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Dan Henderson Calls For Michael Bisping Rematch And If You Don’t Support This You Are Garbage

Fact: The single greatest moment in the history of MMA was captured in the above image, on the night of July 11, 2009 at UFC 100. It came approximately three minutes and eighteen seconds into the second round of a fight between Dan Henderson and Michael Bisping, and as luck would have it, so did nearly every red-blooded American who happened to be witnessing it.

A little backstory. You see, prior to this orgasm-inducing moment, Henderson and Bisping had been engaged in a war of words while coaching opposing teams as part of the ninth season of The¬†Ultimate¬†Fighter. And by war of the words, I mean that Bisping spent the majority of the show talking trash, while Hendo opted to just kind of stand around silently while counting down the moments until he would lay a whoopin’ on this arrogant Brit’s ass. When the two finally met in the octagon, well, you know what happened.

Last weekend at UFC 199, both Henderson and Bisping picked up huge, incredibly violent wins over Hector Lombard and Luke Rockhold, respectively. But with the former nearing 50 and the latter suddenly finding himself the middleweight champion, rumblings have once pop up around the web of a potential rematch between the two.

It all started when MMAWeekly’s Erik Fontanez, after speaking with Henderson’s camp, tweeted out the following:

The reports were later confirmed by Henderson’s camp, to which Bisping immediately took to Twitter himself to vaguely respond:

Bisping then doubled down during an interview with ESPN by claiming that “As of right now, Luke Rockhold will not be my first defense. That’s a fact. I had to go away and beat three more guys before I got a second shot at Luke. Certainly, after his behavior on Saturday, he should have to go away and do the same. He wasn’t even close.” He also doesn’t seem interested in facing Chris Weidman, which makes sense considering that he’s coming off a loss and shouldn’t have been given an immediate rematch with Rockhold in the first place.

Obviously, a rematch between Bisping and Henderson would make absolutely zero sense from a rankings perspective. Even if he is coming off one of the most brutal wins of his career (which is really saying something for the man), Henderson is a whopping 2-3 in his past five bouts and has been stopped 4 times in 6 defeats dating back to 2013. That being said, DANA PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN AND WE’LL NEVER SPEAK ILL OF YOU AGAIN. Anyone worth their salt seems to agree:

So there you have it: Hendo vs. Bisping is the match that the people want, and since that’s all that matters when handing out title shots, we fully expect to see this fight booked before the weekend is over. Make it happen, Dana.

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