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Colossal Weigh-In Fail: Anthony “Cheesesteak” Morrison Tips the Scales 11.5lbs Over the Limit for Bellator 44 Fight

Awww hell. Ya’ll are going to say something about my nickname, aren’t you?” (Pic:

We’re not going to go overboard and accuse Anthony Morrison of being immature or cowardly, but it’s safe to say that we’ll be dusting off the ol’ Weigh-In Failure Leaderboard following his abysmal attempt to make weight last night. Morrison was set to square off against Bryan Goldsby on tonight’s Bellator card, but after weighing in at 146.5lbs—some 11.5lbs and two weight classes over the 135lb Bantamweight cap—the fight was called off. Morrison has gone winless in his last three bouts, dropping fights to Mike Brown and Chad Mendes in the WEC before having his knock out over Nick Gonzalez at Matrix Fights 2 ruled a ‘no contest’. Losing an opportunity to fight on cable tv, even if it is just MTV2, is a costly mistake for a any fighter, but particularly for one on a skid. Losing a payday? Yeah, that’s not a smooth move either.

With this fight canceled, only three of the planned televised bouts remain:

Main Card

Hector Lombard vs. Falaniko Vitale (non-title Middleweight bout)

Patricio Freire vs. Michael Chandler (Lightweight Tournament Final)

Alexander Shlemenko vs. Brett Cooper (Middleweight bout)


Anthony Leone vs. Jeff Lentz (Featherweight bout)

Giedrius Karavackas vs. Sam Oropeza (Welterweight bout)

Randy Smith vs. Jamall Johnson (Heavyweight bout)

Jay Silva vs. Gemiyale Adkins (Middleweight bout)

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linlijuna- May 15, 2011 at 8:44 pm
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Chromium- May 15, 2011 at 6:01 pm
"Leave it in the hands of the State Athletic Commissions then, and instead of a fine, make it a suspension – they suspend people who pull out of fights without a good reason"

Actually they do not. State Athletic Commissions can deny you a license if you skip a steroid test, but they will not do so for pulling out of a fight, even with no reason given, let alone suspend you.

As for the rest of the post, I see you are changing your story now. Earlier, when it was pointed out that the guy already lost his entire paycheck, you insisted they be fined because "It puts em in the hole for NEXT fight." Your words, not anyone else's.

People are ALREADY routinely fined when they miss weight even if the fight still happens, usually with a portion of their purse going to the other person. You're not suggesting anything new with your altered suggestion.

As for "NFL teams fining people for coming into camp all fat as well – there is precedent for this type of thing," does it need to be pointed out again that 1) those people are on salary and 2) Morrison was simply fired? And since the fight didn't even happen, he was "fined" 100% of his purse.
amsterdamheavy- May 15, 2011 at 4:08 pm
Getting hurt isnt the same thing as blatantly failing to meet contractual obligations and trying to say they are the same makes you look like an idiot. CONTRACT-comply with it or pay. Leave it in the hands of the State Athletic Commissions then, and instead of a fine, make it a suspension - they suspend people who pull out of fights without a good reason and this is essentially the same thing. I was thinking promotions because they are the ones holding the contracts, but the SACs would be just as good. As for "not having any money" - DUHH, thats where the incentive comes from- whoever spewed that ridiculous analogy needs to go find out wtf a contract to appear is; all it would take it a "make weight clause". To same day weigh ins, people who cut huge amounts of weight would be at a disadvantage compared to those that dont, not talkin can crushing here but equal competition- MORE incentive to keep weight cutting reasonable. Yap all you want, anything more than a pound or two is fucking gratuitous and and there needs to be a stick applied to people like that. Fuckin Pride would take 10% of a purse for a yellow (red?) card. Ive heard of NFL teams fining people for coming into camp all fat as well - there is precedent for this type of thing.
GistoftheFist- May 15, 2011 at 7:44 am
This just begs the question nobody's ever answered for me: Why aren't weigh-ins on the same day as the fight? Nobody ever fights at their true weight because they always cut weight the day before then gain it back the next day of the fight. When you see guys at 135, they are fighting heavier anyway so why call it a 135 pound match?
WK- May 15, 2011 at 1:46 am
The reason why there's no same-day weigh-ins is for the fighter's safety. If they push themselves to lose 20lbs on that day AND fight, people are going to die.
Because let's face it, do you really think people are going to stop cutting weight if they put weigh-ins on the same day? Hell no. They're gonna weigh the positives and negatives - cut 20 pounds, get paid thousand of bucks for fighting 15/25 mins on the same day, well worth the risk.
Chromium- May 15, 2011 at 1:14 am

If you're going to be rude _and_ an idiot, I'll just be blunt: are you fucking retarded? Please to be explaining how someone can fine a fighter who gets paid fight-to-fight money they never gave them. There is no next fight, he got cut from his contract. This is like if you got fired from work for not doing their job and then they "fined" you by magically sucking money out of your bank account. Now Bellator could attempt to sue Morrison for the lost fight but they'd get laughed out of court and be out some legal fees. Yeah, real fucking smart (and way to send a "warning" to potential signees that if you mess up badly enough (and not even something ethically wrong), they'll try and sue you after they fire you).

