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CP Represents on Hammer Fisted’s Latest Podcast

The guys over at invited Ben and I to be on their podcast this week, but since B-Gold had a Twilight Fan Expo wedding to attend, I had to go it alone. On the show, which can be listened to here, we discussed a variety of topics including the UG, late night phone calls from Gus Johnson and the real reason why I wasn’t at the Boston fan expo.

I apologize in advance for my homemade apple wine and ADHD-fueled babble. Give it a listen, if only to make fun of my Canadian accent.

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fatbellyfrank- September 5, 2010 at 10:17 pm
^ OK huge mutha fuckin 6 paper jobs, and some rumbos for my Bro Drano, plus beers of his choice
Canadian Chronic- September 5, 2010 at 4:41 pm
I say fuckin big phat spliffs, eh FBF?

will turn these frowns upside down
dranokills- September 5, 2010 at 9:14 am
sorry bro I gave up smoking 15 years ago, but that does sound good.
fatbellyfrank- September 5, 2010 at 5:15 am
All right, high fives and Bro hugs all round, and more beers for everyone, and a cuppla little spliffs, if anyones interested
dranokills- September 4, 2010 at 2:04 pm
well alrighty then ,that is solved.
I love cagepotato
I love my friends
I love the comments
We can all agree to disagree...sometimes
We all can get along IF we try
beers to everyone
danomite- September 4, 2010 at 8:56 am

I just went back and looked at the comments again from your Jessica Pene article just wow. that was more brutal than i remembered. I think it was like me and 2 other people who said she was good looking and pretty much everyone else was just bashing either her or women in general. It was hilarious, but still it was pretty brutal. This is exactly what I was talking about when I said no women are gonna want to talk to CP if we keep bashing how they look. As far as the men who won't talk to us because they don't want to get their little feelings hurt are concerned, fuck 'em. Grow a sac you fucking pussies.
ReX13- September 4, 2010 at 8:48 am
There are plenty of screw ups on The BumRush fellas. Mike just insists on editing the shows for two weeks.


Drano >>
Dude, you think i'm going to turn my back on somebody cause i don't like what they say? Naw, playa. You've been around this joint for a long damn time, and i know that, and you've put toether some good points talking about MMA. Do we always agree? No, but how fucking boring would this place be if everyone agreed?
gimp- September 4, 2010 at 8:31 am
@Steampunk22 haha I totally agree. MRuss works the mic much better than us. On a related note, we're usually very drunk when we record. Not that being sober would yield any better of a result, I'm just saying.
steampunk22- September 4, 2010 at 8:12 am
See, Mike, we like ya!

Also, you Radio'd circles around the boys from Hammer Fisted.

RwilsonR- September 4, 2010 at 8:02 am
And BTW, I thought MRuss' caption submission for the last caption contest was fucking hilarious!!! So props for that. Funny shit.
RwilsonR- September 4, 2010 at 8:00 am
I thought MRuss actually brought some really interesting stories to that podcast that were great. The irony was that a lot of his interesting stories were ones that bashed guys in the fight business like Gus and Mauro, all the while he was bashing on commenters on CP for making it an inhospitable place because of the assholes that bash on people in the fight business.

The truth is, to be funny in an article or in the comments, you are probably making fun of someone. That is the way we have always done things around here, it is the way we like it, it gets some good laughs, and we feel better about ourselves in bringing someone else down. Everyone wins! And it has been CP's MO in both articles and in comments. We give each other crap and a lot of the times we take crap from each other. We deal with it. If some fighters don't want to deal with that, so be it. If others are able to, they will find that CP will embrace them wholeheartedly. We love guys like Pat Barry around here. And most every fighter who has written a TUF blog for the site has been treated fairly. If they don't want to deal with our particular brand of humor, well fuck 'em.

So, you know, I can understand where drano is coming from, because I have always thought that the commenters here are what make this site different. And MRuss did kinda come in with an attitude very similar to one of those fighters that doesn't want to deal with CP. If someone makes fun of your hair or glasses, well, give them a little crap back. But when you start banning people, you sound like the little kid on a basketball court who goes, "Fine, be that way! I'm taking my ball and going home." But I can also see how some of the less-than-warm reception given to MRuss rubbed him the wrong way. Some of the stuff directed at him has been really personal.

