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Dana White on Affliction: “This Guy Sells F*cking T-Shirts For a Living”

You can always count on a local morning radio DJ to give you hard-hitting interviews. Richmond, Virginia’s “Morning Sludge” on Y101 (new rock!) has done it here with an exclusive Dana White interview the day before UFC 86. It doesn’t take long before they begin talking Affliction, and White rips right into them for selling “fucking t-shirts for a living.”

The radio host, however, seems more bothered by the people “in the club” who wear Affliction gear and inevitably end up “c-blocking” him. Our condolences, sir.

Other highlights of the interview include Dana White saying that the internet is “where the pussies live” and claiming that the UFC has been in business for twenty years. So, it began in 1988? I had no idea.

In other radio news, Ariel Helwani and I interviewed Jake O’Brien on MMA Rated Radio to talk about his upcoming bout against Cain Velasquez, and let’s just say that the outcome was…uncomfortable. I don’t know if he just didn’t want to do the interview or if O’Brien is some kind of narcoleptic, but it was certainly unique. Give it a listen and bask in the awkwardness.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    Tue, 07/08/08 - 09:45

    Dana, stop PMS ing that nobody would buy a UFC shirt. Affliction sells high quality appearal, not t shirts. Affliction sponsers more than just mma athletes. They sponsor NFL, NBA, MLB, surfing, and more. They are about entertainment. Even Donald Trump jumped on the Affliction bandwagon. If Donald is on board, you can be it's going to work. Even Megadeath will be playing a gig at the Affliction mma event. Now thats entertainment and blows away the same old Joe Rogan and boring armageddon music at UFC events. HEY JOE ROGAN: STFU sometimes, seriously. You don't have to talk alllllllll the time, faggot. Dana, TRY TO DO SOMETHING about Rampage Jackson being sponsered by Affliction and him sporting their awesome gear at your precious UFC events. Affliction is even getting their name out at your events, biotch.
  2. BigWilly805 Says:

    Tue, 07/08/08 - 09:46

    Is it just me or does this sound like a decent Dana impression? Its not hard, sound full of yourself and drop the F bomb alot
  3. Anonymous Says:

    Tue, 07/08/08 - 10:00

    1, megadeath is not entertaining they are shit, and 2, yes dana has to talk all the time hes a fuckin promoter thats what the fuck the do
  4. Me Says:

    Tue, 07/08/08 - 10:18

    mmk I'm on that whole love/hate thing about Dana. Today, it's hate. "It's like me saying I'm gonna take out NASCAR." Umm, well, you did. You said you would be bigger than it all. Bigger than the NFL even. If I remember correctly, he said the UFC was gonna be bigger in the world than soccer. Ugh, Dana.
  5. gracies suck ass Says:

    Tue, 07/08/08 - 10:33

    whoa what kinda of butt pounding chubby chasing faggot listens to megadeath? Joe Rogan would prolly kick ur ass too, rogan rules, least he knows wtf he's talking about unlike bill goldberg... and if that dudes getting "c-blocked" by affliction wearers, chances are he had no chance to begin with. affliction will probably fail miserably though, whatever, more fights = win
  6. Big Shafty Says:

    Tue, 07/08/08 - 11:24

    I love Y101. I'm from Richmond and I like those guys on the Morning Sludge. Other than that, to hell with those cuncbags that wear Affliction shirts. And Dana...slow your roll buddy about the UFC.
  7. Ryan B Says:

    Tue, 07/08/08 - 11:29

    @ gracies suck ass I like Megadeath (not to the point to buy an album though). I bet quite a few of our mma stars listen to megadeath, and so do a lot of fans that watch mma. Ever listened to the song "Cemetary Gates"? Sweet. You say you would rather have a Ricky Martin concert at Affliction though. As far as call by call guys go, Frank Mir with WEC and Bas Rutten with HD NET Fights. call exactly what is gonna happen like, " he should roll to the left and pull his knee back to get out of this" AND THEN IT HAPPENS. Bas and Mir articulate the correct technique very well for the viewers. Joe Rogan just has this pretentious overexcitement and blabs on saying the same thing over and over... STFU dude!!! You add nothing. Kenny Rice is better than you! Bas and Frank would kill Rogan in a Fight... I would also make Joe Rogan look like the new and "improved" Kim Couture. Bill Goldberg and Mike Goldberg are also numbnuts.
  8. rh Says:

    Tue, 07/08/08 - 11:39

    yeah, fucking selling fucking tee shirts for a fucking living is almost as fucking pathetic as being a fucking jazzercise instructor. But I guess all MMA promomoguls have to start somewhere, huh? If it wasn't a big deal, the UFC wouldn't have to do a cheap-ass free publicity stunt card to try to distract casual fans. rh
  9. Ryan B Says:

    Tue, 07/08/08 - 11:44

    By the way, Dana, I use my real name on here. I bet the Vice President of Affliction, Tom Atencio, would KICK DANA "D-BAG" WHITE'S ASS! By the way, to Dana and the Y101 guy, call Rampage and Fedor douce bags to their face for wearing Affliction. They will KILL YOU.
  10. GSP for Prime Minister Says:

    Tue, 07/08/08 - 11:50

    "Ryan B" is NOT your real name... im SURE the "B" is an initial for something... By calling yourself "Ryan B", you are confirming Dana's point of wanting to stay anonymous!!!! duuuh!!!!
  11. Ryan B Says:

    Tue, 07/08/08 - 11:58

    @ GSP fro P M I use my full name on this site sometimes, you would know that if you were a regular here, dipshit. It's just quicker to abbreviate, especially when I'm at work. Eff you, dickweed, and Eff Dana White. Your the one not putting your name up,
  12. AssFACE Says:

    Wed, 07/09/08 - 12:17

    Hey Ryan B. your a fucking asshole, cemetary gates is Pantera not megadeth...
  13. Dana Whites right Says:

    Wed, 07/09/08 - 12:50

    OMG! He is right, I just looked around, and all you guys are pussies. This really is where all the losers and pusses are! I now have to leave you losers here to discuss how great Affliction is, and suck each other off. All these "minor-league" brands are a great training base for the few who can maybe hack it in UFC some day. Good luck to the MMA trainees on their minor shows. Peace losers, get out of your parents basement and get a job you geeks, I'm out!
  14. Ineffable Says:

    Wed, 07/09/08 - 01:20

    Dana wants a monopoly. Sad for him this is America and we believe in free enterprise. He should take comfort in the fact that nearly every other franchise out there blows goats.
  15. Walrus Says:

    Wed, 07/09/08 - 02:27

    I hate this douchebag on the otherside of the microphone. Maybe its just the sound of his voice, or his ass-kissing of Dana White -- but I can't stand him. Then again I don't like most Radioshow hosts. And no, I don't wear Affliction shirts. Otherwise -- short of Metallica, Megadeth is one of the best possible bands you could imagine to play at an event like this. Once the end of "Peace sells" starts up, that crowds gonna go fuckin crazy.
  16. eh Says:

    Wed, 07/09/08 - 02:43

    dana is just pissed fedor is at affliction and not the ufc.. and he lost randy which in turn lost him one of the greatest fights of all time that could have happened in the ufc. simple as that
  17. pitchfork Says:

    Wed, 07/09/08 - 02:54

    RYAN B before you try to stat facts get the the band right you fucking douche CEMETARY GATES WAS DONE PANTERA.what a tool
  18. Lee Hardee Says:

    Wed, 07/09/08 - 03:39

    No shit how and the FUCK could you ever confuse megadeath for PANTERA ? Megadeath would have been lucky to open for and be booed off stage when PANTERA was together. I do agree that affliction clothing is repulsive but what the fuck does it matter if "the dude sales Tee-shirts for a living" ? Did Dana White come out of the womb running the UFC or did he actually have a job pryor to Being "The Baddest mother fucker on Earth. by the way he sure does call a lot of people pussies. I've never seen him in the cage. I have to be fir and say Dana has been great for the UFC but he claims Fedor sucks and he is overated. If so then why would he not have signed him so Randy could beat his ass ? I would like to see Fedor and Dana fight just to see how overated Fedor is. As I recall the so called heavy weight champ of the UfC fot fucking murdered by Fedor. I know this is a long comment a some of you may disagree but I did use my real name and I hope Fedor beats Tim sylvia to a pulp !!!!
  19. gracies suck ass Says:

    Wed, 07/09/08 - 04:37

    if you're goin by all time great pbp guys, yea, mir, rutten, randy is ok, and kenflo are all awesome, but joe rogan is still good and barely gets credit. He does know loads of shit, even if he does cream himself sometimes when someone goes for the gogo. yea rogan would get fucking annihilated by any mma fighter, but the couch warrior up top is prolly just some fag who's rolled a couple times, watches TUF and thinks to himself "Yea I'm a total badass too, I could do that" soooo...yea. and megadeath is for faggots, I'd rather not see some fucking shitty band take up fight time, i paid for fights, let me see fights! Not some washed up crack whore band. Go watch your shitty megadeath concert dvd if you wanna see that lame shit and leave it off fucking events, I could care less bout some 2 minute intro song, but a whole set, gimme a fucking break, go paint your nails black put on some eye liner and get your BFF to fuck you with that strap-on you so love. My real name is Duncan G. just to put it out there hahahhaahha, and I'm a black belt in couch-jitsu.
  20. Craig Says:

    Wed, 07/09/08 - 04:51

    you guys all have A MAN CRUSH ON DANA or something,.... cuz only JILTED LOVERS have that much HATE. It's okay, your mom still loves you all!!!
  21. Gary "Gut" Shaw Says:

    Wed, 07/09/08 - 05:37

    dood? wtf does that even mean? I'ma go get a cheeseburger. Payce.
  22. Chance Says:

    Wed, 07/09/08 - 05:41

    For the radio DJ saying guys wearing Affliction shirts are d-bags and c-blocking him in the club. If he wasn't some broke fat fruitloop he wouldnt be getting c-blocked. This is the guy that goes to wal-mart and wears the wanna be affliction shirts. I do wear affliction and i dont feel like a badass. I wear affliction shirts bc i like the designs. As for Dana he just gets on my nerves. He got lucky he had friends with money so he could get a piece of the pie. I like the UFC. It gives me something to waste my money on and a reason to hang out with friends. It is a monopoly and its sad that Dana is afraid of Affliction. They will have one good card and thats it. I really dont know why he's worried. And Joe Rogan should stick to hosting stupid TV shows. His stand up blows and his ring-side anouncements should be limited to high school wrestling. He says shit that is so far off its not even funny. Bas Rutten is the best there is. Piss on Frank Mir too. The only good thing he did was beat that joke Brock.
  23. Lee Hardee Says:

    Wed, 07/09/08 - 07:19

    Craig , I don't think anyone has a man crush on dana white except for Dana white himself. you are right my mom still loves me . the bad thing is so does yours, she just want get the hint.
  24. Lee Hardee Says:

    Wed, 07/09/08 - 07:23

    "Gracies suck ass " I agree with you 100 % .
  25. hurt horse Says:

    Wed, 07/09/08 - 08:52

    Who sits around and talks about tee's? The guy making money off them and the rest of us bored ass dipshits!!! BTW we all know dana shops at old navy! Its always about the money, dana why are we paying 44.95 to watch your mistakes???
  26. Participant Says:

    Wed, 07/09/08 - 09:04

    Fedor! Fedor! Fedor! Fedor! Fedor! Fedor! I can hear the chants now. Can't wait for the 19th when I buy the Affliction PPV because the card looks awesome! P.S. Dana pees his pants when he gets nervous... does Affliction sell pants? He's gonna need some.
  27. hurt horse Says:

    Wed, 07/09/08 - 09:05

    THIS JUST IN!!! Panties are on sale two 4 one at target! The first fifty buyers get dana's virginity! (if you cant lose it, sell it)
  28. tarted Says:

    Wed, 07/09/08 - 09:59

    U ROCK hurt horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  29. Stephan' Boner Says:

    Wed, 07/09/08 - 12:03

    Dana a bit of a cheb-end but least the guys does interviews like this he does give back to the fans cant think of many people at head of company who do as much press and are as open as Dana if he was ever replaced guarentee people would be wanting the White Stuff back!
  30. Myles Kilometers Says:

    Wed, 07/09/08 - 12:28

    But my real name is Myles who's the pussy now? Love, Myles Kilometers
  31. kellenavalanche Says:

    Wed, 07/09/08 - 04:42

    Remember, the guy who sells T-shirts for a living has possibly the best fighter in the world on his bill.
  32. BIG CHRIS Says:

    Wed, 07/09/08 - 04:49

    @kellenavalanche-Why.... did they sign Anderson Silva?
  33. lee hardee Says:

    Wed, 07/09/08 - 05:17

    you are 100 % correct kellen. So what if he sells tee-shirts. Seriously what the fuck has dana ever done besides have rich friends ? I lovw it when people ddcide to quit on the ultimate fighter , he goes bezerk. Hey they are all pussies right ?! If he is that mad then why has never bitched slapped one of them ?! Seriously I would like to see dana's resume and professional fight record ! I mean come on Dana could not sign Fedor and "some dude that sells shirts" gets him. Dana is embarassed and his ego is going to bring him down !!!!!!!!! he is not MMA or the UFC he is just some lucky bastard that landed the gig of a lifetime. O and really cool how he treated randy Couture after bo-dog offered randy $2 million for one fight with Fedor and Dana talked him out of it promiseing him that he would sign FEDOR ! Seriously if you love dana so much . tell me about his credentials !!!!!!
  34. lee hardee Says:

    Wed, 07/09/08 - 05:42

    No actually as you know big chris UFC has anderson silva. Funny thing he , rampage (beat chuck twice ) and antonio nogueira all came from the "no talent pride franchise" according to dana. Fedor fucked noguiera up and 2 at one time 3 former pride fighters held belts in UFC ! I guess they all just got lucky ! I do agree with you that anderson silva may be the best pound for pound in the world. BUT DANA IS EITHER ON CRACK OR JUST NOT MAN ENOUGH TO ADMIT HE WANTED FEDOR !!!!! FEDOR VS RANDY ! IF HE DID NOT WANT THAT THEN MAYBE HE WILL BE SELLING TEES BEFORE LONG BECAUSE THATS A MULTI MILLION DOLLER LOSS !!!!!!
  35. Glenn Says:

    Wed, 07/16/08 - 10:47

    Is it just me or was that radio host completely in love? Just kept agreeing with dana, asking to hang out with him, bad mouthing affliction and all the fighters who have left the ufc. Im gonna go vomit now.

    Tue, 07/22/08 - 08:29

    ANDERSON SLIVA?!! Lets get real. He's an awesome fighter but there's no comparsion to Fedor. I love the UFC, M-1, WEC, Pride etc. and one thing for FACT Fedor is in a class of his own, and by far the best. An we all know Dana knows it. Dana White is like the MMA version of Vince Mcmahon. Affliction banned was awesome and Megadeth rocked. But some of you emo kids wouldn't know about that. An t-shirts ? Take a look at UFC (rip off) tee's and Affliction. it's not hard to decided which one you'll be wearing. I wear Tapout.
  37. Anonymous Says:

    Tue, 04/14/09 - 05:39

    you people need to shut the fuck up and stay the fuck down
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