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Chuck Liddell Meets His Wax Equivalent as Madame Tussauds Unveils “The Iceman” Figure Today in Vegas

("It’s like looking in the mirror…four years ago." Photo props Joe Ferraro via Facebook)

UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell got his first peek of himself ever-immortalized a champion in wax, as Madam Tussauds unveiled his statue at an induction ceremony today in Las Vegas.

The figure, which is purportedly valued at over $300,000 US was first unveiled at the UFC Fan Expo in May, but "The Iceman," who was unable to attend didn’t get a chance to see the sculpture until the ceremony today at The Venetian Resort, Hotel and Casino.

Liddell joins a host of other personalities whose likenesses are housed at the Vegas location of the famous London-based wax museum, including Wayne Brady, Kathy Griffin, Criss Angel, The Blue Man Group, Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears Tiger Woods, President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush.

Although they wouldn’t disclose which title-win or defense the figure was inspired by, we have a pretty good hunch, it was loosely based on the post-UFC 57 Chuck and his stone-faced stare after he defended his belt against Randy Couture in their third meeting.


  1. Almost North Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 11:10

    I hope wax Chuck beats the fuck out of wax Chris Angel. Then he will probably do some blow off of wax Britney.
  2. Viva Hate Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 11:17

    Word has it the wax figure has a slightly better chin but at this point it takes about the same effort or ability to score a knockout of either. HA!
  3. rearnakedchickenchoke Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 11:23

    don't forget wax Ozzy. Would have been a great chance to show this: hxxp://
  4. BurritoBrosShits Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 11:24

    The grin is a bit much, but it beats Chuck's usual DERPface.
  5. Lonny Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 11:26

    think they should have used the Rashad KO pose instead
  6. MMAExpertNewb Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 11:26

    It makes sense. That's around the time his career was still waxing. *thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week!
  7. kaboom07 Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 11:30

    It's only 97% wax. the jaw is glass.
  8. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 11:38

    Why the Hell wouldn't they have the figure doing the classic Iceman victory pose? And why does it have a shirt?
  9. Nealio Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 11:41

    What's up with the goofy smile? Chuck never smiles like that... unless he's been huffin nitrous with Lindsay Lohan
  10. DangadaDang Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 11:42

    @ burrito agreed. Should be doin his signature move, which inspired the Creed song "With Arms Wide Open" in other news, I was watchin this Golden Gloves match, and the two guys got caught up and one of them clinched and threw a knee. The announcers were baffled.
  11. Viva Hate Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 11:42

    @El Famous Burrito, It has a t-shirt because it is amazingly hard to recreate the Chuck belly in wax, you would be surprised.
  12. cecils_pupils Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 11:44

    KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM07!! well done.
  13. ReX13 Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 11:52

    Am i the only one who thinks the bottom pic of Chuck looks more like wax than the actual wax statue??
  14. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 11:54

    This wax Chuck clearly doesn't know how to party.
  15. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 11:55

    @ReX You're right. Weird. The wax Chuck is smiling like a retart that pooped his pants.
  16. Mike Russell Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 12:05

    I believe the bottom one is the Chuck Liddell "Real Doll".
  17. Almost North Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 12:08

    You win this one Mike. Give yourself a magazine subscription. Tito has 8 of these dolls by the way.
  18. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 12:08

  19. BrutusBox Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 12:09

    maybe it's just the wrong angle but it seems like we should be able to see at least a little bit of the chinese writing on the side of his head
  20. Mike Russell Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 12:18

     Wand has one too. He bought it so he could fuck Chuck...hxxp://
  21. Almost North Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 12:23

    Poor Wandy has been misinformed, all he needed was an 8ball and a bottle of pink nail polish for that.
  22. Goog Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 02:05

    The Chuck on the left is the wax figure, modeled after the exact moment someone told him they can bake cheese right into the pizza crust now. This particular shot shows a fight-ready Chuck running in and deconstructing the rumor he's retired again by asking the crowd "Would I still have my costume if I retired? Hmm?"
  23. sancho721 Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 02:11

    He met his wax replica and was knocked out in the first round.
  24. dranokills Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 03:00

    My question is this....which one is the DUMMY?
  25. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 03:26

    I wouldn't mind one for the pool room
  26. Under Banga Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 04:01

    3 % glass all time!
  27. Jim Harbaugh Scramble Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 04:33

    I hope there is a sign in front of the figure that reads "Please do not touch the chin."
  28. rite leg ospitahl Says:

    Thu, 07/01/10 - 04:34

    mad props to kaboom, funniest comment... i was gonna say some comment about how chuck is smiling because he thought he was at a las vegas fortune teller, and was being showed his future but whats the point the 97 percent wax three percent glass is unbeatable.
  29. ArmFarmer Says:

    Fri, 07/02/10 - 05:16

    @Goog "The Chuck on the left is the wax figure, modeled after the exact moment someone told him they can bake cheese right into the pizza crust now." I read this and didn't laugh, then I scrolled up and looked at the picture and bust out one of those awkward everyone in the office heard you lol's. When you picture someone telling Chuck that and then look at his expression in the picture... pretty f'n funny.
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