I just feels like there has been a big rift in potatodom lately, and it is starting to detract from the site. Whether it was created by MRuss and his very obvious thin skin, or whether it was provoked by commenters making some pretty harsh assessments of the dude doesn't really matter that much anymore. It feels like now a lot of us who have been here for awhile are forced to choose sides, and anyone new that comes thinks that situation is pathetic or feels left out. This is gonna sound pretty fucking Nick Ring, but I don't want to choose between guys like drano and guys like Rex, because they are both cool in my book.

I think MRuss brings a lot of good things to the table, and I'm personally not gonna just bash anything he writes just because it is from him (never have). I'm still gonna occasionally give him shit for his hair, glasses, and being Canadian, but it is *all in good fun.* If I like his article, I'll say so. If I don't, I won't hold back. And I'll just hope that MRuss can give us a little crap in good fun, as well, and will bring some more of his good stories along the way. Maybe we can get back to the old days where we made fun of everyone and nobody got hurt over it. I'd rather keep it that way than have dull "news" style interviews with no real humor or discussion.
Shaky- September 4, 2010 at 4:02 am
MRuss, you're alright with me. You're getting funnier and funnier and there does seem to be more pro stuff going on these days. Plus your contributions to the comments section are money.
Randle McMurphy- September 3, 2010 at 10:06 pm
Trying to decide if Russell is a worse wordsmith or hammerfisted are worse radio performers. I would appreciate it if you douches would quit typing the words "new dad." I dry heave a little everytime you do it. Oddly enough Russell is a decent radio guy.
Viva Hate- September 3, 2010 at 9:45 pm
Despite the fact that I know I am one of the "assholes" of the site and crack on a lot of subjects, I also completely understand MR's frustration.

When people rib him for the hair or glasses(although I still do not understand any issues with the glasses personally) it is one thing but some people attack his work merely because it is his work which is shitty. And saying he needs to be fired really crosses a line from busting on a dude to screwing with his life, not cool sorry.

I think there is a line between the good natured joking like nice faux hawk/nice weezer glasses/new dad which MR took good and fire him/this guy sucks/this site sucks which is attacking something he does bust his ass for. MR seems to have a good sense of humor to me but he fires back when start to get a little too heavy with the hate, who wouldn't?

I think people need to finally give the guy a chance, really I think he has been pretty like able overall and if you listened to the whole podcast he has a lot of crazy ass stories, plus he doesn't mind calling out some pretty well known names and telling it how it is which is entertaining. Plus lets face it he does a great job with the shops.

Shits gotten a little to out of control with the hating and bitching. Can we just get a group bro hug and get some fuckin car bombs?

Honestly, I have tried to lay off the dude for some time because shit ain't fun anymore if it is becoming serious and not a joke.

ReX13- September 3, 2010 at 7:33 pm
Re: Fighters' opinion of CP

i can tell you from personal experience that fighters don't want to deal with CP. you guys may remember i did an interview with Jess Pene? Yeah, she was for reals upset; she stopped talking to me for like two weeks. On one hand, i should know my audience and expect it, but on the other hand, i was stoked that i got to do a fighter interview, i thought my work was pretty good, and i was excited to share. Within five minutes, she was texting me to edit comments, and when i told her i couldn't, she asked to have her picture removed. I felt terrible, because we're talking about someone who's not used to fame, and she wasn't familiar with CP. Yes, you could argue that she's a pro fighter and she needs to buck up, but, just for a second, try to imagine it was you who were a young up and comer, and it happened to you. Now imagine you ARE famous, like a chuck liddell, and the argument is "why should i even bother dealing with those assholes?" It's a legit concern.

As far as MRuss goes, yeah, he's different. (No shit? Yeah, dude, i swear.) But let's look at what Mike brought to the table. The podcast was his baby. The photoshops. Direct contacts with fighters, management, and organizations that could develop into CP being a heavyweight in legit news. I don't think he's changing the character of the website, i don't think he's even trying. It does seem like he's sincerely trying to add to the quality of the site, and how you gonna hate on that? Is his sense of humor exactly what we were used to? Well, no, but if it was that would just be weird, wouldn't it? Dude's got jokes. Dude loves fighting. Seems like an ok guy to me, you know?

