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Morning Must-See: Gadzhiyev vs. Sato

Richard at TheMMAPost passed along this video of a Pancrase fight between Alavutdin Gadzhiyev (who Ralek Gracie defeated via armbar at DREAM.4) and Hikaru Sato, which contains a finish that’s just about as rare as the Aokiplata — a knockout from underneath mount. Skip to 2:27 to get to the good stuff. Yeesh…glass jaw, much?


‘Don’t Be Scared, Homey’

(Nick Diaz makes the most of the one comment allotted him by Bill Goldberg.)

Here’s what seems just a little disingenuous about this situation in Elite XC over the weekend: you don’t invite/allow Nick Diaz into the cage here if you don’t want trouble. If you truly want to let KJ Noons have his moment and enjoy his successful title defense, you keep Diaz and his brother out of there altogether. The fact that Elite XC went the opposite direction really only tells you that they were probably hoping for a WWE moment such as this one.

Judging by the past couple of Elite XC events, it’s starting to seem as if they are interested in putting on a certain kind of fight. They either want the type that is entirely one-sided, or they want the kind that stays standing for the entire fight and ends in a knockout. Of course, getting both is ideal, but they’ll settle for one or the other.

Perhaps this is what Gary Shaw meant when he said he wanted only “action fighters” and not guys who would lay on the mat and have a love fest. As we’ve all seen, there’s nothing that endears you to MMA fans so much as suggesting that ground fighting is gay.

But when you combine that with the post-fight antics they encouraged this weekend, it makes you wonder what’s going on over at Elite XC. Are they trying to out-sensationalize the UFC? Do they think that a reputation for mismatches and quick knockouts and post-fight brawls will help them siphon off some the UFC viewership that has been slow to embrace MMA outside of the Octagon?

Maybe the better question is, could it work? Maybe. It might not be the best thing for the sport in the long run, but it might be effective for a little while. If people start tuning in to see what crazy thing will happen on Elite XC rather than coming just to watch the fights, it still equals ratings in the end. That might be all Elite XC wants, however they have to get it.


Why The Videos of Genghis Con Are Awesome

Natural Born Killers – Watch more free videos

If you’re like me, you probably spend way too much time watching MMA videos on the internet. You probably also have this thing on your neck that everyone says you should go to a doctor about, and you say you will, but you know you won’t.

Anyway, in the brief time you have to live you should really check out Genghis Con, who is single-handedly the greatest creator of MMA highlight videos. You may have seen his stuff already. If you haven’t, do yourself a favor and check it out.

How can you tell he’s good? He makes a video about guys like Drew Fickett, Jorge Masvidal, and Jay Hieron into something that’s completely riveting. Anybody can do something great with a Fedor video. Well, not me, but anybody with video editing skills. But it takes talent to pull something like “Natural Born Killers” off.

Respect the skills, people. That’s all.


“And Then Boom…the Sh[*]t Hit the Fan.”

Clad in a gay-friendly rainbow t-shirt, Dana White pumps up the 90-minute final episode of The Ultimate Fighter: “In seven seasons of doing this show, there has never been a bigger twist.” Bold words considering that the TUF series has had a history of monumental twists, like when Anthony Torres turned out to be a woman who was only posing as a man to compete on the show, and the crazy TUF 5 finale, where it was revealed that the entire season was just a dream Jens Pulver had while he was in a coma.

Personally, I hope the twist is that Jesse Taylor gets kicked off the show for breaking a limo window and killing Jeremy May, and the semi-final match between Amir and CB is so exciting and close that Dana White decides to have them fight again on the finale for the contract. That’s kind of an “everybody wins” type of scenario. Between the pissing, the puking, and the laying-and-praying, I think I’ve had my fill of Mongo…

(Props: Fightlinker)


GSP Kickin’ It on the Beach; the Iceman’s First Acting Role

I’ve always said that broken English is the world’s universal language. So while I would need a translator to understand what the hell this Brazilian interviewer is saying, him and Georges St. Pierre understand each other perfectly — and the multi-lingual “Rush” also shows off some of the Portuguese he’s been learning. Impressive! In this Sherdog viddy, GSP talks about his upcoming matchup with Jon Fitch, but doesn’t want to reveal his strategy for beating him, which is understandable. Anybody think Fitch has a chance in this one?

