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Dan Henderson Says Goodbye to the UFC, Hello to Strikeforce?

(Somebody go tell Bisping that the coast is clear now.)

Remember those contract negotiations that between Dan Henderson and the UFC that had slowed down of late?  Apparently they slowed all the way to a halt, and now Hendo may be headed for Strikeforce.  The crazy part? UFC president Dana White seems content to just watch him go:

“We have a good relationship with Henderson, and there are no hard feelings,” White said. “He had a figure he believed he was worth, and we had our own figure, and we weren’t able to get together.”

Just like that, Henderson’s highlight-reel knockout of Michael Bisping goes from a career-rejuvenator to a UFC swan song.  DW can’t really hold this one against Strikeforce if they do end up signing Henderson, though his grudges haven’t necessarily been limited by rationality in the past.  Still, the UFC had every chance to keep Hendo and ultimately decided he wasn’t worth the money he wanted.  What, did they feel like they had too many credible middleweight contenders at the moment?

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UFC fan- October 19, 2009 at 9:32 pm
Hey dumbasses have you heard the newest news, even Hendo now admits he doesn't ever want to go anywhere else.
You know why? cause I am right and you are a bunch of stupid fanboys. You can think I am wrong all you want, and cluck, and fret like little chickens but the point is what I said is fact. UFC is the only reason MMA is even recognized as a sport.
and JOE you need to get your facts straight in your head before you open that dumb mouth, Dana White doesn't own UFC the fertitta;s do, White is a 10% partner, and the figure head president.
And how you can call the NFL, NBA or MLB a fair business is crazy. They overpay each and every "super star" player bases on hype and bullshit. When a kid out of highschool gets paid 120 million to sign a contract to play and has never proven himself at a high level that is anything BUT a fair business, it is bull shit, just like your thinking dumb-asses.
clutchy hopkins- October 18, 2009 at 8:26 pm
@ ufc fan

hahah, contradiction? just because i think your wrong doesnt mean i dont enjoy reading it. i love hearing bad opinions, its refreshing. you ain't shit haha
Jeff Gazer- October 18, 2009 at 7:26 pm
If Hendo goes to Strikeforce the only fighter there for him to fight that I would like to see would be Geagard Moussasi (hope i spelled that right). Hendo is a big name in MMA and the UFC should pay him. If the UFC does'nt sign him it would throw a huge monkey wrench in the middleweight division. They can promote any fight that Hendo is in, form main event to just having him on the card draws ticket sales and PPV buys. To let him go would be a mistake.
NewDawnFades- October 18, 2009 at 7:18 pm
Quit nuthugging UFC Fan. I like how you think you can take credit for the accomplishments of others. They succeeded by doing the exact opposite of the shite that has so far left the piehole you call a mouth. Try a little harder to do something other than be a pathetic wannabe.
Joedirt- October 18, 2009 at 12:42 pm
UFC Fan.... the fact that you're comparing the NFL, MLB and NBA to the UFC shows your level of intellect. There is almost nothing similar other than they are 3 letters and both involve athletes. The NFL, MLB and NBA are all governed and use a FAIR system to rank and schedule competitions, they are not owned by any one person. The UFC is a privately owned business where the fighters rank and success mean nothing as far as championship opportunities or pay go. The UFC is not a "league" a "division" or "association".... it is just a media machine that tries to act and convince people that it is a governed organization. Problem is you buy into it.... the UFC is NOT MMA.... it is the largest American promotional company but it is not the sole representation of the sport. I notice nobody here seems to think the same way as you.
UFC fan- October 18, 2009 at 11:10 am
"clutchy hopkins Says:
Sun, 10/18/2009 - 08:26

oh my fuck UFC fan i can never find many (if any at all) valid points in your posts. just thought i would share that with you."

for someone who doesn't find my points valid you sure do get pissed off about em enough to post about it. Isn't contradiction a bitch?
I find your opinion of this whole deal with hendo to be stupid and one-sided just like the rest of the nuthuggers. Hey there goes your bandwagon asshole go jump on it.
clutchy hopkins- October 18, 2009 at 8:26 am
oh my fuck UFC fan i can never find many (if any at all) valid points in your posts. just thought i would share that with you. this thread is much too far gone for me to put my insight in. so in short, hendo's awesome and just because some 12 year olds dont think hes exciting enough isnt enough to stop paying the man big money. hes still a huge name. AND he hasnt shown one fight that says he is on the way downhill. the ufc got their heads up their asses
UFC fan- October 18, 2009 at 7:37 am
No business stays on top of the business they are in forever------NFL, MLB,NBA, really you need to think before you talk.

