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Charles McCarthy Hates (Other People’s) Arrogance

(‘Hey bro, if your pecs were this smooth and shiny, you’d be full of yourself too’.)

Charles McCarthy thinks Michael Bisping is too cocky. And he hates that. Judging from some of his recent comments, though, it seems like he hates it the way Rev. Ted Haggard hates gay people.

In a story by Denny Burkholder of CBS Sports, McCarthy had this to say about Bisping:

“He’s a decent kickboxer. (He’s) real arrogant, and, you know — not much else, really. He’s gonna get choked out April 19.”

“I have very little regard for that guy. I can’t wait to go in there and get my arm around his neck. It’s going to be a cool experience. I hope to put him to sleep before he decides to tap.”

Oh, how we loathe that most in others which we find in ourselves, don’t we Charles?

McCarthy went on to say that he doesn’t mind being the underdog, since he knows Bisping can’t hurt him standing and there’s no way Bisping can last “fifteen minutes on the ground” with him. Sounds like McCarthy thinks “The Count’s” jiu-jitsu has some holes in it, since he’s been submitted, well, never.

In all fairness, McCarthy doesn’t think of himself as a humble guy either. He admitted that he might be a little on the arrogant side as well, though he was decidedly more generous to himself.

The strange part is that while Bisping’s 14-1 record may be padded somewhat before his TUF days, you can still understand why a guy who’s never tapped out or been knocked out would be full of himself. With McCarthy, I can’t quite figure where that arrogance comes from.

Looking at his record, what you see is wins over very few notable opponents, and losses to the likes of Trevor Garrett(!) and David Loiseau. But now that he’s received his brown belt from American Top Team’s Ricardo Liborio (who is legitimately top-notch) he seems to think he’s God’s vessel for submissions.

Never one to miss an opportunity to mock an opponent, Bisping seized on this in his column, “The Countdown” (get it, because his nickname is “The Count”? Get it? It’s not as fun when I explain it, is it?):

“Next week’s Countdown will be filed after I’ve come face-to-face with the reigning BJJ uber-master of the galaxy. If anyone wants me to ask him for an autograph for you, please e-mail me, but keep your requests down to six per person.”

At least Bisping’s arrogance is kind of funny.

While I can’t say that McCarthy’s submissions game isn’t a threat – it accounts for 100% of his wins, which is impressive – what he might be overlooking is the fact that first he’ll have to get Bisping to the mat and keep him there. That means takedowns could be a deciding factor, as could ground control.

For all their collective wrestling ability, neither Rashad Evans or Matt Hamill could keep Bisping on the mat and do damage to him, and both are bigger and stronger than McCarthy.

Who knows, though. Maybe McCarthy really has a reason to be so confident. Still, would it kill him to couch it in clever quips, the way Bisping does with his dry, British wit? I guess they didn’t call him “Captain Miserable” for nothing.


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smellmydong- April 15, 2008 at 3:41 pm
I have no clue who charles mcarthy is...but i do believe he will get anally raped by michael bisping. Im not a michael bisping fan either but again.....who the hell is charles mcarthey?
Kim Couture is a cunt- April 15, 2008 at 12:43 pm
God that guy is a loser
BooBooPooPants- April 15, 2008 at 4:46 am
McCarthy clever!?!'s as thick as pig shit!!!

Although im from the uk im not bispings greatest fan, after the Rashard Rasheed Rashead whatever he calls himself fight, which was super boring i lost a lot of interest him but hes gonna smash McCarthy to pieces.