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Counter-Point: Jason Reinhardt Has Feelings Too, You Know

(You can pretty much guess why he had to shave his head.)

Look, we’ve busted Jason Reinhardt‘s balls a couple times because of his tendency to fight 0-0 opponents, his winless UFC record, and because he happens to look like Steve Carrel’s stunt-double in a movie about meth addiction. But of course records never tell the whole story. As a sub-155′er trying to make a living in the Midwest, Reinhardt had to take whatever opportunities were available to him, and was often paired up with much larger opponents on his journey to the big show. After news of his UFC release broke, Reinhardt went on the UG to respond to his critics and defend his strange career. I thought it was worth passing along. Read on…


i’m not gonna lie. i’m having a bad day today. I’m human. I have feelings. I train just as hard as anyone. many tell me i over train and to slow down. i know only one speed. i come from the work ethic of miletich fighting systems. i love pat miletich for that. can i vent for a second? each and every one of us fighters have our battles. our struggles. it’s called life. heck, each and everyone one of you have your own battles. you guys get up, go to work, support your familys, get up and do it all over again. even if your not an mma fighter, your, a “Warrior” in your own right! lifes rough. but the important thing is never to give up, no matter what. i make no excuses. i hate fucking excuses. i hate it when fighters make excuses for their losses. that drives me crazy. i guess i’m a little old school. some critics like to say, i’m a can crusher, or whatever the hell they call it. Don’t they understand when i was fighting there basically were no weight classes? there were no commissions. we all got paid yes, but i always faught whoever my manager told me too. my job was to train, and show up and fight. i did my job, and did it well. every single fight i ever faught the guys always out weighed me. (with the exception of one) (even for official title fights which were suppose to be 135lbs.)

Ray Duke for example, from Arizona was a 4x highschool state wrestling champion who outweighed me by 15 pounds and Dan Severn told me, “jason, he’s forfeited his right for the title” “the belts yours” “he didn’t make weight” “you don’t have to fight” I respond, “fuck that Dan, we are fighting. I have all my friends and family here. “Let’s fight” and fight we did. He dropped me in the first with a left, broke my nose and i got my ass up and finished him. Nobody told me he was a 2x Golden Gloves Champion. Did Ray fight anymore after that? once or twice. i was told his spirit was kinda broken when he didn’t take the belt back to Arizona.

Or, let’s talk about Sean Yoshida, the 2x national Judo champion i faught in my very first pro mma fight in the year 2000. Ya, i did Judo. i was a white belt and use to watch this stud throw people on their “domes” at all the judo tournaments. He was sponsored by “Sony” and i use to watch him and admire his skills. Guess what? a year later he was my first pro mma fight. The promoter comes to me, “jason, sorry, your original opponent from travis fultons school couldn’t make it and all we got is Sean Yoshida, and he’s too much for your first pro fight” My exact response, “fuck that Brian Madden,(god rest Brian’s soul) I will fight him.” Again, i had tons of tickets sold and people drove 3 hours to watch me fight. i don’t want to let one single fan down! EVER. I live for the mma fans! period. honestly, i thought i was gonna lose my first pro mma fight, until Jeremy Horn (who’s in my corner) looks me in the eyes, and says, “jason, this is fighting, it’s not judo” “i was scared, i’m man enough to admit it.” Well, guess what, the “can crusher” choked the Judo olympic hopefull out in 36 seconds. oh ya, i weighed in at 132. he weighed in like 147.

can i please mention the “experienced” Del “the phillipino Delight” Hawkins, who was my 5th pro fight, who also once again, out weighed me for the RSF title belt. They announced him something like 55 wins, 8 losses in Rage in the Cage out of Arizona. Jens “Little Evil” Pulver was in my corner for this one. Jen’s says, “Jason, he’s gonna high kick you, I watched him warming up” “When he throws that high kick, i want you keeping your hands high, and throwing a straight right counter down the middle. (thank you pat miletich for teaching us this counter) I did just that and Jeremy horn told me it was one of the nastiest cuts he’s ever seen at the time. this is where it went bad…I got too excited, tried spinning to Hawkins back from standing, (didn’t know what i was doing back then) Anyway, i end up on my back, spun for the arm lock, hit it, didn’t hook the leg, Hawkins picks me up, power bombs me. i hit my neck on the wood floor. (that story next) wood floor!! i wasn’t letting go of the armlock for shit. He picked me up again, power bombs me again, but this time the armlock got sunk even tighter. he taps. i win. my neck is broken. c5 c6, and cracked vertebre.

hawkins goes to the hospital, gets some stitches, and was back fighting in a couple months. Jason Reinhardt is out a year and a half, and was told he would never be able to train again. Ya right. ok, doc. Instead i make it to the UFC.

