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Dana White: ‘Nick Diaz Is a Bad Ass’


Add Nick Diaz to the list of EliteXC refugees who Dana White may be looking to pick up. During an appearance on TapouT Radio Live, the UFC prez was complementary of Stockton’s favorite son, though he made it known that he doesn’t approve of Diaz’s confrontational antics:

“I think Nick Diaz is a bad ass. Nick Diaz is a tough kid. Nick Diaz doesn’t handle himself right all the time in public. I like him — I respect him as a fighter. I love his attitude. I love the way that kid fights. But you can’t do the stuff that this kid does in public. You can’t get into fights when the fight is over … you can’t do that stuff.”

Of course, we immediately think of Diaz’s in-cage taunts of KJ Noons and his father at EliteXC: The Return of the King in June — and the obscene gestures he makes at the crowd after his fights, which is something of a Diaz family tradition. But Dana White is likely also referring to a bizarre incident that took place after Diaz’s UFC 57 fight against Joe Riggs in February 2006. As Wikipedia retells it:

Similar to his treatment of Sanchez, Diaz made sure that he taunted [Riggs] before their fight, starting at the official press conference at the event in which Diaz confronted Riggs and the two exchanged words. They continued their conversation at the official weigh-ins in which both fighters had to be separated by UFC president Dana White and other officials present.

Riggs prevailed in a hard-fought battle, winning by unanimous decision and giving Diaz his second straight loss. After the fight, the two were taken to the hospital for observation and post-fight tests. It was there that Diaz confronted Riggs and proceeded to punch him in the face, knocking Riggs to his knees. Riggs then tackled Diaz into a wall and started to knee him when the police arrived and quickly rushed in to separate the two. Neither party, including the police, decided to press charges.

Like Robbie Lawler, Nick Diaz was released from the UFC after suffering a string of losses, but went on to find greater success and recognition outside of the Octagon. Diaz would be wise to cash in on the popularity he’s earned lately and return to the UFC. And if he’s ordered to rein in his emotional outbursts, well, maybe that would be better for all of us. There’s already one Diaz brother in the UFC. Both at once, firing off middle fingers at will, might be too much realness to handle, homey.


  1. Shawn Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 06:35

    I just like the fact that we see Bill Goldberg's mug in that picture. "I'M GOING TO PUT A JACKHAMMER ON YOUR AUDITORY SENSES WITH MY INCOHERENT BABBLE. WHO'S NEXT!??!"
  2. cpanger Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 06:39

    "Homey."................nice touch.
  3. The Biz Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 06:43

    WAR the F'ing Diaz brothers!!! I love these guys! 209 representing, biatches!
  4. CG Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 06:43

    "Like Robbie Lawler, Nick Diaz was released from the UFC after suffering a string of losses..." Actually, he won his last two UFC fights (vs Josh Neer, Gleison Tibau)
  5. Dana might Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 06:49

    "i like him — I respect him as a fighter. I love his attitude. I love the way that kid's bulging package fills out his shorts. I'd totally tap that. OMG." - Dana
  6. ekc Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 06:50

  7. Dildo_Slice Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 06:56

    the diaz brothers are the biggest fucking faggots in mma. they act so tough, repping a shitty area code and there soft little bitches, thats why nick got his bitch ass cut from the UFC, he's not up to par with talented fighters.
  8. Scott Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 06:59

    I thought it was "realness, M*tha%$u@ka" heheh
  9. MKXii Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 07:01

  10. the glza Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 07:04

    i just wanted an excuse to link to the pic. it would be fun to watch nick fight again in the ufc... he's a natural born heel...
  11. Shawn Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 07:05

    I like watching idiots punch each other in the face so needless to say I like watching Nick Diaz fight. If the UFC re-signs him I demand to see Diaz v. Junie Browning IMMEDIATELY. Fill them with Old E or whatever it is the white trash drinks nowadays and then let them use the bottles as weapons. I'll drop $50 for that PPV, no questions asked.
  12. Anonymous Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 07:10

    The only money I'd pay for a Diaz fight is the tag team action of Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin vs those two pillow biters. If there were no ref. And the Diaz brothers had to wear black hoods over their faces. And Lesnar and Carwin could carry rubber mallets. Under Pride rules.
  13. Farthammer Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 07:17

