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Cringe-worthy Interview of the Day: CBS Interviews Arianny Celeste

Have you ever felt you were destined to be far more than just a model? More than just a pretty face gracing the covers of magazines?

Well Arianny Celeste did!

That’s why a local CBS affiliate in Las Vegas interviewed the ring card girl (which is like 20,000 steps above “model” on the conventionally attractive female hierarchy). Perhaps the worst/best part of the interview is the first 30-40 seconds where the host gives Arianny the most laughable, over-the-top introduction of all time. Here’s a transcript:

In the entertainment industry, there are plenty of women vying to be the next hottest model, but Arianny Celeste is different. She knew she was destined to be far more than just a model and she was determined to get there. She’s got the focus and motivation that is unparalleled. For Arianny, there are no limits when it comes to reaching her goals and aspirations. She strives to reach her dreams without paying any attention to the negativity. The odds might say she’s just another pretty face gracing the covers of magazines, but Arianny will prove to you that she is far more than just that. She was made to knock down barriers and create opportunities. She’s a perfect example of living life without limitations, that you can do anything you put your mind to. From UFC, to TV hosting, designing, to clothing and swimwear lines, Arianny Celeste has a very busy schedule and she’s showing no signs of slowing down. Arianny Celeste is a woman who leads by example who truly believes in herself and inspires so many others to do the same. 

Um…we’re talking about the same Arianny Celeste that carries a card around the outside of an Octagon, right? Like seriously, what the fuck?

Did you know Arianny Celeste is also the Holy Roman Emperor? She discovered the Higgs boson particle, too!

So yeah, the rest of the interview isn’t quite this ridiculous but it’s pretty bad. Definitely watch the intro and then watch whatever you want from the rest of it (it’s 13 minutes long so don’t watch the whole thing, just skip around).

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