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“Was This a Real Fight?”: Simmler Gets KTFO on TUF

The process of weeding out the pussies and posers from the real fucking fighters was completed last night on The Ultimate Fighter, as eight more guys earned beds in the TUF house and eight more were sent back from where they came. The episode started out gruesomely, with Matthew Riddle’s jaw-breaking knockout of Matt Serra student Dan Simmler (the moaning aftermath of which is shown above). Even as Simmler was being loaded into the ambulance, he still wasn’t sure whether the knockout came during practice or during an actual fight. We hope the spiderwebs have cleared by now.

As for the rest of the fights…

Luke Zachrich def. Patrick Schultz via rear-naked choke
Tim Credeur def. Erik Charles via armbar
Brandon Sene def. Aaron Meisner via rear-naked choke
Gerald Harris def. Mike Marello via decision
Daniel Cramer def. Jeremiah Riggs via decision
Jesse Taylor def. Nick Rossborough via rear-naked choke
Matt Brown def. Josh Hall via TKO

If I were one of the coaches, my first pick would be Credeur, a 10-2 BJJ black-belt who finished his opponent in under a minute. He could be the Mac Danzig of the show — far too experienced for these other jokers to deal with.

The end of the episode brought a glimpse at what was to come during the rest of the season, and man was it ugly. The property destruction and general mayhem inside the house reaches Lord of the Flies levels; apparently, winning one fight on 48 hours notice doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not a douchebag poser. If this is what we have to look forward to, then the season’s promise of “big changes” was a joke. And to be honest, the first two episodes weren’t all that groundbreaking to begin with. In my opinion, the fighters’ personal stories and interpersonal conflicts are what make The Ultimate Fighter so entertaining; watching wall-to-wall, heavily-edited fights between relatively untalented guys I don’t care about doesn’t really do it for me.

Am I wrong?

UPDATE: A much-higher quality version of the Riddle/Simmler knockout is here.


Video: Gesias Calvancante vs. Joe Lauzon

Since this morning’s Baszler/Chan viddy was pulled off YouTube in nothin’ flat, here’s another must-see: Gesias “JZ” Calvancante vs. Joe Lauzon in an amateur MMA match that took place I don’t know when and I don’t know where (if you can fill in the blanks, please hit us with the info in the comments section). The fight starts out as a jiu-jitsu chess match — honestly, it looks like the guys are just playing Twister at one point — until Lauzon scores the full mount and rains down some green leather. But JZ reverses the position and the round ends. In the second frame, Calvancante patiently works to Lauzon’s back and slips in the rear-naked choke; Lauzon stands up with JZ on his back, and eventually goes down like a wounded animal. It’s an interesting look back at a time when Joe was just starting out and Gesias wasn’t such a freakin’ beast.


“Mayhem” Slaps Danny Bona-douche

(Yeah, I’d slap this dude, too.)

So there’s a completely unconfirmed rumor floating around painting a mental picture that makes me smile. A few forums are saying that yesterday, Jason “Mayhem” Miller darted out of Legends in Hollywood to chase down former child star Danny Bonaduce — who happened to be walking by. The red-headed douche apparently lives nearby, in case you’re curious.

Anyway, the eyewitness claims that “Mayhem” confronted Danny about stealing a bit from the fighter’s radio show which Bona-douche then used on his own show. For the finale, Miller simply slapped Bonduce in the face and walked calmly back into Legends. Just normal afternoon conversation between two super classy guys.

While this may be total crap, it certainly would be awesome if it were true. The fact that “Mayhem” slapped him instead of punched him just adds the cherry on top, so even if proven false, I’m still telling myself this is a true story. We’re not sure exactly how the real thing went down, but luckily we have a reenactment of the event.


“Semtex” Vacates Cage Rage Title

(Last strut to a battle for “Semtex”?)

Paul “Semtex” Daley…what a tangled web you weave.

We reported some few odd days ago that the 17-6-2 “Semtex” would be retiring soon, but would first defend his Cage Rage welterweight crown on May 10th. Well, I suppose we jumped the gun — aided in part by Daley’s apparent bi-polar disorder — because the fighter has now ditched vacated his Cage Rage title. The report comes from the Cage Rage official site and it states that the welty might not return to defend the title until next year — if ever. From the site:

This has come as a surprise to many of Paul’s fans, but he has openly said he will return but now needs some time to focus on other areas of his life. Everybody at Cage Rage would like to wish Paul Daley all the best in his new ventures and we look forward to seeing him back soon.

