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‘Inside MMA’ Talks Elite XC With Elite XC Employees

Kimbo Slice on Inside MMA – Watch more free videos

Elite XC’s Jared Shaw (son of Gary), Kimbo Slice, and announcer Frank Shamrock showed up on HDNet’s ‘Inside MMA‘ to discuss tonight’s event with Bas Rutten and Kenny Rice. If you were expecting hard-hitting interviews or a Hardball-style journalistic gauntlet, prepare to be disappointed. Basically, it’s Kimbo’s trainer (Bas) giving air time to Elite XC while they make their case for this first CBS show.

Much of the highlights come from Jared Shaw, who calls Robbie Lawler “arguably, possibly the best 185-pounder in the world, aside from Anderson Silva.” Not only is that statement dubious to begin with, but what’s the point of calling someone the best in the world if you have to follow it with ‘except for this other guy who is obviously better’? Shaw goes on to try and hype the winner of the Brett Rogers-Jon Murphy as the newest entry into the “Kimbo sweepstakes.”

Sure, he says that now, but we all know that the only people who ever win those sweepstakes are old ladies in Florida. Check back later tonight for our Elite XC liveblog and get more comedic gems like that one, free of charge.


“Ill Will” Medical Suspensions Released

Sean Sherk UFC 84
(Yeah, you should probably get that looked at.)

The Nevada State Athletic Commission announced that six fighters have received medical suspensions related to their losses at UFC 84. They are…

Sean Sherk: Suspended until July 7th, with no contact until June 24th (laceration on right cheek)

Keith Jardine: Suspended until November 21st, with no contact until July 9th, but could be cleared by a doctor to compete as early as July 24th (nasal fracture)

Tito Ortiz: Suspended for six months or until clearance by a doctor (injured left hand and wrist)

Wilson Gouveia: Suspended for six months or until clearance by a doctor (broken nose and ribs)

Kazuhiro Nakamura: Suspended for six months or until clearance by a doctor (broken nose)

Jason Tan: Suspended for six months or until clearance by a doctor (broken nose)

Update from MMAMania:

Goran Reljic — The Croatian is suspended until June 24 and there is no contact allowed until June 15.
Antonio Mendes — The Brazilian is suspended until June 24.
Terry Etim — The British lightweight is suspended until June 24 and there is no contact allowed until June 15 because of a right cheek laceration.
Christian Wellisch — “The Hungarian Nightmare” is suspended until June 8 and there’s no contact allowed until June 1.

After the jump: The third episode of ESPN’s “MMA Live,” where Jon, Kenny, and Franklin run down Kimbo Slice’s controversial main event status, UFC 84′s results, Sunday’s WEC show, and the matchup between Fedor Emelianenko and Tim Sylvia; plus, Bas Rutten demonstrates another nasty neck-crank.


Videos: James Thompson vs. Butterbean, Ross Geller + More

Just a little something to whet your appetites for Saturday. James Thompson has suffered some quick and embarrassing knockouts in his career, but this freak bout against Eric Esch at Cage Rage 20 in February 2007 was maybe the most humiliating. The announcers warn Thompson of “Buh’ah’bane”‘s infamous overhand right — but alas, poor James cannot hear them, and he’s out seconds later.

More video awesomeness after the jump…


Great Moments in MMA Product Endorsement

I guess you could call this CagePotato’s first original highlight reel. We rounded up the most insane TV commercials starring MMA fighters and stuffed them into a single video for your convenience and enjoyment. Some of them are beloved classics; some you’ve probably never seen before. Noticeably absent are the unauthorized Fedor Emelianenko honey-drink spot (because we’d like to avoid any rude letters from Fedor’s lawyers), and the Rich Franklin “Xyience Teacher” commercial (because it seems to have disappeared from the Internet). But if we’ve left out any other good ones, shoot us some links in the comments section. As Randy Couture might say, “Oh, you’re gonna like this.”


