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15 Moments of Instant Regret [GIFs]

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Joe Rogan: “Come Lick My Tartar Sauce!”

This joy ride happened when Joe was in Columbus, Ohio for UFC 82. An Affliction t-shirt-wearing douche decided to heckle Rogan during his set. We’ve learned you don’t fuck with Joe in an MMA bout. And we also know you don’t fuck with Joe in a “To Catch A Predator”-style bust. This guy wasn’t aware.


Dudes Wish They Were Baroni, Griffin Doesn’t Care if You’re Jesus, Leben Makes Like Steve-O

Check out this news segment about ICON Sport’s “To Hell and Back” event tomorrow, where Phil Baroni will take on Kala Kolohe Hose for the vacant middleweight title. To summarize…

Baroni: “Ain’t no Hawaiian guy that’s gonna beat me. Dudes wish they were me, chicks wish they were with me.”
Hose: “[unintelligible]”

By the way, is this what anchormen in Hawaii really look like? Did we just catch this guy on casual Friday? Our ears are still ringing from that shirt.

Also, here’s Rampage Jackson and Forrest Griffin chatting about their July title fight on Inside MMA. Quinton passes out from boredom at 2:40.

I think I know what this show needs: a live studio audience. Applause for new guests and scattered chuckles at the weak jokes would really fill those dead spaces.

Oh, and if you’re interested, here’s Chris Leben biting through a two-liter bottle of Diet Pepsi and then barfing. Good times.


Cro Cop’s Commercial Career

It takes a special human being to command this sort of emotional range.


Fight of the Day: Marcus Davis vs. Paul Taylor

I saw this one for the first time on UFC Unleashed last night and needed to share. In his fifth UFC fight (at “Champion vs. Champion,” 9/8/07), Marcus Davis was rocked early by a head kick and pounded on the ground to the point where 9 out of 10 refs would have jumped in to stop the fight. Big ups to ref Yves Lavigne, who was able to sense that Marcus wasn’t quite out of it and gave the Irish Hand Grenade a chance to continue. Davis worked his way onto his feet and then on top of Taylor, where he pummeled Taylor from the mount, then transitioned into a slick armbar that earned him the “Submission of the Night” bonus; Davis and Taylor also picked up the “Fight of the Night” bonuses for the effort.

Mike Goldberg line of the fight: “Marcus Davis has…literally fallen in love with elbows.”


‘What Would Kimbo Do?’ — Episode 3!

He’s dumped roommates in garbage cans and flame-broiled cockblockers. But in this episode, Kimbo Slice deals with an office lunch-stealer through the power of conversation. (Spoiler alert: Just kidding!)


Frank Shamrock Priceless Moments

You know that guy who still says Whaaaaaazzzzzuuuuuuppppp! all the time? Kind of like the guy who is keeping the “Priceless” line alive. It’s about time both of these pop culture polluters died.

If you’re into “priceless” moments, Frank was on Sherdog today. He fights Cung Le on March 29th.


Fights of the Day: JZ Calvancante vs. Amade + Ribeiro

Besides his astounding fighting ability, Gesias “JZ” Calvancante has another advantage going into DREAM‘s all-star lightweight tournament that kicks off Saturday night in Saitama, Japan — he’s already faced three of the guys in the bracket. JZ scored a first-round TKO of Hidetaka Monma at K-1 Hero’s 5 in May 2006, knocked off Andre “Dida” Amade last September to win the K-1 Hero’s 2007 middleweight tournament, and ate his only loss via a decision to Joachim Hansen at a Shooto match in 2004. Here’s his meeting with Dida, which went from wild slugfest to JZ’s usual assault-from above, ending with a brutal armbar. Below that is Calvancante’s opening-round match against Vitor Ribeiro from the same night, in which Shaolin was utterly dominated in 35 seconds.


Future MMA Star KTFO By Crazy Dad

A future mixed martial arts champion was derailed recently by an angry accountant that went loco when said future champ was beating his future accountant kid in a 15-16 age division karate match. One must be impressed by the crazy dad’s technique – he didn’t even scuff his penny loafers.

This coming on the heels of an 11-year-old wrestling phenom who was gunning for a career in MMA, but had second thoughts when he realized large, hairy dudes who tuck their T-shirts into their jeans were allowed to enter the fighting area and toss him around.

Though it’s not official, offers have been made to the douche dads for a headlining match at UFC 90: Worst Dad Ever.


Pele is a Badass!

(You are looking at a crazy man.)

What the hell is going on over at Revolution Fight Team? Kultar “Black Mamba” Gill – who is fighting Tatsuya Kawajiri in the first round of Dream 1′s lightweight grand prix in Japan on Saturday – recently spoke to Sherdog about his injury he suffered in the first round of the K-1 Hero’s middleweight tourney against Hideo Tokoro. A blown disc in his neck sapped the strength from his left arm and bone-fusion surgery had to be done to install a plate in his neck in order for him to continue fighting. Think that’s tough? Consider fellow Revolution fighter, Jose “Pele” Landi-Jons.

Pele fought at TKO 32 – Ultimatum a couple of weeks ago and lost when he sustained a Joe Theisman-style leg injury. The break came on a low kick by Pele causing both his tibia and fibula to poke through the skin. He’s out for months, right?

“Pele is nuts, man!” Gill said with an incredulous laugh. “He broke his leg on Thursday, had surgery, came back in the gym on Monday and he was walking no crutches or nothing. So four days later he was running around, talking Brazilian and yelling at everybody — he’s crazy man.”

A metal rod was placed in Pele’s leg, so now the low kicks will be like taking a crow bar to the shin. If you relish the grotesque, check out Pele’s flopping leg at the :20 second mark. I think I’ll skip lunch and dinner today.


Tito: Man About Town

It’s a nice little Saturday and you find yourself wondering what Tito is doing at that exact moment. Probably watching himself on YouTube, would be my guess. ‘Jennito’ was out and about again and it’s yet another example of Jenna Jameson restraining herself from jabbing a chopstick through the Huntington Beach Bad Boy’s circus-sized melon. In the video – on the red carpet of the Never Back Down premiere – the HBBB also talks about his upcoming projects, including “Any Town Throwdown” with G4. The pilot started shooting this week – not sure if it is taking the place of “Settle Your Grudge” with some of the Gracie clan or not. Tito also made sure to plug his upcoming book, This Is Gonna’ Hurt, where he says we’ll get “the real Tito Ortiz”. Yeah, I’ll rush out to buy that one. He also recently signed with powerhouse agency William-Morris and they’re grooming him to be the next action star. Oh and Jenna has “a lot” of projects coming up, but doesn’t seem to recall any of them at the moment. Guess she’s too embarrassed to mention Zombie Strippers.

‘Jennito’ makes their appearance at the :45 second mark.

And after getting his ogre cranium fired from The Celebrity Apprentice Tito seems a little more focused on MMA again. The fighter also recently did an interview with where he discussed his UFC status and left just a slight glimmer of hope that the May 24th Machida fight will not be his last for the UFC – even though he seems pretty adamant about it being the last fight every time he speaks about it…like every time he’s on camera. He chatted briefly about some of the organizations he might want to fight for – EliteXC and HDNet Fights included among the ones he respects – and whichever one it is he insists they have to put him front and center and utilize his mike skills. Tito, those aren’t skills. It’s you liking the sound of your voice.

Other topics covered: “The Third Most Dangerous Shamrock” and his sad, sad performance against Robert “Buzz” Berry this past weekend, and why Tito won’t wrestle full time. Check out the full interview here.