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Video: Nick Serra, The Mad Monkey

MMA Mania reports that welterweight Nick “The Mad Monkey” Serra — Matt’s brother — will be competing on the undercard of EliteXC: Primetime (May 31st; Newark, NJ) against Matt Makowski, a 2-0 fighter who most recently submitted Joe Schilling at a ShoXC event in January. Serra has only competed professionally five times since his August 1999 debut at a “Vengeance at the Vanderbilt” event that also saw the pro debut of his brother, and has compiled a record of four wins (all by submission) and two losses (both by decision). Below are two of those wins: First, Serra’s 2003 fight with Rick McCoy where the Monkey took it to the ground early with a flying arm-triangle then did some Nate Diaz-style showboating en route to an eventual tapout; then, his most recent bout with Mike Varner last June at CFFC 5 – Two Worlds, One Cage.


Videos: MMA’s Nastiest Knee-Strikes, Kimbo’s ESPN Cover-Shoot

(“MMA Evolution: Using the Knee.” Randlemonster @ 1:18-1:32 FTW. Props to BloodyElbow.)

(Kimbo Slice will become the second MMA fighter after Chuck Liddell to appear on the cover of ESPN: The Magazine. Check out the footage from the shoot.)


Unlikely Friends: Jay Hieron and Ron Paul?

Ron Paul
(‘Personal liberty and solid ground-and-pound, these are the principles this country was founded on.’)

For reasons that are still unclear, Ron Paul supporters recently sponsored IFL welterweight champion Jay Hieron in his title defense against Mark Miller on April 4. Why did a Texas congressman who no longer has any feasible chance in his presidential campaign sponsor a mixed martial arts fighter from Long Island?

We have no idea, but here are our three best guesses:

1. Only hardcore fans know who either of them are.

2. Ron Paul’s no-taxes-for-service-sector-employees stance fits right in with Hieron’s commitment to supporting local strippers, who work too hard for that money to give it away to a government that doesn’t truly respect the lap dance.

3. Both are fervent supporters of the right to bare arms (pun!).

Okay, that didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. My point is, the whole thing is strange. If anyone out there thinks they can come up with a better Jay Hieron-Ron Paul joke, I’d love to hear it. I’ll just warn you that it’s harder than it seems.

In the meantime, enjoy this video of Hieron putting a whipping on Mark Miller. Look close and you can catch Ron Paul’s name on the coveted ass-sponsor section of Hieron’s trunks.


‘Sensual Seduction’, Starring Dana, Chuck, and Joe

Just…wow. Did anybody else involuntarily dry-heave at the 0:45-0:48 mark?

(For the pimpin’ original, click here.)


Video: Paulo Filho on Rehab, Sonnen

From Sherdog — for the first time since checking into a Brazilian rehab facility last month, undefeated WEC middleweight champ Paulo Filho speaks about his condition and his delayed rematch with Chael Sonnen. Apparently, Filho was addicted to “Rupinal” (possibly referring to Rohypnol, aka “the date rape drug”), and had been suffering from depression even before his first fight in America. As far as Sonnen, “What I have to say is the lion does not deal with men.” Wait a minute Paulo…are you high right now?!


Video: “Uniquely Fierce Creatures?”

Courtesy of our broheems at MMARated.com: Ariel Helwani, who has the power to control women with his mind, sent out Arianny “#1” Celeste to gauge the MMA/UFC knowledge of Montreal residents before UFC 83. But the only thing they can seem to agree on is how hot Arianny Celeste is. Creepy middle-aged guy at 3:22 FTW!

For more Arianny goodness, check out MMARated’s UFC 83 afterparty photo gallery.


“…and licking the blood off his face while I’m punching him…”

BJ Penn, God bless him, has not given up on the blood-licking thing — and he vows to do it again when he fights Sean Sherk. Check out the pre-fight hype in these new UFC 84 promo videos, which run down the matchups between Penn and Sherk, as well as Silva vs. Jardine and Oritz vs. Machida.

(Dana White: “BJ Penn is a fucking *fighter*.”)

(Dana White on Wanderlei Silva: “This guy, loves, to fucking, *fight*.”)

(Dana White on Tito Ortiz: “I think he has the will and desire to be successful. He doesn’t have the will and desire to be the best fighter in the world.”)

(Props: BloodyElbow)


This Gets You $75,000?

As previously reported, Jason MacDonald picked up the $75,000 Knockout of the Night bonus for his handling of Joe Doerksen at UFC 83. In case you haven’t seen it, the video is above (and if the vid goes down, there’s an animated gif of the fight’s end after the jump). MacDonald put on a brave performance, white-knuckling through a deep kimura attempt by Doerksen in the first round, before taking Doerksen down early in the second and clubbing him with elbows until the fight was stopped.

Well, sort of stopped. Check out the 8:37-8:46 mark — it looks like Mazzagatti tries to stop the fight, but MacDonald presses on and throws three more punches into the face of Doerksen, who’s clearly unconscious by that point. Big John (or even Big Dan) would have thrown MacDonald across the cage, but Mazzagatti can only ineffectually flap his arms. Maybe it was bad sportsmanship by “The Athlete,” maybe bad reffing is to blame; in any case, I don’t think this chaotic moment should have earned anybody 75 large.


Could Cain Velasquez Be the Future of the Heavyweight Division?

I admit it: I didn’t know much about Cain Velasquez before his UFC debut. Word had it he was a big time college wrestler, a two-time All-American at Arizona State and Pac-10 wrestler of the year in 2005. Call me cynical, but it’s hard to accept that at face value these days. Plenty of guys are great college wrestlers, only to become mediocre once they lace up the gloves.

Velasquez (3-0), however, seems like he might have a real future. He dismantled Brad Morris (9-3) in their undercard bout, and while Morris was also making his UFC debut – and while a win over him may or may not mean a great deal – it doesn’t change the fact that Velasquez looked good on Saturday night.

There’s something about a decorated wrestler who’s won all of his first three bouts via TKO that you have to like. Sure, Jake O’Brien started the same way before eventually being dropped from the UFC for reasons that seemed at least partially style-related, but with Velasquez training at AKA and putting people away like this, he seems like he might be someone to keep your eye on in the heavyweight division.


Videos: Serra/St. Pierre, Bisping/McCarthy, Maia/Herman

The Terror gets slaughtered, Chainsaw says “no mas,” and Demian Maia unleashes the Submission of the Night in the second round of his undercard fight against Ed Herman. Get ‘em while they’re hot; for more UFC 83 vids, hit up MMALinker.