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Dana White’s Video Blog Should Really Be More Interesting Than This

Yesterday we referred you to the first edition in Dana White’s UFC 87 video blog (a vlog, if you will). If you missed it, allow me to sum up: he sat around in his office for two minutes talking about how excited he was for UFC 87. Yeah, not exactly “Citizen Kane”. The second edition is above, and while it’s an improvement in the sense that he actually does stuff, it’s still incredibly boring. Sure, he flies around in an awesome private jet, but didn’t we already know or at least assume he did that? Where are the escorts and live animals that I always imagined were on that plane with him? Where’s the magic?

It would be fine if I really believed that Dana White’s life were this uninteresting, but I don’t. I’m sure there are plenty of great moments throughout each day that involve him yelling into a cell phone and threatening to crush people, then actually crushing those people, then auditioning new Octagon girls without the intention of hiring any, then having some lunch.

But we don’t get any of that. We get him standing in a hotel room and talking us through his daily schedule, which is always going to be boring unless you’re someone like Gary Busey and your schedule involves you being batshit crazy all day.

I really hope this thing picks up a little momentum as we get closer to the event, because this sounds like a great idea. But right now it just looks like someone convinced him to give up two minutes of every day in non-consecutive stretches, and the result is a tired, cranky Dana White and a bored audience. Maybe time for a special guest star in the next episode? My money’s on GSP.

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fantasic guy- August 6, 2008 at 1:58 am
"I hate the rain." More, more, give us more insight!
danalover- August 6, 2008 at 12:58 am
Did anyone see the word association clips? I watched it on BloodElbow here

What is amazing is that he still thinks Fedor is overated.
A- August 5, 2008 at 10:58 pm
This guys is totally awesome! That's a sweet jet, where can I fill out an application for his job?
MMANewbExpert- August 5, 2008 at 10:29 pm
Ya it was kind of boring but I don't mind losing 2 minutes out of my day. It was sort of funny too. He was being tongue and cheek with his complaints. WTF else am I going to do with my 2 minutes at work? Actually work? F#$k that! Clearly working my butt off to become a multimillionaire isn't worth it. Dana's a multimillionaire and his life is boring as crap.

Thank you video. You've helped set my priorities in life.
Aaron- August 5, 2008 at 9:31 pm
I think some of us were hoping for flight attendants to start stripping and spinning on poles like on Ironman in the jet. I think it's a cool insight into the business. Dana busts his ass. Running the UFC for years on end can't be easy. It is a unique business, that's for sure.
Mark's Right- August 5, 2008 at 9:18 pm
Since when did anyone...

start giving a %**# about his personal/business life?

hes boring, hes lazy, and hes a complainer.

just because the entertainment business is EXCITING, doesnt mean the behind the scenes is also exciting...

"tomorrows gonna suck"
"Its late, im tired, get out of my room"
"ive got a wake up call at 6am, to go work out"

just seems like hes not enjoying every step of his life... reminds me of a real Negative Nancy...

hes lame, please for the sake of our sanity... let us check his vlog if we're really that bored.