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Dana White Signed Cain Velasquez Without Ever Having Seen Him Fight

(What, me worry? / Photo courtesy of Darrell Stein)

Having signed with the promotion with only two MMA bouts under his belt, it’s clear that Cain Velasquez‘s route to the UFC wasn’t as arduous as the paths most fighters take to make it to the big show, but considering he is still undefeated in the Octagon and is set to fight for their heavyweight title, it’s obvious that Zuffa’s gamble paid off.

In a recent interview with GracieMag, Velasquez, who will take on UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar at UFC 121 October 23 in Anaheim, Calif.  says that his "tryout" for the UFC wasn’t much more than an impromptu training session in Vegas set up by his manager, Bob Cook, who called Dana White and asked him to check out his star pupil.

According to Velasqez, the UFC president was so impressed with what he saw, he signed him without watching a single one of his fights.

"I had two fights on my CV and wanted to fight in other shows before going to the UFC to get some experience. But It was really hard to get fights with other organizations, so my manager said: ‘We haven’t fought in a long time, we can’t wait any longer. It’s time to call up the UFC.’ He made the call, made Dana White an offer and we went to Vegas," Velasquez recalls. "We took two fighters with us and Dana watched me standing with those two fighters and doing Jiu-Jitsu with another two heavyweight athletes. He liked what he saw and told me I was in the UFC."

Velasquez also says that he abandoned his longtime dream of competing at the Olympic level in wrestling in favor of a career in MMA after he threw his first punch training at American Kickboxing Academy.

"When I was in college, [competing in the Olympics] was one of my objectives. But when I was just doing wrestling I felt there was something missing. So I discovered what was missing was throwing punches," he says. "I wanted to do boxing and kickboxing, throw strikes. That’s why, instead of setting the goal of going to the Olympics, I chose to set out on a career in MMA."

Even before he landed in the UFC, Velasquez was being touted by his AKA teammates like Josh Koscheck, Jon Fitch and Bobby Southworth as "the next big thing" in MMA. It turns out it wasn’t just hype, since just three years after he first trained in MMA and jiu-jitsu Velasquez is at a level some fighters will never reach. Suprisingly, though he says the pressure of his meteoric rise in the UFC hasn’t gotten to him yet.

"I don’t feel any pressure. I’m just conscious that I have to keep training hard in the gym. I don’t pay attention to what people say," he says. "I can’t listen to them. What I have to do is be well-trained and ready to beat my opponent."

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eGo-T- February 23, 2012 at 1:17 am
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airabaxter- November 10, 2011 at 10:01 pm
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airabaxter- November 10, 2011 at 6:16 pm
I think Velasquez will handle it since the fight is already been set.
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StealthArmor- September 6, 2010 at 1:37 pm
Im From Yuma Arizona, and use to watch Cain wrestle in high school. Back then everyone called him the bus. Cain has been training is whole life His blood and sweat has gotten him to where he is now. No prancing around a wwf ring or running his mouth. He shows people his actions are stronger than his words. I doubted his ability vs check congo and was questionable with his last fight. He is constant and will not give up. And has proven he can take a punch. He has youth expereince and conditioning on his side. As much as ufc markets brock this is his end cain will be the champ...
fatbellyfrank- September 2, 2010 at 7:18 pm
^ That being said, I couldn't give flying fuck if both fighters where pink with purple polka dots, it should be an awesome fight with big dudes willing to get it on, not sure who I'm on yet, the pros and cons of both guys are worth plenty of thought.

Curious Fact: Both fighters have come from basically no MMA background to top 2 HW's in similar fashion as far as fight experience goes.
fatbellyfrank- September 2, 2010 at 7:13 pm
Hells bells and mademoiselles, this ones taken a bit of a turn, Its amazing how people can classify you and your personality type by your tattoo, here in Aussie, The Southern Cross is a very popular tattoo, but now it seems anyone who sports a Southern Cross tattoo is considered a redneck racist, I proudly wear the Southern Cross and Eureka Stockade flag because of what it means to me, not because of some reckockulous racial stereotype, and I'd suggest most people are the same about their tatts.
You want to see racism and an abhorrent class structure, have a look at India, man they are the world champs IMO, and yes been there worked with plenty in the marine industry.
ihateemo- September 2, 2010 at 11:04 am
This thread is hilarious! Everyone is debating racism when the subject of the discussion has never, ever uttered anything even remotely racist. Dude trains with a bunch of honkeys in San Jose for chrissakes.