    As evident by his time in front of the camera and his fake boxing match with Tito, it is evident Dana wishes he were a fighter. And if he were, it would be as Nick Diaz. Unprofessional? Check. Passionately hated or passionately loved? Check. And the 209 - where violence happens due to boredom.
  14. garth Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 07:19

    Diaz would have to fight in the UFC at welter, there's no way he can make lightweight anymore. He barely made it in at the 160lb class they included just for him in EXC, and that's with his ironman training and everything. how the hell will he make 155? I'd love to see Diaz vs. GSP, however. That could be an absolute ass-whipping.
  15. Anonymous Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 07:31

    YES!! get Nick back and first time ever tag team match!! nick and Nate vs Karo and his lil Mini punk ass cousin PLZ DANA MAKE IT HAPPEN!!
  16. Buns Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 07:39

    its like nick diaz is adam "pacman" jones. too bad he got suspended (sarcasiam)
  17. Aaron Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 07:43

    Nick Diaz is a dumb ass is more like it. I hope he gets his attitude in check so we can all see how good he really is. He has unlimited potential. I hope he does not waste it.
  18. TUF Guy Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 08:10

    You can not get through one section of comments on this website without having to read some homoerotica. What's wrong with you keyboard warriors? I know the internet gave a bunch of people courage but if you gonna live out your fantasy of comming out the closet why do it here? I wish one of you chumps approached me in the Allstate arena. I have a smile on my face right now just thinking about tapdancing on one of your retarded looking faces.
  19. Matt Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 08:10

    Didn't he throw a shoe at someone?
  20. Dana White is a HOMO Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 08:18

    I think both of the Diaz brother's together do not add up to an 8th grade education. They are the only two fighters who make me feel awkward when they talk.. It is like watching two retarded kids in a spelling bee..- PAINFUL!! Question: Mr. Diaz how do you think you did in your last fight? Diaz (either brother): I am the straight bomb! I would just like to say.. waz up to the 409? Stocton in the hizzy!! K.J. quit ducking (me or my brother) Quit being a sissy and fight! I would like to thank my sponsors: ZIPPO lighters, Schlitz, Slim Jim, Auto Trader and Chico's Bail Bonds. Ima be fighting fools in the parking lot for rent money... So line up sucka's! Question: Can you spell Kangaroo? Diaz: 409....???
  21. TUF Guy Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 08:23

    I said it once and I'll say it again. I named my testicles Nick and Nate Diaz. I probably use the equal amount of force to jizz as they do in 5 rounds.
  22. Darkside Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 08:33

    @TUF Guy Does anyone actually take you seriously, kid?
  23. Anonymous Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 08:39

    Diaz lost to KJ Noons. He's a EXC loser. Who cares about him? Bring back Robbie Lawler & Scott Smith and give KJ a shot at UFC glory
  24. Rp Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 08:42

    Diaz didn't leave because of a string of losses ass. Disrespect to the Diaz brothers is punishable by death.
  25. mayhem420 Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 08:42

    @Dana White is a HOMO Now that was some funny shit!
  26. TUF Guy Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 08:46

    @ Darkside, they'll say no, but when push came to shove and a few of the idiots HAD the chance to meet me, guess what happened. So keep hiding behind your "darkside" tag. I know that you are probably more pathetic in real life then you are on here, so keep beating up your keyboard and thinking that you are a tough guy, chump change. Actually I appologize to the rest of you chumps, this guy is an insult to chumps.
  27. Glen McCoy Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 08:53

    Dana White can't control one punk Junie,what would he ( Dana ) do with the diaz brothers. Go Dana you are destroying the UFC with thugs.
  28. fuck glen mccoy Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 10:18

    Glen, you are an ass. Dana loves both the Diaz bros. "destroying the UFC with thugs?" Nate is beating every single person they put in front of him. Nick has won 8 of his last 9 fights, the last three of which were by TKO. If you dont understand why Dana would want fighters like that, you dont understand the fight game. A "thug" would be an unskilled fighter, who likely would not have a shot in the UFC. Instead you have Nate Diaz, who is 5-0 in the UFC, and Nick Diaz, who in his career with the UFC had a 6-4 record. Dont be scared homie!
  29. The Greg Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 10:24

