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Check Out This Unearthed Footage of a Young Andre the Giant in a French Kung Fu Movie

While the lot of us know Andre the Giant for three things — Wrestlemania III, The Princess Bride, and being the uncredited inspiration behind My Dinner With Andre — we often neglect to mention some of his earlier work when discussing his legacy. I’m talking about his classic turns as Sasquatch in The Six Million Dollar Man, Dagoth in Conan the Destroyer, and his brief appearance in B.J. and the Bear. Who among us can forget that last one.

But before Andre Roussimoff was feuding with the likes of Hulk Hogan and Ahhnold, he was just your everyday, 7 foot tall actor looking for work. And boy oh boy did he find it in the 1967 French martial arts flick Chinese Headache for Judoka.

In a movie IMDB describes as “Judoka Marc Saint-Clair tries to save the world from nuclear disaster fighting Chinese and Russians,” Andre appears as a judo-chopping menace simply named “Fighter.” Thanks to this recently dug up footage by our friends over at Uproxx, check out a much thinner, much nimbler Andre in action. It is truly a sight to behold, and a stern reminder that Andre and Hong Man Choi are destined to throw down in this life or the next.

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