Do you think people who tap to strikes should lose half their show money? Do you think people who no-show weigh-ins and fights (Ferrid Kheder, at a previous Bellator when he knew he couldn't make weight) should go to jail? Do you think steroid offenders should have a toe cut off? Do you think Paul Daley should have been put in stockades? What's it like to live in a fantasy world? More to the point, what the fuck is wrong with you?
Pen Fifteen- May 14, 2011 at 4:11 pm
Like I said above, anyone in favor of fining someone who already is drawing zero money from a fight is a vindictive asshole. The desire of some people to see other human beings punished far in excess of the perceived transgressions never ceases to astonish me.
Pen Fifteen- May 14, 2011 at 4:08 pm
Thanks for sharing your opinion. On the other hand, some might say that responding to the only time in MMA history someone has shown up 2 weight classes over with extreme moral outrage and proposals for heavy-handed regulation that wouldn't have affected the situation in question is fairly d-baggy. People get fined all the time for missing weight, but fining someone who isn't even competing if fucking ridiculous. By the same logic, you could fine someone who gets hurt at the last minute and costs the promoter money by having to pull out of a fight. The logic behind this proposal is completely nonsensical.
WrenJoRo- May 14, 2011 at 3:05 pm
@Pen you sound like a D-Bag. I agree with amsterdam, if you come in two weight classes over something else should be done. I don't how i feel about the fine though seeing as how they are technically already being fined by not getting any fight money, but two weight classes over is ridiculous. I understand when guys are 1 lb or 2 over but 11 lbs seems a bit extreme. I don't think that a fine would discourage talent from going to the organization. I doubt many fighters are worried about missing their weigh-ins mark by two weight classes and if you are one of those fighters that is concerned about missing weight by such a large amount then the organization probably doesn't want you anyway. That would just end up costing them money.
Clyde- May 14, 2011 at 12:38 pm
If you miss by that much I can only assume that he got Bantam and Featherweight mixed up
Pen Fifteen- May 14, 2011 at 11:47 am
Holy shit, are you Brian Goldsby's mom?

Yes, that'll get the talent flocking to Belator; if you don't make weight, not only do you not get paid, but you have to pay us. You act as if these are millionaire pro-athletes and not guys making probably 10/10 a fight at most. Ever heard the expression that you can't get blood from a turnip?

And do we even need to rehash the arguments for why same-day weigh-ins don't work? The idea that you can somehow force people into a "natural" weightclass is one of those magical myths of combat sports regulation.

So, if your goal is to be the next Keith Kizer, I hope you don't quit your day job in the mean time.
djp1988- May 14, 2011 at 11:25 am
I'm eating a cheese steak while reading this. Keyboard warrior lifestyle FTW.
amsterdamheavy- May 14, 2011 at 10:53 am
What good will it do? It puts em in the hole for NEXT fight, and thats even more incentive to not pull this shit. Im not talkin a pound or two here, I said GRATUITOUS, as in TWO weight classes and 11 fucking pounds. A one or two pounds is already covered by giving the opponent part of your purse (in some places anyway) and shit happens. I see a world of difference between one and ten pounds. This guy came in TWO weight classes over and thats unprofessional as hell. Oh, and what about the OTHER fighter who now lost a chance to compete? Give that guy half of the fine so he gets something as well 'cause he just got fucked over like the promotion did. It isnt about just the guy, this bullshit effects a lot more people than just his dumb ass. Same day weigh ins will reduce the ability of people to drastically cut weight in the first place - no one is going to be able to recover 20+ pounds in less than a day and still be in good enough condition to actually fight to the best of their ability. Thats the idea, to reduce the amount of weight people cut. Oh, and ad-hom for no reason? You can go fuck yourself, you short sighted fuckstick.
Pen Fifteen- May 14, 2011 at 10:34 am
Amsterdamheavy, you are a fucking retard. What good is a fine going to do when the guy is already losing his show purse plus a shot at a win purse because the fight is cancelled? I guess you think not getting paid isn't incentive enough for him to not pull that shit again? Same thing goes for same-day weigh-ins, which are supposed to prevent people from cutting too much and ballooning back up, which is only a concern if you make weight in the first place. I mean, did you even read the story?
amsterdamheavy- May 14, 2011 at 9:57 am
....or they need same day weigh ins, that will nip this nonsense too
WK- May 14, 2011 at 9:19 am
I have him pegged 155-160. Guy's massive.
amsterdamheavy- May 14, 2011 at 9:15 am
Promotions should start fining fighters $$ for gratuitously missing weight like this. If you cant make the goddamn weight, change classes for fuck's sake.