Oh, by the way, the greatest martial arts movie in history is after the jump.


Cecil Peoples Has “A Lot of Good Information”

Maybe you didn’t know this, but notoriously wrong MMA judge Cecil Peoples is also Sensei Cecil Peoples. Judging by the way he introduces himself in this video, it seems like maybe he didn’t know it either until recently. Well, good news. Now he knows, and he’s ready to kick some knowledge on his official website.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Mr. Peoples, he’s the judge who is generally most likely to screw up any given decision. The phrase, “Judge Cecil People scores the bout,” is the kind of thing to make MMA fighters who think they have won a clear-cut decision instantly paranoid.

Strange, considering his website identifies him as “the foremost Kick Boxing expert in the United States”. And if that’s not enough of a top-notch pedigree for you, he also has a black belt in karate! How could a guy like that possibly get it wrong?

(Props to CP reader BPD for this find)


Videos: Gauging Interest in Affliction, Tito Ortiz Speaks Without Thinking

It’s not exactly a scientific study, but MMA Rated’s Ariel Helwani took to the hotel lobby of the MGM Grand to assess interest among MMA fans regarding the July 19 Affliction show. He seems…less than optimistic. Again, we have to ask ourselves what success would look like for Affliction, whether it’s pay-per-view buys, ticket sales, or t-shirt revenue. There’s also the possibility that they’ll ramp up their advertising effort now that they have Trump money backing them.

In another video offering, Tito Ortiz talks with and manages to overstate his own importance to the world of MMA. Shocking. He also fields an awkward question about who taps out first in bed between he and Jenna. He’s a good sport about it, but it’s still weird.

Plus, we all know Jenna doesn’t tap. She’s been through some wars.


Wes Sims Violates Social Contract, Kicks Referee

Wes Sims kicks ref at TKO 34 – Watch more free videos
(Props: Fightlinker)

This highlight video from TKO 34 really confirms what I’ve suspected about Wes Sims ever since he stomped Frank Mir’s face in UFC 43, and that’s that Sims has absolutely no impulse control in a fight. The guy has been disqualified twice in his forgettable career and still he seems to see the rules as a mere suggestion.

In the above instance, the referee was moving in to penalize his opponent, Steve Bosse, for holding on to the fence in order to keep his balance while he pounded Sims’ face. Sims seemed to think he was stopping the fight, so he responded by kicking the ref in the chest. This hardly needs to be said, but you can’t do that.

What’s more, Sims wasn’t even penalized for this. According to reports, Mark Coleman jumped in the cage to argue the point with the referee, everyone stood around in utter confusion for a while, and then the match resumed. Sims eventually lost by submission, and I assume that everyone went home feeling empty and dead inside.

There can be no question about this. You absolutely cannot attack the referee. I know it’s been done before, but that doesn’t excuse it. No matter how mad you get or how bad a job you think he did, you just can’t do that. We live in a society here, Wes Sims (and, to a lesser extent, James Thompson). Get a hold of yourself.


Before the Mohawk: Brett Rogers

Recently dug up by MMA Scraps, here’s the video of a totally bald Brett Rogers winning the vacant EFX heavyweight championship in February ’07 by knocking out Josh Melichar in 9 seconds. Whoever that announcer is, he’s giving Scott Ferrall a run for his money. (“Are you ready to crank it ahhhhhhhhh, BAY-BAYYYYY!”) Another, somewhat less impressive performance by “The Grim” is after the jump.


Must See: Andre Galvao Jiu-Jitsu Pwnage

In his first match at last weekend’s World Jiu-Jitsu Championships, Andre Galvao was paired up against someone who clearly wasn’t in his league. What followed was an unforgettably ridiculous display of grappling domination, in which Galvao turned the Mundials into his own personal And 1 Mixtape of jiu-jitsu. At the 1:09-1:17 and 1:42-1:56 marks he’s basically breakdancing on his opponent’s back, and we’d like to see more MMA fighters do the somersault guard-pass that Galvao pulls off at 1:35. Props to