Just my opinion. We all know how much that is worth.

omunto- September 3, 2010 at 5:52 pm
Oh hey Mr MR I remember the color with a U post a while back... I thought of all the shit everyone (including myself) was giving you was just to heckle you for being canadian. Afterall you were introduced to many of us as Canadian who does awesome photoshop.
danomite- September 3, 2010 at 5:48 pm
ahhh....the gus johnson story reminded me of the first comment i made to you MRuss, where I asked you if you had a truman capote-esque memory.

hahaha, i'm hearing about the grammar police now. this is good shit new dad. i hate the grammar police.

i've always liked your stuff since you got here, at least i don't remember writing anything negative about you, who knows maybe i did, i have a shitty memory. anyways, after this interview, ahhh fuck my brain isn't working. i can't think of words right now. i'm trying to say good interview, i learned more about you, and i liked what i learned. fuck, i'm trying to say this without sounding flaming gay but it's not working.

also, if any of my comments made about fighters made them not want to talk to you or ben, i apologize. I will not stop doing it, but i apologize. I try to save my hate for guys who appear to be douchebags in real life (looking at you BJ and Anderson Silva) and you don't wanna interview those douches anyways. That's also partly why I try not to insult the women fighters/ring girls about their looks. Girls are really sensitive about that shit, you can't joke with them like they're dudes. I want to see more hot women here and insulting them ain't gonna get it done.
omunto- September 3, 2010 at 5:48 pm
Man so angry... Can we have two comments sections. Give Viva Hate, Steampunk, burrito and the others who regularily contribute to cagepotato have one section and all the rest of us have our comments collapsed by default? I enjoy the playful funny banter over the angry violent shit that's been flooding the site lately.

I personally never comment because I dont feel I have anything funny enough to post. That or I don't want to wait 2 minutes for the login to actually process. Jerkfaces.
dranokills- September 3, 2010 at 5:38 pm
Mike Russell Says:
Sat, 09/04/2010 - 01:58

I'll let you have your rant, Dranokills, but FYI, you've only been a "registered member" here a month longer than me and I contributed for about a year before I made that account, so don't talk like you laid the CP foundation.

And if you took such offense to what I said about some of the commenters here being assholes, maybe you've got a guilty conscience.
I shouldn't even respond to this shit, cause I am going to OUT myself just to prove a point about what an assuming ass you are.
First off, gee I am soooooo glad you will let me have my rant, as if you are some king shit with a ban-hammer or something, and you just decided to let me stay. I will say fuck that, your subliminal threat is not bothering me.
Now it's time to OUT myself, you say my account is only a month older than yours........well there is a good reason for that, I have been around for a long while, but got banned once already, and was forced to come back under a new name, and new email to be allowed back on. I have been here MUCH longer than you, but it doesn't matter how long someone has been here it isn't about how long you been here it doesn't make you better or worse so your bullshit line about how I didn't "lay the foundation for cagepotato" is uber horseshit and has nothing to do with you being a thin skinned asshole who doesn't know how to be a professional and stop posting your witty sarcastic replies to the users of this forum. All you have laid is an egg. WE are why it still exists not you. Users reading , logging in, and posting are the reason Ben has a website, NOT you. Without US...THIS doesn't exist, the day you grasp that and respect it is the day you do your job right.
As for me having a guilty conscience about you calling some of the posters here assholes I have no doubt that it was me and a handful of others who have basically agreed that what you are doing is wrong. Do I feel guilty? Fuck to the NO I don't, at the very least as I put what reputation I have on here, and my few friends I have amassed in jeopardy, I worry that by being this honest and open with how I feel about your actions I could be banned by Ben and that the only one to have anything to lose is me, because I have always liked it here, like I said long before you ever showed up, but I won't sit still and watch you fuck up what is a great place. I will defend this site and it's users, be they bad or good, because my loyalty is to those people who make me come back to read what THEY say. While the write ups are all mostly good, and yes some boring as fuck, it is the people who post the comments who entertain me, and those I call friend whom I get along with, not you.
steampunk22- September 3, 2010 at 4:33 pm
"Real Dad and Ben know they're big time and the comments are for dregs like us. You don't seem to."

This isn't a pissing contest. It isn't about who has been here longer, or who has posted more. MRuss, believe it or not, you actually got the benefit of the doubt from a lot of people. I still remember your "introductory" post after Fowlkes left and it was hilarious.

And I wasn't surprised.

Goldstein seems to know his shit and if he hired you to replace someone like Fowlkes, he did so with just cause. So I don't think many of us were surprised at all (maybe a bit relieved) when you started out so strong. Again, I'm using the marker of your introductory post as a starting point, regardless of if you posted here before then.

