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Dana White: I Would Be Happy If Anderson Retired After a Superfight With Jones or St-Pierre

(“St-Pierre it is, then.”)

Dana White spoke with Brazilian website Alpha recently, and according to the UFC president, in spite of middleweight Anderson Silva‘s recent re-assertion that he isn’t interested in a fight with light heavyweight champ Jon Jones, the fight may happen before “The Spider” calls it a career.

“He’s probably the greatest fighter in history. He hasn’t lost and has been champion since 2006. I think he has two more title defenses and I do not know what he’ll do next or if he will retire,” he said. “He could end his career with a super fight against Jon Jones or George St-Pierre. He could end his career like that — fight in a different weight class. I would be happy with that. Then he could take a boat and sail into the sunset.”

Although he doesn’t think Jones’ youth would play a major factor in the fight, “The Baldfather” says Father Time and his effect on fighting skills is one of the leading causes of retirement in the sport, even amongst the sport’s best.

“Age is a shit, man. It’s the only thing you can not cheat. The fighters who become champions never finish their careers at the top. Anderson may have the ability to do this. The problem is that you never know when time will catch up with you. You are the king of the world one day, then you get in there and one day is half a second slower than before,” he explained. “And only you will know right away. Anderson is 36 years old. Jon Jones is 24. Jon Jones was in that war with Rampage. He finished the fight with swollen knees, unable to walk. Then six days later he was fine. That’s how you heal when you’re 24. But the fact is that Anderson did not get beat for a long time.”

Speaking of aging veterans, Dana said that he was disappointed that Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira didn’t finish Frank Mir when he had the chance at UFC 140 since he seemed to have the fight in the bag.

“He was two punches away from winning that fight,” White said shaking his head. “Instead he passed the guard and tried to apply a guillotine on Frank Mir. Nobody understood that. He will regret that decision for the rest of life. It was his fight. It was finished. I do not know how he sleeps after that.”

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Sonnen no longer wants a rematch with Silva
atacxgymcapoeira- December 20, 2011 at 8:03 pm
I absolutely cosign with John I. Anderson will destroy Chael in Brazil.Period.As for JBJ? There is no doubt that JBJ will probably be the most dazzling overall fighter in MMA history as he grows into his body,continues to develope at this dazzling rate with a ever sharpening constellation of skill sets.As jbj becomes a legit HW? He'll be without a doubt theeee GREATEST MMA HW EVER.He's already a virtual lock for the LHW division as Anderson is for the MW division...but JBJ is not ready to beat Anderson yet.Basically,JBJ will have to strike to set up the takedown and GNP to defeat Anderson.He hasn't a prayer of actually and legitimately tapping Anderson,and unlike all of JBJ's other opponents? Anderson has the head movement to compliment his defense and his array of offensive weaponry...aaaand Anderson has SUPERIOR footwork,at least equivalent quickness to JBJ,superior standup offensive weaponry as well as (like JBJ) underestimated reserves of physical strength.Machida lost to JBJ because he didn't move his head enough.Anderson has the best head movement and footwork in MMA history; not even close.The high kicks,spinning kicks,etc. that JBJ tried on Machida and failed to land with would be futile against Silva as well.The question of how successful JBJ would be in his takedowns of Silva could possibly be extrapolated from how well Silva does against Chaelroid in their inevitable rematch late 2012 (I'd guesstimate roundabout October or November 2012).Anderson spars with Cigano,the current UFC HW Champ,so there's no question that he can withstand JBJ's firepower,but there are plenty of questions as to whether or not JBJ can withstand Anderson's firepower.Anderson--the most accurate striker in MMA history--will definitely land with authority on JBJ...and that's when the game comes to an end.Anderson will also be the first and probably only person to get to JBJ's legs with his best in the game leg-kicks. Recall that JBJ didn't outgrapple Machida...he STUNNED Machida with a left hook which dropped him,followed with a wicked elbow that opened Machida up,then capitalized with the choke.Gotta give him crazy respect for that,and I applaud JBJ and Machida for their performance...but that ain't happenin to Anderson.Rashad maaaaayyy be the only person with sufficient quickness speed and wrestling acumen in the LHW division to legitimately threaten to take JBJ down repeatedly.Anderson IS DEFINITELY the guy to crack JBJ in the legs,the body,the chin...and NOT be heavily menaced by counterstrikes.Can Anderson stop JBJ's takedowns? Not indefinitely.Can JBJ rain down enough GNP to damage and/or slow down Silva? If he can pierce Anderson's defense,yes he is...but that would mean solving the riddle of Anderson's footwork and weathering the storm of the best offensive striker in MMA history.Intriguing matchup...but if Anderson is healthy and we honestly,objectively add it all up?