My take on the Brown Pride/White Pride thing goes thusly - Cain has never behaved in a racist way (unless he was feeling RACE HATE when he clowned Kongo, Stoinic, et al) whereas the type of people who get "White Pride" tattooed on their chest tend to be racist motherfuckers.

There are so many different types of "white people" from all over the world that being proud to be white and of "white heritage" marks you out as an ignorant jackass. What the fuck is white heritage anyway?

If you're proud to be "white" you're an idiot. If you're proud of your ancestry/heritage, that's another thing. The people who are proud of that tend to focus on specifics, which is why Marcus Davis walks around in a kilt and comes out to "Jump Around" by House of Pain to celebrate his Irish heritage. If he came out waving a "White Power" flag, everyone would think he is a racist fool, and rightly so.

Cain is proud of his ancestry, he is not advocating the brown master race re-takes Texas and enslaves the white man. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a disingenuous fool.

-written by the whitest man you will ever meet
ccman- September 2, 2010 at 10:38 am
Dear X

Actually she is a mexican and has zero issue with being called hispanic. Possibly you are just a wee bit sensitive and might try looking at yourself rather than point fingers.

And since I have lived in Mexico as well as Nicaragua and Honduras and have travelled thru all of central America and most of south America, I can assure you, there are fewer racist places than south of the border. Asia as possibly the exception. Except they are racist on each other based on skin tone, family heritage, and nationality. Ask a Colombian what they think of of any other HISPANIC and let me know. Mexico itself is racist mostly based off aztec vs spanish heritage, or varying degrees of both.

Again, not book learned or web site based, learned by actually living there. Have you ever lived anywhere else? Thus far you are spouting aztlan propaganda as history. We learned that in the 3rd grade.
Canadian Chronic- September 2, 2010 at 10:30 am
i"m bringin sexy back

that is all
X- September 2, 2010 at 10:17 am
@rwilsonr......2 add to my statement that " anyone who disagrees with me does not have an education" which if you read my comment never states that..proves my point u r at a third grade level...resorting to name mature are you....look u have your opinion thats great....if we were able 2 be face 2 face...I would gladly lower myself to your for @ccman...Hispanic is an insult 2 mexicans ....however you have a hispanic girlfriend so then it would apply to my point point of going through racism as a mexican....(sarcasm) Major point is I consider myself an American who knows what my ethnic background is.....Can't wait 4 cain 2 kick some ass.....period.....
KarmaAteMyCat- September 2, 2010 at 10:16 am
Now now, theres nothing wrong with being proud about who you are. The tattoo isn't racist and it sure as hell has nothing to do with hating others. Thats just uncalled for and is not what I ment by any means. I have an Irish Pride Tattoo so Represent what you are and be proud, hold onto it. Anyone who has a problem with that can go fuck themselves Karma out. Just know what your talking about when you bring up my country and bash it K thx bai.
thenutman69321- September 2, 2010 at 10:07 am
Fuck Cain's racist ass. I wonder how he'd like it if someone walked by him with a white pride tattoo. Brock's gonna pound his bitch ass.
Kicktothegroin- September 2, 2010 at 9:36 am
"Dey tuk er jerbs!"

I'm sorry, someone had to say it.
RwilsonR- September 2, 2010 at 9:30 am
Thank you ccman for that!

You are absolutely right.
RwilsonR- September 2, 2010 at 9:28 am
@ X - You are a complete jackass, and assuming people don't have an education because they disagree with you may be one of the dmbest assumptions out there. In fact, assume you probably have the same mindless progressive education that most who go through our university system get. Maybe I'm overestimating for you, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on that.

