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C.B. Dollaway Admits To Tapping Out…Sort Of

C.B. Dollaway tapped out in his fight with Amir Sadollah. That seemed clear to everyone but Dollaway following the bout. His vague protest of the stoppage seemed to be rooted in the belief that just tapping once wasn’t really a tap. That’s basically the MMA equivalent of trying to tell your girlfriend that it wasn’t cheating because it was with a prostitute. In other words, it’s an argument that’s doomed from the start.

In an interview with MMA Weekly, Dollaway kind of owns up to it:

“With the tap, I didn’t fully commit to the tap, but I did hit him once. I guess they ruled that a tap. I thought you had to go on and start tapping out. I did hit him once. Right as I did that, I felt my arm get into a position where I could get out. At that point Herb (Dean) ruled it as a tap out.”

Maybe the reason he felt his arm get into a better position after the initial tap was because Herb Dean stepped in and Amir began to let him go? You know, since by tapping his leg Dollaway indicated that he wanted to stop fighting. That’s usually how it works.

Whether he fully committed to the tap or not, tapping once is the same as tapping a dozen times. It’s a signal that you want to quit, which is why you probably shouldn’t tap at all if you don’t want to quit.

Good for him for sort of owning up to it in a very oblique way though. That’s kind of dignified almost.


  1. skidding Says:

    Sun, 06/22/08 - 04:30

    I agree with CB, it wasn't a tap. If you study Tai Chi, you would know that he was trying the "Forbidden-thigh-slap". If executed properly, your opponent will develop permanent awkwardness facial expressions in front of a camera.
  2. mikeraphon Says:

    Sun, 06/22/08 - 04:32

    Well, I stand corrected. I said that the Dollaway/Sadollah fight would be boring. It wasn't boring, but it was disappointing...not so much in the outcome because I hoped Amir would pull it off, but disappointing that CB is such a dumbass for getting caught in the exact same armbar and giving the exact same tap.
  3. kablamo Says:

    Sun, 06/22/08 - 04:36

    CB was pretty unlikeable on the show. Add this douche bag moment and he is hard to stomach. Fuck you CB. You got beat not once, but twice. STFU and enjoy fighting at county fairs.
  4. KG Says:

    Sun, 06/22/08 - 04:40

    CB Dollaway is a douche... I hated his curled upper lip thing, and he looks like a Matt Damon that had been hit by a Mack truck going 75mph. Fuck you CB- You suck ass and your cockiness has made you look like a piece of shit. If you are on a UFC PPV, the UFC will not be getting my 55 bucks... and get a tan you white fuck
  5. BIG CHRIS Says:

    Sun, 06/22/08 - 04:45

    After watching the pre-fight videos of what they did after the show I knew Amir was going to win, You saw CB go back home party with his same old crowd and go back to his same old gym, they already had his picture up, and he looked like he was just doing the same old thing around a bunch of people who were kissing his butt now. But Amir he left home and went to Vegas to get his butt kicked every day, by professional fighters at a top notch Gym, and that showed me right there that Amir wanted it more, and sure enough Amir caught him in the same armbar from the show...which Showed me CB didn't go and learn anything....I hope this is the end of CB...He would be perfect for a Gary Shaw show.....
  6. Justme Says:

    Sun, 06/22/08 - 04:46

    I laughed my as off when I saw this fight. you know Amir trained for this exact situation over and over. Wrestlers are the most predictable fighters and boring to watch. They knew CB was not going to stand with Amir and Cb only know how to do one thing: ground and pound. Plus Crueder and Amir would have been a better fight. You guys ever watch Ducktails as a kid? Doesn't CB look like that duck who could fly but not land, "crashpad" or some shit. Same jaw and buttchin check it out
  7. Myles Kilometers Says:

    Sun, 06/22/08 - 04:55

    His name is Launchpad McQuack...but he would never fucking tap. You'd have to break his wing off.
  8. Justme Says:

    Sun, 06/22/08 - 04:56

    http://www.animatorsunite.com/data/wp-content/uploads/2007/01/terrymcgovern02.jpg Check it out CB's alter ego Launchpad McQuack from DuckTales And here's another from his Loser Afterparty http://farm1.static.flickr.com/120/283647981_a8d42449cc.jpg?v=0 hehehe stupid jock
  9. Dr. Says:

    Sun, 06/22/08 - 05:06

    You tell us how it is, CB "Tapsalot" Dollaway. And WTF was up with your perceived-obligatory nickname? Pitbull? Really? It's like shitface Kendall Grove and differentiating from Anderson Silva by having "DA' in there. Arlovski should kick your ass. I didn't know CB had a nickname on the TUF show. Maybe he thought now that he's big-time, he needs a kickass, intimidating moniker. I was hoping Amir was going to give him a fat lower-lip to match the upper. Spot on with the "fool me once..." bit.
  10. Dr. Says:

    Sun, 06/22/08 - 05:08

  11. Dr. Says:

    Sun, 06/22/08 - 05:09

    CB probably believes it when girls tell him they're half-pregnant.
  12. Stephan' Boner Says:

    Sun, 06/22/08 - 05:20

    Launchpad McQuack haha maybe CB should change his nickname to "Douchebag McTap"
  13. douchebag mctap Says:

    Sun, 06/22/08 - 05:29

    i take offense to that stephan...
  14. Who Cares Says:

    Sun, 06/22/08 - 05:45

    LAUNCHPAD MCQUACK!!!... HAHAHA too funny cause they do look alike and that cartoon was great when i was a kid
  15. Aikura Says:

    Sun, 06/22/08 - 05:50

    No, not "Pitbull". He's "the (da) Doberman", dawg! But "Launchpad" works.
  16. mayhem420 Says:

    Sun, 06/22/08 - 05:53

    Myles Kilometers: dude you rock!!
  17. Me Says:

    Sun, 06/22/08 - 05:57

    Launchpad is the lawl. I was thinkin "glass arm" but Launchpad werks just fine for me.
  18. the king Says:

    Sun, 06/22/08 - 06:50

    na guys dont you know his nick name is CB One-taP Dollaway! what totaly piece of trash, he got GOT just like I knew he would.
  19. RealDrew Says:

    Sun, 06/22/08 - 07:45

    You're right Myles. No way McQuack taps. Tappin is for bitches and anybody who flys a plane knowing that he can't land it ain't no bitch.
  20. sol Says:

    Sun, 06/22/08 - 08:01

    lol launchpad mcquack. best.
  21. KG Says:

    Sun, 06/22/08 - 08:43

    HAHAH Best comment of the week! If anyone deserves a Hanes Beefy-T with a $1.75 iron-on logo tshirt, its "Justme" ... LAUNCHPAD MCQUACK.. hahah I totally forgot about that chode... he looks like a combination of a retarded Matt Damon and Launchpad!! Nice job... I fucking hate that piece of shit.. what does CB stand for anyways? What a pathetic name. CB must stand for Cock Burgler
  22. Charles Bryant Dollaway Says:

    Sun, 06/22/08 - 10:45

    Fuck All of you, you internet nerds, step in the ocatagon with me for one minute with me and ill personally transform your faces into launchpad McQuack. -P.S. I tapped once hoping amir would let go and I could get in a better position, I obviously failed due to the fact that Herb Dean saw it and stopped the fight.
  23. Justme Says:

    Sun, 06/22/08 - 11:03

    hehehe Launchpad McQuack stupid jock
  24. Myles Kilometers is my hero Says:

    Sun, 06/22/08 - 11:17

    Myles Kilometers - that is some funny shit. Those tricky producers ONCE AGAIN tricked CB into referring to himself in third person at the start of the fight night! See guys, he really isn't cocky, it's those damn producers steady trickin' his ass. I was just praying for a post fight interview with CB. I took the Vegas over/under line of +/-3.5 third person references in the interview. Of course I took the over...that shit would have been money.
  25. C.B.'s Penis Says:

    Sun, 06/22/08 - 11:38

    I have to agree. As C.B.'s penis, I have also tapped a vagina once, hoping to get into a better position. Only the girl saw that I was in a bad spot and completely stopped the session. I should have learned from that mistake.
  26. Anonymous Says:

    Mon, 06/23/08 - 12:00

    btw, Launchpad frequented Darkwing Duck as Duck Tales was coming to an end. In that show there was a character named Nega-Duck. No relation to CB but I thought it was funny.
  27. CB Dolloway Says:

    Mon, 06/23/08 - 02:44

    You fucking people are morons- That Launchpad shit was funny when I was a kid, come up with some new shit. CB doesnt like internet shit talkers, because I can kill all of you with my upper lip. CB is a better fighter than you. CB likes chocolate and sour patch kids. CB tired and must go to bed.
  28. cbtapalways dollaway Says:

    Mon, 06/23/08 - 07:54

    This has got to be some of the funniest stuff, I've ever read.
  29. 1timewonder Says:

    Mon, 06/23/08 - 10:22

    you guys are missing one -- CB "Cunt Burger" Dollaway.
  30. Cannon Fodder Says:

    Mon, 06/23/08 - 03:13

    Honestly I think it should be required that the tap-out be more than a single tap. That is something that could easily be mistaken in any given fight. Hell, I always thought that a tap-out was like three taps.
  31. cecil peoples Says:

    Tue, 06/24/08 - 05:30

    cb had a good start to the round, he landed some big shots and got the slam on amir. i score the round 10-6 cb dollaway. considering he only tapped once...
  32. Arron Shaw Says:

    Wed, 06/25/08 - 06:59

    ok now you all are talking shit about cb right ok ok but how many of you would get your ass kicked if you all were fighting him??? in a octagon no where to run wow he got beat so has every good fighter. but guess what its really fun to say he sucks maybe all of you should train like he does and go on the ultimate fighter and beat 4 guys in a row then fight on the finale and we'll see whos talking shit then. YES cb did tap it may have been only once but he did tap now had the ref been BIG JOHN McCarthy bet amir would have been knocked out. cause heres the thing Amir will not make it in UFC, Why well here's why and it's real simple. no stand-up his stand up sux. his ground sux. take downs sux the ONLY thing he's got going for him is the armbar. Fuck Gerald would have won the figh against amir but amir got a LUCKY knee that's it however the fact. bet matt brown could beat amir if they fought again. But all this being said I have all the respect in the world for these guys they train hard fight hard and if you give it 110% and you lose then theres nothing else you can do. Everyone has there good and bad days. i just hope i catch someone at the bar or streets talking trash bout cb and how he sux and how they could beat his ass cause ill just bvreak their fucking jaw and be like "c'mon let's here you talk shit now BITCH" so there it is im sticking up for cb cause hes god go look at his previous fight where he knocked a guy out in 17 seconds.
  33. anon Says:

    Thu, 06/26/08 - 06:21

    wow, arron shaw, you should've put your comment right under CB's Penis', 'cause that's where you are. brown-noser. you'd really start a fight with someone who doesn't like another dude? just make sure to tap more than once when you're about to be broken. ho'.
  34. Arron shaw | Johnbyk Says:

    Wed, 05/16/12 - 11:46

    [...] C.B. Dollaway Admits To Tapping Out…Sort Of | | Cagepotatowow, arron shaw, you should’ve put your comment right under CB’s Penis’, ’cause that’s where you are. brown-noser. you’d really start a fight with someone who … By admin in Uncategorized  You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Both comments and pings are currently closed. [...]
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