He also doesn't understand how having competition actually builds an industry. Monopolies = stagnation.-------again with the above mentioned businesses tell me where the competition is, and where is this so called stagnation you learned of in economics cause I am going to have to call BULLSHIT it on it. You are a total and complete moron REDDOG.----notice I CAPITALIZED unimportant words that were the same you and bullshit go hand in hand.

Now for joedirt-----at that particular moment when the topic was only about Fedor yeah I still feel he is wasting his time fighting nobodys, he wont be what you nuthuggers think he is until he fights in the best organization with the best fighters.
I never said the caliber of the fighter wasn't important I said they just never will be as important as the business, get it straight.
Joedirt- October 18, 2009 at 5:16 am
UFC fan you were the guy, when Fedor didn't sign who said "if he wants to fight the best in the world he has to sign with the UFC".... and now you're saying the caliber of fighter isn't important just the business name. If the UFC plans on staying on top they need to stop relying on the bullshit media and start/keep the best fighters signed... and that takes money. Seems everyone but you understands this.
reddog- October 17, 2009 at 8:49 pm
UFC fan is such a tool he doesnt understand that no company stays at the top of the business they are in forever. someone else always comes along. He also doesnt understand how having competition actually builds an industry. Monopolies = stagnation. You must have never taken an economics class. HE also CAPITALIZES unimportant WORDS, and HAS trouble FORMING coherent THOUGHTS.

Plus, if they fire everyone, we end up with a gay title match between kalib starnes and Warmachine.
UFC fan- October 17, 2009 at 8:31 pm
I am so glad you two could key in on an extreme and fake example of business that was I was trying to convey. There is no way all the best are leaving or joining other organizations, BUT if this is the only thing you can grasp onto and fight me with, well it was good talking AT you, cause talking TOO you didn't work, you didn't read or comprehend, good for you 2 uneducated idiots.
Meanwhile back in reality the UFC will continue to dominate the MMA world cause REAL business is being conducted by smart people unlike you 2 bright boys.
Hell I think you 2 should go in business together, you can call it dumb & dumber INC.
NewDawnFades- October 17, 2009 at 8:08 pm
UFC Fan:
"The reality of this is if every single signed UFC fighter was fired today, they go replace them, and rebuild, and with the franchise name, the fans, and the money already in the bank, they could do it."

Well for one, all the best fighters would be fighting for other organizations. Then all the fans would go watch all the best fighters elsewhere. There very existence of UFC relies on having the best fighters, period.

If what you say is even remotely true, they never would have offered Fedor the bank to come to the UFC.

You say you're 'about the business', but what you said above is about the stupidest business decision an org could make and if you're about business then you know there's no way in hell they would last a second if they tried utter stupidity like that.

Not even Dana White would agree with you, and he's the biggest bullshitter in MMA. So what does that make you?
gracie_nuthugger- October 17, 2009 at 6:58 pm
>YOU are a fighters first minded person....I am not.

Yes, I presume you take your UFC logo and rub yourself with it as you read their income tax declaration.

>I am about the business.

Really, there is nothing to add to these two lines which very well describe who you are.

>The reality of this is if every single signed UFC fighter was fired >today, they go replace them, and rebuild, and with the franchise >name, the fans, and the money already in the bank, they could do it.

And THAT is the problem with the UFC: its about the logo, not the caliber of athletes.
You dont mind if they take nobodies and build them up through the retard show because logo comes first.

Fight fans want to see the best fighters. When is the last wrestling, judo, combat sambo or BJJ world champions to ever be signed by the UFC?
There is no need. Dumbasses will sit through mediocrities like Leben as the main eventer and say that shit is sundae because the pretty logo is there.