Wanna hear a story….The promoter Randy Greenman at the time, had guys like myself, sean sherk, karo parision, manny gamburian (sp)?, chris Lyttle, steve berger. all these world class athletes. Randy paid very well. however, randy, lust like we all sometimes do, had his own deamons. First of all, when they were putting the ring together (yes, ring, not cage) i noticed they weren’t placing the half inch or whatever it is padding over the plywood. i ask the guys, “what happened to the padding”? “It got wet last night in the rain” “i didn’t really give a shit, i was just curious. Heck, the way i looked at it, i faught many street fights on concrete, so whats the damn difference, right? Well, the shitty part is, Randy didn’t pay my medical bills, or have insurance. remember, no commissions!! it all came out of my pocket. It actually put me into bankruptcy, and was the start of my financial troubles.

Randy Greenman was found a couple years ago with his head cut off in the woods, shot execution style, with his innocent friend who happened to be getting just a ride home killed as well. look it up. st. louis post dispatch. you live by the sword, you sometimes die with it. Randy did. RIP Randy.

Let’s move on so the fucking can crusher can tell ya a little more…how about the tough ass Jorge Conger from Ohio who screwed his full ride ohio state wrestling scholarship up who was kicking the shit out of me at Legends of fighting championships in indianapolis indiana, only for me to come back and win. Ask Spencer “the king Fisher” all about that War! He was in my corner. Jorge was also bigger than me. No big deal. I will fight anyone. i wish jorge would have continued. He could have really gone far.

How about the young Jorge Santiago who i faught in King of the Cage at the Stampede Stadium in Calgary Canada. He was also kicking my ass and i won. That’s one of my only fights thats on you tube. I kept all the other off on purpose because the advice of other people telling me it gives my opponents an advantage. fuck that. it’s time to put some old school stuff up.

i could go on and on. did i ever fight some easy oppoenents? Well, i really don’t know what that truly means. Because every single time you step your two feet inside that cgae with 4 ounce gloves anything can happen. How about the guy they brought in to fight me last min. who weighed exactly 192 pounds, and i weighed 139lbs. Try fighting someone who outweighes you this much in front of your own hometown. Well, the can crusher knocked him out.

my point is guys. Yes, i do feel like i have to defend myself. finally!! i’ve kept quiet for so long regarding this subject, and all i want is acceptance from the fans. from you guys. i give my heart, my soul, and every ounce of being in my body to mma. this is my life. I am improving every single day. Heck, i’m even picking up my family and moving to Vegas to pursue my dream. i am no quitter. Can’t i get a little respect? I don’t fucking suck. i am a decent fighter, and i’m improving daily. please please don’t give up on me!! much respect to all…

oh, one more thing i forgot to mention for the “Can Crusher” i’m glad you mentioned statistics, because your right. Often times, many of the opponents on my official record books had more fights than shown and recorded, because there were basically no commissions requiring the promoters to report the results into the state or web sites. and this sucks. anyway, all good. i’m moving to vegas and continuing with my new team Wand fight Team and people are gonna see a lot of jason reinhardt. i ain’t going anywhere. fall down 7x, get up 8

