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Chris Leben Tests Positive for Pair of Painkillers in Post UFC 138 Drug Tests, Suspended for a Year by UFC

(Leben might need to pray that MMA fans and the UFC don’t turn their backs on him in the next year while he serves his latest suspension. Ask Karo Parisyan.)

Anyone who says that the UFC isn’t policing its own athletes when it comes to drug use needs to talk to Chris Leben.

The troubled UFC middleweight, who blamed a massive weight cut on his sluggish performance, tested positive for Oxymorphone and Oxycodone in tests administered by the promotion following his UFC 138 loss on November 5 to Mark Munoz. As a result, he has been suspended by Zuffa for a year.

For those keeping track, this is the second time “The Crippler” has been popped for pissing dirty by the UFC. The first time was after his UFC 89 decision loss to Michael back in October 2008 when he tested positive for Stanozolol. Between these incidents, he also got picked up for DUI for the second time in October 2010, which clearly reveals a pattern of someone who needs help for a substance abuse problem or someone who really needs a hobby during the winter months.

At any rate, Leben’s boss, UFC president Dana White issued the following statement on the TUF 1 vet’s current lapse of judgment via

“I like Chris and I want him to do well, but based on his actions, he’s been suspended for one year,” White said. “If he needs professional help, we are going to be there for him. We want to see him succeed not only in the Octagon, but in his personal life.”

Leben issued a statement of his own, accepting responsibility for his mistake and pledging to do better for the sport, his fans, his family, his friends and his employer.

“I would like to make it known that I fully accept this suspension and apologize for embarrassing the UFC, my friends and family, and sport of mixed martial arts,” Leben said. “I’m learning that I’m my own worst enemy sometimes. I can’t succeed in the Octagon or in life behaving this way. I’ve got to make some real changes over the next year and I’m going to focus on getting my life and career back on track. Again, I’m sorry to the UFC and fans that’ve supported me since my days on The Ultimate Fighter.”

According to the UFC each of the remaining 19 fighters on the card all passed their drug tests.


  1. skeletor Says:

    Mon, 11/28/11 - 02:29

    I can't believe DW has given this guy so many chances. I like the guy but come the fuck on already.
  2. BarackODrama907 Says:

    Mon, 11/28/11 - 02:30

    I hope he bounces back, that man is a warrior and at least he is not hiding behind small ball syndrome
  3. Iskander Neptu Says:

    Mon, 11/28/11 - 02:45

    He's only 31, he'll be back. An entertainer and a game fighter. Just don't take take him too seriously. He clearly doesn't.
  4. NinjaVanish Says:

    Mon, 11/28/11 - 02:57

    Got no respect for guys that piss away such an opportunity because of drugs. Multiple times he has been suspended for this crap. The UFC has a no tolerance policy towards domestic abuse, why not people who drop dirty?
  5. Miles Says:

    Mon, 11/28/11 - 03:01

    Thats a really ignorant thing to say, Ninja. Do you really think beating women/children equates to drug addiction? Hope Leben goes clean Steve-O style. When he's clean and doing everything right he's a top 10 middleweight.
  6. Liverpunch Says:

    Mon, 11/28/11 - 03:16

    @Miles I hope he gets clean, but Steve-O style? Do we really want to see Leben suffer through a terrible stand up routine? . Here's another edition of C'mon, featuring Liverpunch: it's time to stop pretending like Leben has any control over himself. Either he's an addict or an idiot. In my personal opinion, no one in his position would ever fuck up this often if they actually had any control over themselves. He needs help. And this has been C'mon, featuring Liverpunch
  7. Casa de los pantelones Says:

    Mon, 11/28/11 - 03:25

    Top ten middleweight my nuts. Maybe where Borat comes from. Leben is a bum. He came back 'clean and refreshed' one time...looked good physically actually. Had some tight little corn rows, slimmed down and showing better muscle definition. Yeah, he lost still. He sucks, next.
  8. Vovchanchyn Check Says:

    Mon, 11/28/11 - 03:28

    you guys ever do oxymorphone or oxycodone? don't knock it 'till you've tried it.
  9. Miles Says:

    Mon, 11/28/11 - 04:13

    @ liver : haha @casa ya, on second thought, maybe top 20. But his fights are almost always exciting which is more important
  10. jfjjfjff Says:

    Mon, 11/28/11 - 04:18

    to quote myself from 3 weeks ago . "chris leben is one of those guys with self destructive issues that manifest themselves in passive aggressive ways like this. he keeps running from them but they always end up in the forefront. this is a cry for help the more i think about it. listen to the lyrics of leben’s walkout music." .
  11. Casa de los pantelones Says:

    Mon, 11/28/11 - 04:48

    I mean, who can really blame a guy that gases and turns 3 shades of red and purple after the first 30 seconds of every fight...
  12. entropee Says:

    Mon, 11/28/11 - 05:07

    I have enjoyed Chris Leben's style of fighting from the beginning of TUF. I think many people empathized with him when koscheck and southworth were treating him like shit. I always thought that the kind of bullies they were was some kind of 80's movie bullying. No, I was wrong, Josh Koscheck is a real person (I think) and he's a super jackass. The only reason Chris has stuck around this long is because of the fan base he has, but he's losing us with these dumb choices. Chris Leben fans are coming to the realization that, it's him against himself, and we don't care anymore. Good luck Crippler, but I don't see you ever being a credible presence in the middleweight division again. I hope you prove me wrong.
  13. SquidInk Says:

    Mon, 11/28/11 - 08:31

    1. I enjoy watching him fight. 2. I have no confusion over the fact that he will likely never be more than a middle-tier fighter in the UFC. 3. All of you who see no issue in chugging a case of beer, but are quick to slam this guy: glass houses. 4. Ninja Vanish: You are a complete fool for even attempting to equate drug addiction and domestic abuse.
  14. SnackDaddy Says:

    Mon, 11/28/11 - 09:38

    5. It's hard to see Chris coming back from this episode and still being relevant in the sport.
  15. SquidInk Says:

    Mon, 11/28/11 - 10:18

    Uhh... 6. Perhaps 5 should have a good look at #2?
  16. lenoz Says:

    Mon, 11/28/11 - 11:58

    "The first time was after his UFC 89 decision loss to Michael back in October 2008" - you guys usually hate on Bisping like it's going out of fashion, but nice to see you've changed your tune and are now on a first-name basis.
  17. KeithHackneyWindmillPalmStrike Says:

    Tue, 11/29/11 - 05:02

    @ Liverpunch Don't forget that god awful attempt at a rap career....I pray I don't see Chris Leben on $kala's next mixtape....not that I would ever listen to a second of anything $kala says or does
  18. Harry Sack Says:

    Tue, 11/29/11 - 06:57

    I find it hilarious, all of the keyboard warriors out there who choose now as the appropriate time to take shots at Leben while he's down. The man is obviously quite sick. Soon his fighting days will be over - they are in their twilight now. What then will he be left with? Unfortunately it looks right now like he'll be left with a lot of darkness that he was often unsuccesfull fighting in his prime. Too many of his peers, fans, etc, take personally the fact that Leben has frequently lost his battles with his disease, when in reality - we all might want to just take a second and appreciate the undeniable talent he actually did bring to the table. Because, its looking more and more like the talent and saga that was "the crippler" is fast becoming a tragedy all too common in MMA.
  19. ThePeoplesTroll Says:

    Tue, 11/29/11 - 07:45

    Its not like Leben is Scott Hall or anything here. the guy fucked up more than once. everybody has demons and he needs to face his
  20. chzhyy Says:

    Tue, 11/29/11 - 08:45

    Boxing game ,so nice in ( )
  21. intercept440 Says:

    Tue, 11/29/11 - 09:43

    dude maybe he just had a bad headache one day and all he had availible was oxycodone, (loretab) for those that dont know. . . hell i still have soem from 7 years ago when i had to have surgery. . maybe he had some leftovers from some time he was prescribed and said fuck it i got a back ache and tylenol isnt going to cut it. . he probably dotn know how long loretab would stay in your system , but he probably didnt think it would be very long. . i would assume a loretab would be gone within a week or so . but who knows, its not like weed which will stay in your system for a few months
  22. intercept440 Says:

    Tue, 11/29/11 - 09:44

    edit i need to correct myself hydrocodone is loretabs, oxycodone is oxycontin
  23. Mir please break Brocks neck Says:

    Tue, 11/29/11 - 08:46

    "Keyboard warriors".... Hysterical!! Right on user "Harry Sack". Anyways,,, Chris has one of THE toughest chins in MMA. He KNOCKED out Wanderlei. Give the guy a break! Eveyone f--k's up in life....THATS WHY ITS CALLED 'LIFE'!!! He'll learn from this and be tougher than ever!!!! See you in 2013 Chris!!!!!!!!!! I also cant wait to see MIr knock out Nogeria soon in their rematch!!!! Yesssss!!!
  24. BaghdadBob Says:

    Thu, 12/01/11 - 04:07

    I would think having that shit in your system would hurt your performance, not help it.
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