That's marketing bullshit.

But thanks for reminding people that you dont care about what fighters are fighting as long as they wear your logo.

Youre the kind of guy who goes to the casino and cheers the house and goes to the face of the players "BUSTED BITCHES!!! My dealer busted your ass. Looooooser". because your stance makes you feel superior to the other dweebs.
But most MMA fans just want to see good fights.
No matter where or how, good high quality fights with the best fighters arounds.
UFC fan- October 17, 2009 at 2:19 pm
because you clowns can't read, or it is difficult for you ,shows me that had you read, and COMPREHENDED what you read you would know better, but given your lack of education I forgive you.... feel free to keep it real, REAL fucking dumb.
knucklesamitch- October 17, 2009 at 12:32 pm
UFC definitely needs to loosen the purse strings a bit...The idea that a fighter can walk away from a fight and earn $8,000 is ridiculous. I know that that is the lower tier fighters, but still...All the training, and risk of injury is worth more than $8,000. If you're not a top level guy, you basically have to not only win your fight (so you can get a win bonus), but get a fight, sub, or KO of the night bonus in order to make it worth it. The idea that such a small amount of money is given to these fighters while corrupt boxers get millions is insane.
reddog- October 17, 2009 at 12:28 pm

831 son is right, stop with the fucking college composition papers. i didnt even read most of this thread. hendo is awesome, but isnt worth more than 350 a fight. he lost both his title fights. BTW, other than silva, who is better than hendo at MW? Ive seen people list the obvious...marquardt and mousasi. I think hendo beats them both. Belfort has plenty of losses. everyone needs to get off his nuts. He has quick hands, thats it. And he quits in the middle of fights.
831 Son- October 17, 2009 at 11:50 am
Dont fucking write so much people. No one wants to read that shit.