    Please, please UFC, pick nick back up. Plenty of work for him in the UFC. Can't be without a Nick Diaz carnival for too long, or I will go into withdrawals. Nick is the balls. Nate is great to watch as well, but he just isn't as crazy as Nick. How could any fan not like them? They are fucking nuts, and they live to fight. The cage is their home. Gotta love that.
  30. TUF Guy Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 10:33

    ouch, ouch, ouch
  31. rocky Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 10:58

  32. jl_cast Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 11:28

    Kimbo Slice would kick anybody's ass thats realness !!!!!
  33. Gnads Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 11:30

    A bad ass? More like takes in in the ass! The Diaz bros and the fucking 209 can suck my peach!!!
  34. jl_cast Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 11:34

    @ Dana White is a HOMO datz phuck up yo...4 0 9 put e whooping yo azz sun !!! Kimbo Slice bee dat nig put butt whoopin on u!!!!! SUNN!!!!!!!!!
  35. jl_cast Says:

    Mon, 10/27/08 - 11:36

    oohhh wait 209!!!!! sunnnnn!!!!!!!
  36. The_Outlaw Says:

    Tue, 10/28/08 - 12:28

    Nick should be back in the UFC, I like to see a fight with him and Jon Fitch. KJ Noons doesn't belong in the UFC, Dana would tear him a new asshole if he backs down from a fight. Fuck that picture above it was taken after Noon's drunk ass dad had grave Nick in a headlock after one of Noons cornermen punch Diaz in the ribs.
  37. Zach Mac Says:

    Tue, 10/28/08 - 01:09

    209 bitches!!! War Diaz brothers and fuck all the haters
  38. vinsullo Says:

    Tue, 10/28/08 - 03:11

    NICK DIAZ is one of the best in my eyes. No b.s. from this kid. Started young in the UFC when it was for real fans. Not all you fag bitches on here! Boxing, heart and oh yeah, nasty JJ. He loses decisions by people that don't finish fights.
  39. 209 my left nut Says:

    Tue, 10/28/08 - 03:58

    The only thing the Diaz brothers will be tag teaming is Dana's asshole.
  40. Dildo_Slice is literally a teenager Says:

    Tue, 10/28/08 - 06:22

    Who didn't learn how to use "there/their/they're" and "your/you're".
  41. Terjay Says:

    Tue, 10/28/08 - 06:46

    Shit just got real, son!
  42. Kevbo Says:

    Tue, 10/28/08 - 11:50

    @ TUF Guy "I said it once and I’ll say it again. I named my testicles Nick and Nate Diaz. I probably use the equal amount of force to jizz as they do in 5 rounds." I made the mistake of taking a sip of Powerade just before I read that comment. Very funny stuff.

    Tue, 10/28/08 - 02:38

    any of you fuckers come on my side of the hospital and I'll fuckin clock ya. WAR DIAZ BROS!!! Set up a tag team match against the shamrocks, i'd love to see frank and ken get the shit choked out of em. 209 Bitches!!!!!!

    Tue, 10/28/08 - 02:40

    "He talks trash and will fight you, win or lose, but it's to your face like a man. " - Cesar Gracie on Nick Diaz
  45. NICK DIAZ Says:

    Tue, 10/28/08 - 02:45

    "I hate when people say I'm a mental fighter, like what the fuck does that mean? That's fucking mentally retarded." Nate Diaz
  46. Imbecile Says:

    Tue, 10/28/08 - 08:36

    I was actually sitting at one of the bars in the lobby of the Mandalay after that fight, and I was chatting with Tim Sylvia. Then Joe Riggs walks up right after he got back from the hospital, and he starts telling Big Tim about how Diaz just walks into his hospital room, starts talking trash, and then sucker punches him. It was pretty funny, because Riggs was more surprised and bewildered, than he was angry, or anything.
  47. fat city Says:

    Sat, 12/13/08 - 09:22

    how can you disrespect 2 fighters like the diaz brothers who are willing to fight anyone and almost always have exciting fights.theres too many haters,why dont you haters come to stockton and fight one of these guys if you think they suck,i can tell you where they train and what time,please e-mail me when you want to come down,my odds tell me that your in for a ass whooping. ps,bring friends,lots of them too.
  48. Douchey McDoucherton Says:

    Thu, 02/12/09 - 12:45

    Isn't that the dude that played Honda in the Street Fighter wait he might be the dude that played that chef in that Adam Sandler movie where the girl has the date him a bunch of different times...I believe it was called 50 First Date Rapes.
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