Videos: Forrest Griffin Interview, UFC 85 Promo + More

Our friend and content partner Ariel Helwani at MMARated just put up a great interview with Forrest Griffin, where the Ultimate Fighter coach and light heavyweight contender reveals that he’s been eating a lot of french toast lately, popping tons of valium, he really doesn’t care about TUF, and he digs Nick Cave, but not enough to actually pay for his music.

The official UFC 85: Bedlam trailer clip, featuring Matt Hughes, Thiago Alves, Michael Bisping, Jason Day, Brandon Vera, Fabricio Werdum, Nate Marquardt, Thales Leites, Marcus Davis, and Mike Swick.

HDNet Fights’ 86-minute “Best of 2008″ video; props to MMAScraps.

And also? You’re going to want to click that “More” link…


WEC Promises “Greatest Cagefight In History”

Watching this promo video for the WEC’s Urijah Faber-Jens Pulver bout on Sunday, I was all set to praise the clean, understated style. This is a nice break from the monster-truck-rally feel of a lot of promos, I thought. Then I got to the 0:46 mark, where they explicitly promise that this will be “the greatest cagefight in history.”

Let’s ignore the fact that “cagefight” is not, as Walter Sobchack would say, the preferred nomenclature. Instead, let’s ask who thought it was a good idea to make a claim that attempts to predict the future while simultaneously setting viewer expectations unreasonably high?

I think the Faber-Pulver match-up will produce an exciting fight, but now that I’ve seen that promo I’m going to be really disappointed if, once it’s over, I manage to think of even one bout in cagefighting history that was better. Why not aim just a little lower? Like, “greatest cagefight this week”. Or maybe, “one of the top twenty or so cagefights in recent memory”? I guess this is why I don’t work in marketing. Plus, those types always want you to wear a tie and pants and stuff. Squares.

Anyway, if you’re up for more gross exaggerations of the future, Versus is airing their “WEC Outside the Cage” special again tonight at 6 pm. It should be the greatest pre-fight hype special in history.


King of the Cage Double K.O.

Well, one more of these and it’s a full-blown epidemic. At King of the Cage “Opposing Force” on May 15th — just one day before Shaun Parker and Tyler Bryan exchanged simultaneous knockout punches at LFC 25 — Anthony Lapsley and Aaron Wetherspoon’s match also ended with both guys getting their lights turned out. Near the beginning of the second round, Lapsley cranked Wetherspoon with a perfect right straight, but clashed heads with his opponent on the way in. As they both hit the mat, referee Herb “I’m Getting Too Old for This Shit” Dean patiently waited for somebody to get up. Despite the fact that the dazed Lapsley immediately started making the “no mas” hand signal, the fight was ruled a no-contest.


Greg Jackson Takes The Blame For Jardine’s Loss

(Jackson’s post-fight mea culpa to

In a way, it’s nice of trainer Greg Jackson to say that Keith Jardine’s knockout loss to Wanderlei Silva on Saturday night was his fault, but it’s also a little weird. Saying that he should have “reiterated the game plan a little more” seems like an odd explanation. As if the only thing that stood between Jardine and victory was Jackson reminding him one more time not to get punched in the head really hard.

I could almost understand the game plan explanation if the fight weren’t over so quickly. As it was, Jardine didn’t get much of a chance to put any game plan into practice. He got caught with a couple of hard shots early on, which is rarely a part of anyone’s game plan. Jackson taking the blame for that seems either blatantly egocentric or like a clumsy attempt to make his fighter feel better. Because Cage Potato likes to assume the best about people whenever given the opportunity, we’re going to say that it’s the latter.

Feel better, Keith.


UFC 84 Fight Videos

Get ‘em while they last…

BJ Penn vs. Sean Sherk

Wanderlei Silva vs. Keith Jardine (Knockout of the Night)

Rousimar Palhares vs. Ivan Salaverry (Submission of the Night)


Tito Ortiz Talks Post-Fight Press Conference Drama

(Props: Five Ounces of Pain)

So you think you’re going to take attention away from Tito Ortiz just because a) he didn’t fight in the main event, and b) he lost a unanimous decision? Not likely. Leave it to Ortiz to find some way to get us all talking about him the morning after. Thank God Jenna Jameson was there to make this whole encounter seem that much weirder.