Standup? Anderson clearly.

Clinch? Anderson (Anderson's fearsome,vaunted Muay Thai clinch can and will thwart JBJ's high-powered GR clinch as Machida's strikes also nullified JBJ's G-RT)

Takedowns? JBJ.Although I might caution you all to remember that Anderson too has a very high takedown rate; he just rarely resorts to it...similar to Chuck Liddell in his prime.

GNP? JBJ but not by muchThis category might be a TIE.Remember that the absolute nightmare scenario for anyone is to have a striker of Silva's acumen throwing hammers on you from the top position.

Submissions? Anderson (more submissions against a consistently higher level of opposition,and has the more elite submission grapplers in his training camp).

So be real and stop hatin.Lotsa people LOVE Anderson,and overall the skill sets still are in (a healthy,still quick,uninjured,maximally motivated) Anderson's favor.Anderson takes this one by late round TKO for his swan song in Brazil.
John I- December 20, 2011 at 7:08 pm
Not to be rude to anyone but in my opinion tnere is alot mis- understanding when it comes to Anderson Silva.most people like this guy;including me.I noticed he stops other fighters from talking trash with his punches not his words,I like that.. Honestly he is still the best,like it or not.there has been some fights that were not all excinting but it's not all his fault, overall this man is one of a few that its at this level..he will shut up Sonnen''the clown'' with a kick and a left hook in the next fight,he will be ready for Sonne's wrestling and things will be different next time,,trust me I've seen Silva always improving and never making the same mistake..
turbo88- December 20, 2011 at 4:00 pm
Silva's legacy is already written in stone. He has always been a gentleman in and out of the ring.Always respectable and he has never ducked anyone. I agree that a Jones fight has star potential and may be his toughest test at his age, but IMO given the chance, he will clean Sonnon's clock if they rematch. As good as GSP is, he is just too smal to fight Silva.
jozseffrd- December 20, 2011 at 2:06 pm
C'mon Spider!I like Silva but he's after Fedor the biggest Ducker in MMA lol.When he has a chance to fight guys with shorter reach who are slower then him like Griffin,Irvin or Franklin than he'll jumps on the chance immediately!!!He was also"declined"the fight offer fro the UFC with Vladimir the"Janitor"Matyushenko,whom by the way have the best"Nickname"in MMA!!!The real funny thing is he wont fight Jonny"Bones"quote"He's in a different weight division and we are good friends,we will not fight each other!As I said C'mon Spider!!!But he's still a gr8 fighter.Plus if I was him I would retire from the UFC right now here's the reasons why:When Cheal Sonnen said that he'll go to Silva's house kick the door in and SMACK HIS WIFE'S ASS and make her cook a Steak for him the way he likes it,in my opinion Sonnen crossed a line that shouldn't be crossed.Dana"the,Snake"White should cut Sonnen immediately after he said that because it was border line Rape talk.Especially after he fired Miguel Torres for saying(in my opinion)a less offensive joke.But no he let Sonnen than Griffin and Rashad away with this kind of stuff than he cuts Torres!?What a Scumbag,sneaky,Yellow belly bastard Dana is.No spine in that piece of Squat!So if I was Spider I would have walked when they insulted my Wife.That's a NO NO or at least it should be!!!!Well Thank u guys for taking the time to read my long comment!Y'All have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!All the Best.Cheers!
papa1962- December 20, 2011 at 1:33 pm
I want to see Silva fight Frankie Edgar for the lightmiddleweight title, but with Edgar wearing toe shoes and using nunchucks covered in lye. I want Chael to referee the fight and Jon Jones and St. Pierre judging. I understand from my sources that Dana is working on this, but I think Jon Jones will duck his refereeing duties.
duplicity- December 20, 2011 at 10:57 am

I mean seriously...The only reason Silva didn't want to fight chael was because HE ALREADY HAD HIS CHANCE AND HE BLEW IT.

