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Dear MMA Fighters: Never, *Ever* Attempt to Stop a Takedown Like This

As painful as it is to be knocked out via a Rock Bottom-style slam (or must be, I have no idea), at least you can take solace in the fact that, should that scenario befall you, you’d still more than likely get to walk away from the fight in one piece.

Thus, we come to option B for how to deal with a takedown/slam: The “Arm Resist Motion.” It’s an objectively terrible decision no matter how you look at it, yet also understandable given how we instinctively react to falling as a species. Unfortunately in MMA, it’s an instinct that usually results in a horrific injury like the one about to take place above, which happened during a middleweight contest between Pat McCrohan and Buck “Knuckles” Pineau at CES 31 over the weekend.

Less than a minute into the fight, McCrohan snatched up his opponent for a big slam, leading Pineau to reach out and brace for impact. Rather than soften his landing, however, Pineau’s arm shattered like it was being used as a kickstand for a whale carcass, forcing him to instantaneously tap out in agony.

Tough luck, Knuckles (or as you’ll soon be known, “Stumpy”), but this is how we learn.

(Props: ZombieProphet)

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