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Couture + Emelianenko: Dripping With Anticipation

Randy Couture and Fedor Emelianenko met for the first time on Friday for an Affliction commercial shoot that also included Georges St. Pierre, Quinton Jackson, boxer “Sugar” Shane Mosley, Eagles defensive tackle Mike Patterson, and, unbelievably, Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine. HDNet’s Inside MMA was on hand to capture the action:

So, good video, but we could have probably used a little more fake sweat. The Fight Network has more on the shoot here, reporting that the whole thing was one big love-fest, which culminated in the fighters exchanging phone numbers and vowing to hang out again real, real soon. Could there be wedding bells for this beefy bear-pair? We’ll stay on the story and let you know when we hear more. Until then, keep it off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush!

UPDATE, 12:15 p.m.: And here’s the poster…



Fight of the Day: Ken Shamrock vs. Kazushi Sakuraba

Discussing Ken Shamrock’s recent loss history inspired us to dig up the video of his first-round loss to Kazushi Sakuraba, which went down at PRIDE 30 in October 2005. And watching the video reminded us of something we love/hate about Ken — his constant protest of early stoppages. Dude, maybe the refs wouldn’t step in so often if you could get hit without looking like you’ve lost consciousness. It’s a tough skill to learn, but an important one nonetheless.


Bells and Balls: Frank Shamrock’s New Training Video

Two things occur to me after watching this training video, which Frank Shamrock recently sent out as a bulletin from his MySpace page:

1) Not that the ability to control a balance ball directly correlates to the ability to control a human being, but I’m starting to get the feeling that Cung Le is going to get his ass kicked.

2) I need some kettlebells immediately.

For more Frank, check out this new audio interview from Jarry Park, where the Strikeforce middleweight champ breaks down his match-up with Le, marketing the fight (he’ll be the “bad guy”), the new YouTube “mockumentaries” he’ll be dropping beginning next week to taunt his opponent, the status of his fight against his brother Ken, and his rejected CourtTV reality show. (Apparently, Frank TV already exists…)


Fight of the Day: Fabricio Werdum vs. Aleksander Emelianenko

We’re not sure why so many people are talking about Saturday’s Gabriel Gonzaga/Fabricio Werdum fight at UFC 80 like it’s a foregone conclusion that Gonzaga’s getting his arm raised at the end of the night. Werdum is unquestionably a tough dude — he beat Gonzaga once before, back in 2003, and is only the third person (in addition to heavyweight legends Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic and Josh Barnett) to have defeated Aleksander Emelianenko. Here’s the Werdum/Emelianenko fight from “2H2H: PRIDE and Honor” in November 2006. We kind of think Aleks was having an off night, but Werdum dominated the entire match, putting things to a stop with a triangle choke in the first round. Werdum’s next fight was an ugly unanimous decision loss to Andrei Arlovski; here’s hoping he finds his balls again.


The 10 Best Street Fight Videos of All Time

#10: ‘Hood boxing:
A clinch on the sidewalk evolves into an all-out striking contest literally in the street. The guy in the Rivera jersey has a much longer reach and lands some nice shots on the dude in the white shirt, but the little guy has some spunk in him, even after getting rocked. And you gotta love the commentator, whose main contribution is “Uh-oh! Uh-oh! Uh-oh! Oh! Oh.” Watch out Mike Goldberg, someone is eyeing your job.

#9: Batman and Spiderman kick the shit out of some fat kid: Apparently the kid was a heckler, and “Batman and Spiderman” are just costumed actors pretending to be the superheroes. But it’s still trippy to see them whale on a civilian. “The police are on their way, Batman” — awesome.


Kimbo Slice: “When It’s Time Come to Bump, You Gonna Bump.”

ProElite has put together a new promo video to hype the Kimbo Slice/Tank Abbott fight on February 16. Two things stand out: First, Tank only gets about 1.5 seconds of screen time; maybe this was done so that uninformed Kimbo fans don’t see recent footage of Tank in action and immediately lose their excitement for this ugly mismatch. Second, ProElite is getting a lot of mileage from Kimbo’s three-punch victory over Bo Cantrell. This is like the video-editing equivalent to Native Americans using every part of the buffalo.

