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Damn, ‘Batista’ Really Thinks He’s a Valuable Training Partner

(Video courtesy of MyFoxTAMPABAY)

It’s too bad we didn’t notice this charity auction item until after bidding on it ended, because we know a few of you may have been interested.

WWE wrestler-turned MMA hopeful Dave Bautista (AKA “Batista”) was offering a one-hour training session with him and a Cesar Gracie black belt (please let it be Nick Diaz) at his newly-opened gym in Tampa Bay and a follow-up lunch as part of a charity auction for Ovarian cancer. Now, I’m not sure if our valuation skills are a bit skewed, but we’re guessing that the deal isn’t quite worth the $2,500 they estimated — especially when the winning bidder had to provide his or her own airfare and accommodations for the lesson.

A one-hour private with Royce or Renzo Gracie or Loyd Irvin doesn’t even cost that much, but then again you don’t get to watch any of those guys eat afterwards, so maybe it is worth it.



  1. Seoul Brother Says:

    Fri, 08/12/11 - 12:05

    I'm betting you could get more money if you auctioned off doing bong rips with Nick Diaz.
  2. Lopes Says:

    Fri, 08/12/11 - 12:06

    Maybe you should look up how much a private with Lloyd Irvin costs.
  3. Mike Russell Says:

    Fri, 08/12/11 - 12:12

    Lloyd Irvin Grappling $1500 an Hour
  4. Lopes Says:

    Fri, 08/12/11 - 12:14

    Does that include leglocks?
  5. Kid Clam Curtains Says:

    Fri, 08/12/11 - 12:17

    I hope lunch is at Arby's. I like their beef and cheddar sandwich.
  6. Mike Russell Says:

    Fri, 08/12/11 - 12:20

    Do you think Batista's lesson includes leglocks? Most instructors won't teach leglocks to beginners.
  7. Viva Hate Says:

    Fri, 08/12/11 - 12:29

    Questions remain unanswered, will Dave be teaching the finer points of steroid use? How to properly blade? How to bang the biggest skanks in the pro wrestling industry and not catch an STD? How to pimp out your girlfriend to get a push in that same industry.
  8. bobdobalina Says:

    Fri, 08/12/11 - 12:32

    Did you see how big that reporter was at 2:08 of the video? If Batista's 6'6" then that reporter is like 6'8" at least.
  9. Fried Taco Says:

    Fri, 08/12/11 - 12:36

    I watch Gracies eat all the time. Gotta love that watermelon!
  10. Steve W Says:

    Fri, 08/12/11 - 03:48

    I think big Dave is delusional here. No one is going to want an MMA lesson from a guy is his mid-forties who's been training for less than a year. He also ain't no 6'6". Kurt Angle said it best, everybody in pro wrestling is at least four inches shorter than they are announced as. Kurt was billed as 6'2". He's 5'9".
  11. NotReadyStatus Says:

    Fri, 08/12/11 - 03:57

    I am willing to bet that if you cough up the extra 1k, Lloyd will go to lunch with you after a 1 hour session.
  12. Todd M Says:

    Fri, 08/12/11 - 08:48

    Viva Hate +1 sir, I think Batista would have more luck on Craig's List in the 'Personals' section
  13. macreadysshack Says:

    Sat, 08/13/11 - 11:14

    Uh, yeah, what's this guy an 'expert' at besides what Viva said and fake wrestling? The fact that it's an hour of 'training' is just absurd. He should have just auctioned $2500 to have lunch with him and hang out. I'm sure there are literally tens of adolescent 34 year olds with the money and inclination to do that. Damn Captcha is relentless with the German and pig Italian today.
  14. JaredB Says:

    Tue, 08/16/11 - 11:20

    You're not going to learn anything substantial from anybody in an hour if you're low level like that. He's raising funds for charity and you guys are shitting on him? Also note-worthy, holy fuck he got skinny! I bet he could get to 205 pounds.
  15. blue ofica Says:

    Tue, 01/20/15 - 05:14

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