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Classic Fight: Jon Jones vs. Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson @ UFC 135 [FULL VIDEO]

(Props: Fight starts at the 13:50 mark, but it’s worth it to watch the entrances, just to see Jackson and Jones walk out to those obviously patched-in nü-metal tracks, I guess because the UFC couldn’t secure replay rights on YouTube for the songs they actually walked out to. It’s hilariously jarring. Couldn’t they find generic rap tracks to include for situations like this?)

After winning the UFC light-heavyweight championship in March 2011 with his demolition of Mauricio Rua, 24-year-old Jon Jones attempted his first title defense in September at UFC 135 in Denver, against former champion Quinton Jackson. And for the second title fight in a row, Jones gave nothing and took everything. Over four rounds, Bones picked his shots and wore Rampage down, confounding Jackson with his unorthodox kicks and elbows, and clowning ‘Page whenever the inspiration struck. (Skip to 31:08 for an all-time classic.)

After winning the first three rounds handily, Jones closed the curtains in the fourth frame, taking Jackson down with ease then finishing him with a rear-naked choke. It was the first time Jackson was ever stopped in the UFC. To put it lightly, aging legends have never really performed well against Jon Jones, and Dan Henderson might not fare any better at UFC 151 — that is, if Hendo actually makes it to the fight. There are some nasty rumors swirling around right now…we’ll update you if they turn out to be legit.

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Fletch the V Stretch- August 23, 2012 at 7:09 am
Jon Jones is an incredible fighter. I used to be a big fan right before he got too big for his own britches. Still enjoy watching him fight, hate hearing him talk for the most part. And as always, I will root for the underdog the majority of the time against him. ESP Hendo. @ Get off me - I agree with what you were saying about TRT and it having no place in the sport. I just find it funny that the guys using it aren't even dominating people much less really winning many fights. I still think Jon just needs to fight guys his own size at HW. He will still be taller and have a longer reach than most of those guys and if he spent time putting on muscle rather than cutting weight he would be a huge dude. Just my opinion, so go ahead and crucify me. :)