For the record, I don't think Brock should get a "White Pride" tattoo, either, and would be equally offended by that. I actually think taking pride in your race is silly because it has very little to do with you. And those arguing that people don't understand the "Brown Pride" thing, because it was a way for Mexicans to "feel good" about themselves, or accepted as part of a communnity - do you really get what you are saying? If that is the case, Cain Velasquez is a pretty pathetic person, because say what you want about Brock, but he is pretty self-confident. While Cain is so insecure in himself he needs to find a sense of community and brand it on his chest for acceptance, Brock is so damn secure in himself that he puts a giant cock on his chest just daring anyone to call him a fag, and not looking for some juvenile sense of acceptance from anyone. I don't like Brock much, but he comes off looking a lot less pathetic if you apply X's argument.

@ DaltonSwayze - I think you make one of the best points, though. Love him or hate him, at least it makes people care about him... which is a lot more than CV's personality would do on its own.
ccman- September 2, 2010 at 9:22 am
Just to toss an ounce of education and experience into the tattoo debate.

I am a billion miles from racist.. my bro in law is black. Gf hispanic. 2 neices asian... seriously. That said:

And time a person of color bitches about white history of oppression and how whites are the root of all things aweful I dare them to travel thru anywhere south of here for longer than an all inclusive weekend in cancun. Go to africa for any amount of time. Racism is universal. And the US is on the more mild side worldwide on oppression.

The brown pride tattoo is a question of nationalism or lack there of.... not race. I have the same issue with irish americans who have never left this country but have an idea\dream of what ireland is really like. Generally based off 30 year old stories. Can add italians, russians, whatever.

Personally I am sick of hyphanated Americans... just be an American you dumb fucks.
RwilsonR- September 2, 2010 at 9:17 am
@ Frank Dux & LAS

You are both right and wrong. The US was not the first to abolish slavery, but they were right in line with just about every major Western country by a decade or two. Considering that the individual states operated as essentially autonomous nation states while as colonies, through the revolutionary war, and well into the beginnings of the country, you could rightly say that many of them, like Vermont and Mass predated almost any other Western nation in banning slavery.

However, it would be absolutely incorrect to say that because many of the Western powers banned the 'slave trade', that they effectively barred slavery in their borders or in their colonies. France especially used slavery to rape their colonies of resources well after they banned the slave trade. And Russia pre-dated most other countries in a slavery ban, but still maintained their system of serfdom long, long after which amounted to conditions we would easily consider slavery over here.

More importantly, LAS ignores entirely Frank Dux's larger point about slavery being a human condition, which all races have perpetrated and suffered. LAS fails to address this because it doesn't allow him to continue down his grievance peddling based on race. Nor does he address that the US has spent more time, effort, and money ending these abusive practices throughout the world than anyone, by far, and that means a lot more than a symbolic proclamation made by other countries a few years prior. The record of the US on race is not pretty, but Frank is right in implying that it is much better than most anywhere else in the world ever in the entire history of human kind. However, none of us has enslaved anyone, or been a slave, or even been a generation removed from that, and everybody enjoys the same opportunities on the whole. Anymore, the only reason racism exists outside of fringe elements of society in America is because of race peddlars trying to create a system of victimhood to drum up political obeisance, or to assuage some manufactured guilt.
X- September 2, 2010 at 9:09 am
If you r not a Mexican who has been through Racism, you will not understand the Brown pride tattoo. Brown pride originated around 1969 when it was considered "dirty" to be Mexican. Brown Pride has nothing to do with violence or superiority, it has everything to do with Family, protection, education and being equal with everyone else in American. In contrast to most history with "white power" no one will be hanging from trees or assualted from Brown pride. It's amazing the limited viewpoints of most people here on CP.....not even high school level.....more like 3rd grade.....
DaltonSwayze- September 2, 2010 at 8:49 am
The Brown Pride tattoo, right or wrong, obviously rubs a lot of people the wrong way. It's probably the only thing interesting about the man, so at least he has that going for him.
Titos Head- September 2, 2010 at 8:33 am
Oh and on CV's Brown Pride tattoo...I think its cool for him. Its understandable, however I really do no think that if Brock had
"White Power" on his stomach he would be a star either...
Titos Head- September 2, 2010 at 8:29 am
Cant wait to see what Brock has for those Leg Kicks..WARRRR CAIN!!!
GILL-uh-TEEN- September 2, 2010 at 7:37 am
looks like he's wearing makeup.
Swedish- September 2, 2010 at 7:36 am
How come Dana makes all the right decisions and Scott Coker can't get his head out of his @ss?