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Dana White’s Nuts Appear on CNBC’s Chin


How weak of a puff-piece B.J. was last night’s “Ultimate Fighting: From Blood Sport to Big Time” special on CNBC? I think this quote says it all:

“At six feet and a chiseled 210 pounds, Dana White looks every bit the ferocious ultimate fighting champion.”

Whaaaaaa? You mean the paunchy, doughy Dana White? That one? Look, we realize you’ve been paid off, but at least try to maintain the illusion of journalistic integriity. This is television — you can’t tell us things that are straight-up contradicted by the images on the screen. FightOpinion has a full recap of the half-assed UFC informercial, so give it look if you’d like to be disgusted even further.

And here’s something I learned today: When you do a Google Image Search for Dana White (no quotes), the first result takes you to (“the place where bald guys rule!”). Among the support group message boards and product reviews of balm and wipes, White is featured in a roundup page called “5 Successful Bald Men,” where he shares space with such hairless luminaries as Iron Chef America winner Michael Symon and creepy character actor Jackie Earle Haley. Kind of a low-rent list, if you ask me. They couldn’t find room for Bruce Willis, Neil Strauss and Edward Norton in American History X?

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Jeremy- December 13, 2007 at 9:46 pm
Cage Potato is very correct in saying, you cant say one thing and show me another. and yes CBS know what the taint taste like. I think they were trying to show you that Dana white isn't your average business tycoon that wears suits and has the meeting of the board with 11 other white soulless assclowns. They showed off Dana's fat ass in the exciting episode of Tito Vs Dana. But atleast hes bald.
knightrida- December 13, 2007 at 8:59 pm
I noticed the reporter, when talking to the original UFC guy (forget his name) and then to Franklin, kept insinuating that it was just barbaric violence. Foolish trickery. Franklin almost took the bait.
Tyler- December 13, 2007 at 8:12 pm
Thanks for your mention of Sly Bald Guys. You also reminded me that I didn't mark the posts about Bruce Willis and Neil Strauss as part of the Successful Bald Men category, so again, thanks!

As for Edward Norton, he is a bad ass in American History X, but he's not bald all the time. Though, I'm sure he will be in the future.

As for Dana, he is a douchebag, but he is bald and he is "successful". Actually, without him, you wouldn't even have a site about MMA.