Who gives a shit Hendo would have got smashed in his next couple fights anyway.
UFC fan- October 17, 2009 at 11:31 am
no man the money goes to ZUFFA. Dana White is just the president he doesn't pocket the gate or anything else he works for the Fertitta's, Dana White gets his money regardless of who fights or who leaves. Learn who Dana White is.
I am a business man first and foremost. What they make is their business, what some newbie scrub fighter makes is his business, get another job!
Shane Carwin knows how it is, he doesn't complain, nor does anyone else, again I will tell you ONLY the big named fighters who believe their own hype bitch about money, Randy CUNToure is the poster child for it, and his ass got shown just how wrong he was.
Tramadoc you are drama-queen, same as gargoroth.
Lastly Joedirt the best thing for this sport is for UFC to keep running itself the way it has and NOT get down to terrible level of all pro sports nowadays and overpay the athlete.
there have been other so-called legit companys come along and they all failed because they cannot compete, and they OVERpay the fighters. Strikeforce is paying Fedor to much, and will overpay others who see what Fedor is getting, and they will not make money, and they will fail like all the rest.
If Hendo goes to strikeforce and demands big money and they pay it, it will be the nail in strikeforces I hope he goes there, that is fine with me.
I still like hendo, and appreciate what he done, but no way is he bigger than the UFC, so bye bye. If he stays healthy he will be back, he will LEARN, he will stop listening to dumbass fans, and he will get an education in business. Just like Randy, just like Tito, just like everyone else who ever left, they ALL wanna come back.
Joedirt- October 17, 2009 at 10:59 am
UFC Fan... I too understand business.... but are you a business man or a fan of the sport? The best thing for the sport is to pay these fighters. The first fights of the night on tv... (I know there are fights not televised)... the first fighters are probably making 5000 to fight and hopefully 5000 more to win. You're telling me that it's worth it for them to train 7 days a week for 2 MAYBE 3 chances a year at that??? Sure the big shots make a good buck... but how many people don't make it that far. I am all for business.... but if another legitimate MMA promotion comes along... it will force the UFC to pay more. Besides it's not like I'm saying "Hey Dana don't make any money on this show..." he will still be and get more stinkin rich even if they do pay the fighters more. The fighter payout usually equals around 25% of the gate.... so the rest... plus sponsorships... plus PPV all goes to Dana.
Kimbos Bread- October 17, 2009 at 10:19 am
Hendo is easily top 10 in a list of top 5 middleweights.
tramadoc- October 17, 2009 at 9:48 am
This is such horseshit. Dana got his boy Vitor and decided to screw Hendo out of his title shot. Kudos to Hendo for holding out and demanding what is rightfully his. Hope he goes to Strikeforce and takes the 185 title over there. Or the 205. Whichever.
Gargoroth- October 17, 2009 at 7:57 am
I always stuck up for the U.F.C as the premier fight organization in the MMA world. But letting Hederson just walk away is a mistake of epic proportions. He is loved by American MMA fans and after that ass whippin he put on Bisping the world loves him as well, he is a huge PPV draw. To let him walk is like setting cash on fire. Way to think it through Dana, biggest mistake they have made so far as I can see. If hendo becomes a member of the strikeforce stable I WILL BE WATCHING THEIR SHOWS! HENDO 4 LIFE!
UFC fan- October 17, 2009 at 7:46 am
YOU are a fighters first minded person....I am not.
You can cry all you want to, but you don't see fighters crying about money until dumbass fanboys like YOU get in their heads and make them THINK they are worth a lot of money.
I am about the business. You say without the fighters there wouldn't be a business but let me explain how utter goddamn stupid that is.
The reality of this is if every single signed UFC fighter was fired today, they go replace them, and rebuild, and with the franchise name, the fans, and the money already in the bank, they could do it.
If every fighter left today and tried to start their own brand, it would fail.
The reason MMA works isn't because the fighters are so great they should be paid like millionaires, it is because business minded HIGH educated people took the time to perfect marketing and the ability to make the product work, something that punch drunk fighters can't do, that's why THEY call Dana "BOSS".
You ever heard of : " the pen is mightier than the sword"?
You can google till your ballsack falls off about what these fighters make or don't make you still won't see what they don't disclose, nor do you see how much advertisers pay or sponsors, so you can take up the torch for fighters all you want, new fighters have to earn the right to make more money... win, keep winning money comes, if you are scrub you will need to drive a cab to make till the next fight, life's a bitch. UFC and ZUFFA has earned the right to be a rich as they want, and pay what they want, these other organizations fail because they are to stupid to realize that. When you pay "Timmy" 800k to get his ass handed to him in 36 seconds you FAIL as a company.
Joedirt- October 17, 2009 at 5:48 am
Orlandomac... you're a tool. You don't know shit you just think that you do. Do some homework... I didn't miss any statements... you're just missing facts. Keep reading i posted some below.

UFC fan...
Nevada state athletic commission makes the UFC post payouts. When Brandon Vera and his manager went to court all of the details of the UFC fight contracts were disclosed, including bonus'. There are COUNTLESS intelligent and informative articles and posts all over the internet about how the UFC is making record breaking profits and how they are NOT paying the fighters. I bet 80% of the UFC fighters on contract have to work full time jobs, which means NO they don't make more than the average family. Yes... 20 grand for a night sounds great.... but not for an income if you fight 2 times a year, and most fighters don't make that.
Now fair enough no fighter is bigger than the sport and they can be replaced... I actually agree with that. But when there is enough money for everyone there and compared to every other sport the UFC is bottom for payouts.... the money the UFC makes is from the fighters and their fans, without them there is no business and the best/popular fighters that help bring in that money deserve more.

I'm not sure about posting links in here... google "UFC its time to pay up" It's an article with some solid info.
mmmiles9000- October 17, 2009 at 4:00 am
Nooooooo, Hendooooooo. I wanted to see Nate v Dan, and despite how badly you want it, we may not want to see Dan v Andy II.

I'm surprised and disappointed. Henderson is getting old, and he would be pulling a bit of a Don Frye to get into Strikeforce now. He can appeal to american fans, but has very little base to work off, and not much time to build up his image, plus the UFC owns all his (pride) footage. Even the Frye had common sense enough to get away from M1.

Oh well, at best he had 2 more good fights (?) in the UFC, and then it would be Matt Hughes territory from there on out.

Anyway we'll miss ya, one of my favourite fighters. Hope it's all a work and you'll sign back soon.