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Zwhobs- August 27, 2011 at 1:56 pm
Exactly what I'm paying 45 dollars for tonight. Some over hyped piece of shit can crusher with a padded record go out and get tapped out in 1 minute. Fucking idiot.
XENOPHON- August 27, 2011 at 1:28 am
Like you, I never met him and running on hearsay can't be worth much. But there is someone who has spoken to him face-to-face.
c.mahon said he offered to take it to the box, and that both Reinhardt and his manager passed. In 2005 I think Mahon's record was 8-0. Maybe this played into Reinhardt's decision to take a pass - only those two know for sure.
Regardless if he ducked the offer to fight "the Irish Car Bomb" or not, he was able to slide his way into the UFC. There is a lesson in here, in that if you stick to the lower caliber talent...
...If you can build some Wins, from the UFC's point of view there is some "tale of the tape" value to showing up full of hype sporting a unblemished record. As long as you can back your game its one way to sidestep around the TUF route.
It means Zuffa can thrown anyone in there with the Reinhardt types (which is what I think happened) who sported an 18-0 record before being sidelined by Lauzon.
2Dogs- August 26, 2011 at 7:20 pm
Although I read the reply/story I aint gonna watse time with all the comments.
Truth is (imo ) that any guy who gets in a fight has to think about what the other dude is trying to do here...hes trying to basically kill you. Props to Jason...thats about the sum of it. A fighter tried, tested, true.
Do what you want man, you earned it, more than some peeps commenting on here have, keep the path your on whatever that may be and forget the haters.
BTW, loved the story about the and my roomates had the same problem sucked, mostly doing all the laundry!
Cheers bro!
Spartacus81- August 26, 2011 at 8:52 am
Wow, jerk off much buddy???? Dudes right forearm is twice the size of his left. Thats why he can't win a fight, he spends way too much time beating himself.
cmahon- August 26, 2011 at 7:28 am
Reinhardt and I fought on the same KOTC card in 2005 at the same weightclass (Featherweight). I told him to his face then, and to his manager several times after, that I would fight him at any venue he picked. He never took me up on the offer. He is a pud pounder and a joke.
Lots of people say that anybody brave enough to even step into a cage/ring deserves respect, but I sincerely believe that Reinhardt proves that wrong. He can say that his manager was picking his fights blah, blah, blah; if you think he wasn't involved in picking his opponents, if you think he wasn't protected, if you think he wasn't padding his record, then you are just plain delusional.
Zwhobs- August 26, 2011 at 12:02 am
Silly theory tho. That's like saying hey, at least he's in real estate. Even tho I only sell broke down hood ass houses. When making no profit or living what's the point. I give him respect as a competitor and athlete but calm down and lay off the heroin steroid 8 ball. Or bring it to my softball game tonight.
Brunkfunk- August 25, 2011 at 11:36 pm
I always thought he was an arsehole and i still do but he has a point we can call him can crusher all we like at least hes crushing the cans while we sit and talk shit about him and wank into a sock
Zwhobs- August 25, 2011 at 10:34 pm
Would someone please just fucking off Xenophon already? Complete fucking moron. And for the sake of arguing with you, before moving to Austin I lived in Decatur, and you'd be surprised how hated that dude is. He's a landlord and a super shady one from what I hear...As for a citizen, google macon county circuit clerk and type his name. As for the fights, HE put them on, they were called Jason Reinhardt courage fights, lame excuse.Comparable to Aldo? Inch shorter and that's being nice and different weight class bro.Others leave there wives and kids to train? He trained in Iowa all the time. That's a 4 hour drive. He's not commuting everyday trust me. He's a can crusher, point blank. And old. Only thing he can do from here is become the next Ken shamrock except prolly not headline because he was never that famous.
Todd M- August 25, 2011 at 9:07 pm
We reap what we sow, This guy was mugging and swearing under his breath at his last two weigh ins. He then got choked out in under a minute, before moving on to impersonating Kalib Starnes en route to being pounded out. People don't like him because he talks shit and doesn't seem to back it up. When u mug or talk shit in the ring it can work in your favour ala Diaz, but when it doesn't,, well u've only got your self to blame
ghostboner- August 25, 2011 at 8:50 pm
Props BG. I faught real hard to read this, faught real hard.
And my captcha is: extenze getsome. WTF?
Dojima- August 25, 2011 at 7:41 pm
after reading everyones comments...iv realized one thing. doublemeats comments are some of the worst comments in internet.
blackboxmma- August 25, 2011 at 7:39 pm
The dudes a warrior he's not top level but who gives a shit. He has made a decent living as a fighter and provided for his family. Who knows what kind of brain damange MMA fighers might have one day so I give him a ton of respect.
AndyInflammatory- August 25, 2011 at 7:34 pm
I think anybody who finds fault with any of these journeymen fighters should give it a shot themselves.