You've had some good posts since then, definitely. But you've also done a lot to alienate the community that frequents this website. Most recently, declaring that fighters stay off of CP as a result of how the "Potato Nation" conducts itself, is ludicrous. The website with the highest traffic of actual fighters posting in the forums (The Underground) also has arguably the most incendiary posts and volatile collection of MMA superfans on the entire internet. Blaming us, simply doesn't make sense. I'm sure there are fighters than take exception, but you can't make a generalization like that.

And then there is the ban hammer. That which you cannot silence, you destroy. Temporarily. Dude, UNPOPULAR CHOICE.

Very publicly trying to control criticism is a surefire way to get called out by the "Potato Nation". Its a surefire way to get called out in anything in life really. Politicians and the media get busted for that sort of thing all the time. You can't control criticism.

Just like you can't control when we say something nice about you. Which some of us actually do. But those comments tend to go unnoticed, or at least solicit no reaction. If the goal of the comment poster is to get a rise or a reaction out of you, it becomes clear pretty quick that the best way to do so is to cut you down.

Start rewarding the good behavior, and the kids might behave a little better is all.

I don't think you're a bad dude. And you're actually a pretty good writer, if occasionally provocative. And there are some of us here who actually like you.

Even if you do have tattoos in elvish.

I'm sure you probably aren't all that fond of me, if you have an opinion at all on the matter, but I just wanted to say that there are assholes everywhere man, you can't let that shit get to you.

Cheers man, shake it off. You're doing fine.

Mike Russell- September 3, 2010 at 3:58 pm
I'll let you have your rant, Dranokills, but FYI, you've only been a "registered member" here a month longer than me and I contributed for about a year before I made that account, so don't talk like you laid the CP foundation.And if you took such offense to what I said about some of the commenters here being assholes, maybe you've got a guilty conscience.
RwilsonR- September 3, 2010 at 3:39 pm
I'm actually kinda warming up to MRuss. He seems like a decent guy. Although I really don't like the bans (especially guys like steampunk and gui-uh-teen who have been here contributing for a long time). I thought he shouldn't have thrown us under the bus in that podcast. If you are going to be a part of all of us here at CP, then stand up for us... even when we are immature assholes. We are all one big dysfunctional family, and that dysfunction makes for a lot of funny comments.

Other than that, I think there has been some improved content as of late, and I'm sure that isn't all Ben's doing.

It was an enjoyable podcast and wasted 80 minutes of work time on a Friday before a long weekend. So that was cool.
Charming Charlie- September 3, 2010 at 2:31 pm
The reason I started visiting regularly and pumping up the page views is because the articles were funny and the comments funnier.

The reason I am increasingly less likely to visit, though I still do, is when people in the comments reference each other--giving +1s, elove, trolling other websites for props here--and writers are unfunny, pissy, and post in the comments. Real Dad and Ben know they're big time and the comments are for dregs like us. You don't seem to.
El Famous Burrito- September 3, 2010 at 2:16 pm
The only thing you left out was "you're not my real Dad!"

dranokills- September 3, 2010 at 2:07 pm
you know the thing that bothers me most is that you (mike Russell) are thin skinned, and that you act like you been HERE for so long you can blame everything on the people that post here, your crap about how fighters won't even deal with cagepotato because of the way the posters on here tear into them, and what we say about them, it's bullshit.
LONG before you ever came along people who are the posters for this forum have always been the same, we kid, we tear into fighters, we tear into the owner's, we tear into the writers. Look dude just cause you are a thinned skin canuck who can't take it doesn't mean that the people who make this place what it is, is to blame, and frankly I'm sick of your shit talking about US.
You wanna write for this place, that Ben's choice, but I personally don't fucking have to like you, and I fucking don't.
Cagepotato is GOOD because of how it is lenient and allows more than bloody vagina or any other place, and there is NOTHING negative about being free to say and do what we want ( within certain reason), other wise this place wouldn't be what it is, or as popular as it is. Stop getting on other shows and putting the users down, go fucking work for bloody vagina or somewhere else you asspuppet from canada.
And stop blaming America for your stupidity in your youth where you did the wrong thing...thats right instead of fighting you should have got up took your wife to the bouncers and got the guy in trouble instead you fought, like a moron....and you call US immature. screw you man, I hope you never get let back into the USA.
I seriously think you are bad for cagepotato, you don't fit, and posting your BS to us that say so doesn't help. you even admitted you couldn't help but answer back, you are like a spoiled mental child.
I don't care how good your writing is, I think you are an ass and I wish Ben would fire your worthless ass.
I am also sure I will lose friends for this rant, but thats how I feel.