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Conor McGregor: Is He Real or Fake?

Conor McGregor

The Conor McGregor story is about to hit its peak and what sucks is I think he’s fake.

Don’t get me wrong, I love watching the guy. It was cool to think there was a badass walking around the planet with unmatched bravado and the skills to back it up. It was kind of like Conor was a Chael Sonnen who could actually win.

But there are three telltale signs that Conor will be a flash in the pan with the all too familiar meteoric rise to the top followed by a quick fall to retirement.

First, Conor went to shake Jose Aldo’s hand. Whether you’re a fan or not, deep in your heart, you know this was a sign of weakness. Conor’s been talking trash to this man for a year now – like serious, disrespectful stuff over and over again and now he sees Jose in the gym and goes to shake his hand? I lost respect for Conor.

Even worse, Conor collapsed his mental edge. He seriously freaks these guys out because his trash talk gets inside their head and makes them question the monster that is Conor McGregor. He was making Jose have doubts about himself and now Jose knows for sure that Conor fears him.

Keep in mind, it’s not that he shook his hand, it’s that he shook his hand after a year of completely disrespecting him over and over again. Conor can spin it however he wants but that was weak.

Secondly, someone on TUF said the Irishman was completely different off camera and he lost a lot of respect for him. There’s really no reason to make that up and it completely falls in line with the handshake thing. The Notorious wouldn’t have shook Aldo’s hand.

Last, ever notice how Conor doesn’t brag so much about his abilities to fight but rather his ability to make money and be a headliner?

After the fourth or fifth time he talked about the numbers, I started wondering about his fighting skills. I’ve never heard an MMA fighter focus so much on being the marquee or compare themselves to other fighters in terms of how much money they can make.

If you listen to Conor talk, it’s clear he’s more concerned with generating interest and dollars over winning.

The only way all this goes away is if he beats Jose Aldo and, as much as I want it to happen, I now don’t think he will. I think Aldo will destroy him.

He’s definitely a high caliber fighter but Conor hasn’t proven himself to be elite. Beating Chad Mendes was a nice win but it doesn’t make you a champion. So far the only thing Conor’s shown to be the best at is talking.

UFC 194 is about a month away — slated for Saturday, December 12, 2015 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

And in case you are wondering, McGregor really doesn’t like the word “interim.”

By Jerome Matthews

Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

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