Nothing beats experience.
doublemeat- August 25, 2011 at 6:46 pm
after reading everyones comments...iv realized one thing.

mma fans are some of the worst fans in sport.
XENOPHON- August 25, 2011 at 6:20 pm
Maybe your right about the "bush leagues." At his age, time is surely not on is side. From another perspective, he was/is currently in Decatur, Illinois but fights with the Wand Fight Team in absentia.
As CP pointed out, and as he defended, it was never his intent to crush cans. From Decatur, that's might only be what his manager was capable of or could line-up. Even if he lined up lesser competition himself to build his ego, it matters not to us bro. In Vegas, Rienhardt will get to train with Wandy's crew.
He will wither learn and progress, or at worse will do so at the hands of his gym-mates who use him for training and their own agenda's. He is built for the Featherweight class and is equal in height, weight, and respective reach to: Joe Warren - Bellator, Hiroyuki Takaya - DREAM, and José Aldo - UFC. While living and training in Vegas, he may learn that there really is big gap in his game when. There is no harm in that.
One thing evident in his early video and rebuttle letter is that aside from writing he enjoys competing. He come's across as a bit amped-up but at his age that is , has a great relationship with his parents, and I am sure that the if Vegas happens to not work out, both he, his wife, and kids would always be welcome back in Decatur.
Fact is he's a grown man, and as best we know is a good family man. Others leave their wives and children home to train, or leave them all together. It doesn't appear this is the case. Here is my argument in his defense.
If fucker named Michael Polinko can be living his dream, why the fuck can't Reinhardt do it for real?
As for moving, Reinhardt's little prunella should stick to his fucking side - that's why he likely married her ass. As for his kids (if his, or not) they will always have the benefit of an old man (literally) that brought them with, and showed them how to step up to the plate, and live life.
He may have been let go by the UFC for his loses - and may never get back in, but his family is most likely filled with uncertainty and excitement to be heading to the bright lights of Vegas.
Fill- August 25, 2011 at 5:11 pm
Dude needs to change his nickname to 'The Can Crusher'.
cripplerfan1988- August 25, 2011 at 4:32 pm
XENOPHON- How do you know his family will be 'better for the experience' of moving to Las Vegas? I don't think Reinhardt should necessarily retire but if he is only going to be fighting in bush leagues from here on then why move his family to a new city for the sake of his training?

I can't remember anyone in recent memory who has had a shittier run in the UFC than Reinhardt. Choked out in his debut in just over a minute, choked out in his return to the octagon in less than a minute and tko'd in 2 after blatantly refusing to engage in the first round and still managed to gas out! And did he genuinely attempt to fool us and claim that he has beaten Jorge Santiago? No he beat a fighter named Joe Santiago in what was Santiago's first and only MMA contest. So on top of everything he's a liar!

I hated Reinhardt and sincerely hope that I never see him again in any moderately big MMA organisation. And judging by his performances against the only three half decent fighters he has fought in his career I doubt that I ever will.
XENOPHON- August 25, 2011 at 3:12 pm
It's too easy to write articles/captions/snippets that entice or solicit hate.
Every blade has two edges. Goldstein did earned some additional respect by acknowledging his victims retort.
I'm glad to hear this 40+ old is heading to Vegas, change is good and he should be able to find some training that keeps his old ass competitive for a while longer.
His family should be all the better for the experience.
Vovchanchyn Check- August 25, 2011 at 2:14 pm
that "you know" is such a cop out for not saying "you guys".
don't be scared, homie. bring it back.
NorthSouthDudesOnly- August 25, 2011 at 1:52 pm
I thought it was cute when he was concerned about spelling Manny's name right after writing a story that is only phonetically English.
Kid Clam Curtains- August 25, 2011 at 1:46 pm
shartacus? is that scorch or stool?
shartacus- August 25, 2011 at 1:35 pm
Thanks for being courteous enough to post an article from his point of view. We can all be armchair quarterbacks, bitch and critique all we want, but until we've been in their shoes and experienced the mental, physical and financial toil these guys endure to entertain us, we really don't have the right. Instead of being judgemental assholes, maybe we can offer these guys something they actually deserve: a little fucking gratitude.
Kid Clam Curtains- August 25, 2011 at 1:34 pm
I kind of feel bad for this dude.

My captcha: bung nubblet
Dojima- August 25, 2011 at 1:26 pm
now dont you guys feel like a bunch of jerks. You jerks.
omunto- August 25, 2011 at 1:21 pm
Sounds like a bunch of excuses to me. Blame your manager all you want for the matchups, but at this stage in your career I see no reason to take on newcomers.

After the loss to Lauzon his two non UFC wins were against terribly outmatched opponents. I'd be curious to see who he is matched up with in his next non UFC opponent. An 0-0 18 year old kid with a beer belly (so that he can say "I was outweighed!!!") or a 0-10 tin can who makes a living $300 at a time getting the shit kicked out of him.