You Americans always think your fighter are the "BEST" in every damn thing. I have news for you... US is not the center of the universe.

In this world, SILVA IS THE BEST, and jon jones is a young prick...he'll be mature soon enough, then i'll say he's the best...
phantom151- December 20, 2011 at 10:36 am
wow the spider haters for some reason like him or not the dude is the best in the world he destroyed LHW's for something to do ... how long did his sandman and forrest (former champ) fights last ? not even a round combined. there is no denying he is at the top of the heap he takes top guys and makes them look like school girls each and every single time. GSP would likely stand 0 chance and he is my fav fighter its just facts r facts. JJ goes on a bit of a streak looks strong and beats some top guys and all the sudden he is the best thing to ever grace the sport yes he is good yes he will be around for a very long time injuries permitted but sorry guys Silva is undeniably the #1 guy in the sport and as far as age goes he doesnt look any slower to me,watch his last fight. If he slows down a bit what he may have to start fighting guys with his hands up instead of by his sides? Former champs top level guys cant even hit the man I dont for see any reason he just cant keep destroying everyone for sometime to come. Watch the mans highlight real its ridiculous and most of his stuff looks like crap out of a movie. Deal with it.
RearNakedSpoon- December 20, 2011 at 10:20 am
Silva: "I'm pushing for Bisping for my next fight because he can't take me down and has pillow fists, who are you trying to get?"
Jones: "I want to test myself against another champion, my first pick is Frankie Edgar"
RickL- December 20, 2011 at 9:44 am
I don't think a super fight with GSP and Silva will prove anything to be honest. If Silva has to cut 40 lbs to make weight then he's in the wrong weight category and beating Georges will not prove a thing. However, a light-heavyweight fight between Jon Jones and Silva would be an outstanding match. Can Silva take him? Couldn't tell you, but it would be a much more entertaining fight than GSP/Silva. And I'm a GSP fan no less.
MentalyptiC- December 20, 2011 at 8:03 am
Boush hit the nail on the head tbh
Mr.MatterofFact- December 20, 2011 at 6:43 am
Boush that's exactly what I think of the Silve-Sonnen situation. I don't doubt he's injured but it's a mind game. Chael admitted once that he loses sleep over that lost so you can bet your ass he's felling it. Andersons just fighting fire with fire and winning.
boush- December 20, 2011 at 2:58 am
I have a slightly different theories on Silva. 1. Silva vs Sonnen - I think Sonnen has done his heel job too well. I think he has legitimately p*ssed Silva off. I think Silva truly dislikes him and what better way to stick it to someone than to deny him what he really wants. He's just gonna let Chael stew away on the sidelines. And before you indignantly tell me that the best way to deal with someone is to beat the living snot out him, these guys get beat up for a living. They get beat up in practice they get beat up in fights - I really don't think it's huge deal for them to take a few punches. Watching someone else enjoy what you believe is rightfully yours hurts Chael way more than a spider flying knee.
2. Superfight - This is simple economics it is not good business for anyone to make this fight least of all the UFC. Why risk two of your biggest money earners on one night - when they can continue to put them on different cards and sell out both. Besides why does everyone think Jones has to change weight classes? This is his weight class and he is the boss so deal with it. Why would he put himself at a significant disadvantage. If there is no one good enough to challenge him then why is that his fault. No one told MIcheal Jordan to play with one less player on his team to prove he really was the best.
SnackDaddy- December 19, 2011 at 10:32 pm
I don't know about the rest of you, but I still want that superfight between Silva and GSP. John Jones can wait in fucking line.
RwilsonR- December 19, 2011 at 9:38 pm
I just want to see a rematch of Sonnen vs Silva for the trash talk. Then, when Silva wins, I want to see him fight Jon Jones. That's it.
Wallly- December 19, 2011 at 9:37 pm
If only we could be so lucky, as long as everyone keeps throwing it in jones face he might start trash talk and claims that he is pound for pound "the best" We should all do our part to provoke that fight. get on it media.
Mr.MatterofFact- December 19, 2011 at 9:14 pm