So let’s try to call it. I’m saying that the fight will end at 0:59 of the first round — generous, I know — with Kimbo winning it by TKO (punches). Put down your predictions in the comments section below. The reader who calls it closest gets a fantastic prize to be named later. I’m also willing to entertain side-bets from readers who think Tank is going to pull out a surprise victory. Watch the video, then have at it…

UPDATE: Alright, this is Tank’s promo clip. There’s something a little sad about that shot of him running up the hill and stopping to shadow-box. Getting strong now!


Fight of the Day: Quinton Jackson vs. Ikuhisa Minowa

Another classic Rampage jam from PRIDE, this one against Ikuhisa “The Punk” Minowa at Shockwave 2003 (12/31/03). I’d argue that Quinton Jackson officially became a star when he brushed away the hand of the referee who was checking his junk at the beginning. (The man certainly does not play that shit!) It’s an exciting fight from start to finish, featuring no less than three body-slams from Jackson, repeated knees to the head, and a sort-of-early stoppage that compels Minowa to get up in Jackson’s face then immediately think better of it.


Gina Carano — We Hope It Was Worth It


Late last year, the lure of Hollywood came calling for Gina Carano. Though she was one of the brightest rising stars in MMA — not just female MMA, but MMA in general — she decided to forsake her undefeated record and career momentum, signing on to star as “Crush” on NBC’s remake of American Gladiators. Metaphorically speaking, she gave it up to the first guy with a flashy car and a slick pick-up line.

It was tragic, for a number of reasons. Carano’s been a role model to untold numbers of young women, proving that you can retain your femininity while still being tough-as-nails, but she’s taken a hiatus from fighting to suit up in Spandex and do silly things above pools of water. In other words, she’s reinforcing the idea, held by too many young Americans, that doing stupid shit on national TV has more value than doing something worthwhile in relative obscurity.

I’m sure part of the reason Carano took the Gladiators role, besides the money, was to promote herself as viable television talent; if not acting roles, Carano could surely score hosting gigs post-AG for shows in the vein of Fear Factor or Wild On. The problem is, in all the press and promo clips we’ve seen for the show, Carano’s name is rarely mentioned. Instead she’s just “Crush,” a Gladiator, a Warrior; she’s occasionally identified as some sort of pro fighter, though her legitimate MMA pedigree is never discussed. Any hopes that her presence on the show would be a good thing for MMA should by now be deflated.

So when I see this clip of her on The Today Show this morning, standing next to a ridiculous man-beast named “Wolf,” half-naked in 40-degree weather, being swatted with a pugel stick by Ann Curry, getting chastised by Matt Lauer for getting too rough with another NBC fluff-piece reporter, and having to deal with Meredith Viera’s minstrel dress-up antics (the housewives love that shit), I just hope that they’re paying her enough to deal with this humiliation. And I hope that diehard “Beautiful Disaster” fans take her back when the guy with the flashy car and pickup line moves on to the next pretty face…

(Thanks to 5oz. for the heads-up.)


Fight of the Day: Kid Yamamoto vs. Genki Sudo (12/31/05)

This was the 10th fight of Kid Yamamoto’s current 14-fight win streak, and ended, as most of Kid’s fights do, with a first-round knockout. Yamamoto most recently put Rani Yahya to sleep at K-1 Premium 2007 Dynamite!! Genki Sudo is perhaps best known for his near-victory on Ninja Warrior.


Go Balls Deep This Weekend

You may have been following the Trekkie-style dork – with socks even Tinker Bell wouldn’t wear – in nine documentary episodes where he trains for four weeks alongside MMA fighter Matt Ruskin. Thomas “Baby Balls” Morton (the aforementioned dork) won’t win any broadcasting awards and would likely get his ass kicked at a 4th grade slumber party, but if you’re running low on your MMA juice this weekend, check out “Balls Deep”. Yes, that is the title of the show – which I’m sure has lured in thousands of unassuming truck drivers surfing the net on the truck stop’s courtesy computer. The ninth and final episode went on-line recently. Nothing mind-blowing or earth-shattering here, but by episode seven, I was having a good laugh. Morton looks fucking wrecked as he still works out MMA-style every day while starving himself. The ninth episode is Ruskin’s fight in Hot-lanta. Episode one is below. Enjoy.