With Paul Daley vacating the title, the door has opened for two new contenders to throw down the gauntlet for the Cage Rage British welterweight title, phenomenal striker and veteran of some of the greatest Cage Rage wars, Marius Zaromskis will once again be strapping on his gloves to fight the very durable and hard hitting Che Mills. These two fighters met once before in an awesome battle at Cage Rage Contenders 2, where the fight ended via a big KO from a knee that Che Mills landed during a trade off of strikes. This one has war written all over it, so get yourself ready as the bombs begin to fly.

After “Semtex” KO’d “TUF” alum Sam Morgan in January, he decided on an early retirement. He was expected to at least defend again before said retirement, but we guess the thought of an early vaca was too much for Daley to pass up. Chances are he’ll be back, but for now, we’ll continue to assume he’s 12 shades of crazy.

In case we never see him fight again, enjoy the “Semtex” highlight vid after the jump.


Rousimar Palhares vs. Negao + Acacio

One UFC newcomer we forgot to mention in our post on the UFC 84 lineup was Rousimar “Toquinho” Palhares, a 7-1 Brazilian Top Team fighter who will be facing off against middleweight Ivan Salaverry on the show’s undercard. Five of Palhares’s seven wins have come via first-round submission. To give you a taste of what “Toquinho” is capable of, here are his two fights from a single-night, four-man Fury FC tournament last December, where Palhares defeated Fabio Negao and Daniel Acacio, both by leglock.


Hot Fighter Alert: Carina Damm


Carina “Barbie Girl” Damm just won her third fight in a row with her win over Sofie Bagherdai at FFF 4 – Call of the Wild on April 3rd in L.A. We love watching chicks fight, but especially love it when they’re kinda’ hot and have an accent — and not, like, a valley girl accent.

Vitals: Brazilian, 5’4″, 120-ish, likes wearing pig tails
Record: 8 wins (5 via subs, 3 decisions), 3 losses (2 via subs, 1 decision)
Noteworthy: Trains with her brother, 7-1 fighter Rodrigo Damm. She appeared in a spread for Japanese Playboy — clothed, unfortunately.

Carina’s win streak started with a decision win over Molly Helsel, which also broke “Barbie Girl” out of a two-loss slump. Parts 2 & 3 of the fight, plus more pics are after the jump. Enjoy.

Part 1


Video Blitz: Forrest, Randy & Scrappy Kids

Forrest Griffin head-butts football helmets for fun.

(Props MMA on Tap)

Randy Couture may be doing The Sopranos: Biker Gang” very soon.

Bonus: For a Randy vs. Kurt Angle update, go here.

Sean Hannity weighs in on the controversial subject of kids in MMA. In a nutshell, he’s a giant-sized bag of douche.

(Props BloodyElbow)

And since our posted video of Marcus Aurelio’s armbarring of Ryan Roberts has already been pulled by the UFC, here it is again — until this one is pulled by Dana White, of course.

But let’s be honest. The most important video is after the jump…


Holy Crap — Best Movie Ever?

We’re not going to dignify this clip by going to IMDb and finding out the movie’s actual title, plot, and year of release, so we’ll just say that Randy Couture and Frank Shamrock got together at some point to film a remake of Never Back Down, with all the teenagers replaced by 40-year-olds. We defy you to watch this ten-minute highlight-reel without grinning your ass off. The way Randy kicks over the bench at the 0:58 mark makes me LMFAO every time. We can only hope that Rise of the Akkadian turns out half as good. Anyway, if you’re interested, there’s more


Michael Bisping: Competitive Eater

The fastest way into Charles McCarthy’s head is through the Count’s stomach.

(Props to MMAMania)


UFC 83: Rocky IV or Rocky 2?

If you have nine minutes free, check out this video preview of the two headlining fights at UFC 83 on April 19th: Serra vs. St. Pierre 2 and Franklin vs. Lutter. In a recent CagePotato poll, 82% of you thought St. Pierre will win the main event (a full 60% had him winning specifically by KO/TKO), though we’re pulling for our New York homeboy to keep the belt in the States.