I hope he fights Jon jones I wanna see it. I bet if Jon calls him out because I could see Jons ego wanting to be the #1 pound for pound Anderson would awnser the call. The whole he's scared of Chael business just needs to stop because I don't think the people who say that truly believe it. They just want to see Anderson get his ass kicked but unfortunately Chael can't beat him on his best day. I still think Machida could beat Jones better than anyone else.
Wallly- December 19, 2011 at 8:43 pm
I just wanna see Silva fight the top level fighters that the ufc offers in this decade .
Wallly- December 19, 2011 at 8:38 pm
@Mr.matteroffact nice work, Im not mad, Im not fat either. Your right If Dana said that it all makes sense now. all hail silva, and matteroffact aka. cheezeball. Your right, you must be like some sort of mma gu ru, cause you look up stuff, and you watched mma before it was cool. man your so cool and whitty, Go fuck your hat,
Mr.MatterofFact- December 19, 2011 at 8:10 pm
Your just pissed I told it how it is. Reread my post and look at the dumb shit you wrote dummy. Like I said sit your fat ass back down on the couch BOY. Who the heck do you think your going to convince other the The Hate Train passengers that he's ducking?? It's laughable because Dana White the president of the organization and preimer promoter of mixed martial arts comes out publicly and states that he makes the fights and Anderson has never asked him for a fight or turned down one ok YouTube it jackal. And yea I brought up his actual career as a “Matter of Fact" not when you started watch in UFC. And write back talking about you've been watching mma since back when or let ne guess you train mma no one cares......AND your a cheese ball for even saying cheese ball you cheese ball.=)
Wallly- December 19, 2011 at 7:15 pm
Silva should be asking for the fight with sonnon, since he was his toughest challenge by fFAR, you know to prove hes the best, Hes scared, and he wouldnt fight him if dana didn't make him.
Wallly- December 19, 2011 at 7:10 pm
@Rwilson@ you are right i got carried away, dinner was ready rushin and shit, mrs made some fine cheeze pie. @MR.matteroffagot You cheeze-ball, i like how you go to the he been fighting all over the world before you knew what mma was B.S , gimmie a break, i don't discredit silva for his talents, he is a geat fighter, possibly the greatest, the fact that he says he wants to fight the best and shit and then ducks the tougher fighters. Its horseshit, when asked about a superfight he says bj penn, someone who is two weight classes below, AND GARANTEES no fight with the bigger jon jones, and him haws about gsp,, YOu just get off your bandwagon and your mountain your king shit of.
RwilsonR- December 19, 2011 at 6:42 pm
@ Wallly Three-Ells - To be fair, when macreadysshack contradicted himself as you quoted, he did so under my post and with my comment, which I'm not sure he actually made himself. Though, I don't find it any more contradictory now than when I first said it.
Mr.MatterofFact- December 19, 2011 at 5:43 pm
Listen to you Silva haters it's straight humorous to read your comments lolol. This man was traveling around the world fighting people before mma became a house hold name and let me get this right your saying he's Scared!! Lololololol Ya'll never cease to amaze me lOl. Every fight he has y'all come out in force and put your names and credibility on the line saying this time this is the guy to beat him lets see hmm Cote mhmm
Griffin mhmm Belfort mhmm Sonnen mhmm Henderson mhmm Franklin mhmm. For the record I respect all mma fighters. The reason some men spite Silva soo much is because he wins and wins and wins and wins and wins. Not saying he's invincible but goddamn give the man his props. By insinuating he's duckin and jivin and faking injuries is a slap in the face to the UFC and the sport. Dana constantly talks about how annoying and stupid some mma (fans) are. He's say screw them who cares they don't call the shots if you wanna put matches together go play the videogame lolololol. Anderson is hated for one reason and that is his success. He's the envy of the mma world and he doesn't walk around with this false brovado that most of the insecure weak minded men of our culture in the U.S. do. Just cause you jackals walk around with tap out shirt and a mean expression on your face does not mean your face can take a punch lolol. Just sit your fat ass on the couch with the rest of your (boyz) and the let the Men be Men in the octagon thank you=)