go to and see for yourself…


Fights of the Day: Kala Kolohe Hose K.O.s Belleton + Baker

As we mentioned earlier, ICON Sport middleweight contender Kala Kolohe Hose’s brief career has been marked by some memorably fierce knockouts. If you’ve never seen him in action before, now’s your chance. Below are the end of his most recent fight against Frederic Belleton at the last ShoXC Challenger Series (1/25/08), and his complete 67-second match against Kekoa Baker at Icon Sport: All In (2/9/07). Check out the way Hose waits with his hands on his hips until Belleton comes in to eat a good-night knockout punch. That’s a confident young man…


Kimbo Slice Has a Son Named “Kevlar”

Here’s Mr. Ferguson’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night. It was just aight for me, dog — although the Mr. T/Jeffrey mash-up was pretty brills. The most interesting revelation is that Kimbo has a George Foreman-esque egocentric quirk w/r/t naming his children. Of his six kids, two sons are named Kevin, and he has a daughter named Kevina. And of course his two-year-old is muthafuckin’ bulletproof.