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Crazy Enough to Be True: Ten Wild MMA Predictions for 2012

6. Scott Coker will join Pro Elite.

Regardless of how optimistic Scott Coker is about the negotiations between Strikeforce and Showtime, the writing has been on the wall for months — and it’s in Sharpie and everyone knows that if it’s written in Sharpie it’s forever. Zuffa will axe Coker and let Reed Harris take over the reigns. Coker’s good buddy Rich Chou is already part of the Pro Elite family, which is the perfect “foot in the door.” His knowledge of promoting live fights and experience in running a semi-major MMA promotion is an incredible asset to any operation looking to compete against the already established Bellator Fighting Championships and the well-oiled machine that is the UFC.

7. John Dodson will become the UFC’s inaugural flyweight champion, after defeating Kenny Florian by unanimous decision.

Sorry, Ken-Flo. Have you considered light-heavyweight?

8. Bruce Buffer will retire from his role as UFC announcer after winning big in the World Series of Poker.

Buffer is a smart guy. He started and sold his first business before most finish college. He’s the manager for the world famous boxing announcer Michael Buffer, who just so happens to be his brother. The Veteran Voice of the Octagon is preparing to launch a clothing line and an autobiography — a guaranteed New York Times #1 Best Seller. The avid poker player enjoys competing on the green felt battlefield, as he likes to put it. After suffering an ankle injury earlier this year, one would question how long he can keep doing what he does if he gets injured worse. Not to worry, if there’s one guy who doesn’t need the UFC to keep his head above water, it’s Bruce. Just take a look at how much he’s already made by playing cards.

9. Jon Fitch will finally get another title shot…just as soon as New York legalizes MMA.

This may be the most ambitious prediction yet. GSP will quite possible retire from MMA with his legacy unblemished after being sidelined for close to a year, opening the door for Dana White to grudgingly give Fitch another crack at the belt. As for New York dragging its feet in legalizing the fastest growing sport on the planet, recent news of NY Senators backing the bill that would allow MMA into the Big Apple is enough to make you think that this could be the year.

10. Ben Fowlkes and Chad Dundas quit writing to chase boyhood dream of becoming the world’s greatest tag team.

These two MMA writers have provided you with countless laughs here at CagePotato and continue to do so for a number of different web sites. Upon realizing their own mortality and not wanting to face public humiliation after losing to me on the MMA Hour’s 5 Rounds, the guys trade their laptops and audio recorders for spandex and face paint. This Brokeback duo will set out on a journey through the world of professional wrestling, aspiring to become more well know than the Road Warriors and more successful than the Dudley Boyz. Is it a long shot? You could say that, sure. But both of these men have a dream, dammit, a dream to wear WWE gold. We should all be so lucky to have the balls to chase our dreams, however crazy they may be.

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