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Dean Lister Loses His F*cking Mind, Agrees to Submission-Only Match With Paul Harris at 2013 World Jiu-Jitsu Expo

(After seeing this photo, Palhares could only ask why Lister “didn’t require a referee to yank him off his opponent like a normal person.”)

The emotional effects of post-UFC life on the average fighter is a subject that has both been vigorously discussed and tremendously explored. In the nearly 10 years since the promotion held its first event, several brave souls have attempted to shed a light on what it means to be a UFC fighter (or to have been), be it through autobiographies, documentaries, or a series of increasingly depressing public appearances. There was also Bar Brawler, but that tale of insanity is in a class of its own.

Kenny Florian is a good example of a fighter who has successfully adjusted to life outside of fighting, having parlayed his extensive career with the UFC into a multitude of desk jobs including UFC on FOX analyst, MMA Live and UFC Tonight co-host, and the sole speck of personality present during a UFC on FUEL broadcast. Veterans like Luke Cummo, on the other hand, left the UFC on a spaceship to live with the Bull Pegasus on Planet Bathsaltia forevermore.

What I’m getting at is, there are fighters who have followed the KenFlo path of post-UFC life and there are those who have followed the Mayhem Miller path of self destruction. Based on the news passed along by Graciemag last night, it seems we can assume that UFC veteran Dean Lister falls into the latter category, as he has *voluntarily* accepted a short-notice, submission-only Jiu-Jitsu match with Rousimar Palhares at this year’s World Jiu-Jitsu Expo on November 9th.

I know, Bruce — it’s shocking, it’s horrifying, it’s borderline masochistic. But let us not forget that Lister is a former three time ADCC world champion, as well as a Four-time Machado National BJJ champion and a National Gracie BJJ champion. In fact, Lister is coming directly off a silver medal-earning run at this year’s ADCC Championships in the -99 kilograms division, hence why he agreed to the match on such short notice. Lister is also something of a leglock specialist in his own right, so let’s everybody take a chill pill here.

Of course, one can’t help but ask: Who in their right mind allowed Paul Harris to participate in a BJJ tournament when the man clearly has no understanding of what it means to submit?

What’s that? It was Renzo Gracie who made the call, you say? Well, I’m sure he had his reasons (via MMAFighting):

I already wanted to get ‘Toquinho’ in the event, but wanted even more after everybody started criticizing him and I wouldn’t let that happen. He’s a great guy, an incredible grappler, and I respect him a lot. He represents jiu-jitsu all the time.

Dean has done some epic fights at ADCC and took this fight on short notice, but he was already in shape after his fights this weekend. He’s a great talent and accepted the challenge as soon as we offered it. They are both great leg lock guys and this fight will be amazing.

Yes, amazing. As in, “You will be amazed that this fight was ever allowed to happen should Palhares get ahold of Lister’s leg and continue cranking until he has broken it off at the knee.”

Personally, I’m praying that the above scenario is played out in reverse, if only so Paul Harris can experience the following epiphany while laid up in the hospital:

-J. Jones

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