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Cesar Gracie is a Bit Upset With His Cousin Renzo For Training GSP to Fight Jake Shields

(209 bros before French-Canadian foes.)

Jake Shields‘ coach Cesar Gracie was on Sherdog’s The Savage Dog Show today and one of the topics he touched on was his disagreement with his cousin Renzo Gracie over his decision to help Georges St-Pierre prepare for his upcoming UFC 129 bout with longtime Gracie jiu-jitsu student and black belt Jake Shields this weekend.

According to Cesar, it was wrong for Renzo to help St-Pierre train as he is a relatively new student of the New York-based instructor and he feels that he should be looking out for his committed Gracie family members first and foremost.

“Renzo’s like a brother to me. You gotta understand, we grew up together. We really did. So nothing’s gonna change [between us]. People try to make a big thing about it. I did have a talk with Renzo and I said, “Renzo, you’re training a guy that doesn’t represent your academy, he represents another academy, to fight against a Gracie Academy. It doesn’t make sense to me. It just doesn’t Georges is a great guy.From al accounts, he’s respectful and a decent human being from what I’m understanding. And I said to Renzo, ‘If you had a talk with Georges St-Pierre and said, you’re one of our black belts, you’re going to have to represent us,’” Gracie said. “I think he would do it in a heartbeat.I did have that discussion with him, but I really don’t know what came about with it. People try to make a big thing about it, but I’m an old school guy. I really am. When Georges St-Pierre was training at Renzo’s to fight Matt Serra, who I think was the first black belt Renzo gave out in the U.S… I couldn’t imagine a guy coming in and training with me to beat one of my black belts. I just couldn’t do it. I don’t know exactly what they’re doing over there with that, but it’s just not my way. I’m old school and I’m gonna die old school. That’s just how I am. So I made my feelings known to Renzo about it and I don’t think my guys appreciate it. Frankie Edgar‘s there too and he’s a really great kid. He came out to my place and he’s a really hard worker. He came out to train for the BJ Penn fight. I refused to have my guys train with BJ for that fight and they had trained with him for the Florian fight and maybe one fight before that fight when BJ needed help and was trying to get his career back on track. Nick Diaz was training with BJ Penn and there was good sparring. They called us up to train with him for the last Edgar fight and we said no, because he was fighting a kid who represented the Gracie Academy in New York. I’m old school, but now with this fight…It’s not about teaching a guy, because they’re professional athletes and they’re gonna have to fight. They didn’t grow up together or nothing like that. But me being an old school guy, I just look at it like you gotta carry our flag to battle and if you can’t carry our flag to battle, you aren’t training with us. It’s just how I look at it.”

As far as beating St-Pierre, who has won his last 30 straight rounds, Gracie says they feel that the game plan is simple: frustrate GSP on his feet and when the fight hits the floor, tap him out.

“[He has to] beat him. He’s got to tap him out. He’s gonna have to get in there and dictate the pace. That’s the biggest thing. You can’t stand in front of Georges St-Pierre. You stand in front and his speed is gonna get you. He’s too quick. He’s gonna jab, his little, whatever they call it, Superman punch or whatever. People get caught when they’re standing there lookin’ at him. If you hesitate with that guy, he’s going to pull the trigger and that’s how he punishes people and ends up winning fights. We saw it time and time again. We saw it with Fitch, we saw it with Koscheck. When he can’t win the stand-up battle, that’s when he resorts to taking people down,” Gracie points out. “He takes them down, he punishes them on the ground, he establishes control. He’s got a great top game and a phenomenal jiu-jitsu coach in John Danaher and he doesn’t get tapped out. That’s his MO right there. So what does Jake do? Jake doesn’t have the speed he has on the feed. He’s gonna have to mix it up and have GSP commit. He’s gonna have to get the tie-up, he’s gonna have to clinch and he’s gonna have to take him into enemy territory on the ground where Jake feels very good and he’s gonna have to submit that little French-Canadian. That’s about it.”

Gracie also touched on the news that he was unable to travel to Canda to corner Shields, chalking it up to the fact that he left the paperwork to the last minute, having not anticipated the fact that because he was a landed immigrant from Brazil, the Canadian immigration authorities would not readily rubber-stamp his passport.

“It’s not that easy for us non-Americans to go up there. There’s like a Visa process you have to go through. There’s a little bit of a roadblock there, but it’s no big deal. We’ve got excellent representation. We sent Nick Diaz, which I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing,” Gracie explained. “The big thing is I hope he’s not arrested up there if something happens.”


