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Correction: Ian McCall Only Hates Homeless Junkies, Not Homeless People in General

(You call that a paint job? Give me my five bucks back, Ken. / Photo via Getty)

Shocking as this may be, UFC flyweight Ian McCall – a man who calls himself “Uncle Creepy” and models his image after that of a man who keeps a copy of The Catcher in the Rye in his back pocket at all times – isn’t always careful about what he tweets. In the past, he used Twitter to share the story about that time his wife cheated on him with Rob Emerson, which had to make things all sorts of awkward for his followers to see on their timelines. And yesterday, McCall accidentally offended many of his followers by sharing what appeared to be his views on homelessness. Spoiler alert: His tweet didn’t exactly portray the homeless in a favorable light.

(I hate the homeless … I don’t feel sorry for you. If you want change then let me throw it as hard as I can at your dirty face)

Well, that was unnecessarily harsh. Naturally, his followers began to call him out for the tweet, so McCall went on to clarify that he doesn’t hate most of the homeless – he only hates the homeless drug addicts, mostly because he used to be one himself.

(Hate me all you want Ive been homeless n [strung] out. I changed that part of my life No sympathy for junkies who talk shit to me for no reason)

While his clarification is far less judgmental – well, at least towards the general homelessness issue – it is sort-of confusing. The homeless junkies talking shit to him for no reason? That’s odd. Fortunately, Ian McCall took to The Underground to discuss the incident that triggered his Twitter rant.

I was having a shitty day and some junkie was talking shit to me and i took it to twitter. I have nothing against the homeless I dont even know why i used that word, it has nothing to do with psychiatric people or PTSD people. Anyone that knows me knows how much charity work i do. I just had a problem with this junkie talking shit to me and i apologize to everyone that i said that. I used to have a drug problem now i despise junkies. I’m sorry for offending anyone it came off as a total asshole thing to say and for that i am sorry.

No offense intended, but a homeless drug addict said some unsavory things about him, and he was actually offended? Either that homeless junkie talks shit at a world class level, or McCall cares waaaayyyyy too much about what other people think; especially for a guy who uses “@Unclecreepymma” as his Twitter handle. I hope he has never looked at this website before; we can kinda be assholes every now and then.

So there you have it. McCall made the mistake of sharing a little too much on Twitter, apologized for it, and went back to preparing for his upcoming bout against Scott Jorgensen. Move along, everyone.


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