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Cris Cyborg Re-Signs With Strikeforce — Next Fight Still TBA

Cris Cyborg Jan Finney Strikeforce MMA photos
(“Hey, remember when I punched you in the face? That was awesome.” Photo courtesy of Esther/Strikeforce)

Inactive for 14 months (and counting), Cristiane “Cris Cyborg” Santos confirmed via Twitter last night that she has finally re-signed with Strikeforce. The 145-pound women’s champ officially became a free-agent in June, when her champion’s clause expired before she and Strikeforce could come to terms on a new deal. Though she had been negotiating with other organizations — and was even courted by the WWE — Santos is back where she belongs, and will face Opponent TBA at Event TBA.

Of course, Cyborg’s original problem still remains — that there are no credible challengers ready to fight her. I have a bad feeling that Ronda Rousey is about to get a life-changing phone call very soon.


  1. madcowboy Says:

    Thu, 08/25/11 - 06:53

    Has anyone fully tested this man for steroids??? Cyborg come on women dont get built like that without some help from roids ect or their really not a woman like the track star outta africa...
  2. FrontKick Dentist Says:

    Thu, 08/25/11 - 07:05

    Sorry my penis sized clitoris poked your eye.
  3. Fried Taco Says:

    Thu, 08/25/11 - 07:07

    Weird, I just got a boner.
  4. ccman Says:

    Thu, 08/25/11 - 08:10

    By cyborgs original problem you do mean being a man right?
  5. ReX13 Says:

    Thu, 08/25/11 - 08:21

    god, i hope they don't rush rousey into this fight. Can't we feed Cyborg a diet of other 145ers first? Rin Nakai, anyone?
  6. entropee Says:

    Thu, 08/25/11 - 09:30

    (Insert Cris Cyborg is a man joke) She's still a great fighter and I hope the women's 145 division doesn't crumble away like the men's 155 did in UFC after the original Penn vs. Pulver. Shit, I know wayyyy more women that are above 145 than are below, seriously you guys.
  7. jimbonics Says:

    Thu, 08/25/11 - 10:49

    RIP Chris Farley
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