  1. monkyspunk Says:

    Wed, 04/27/11 - 05:25

    Hey Cesar, I'm a bit unclear on this, but would you consider yourself "old school"?
  2. RwilsonR Says:

    Wed, 04/27/11 - 05:28

    What crap! So now you not only cannot fight teammates, a student of one cousin can't fight a student of another cousin when they live on opposite coasts? Especially when there are roughly 4 million Gracies that live in the US alone. I like it much better when the Gracies would fight anyone, anywhere, anytime... or at least tell people they would.
  3. themadturnip Says:

    Wed, 04/27/11 - 05:36

    I think it's great that Cesar is anticipating Nick getting arrested. Funny.
  4. Fried Taco Says:

    Wed, 04/27/11 - 05:49

    If Gracie students didn't fight Gracie students, there would be no BJJ tournaments.
  5. StinkFacer Says:

    Wed, 04/27/11 - 05:58

    You all missed the point of the article. Its not about Gracie vs Gracie, its about Renzo training someone to fight a gracie, who will not say his camp is a Gracie camp. It's like the US army training the Mujahadeen to fight the Marines.
  6. Passive jay Says:

    Wed, 04/27/11 - 06:22

    You know how if you say a word enough times in a row it starts to lose its meaning to you? I should stop reading out loud.
  7. parchy mcthirst Says:

    Wed, 04/27/11 - 06:27

    Nick Diaz will not be returning to the U.S. for a while. Let's just admit that now
  8. Passive jay Says:

    Wed, 04/27/11 - 06:46

    I predict Diaz gets busted trying to keister a half ounce of weed across the border.
  9. parchy mcthirst Says:

    Wed, 04/27/11 - 06:53

    @passive Half an ounce? Pshhh. Diaz smokes that in a day. He'd have to drop all his earnings from his last fight just to stash up on his "personals"
  10. mDino Says:

    Wed, 04/27/11 - 06:57

    cesar gracie seems the least brazilian outta all of em.
  11. mDino Says:

    Wed, 04/27/11 - 06:57

    lol ya u barely get in trouble for a half ounce up here.
  12. Snitches_get_stitches Says:

    Wed, 04/27/11 - 07:02

    @Passive... Dude, we got tons of pot up here in Canada.. He'll just have to ask the first dude he sees with a skateboard OR dreads... DONE, no need to smuggle weed up to Canada.. And yeah, if a cop caught ya with a half ounce up here, they'd probably just make you dump in the sewer/garbage/whatever...
  13. Canadia Says:

    Wed, 04/27/11 - 08:00

    im scared for GSP for this fight. I really hope he's been working on getting to 185 so he posses more power in the clinch and in his hands. If he can get Jake a little disorientated going into the clinch then GSP wins but if Jake is physically stronger and can get GSP down, it's going to be a rough night for GSP .though he could still pull it off, haven't seen him in his back for a long time and the last time we did he sweeped/scrambled underneath's fitchs leg to get up, it was effective but really iffy. I hope renzo taught GSP a thing or two about sweeps and scrambles and shed some light on Jake's bag of tricks. (money talks and GSP's pretty genuine)
  14. Canadia Says:

    Wed, 04/27/11 - 08:01

    oh and snitches, I was in BC with a quarter and i had to do 40 hours of community service. Harper is criminalizing small crimes like a mofo
  15. Gardeninja Says:

    Wed, 04/27/11 - 08:23

    Wow! Tom Sizemore Gracie get's pissed easy,what the fuck is in the 209's water?
  16. SnackDaddy Says:

    Wed, 04/27/11 - 09:29

    This is just taking the whole "i won't fight a teammate" debate to a whole new level. Fuck that. Like whoever said, if gracie students won't fight each other there would be any mma matches anymore.
  17. SnackDaddy Says:

    Wed, 04/27/11 - 09:31

    And i've said it before, i fucking hate the Cesar Gracie's camp. I wouldn't mind watching each one his fighters get murdered in the cage.
  18. RwilsonR Says:

    Wed, 04/27/11 - 09:47

    Cesar Gracie vs Shawn Tompkins - make it happen!

    Wed, 04/27/11 - 09:51

    Snack kiss my white ass. Cesar is old school fooo sho and I like how tight his camp is. They feel like their teammates are in there fighting with them and thats what keeps them winning. Suck a dick haters. WAR CESAR GRACIE!!!
  20. Passive jay Says:

    Thu, 04/28/11 - 02:23

    I just assumed a half ounce was all he could fit up there.
  21. Gorgzilla Says:

    Thu, 04/28/11 - 05:00

    For fuck sake CP. Update your spam-filter! I's been fucked for a month now! Pick up a phone, call the it departement and yell their heads off.
  22. Me likey Says:

    Thu, 04/28/11 - 06:20

    @snackdaddy +1 i didn't know that a superman punch was now a jab. i know gsp likes to throw a left handed superman and follow with a leg kick but i didn't know it was now considered a jab.
  23. manutdfan Says:

    Thu, 04/28/11 - 06:44

    For what it's worth, I'll give my two cents, as I actually AM a Gracie student, and a bit of a historian. Renzo is under the Gracie Barra flag, which encompasses Gracie Barra, Renzo Gracie JJ, Serra JJ, Roger Gracie JJ, and countless others. From Carlos Gracie Sr. down, most of the baddest mo-fos on the planet. Georges St-Pierre has his blackbelt from Gracie Barra, so his lineage lies there. Cesar is under Gracie Humaita, which is Gracie Academy, Rickson Gracie JJ, Royce, and the rest of the money grubbing clan under Helio(God rest his soul). There is no conflict other than what Cesar is starting(surprise, surprise).
  24. PingPong Says:

    Thu, 04/28/11 - 06:46

    I kind of get it, I won't fight a team-mate's wife.
  25. dranokills Says:

    Thu, 04/28/11 - 06:56

    Cesar Gracie you are a fucking retard. and you sent the captain of the retards to Canada to represent? Gee I can't see a single way this could go down any stupider. Here what I picture, GSP will beat the brakes off Jake, and when captain stupid pot head Diaz goes apeshit crazy, GSP will strangle him till he passes out and shits on himself. Your a fucking idiot Gracie.....oh yeah sorry an OLD SCHOOL isiot, my bad.
  26. iTalia Says:

    Thu, 04/28/11 - 07:28

    LOL @ dranokills...
  27. LOKI Says:

    Thu, 04/28/11 - 07:33

    On this episode of 'Locked Up Abroad'...
  28. chokeu2 Says:

    Thu, 04/28/11 - 07:42

    @ Fried Taco, bro, I thought that I had something profound to contribute; but you just said it better than I could have, and far more succinctly.
  29. intercept440 Says:

    Thu, 04/28/11 - 08:33

    this is what i envision for sat. night After beating the canadian bacon out of jake shields gsp goes to a huge massive after party and fucks a bunch of canada hoes, nick and nate diaz and jake shield show up and eventually there 209 big mouths start a riot and they all get beat to death with used gsp sperm filled rubbers. meanwhile back at the stadium, randy coture miraculously knocks out machida, and give him rocky 4 type brain damage, and he also wanders over to the gsp after party, after a few drink he has to pee but is still thirsty so he pisses in his own mouth, and disgusts all the canada peoples there and they also proceed to kill him by drowning him by using his mouth as the local urinal. ^ DISCLAIMER ^ this fictional story in no way shape or form is meant to resemble living persons both real and or fictional
  30. intercept440 Says:

    Thu, 04/28/11 - 08:34

    hey it could happen , right?
  31. beef_kurtains Says:

    Thu, 04/28/11 - 09:11

    Gracie family...go the fuck away, nobody gives a shit what you have to say. Furthermore you're scrap pack collective 209 IQ crew, or whatever the fuck their name is can fuck off too. Clown Shoes.
  32. jfjjfjff Says:

    Thu, 04/28/11 - 10:00

    StinkFacer, its like the USA training osama bin ladin... oh shit. that happened!
  33. PercussionMan Says:

    Thu, 04/28/11 - 01:46

    Such B.S. Let me tell you, being Old School will put your business out of business fast. This economy is teaching us enroll in New School business ethics. Who said that Martial Arts was designed to teach only certain individuals? It for anybody who's committed to training, paying dues $ and constantly improve--that's why they have belt rankings, true? The Graicie clan acts like they invented Ju Jitsu and that it's a Members Only Club. What nonsense! The one thing that cannot be measured in MMA or Boxing is a Champions Heart and unstoppable determination. Obviously, techique makes a significant difference too. What Renzo Gracie did was stellar helping GSP to be prepared and to give the greatest effort posible to match up with J. Shields, and Shields has done the same too. BTW, when I pay my PPV fee I want the BEST action possible, not a sleeper. This what will make MMA grow and become the most popular sport .... ACTION! That's how it will win-over the remaining critics. There are no secrets in Gracie Ju Jitsu, so get over it Cesar. May the Best man/athelete Win. Period.
  34. fingerssfv Says:

    Thu, 04/28/11 - 06:02

    Well, that is kind of screwed up. Renzo will train just about anyone, despite his cousins and brothers' disaproval.
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  37. Daldor Says:

    Sat, 04/30/11 - 04:37

    Cesar Gracie... What a complete clown. Cesar is "old school"? LMAO. If he's so "old school", why is he running his mouth about family? Like its Cesars fucking place to comment on who Renzo should train? More like the other way around, but then Renzo doesnt whine like biatch about family. Cesar has long been the butt of the family jokes and its not hard to see why. Imagine the family reunion. Cesar shows up and everyone rolls their eyes.
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