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Do We All Owe Josh Koscheck an Apology?

(Props: kevinjd)

So let’s run this thing down, from the beginning.

During the first round of Josh Koscheck and Paul Daley‘s fight last Saturday at UFC 113, Paul Daley fires a knee to Josh Koscheck’s dome while Kos’s knees were clearly in the "down" position. Kos does his best to call attention to the foul before slumping over on the mat. He covers his face in apparent pain. When he removes his glove, there’s blood on the bridge of his nose that didn’t seem to be there before. The crowd boos Daley’s dirtiness…until they see the replay, which shows (from multiple angles) that at worst, Daley’s knee grazed Koscheck’s hair. Sure, the knee shouldn’t have been thrown in the first place, but Josh had just been exposed as a faker. Now the crowd was booing him. After the controversial fouls in his ugly match against Anthony Johnson, Koscheck’s credibility was officially shot.

Following the Daley fight, he stood by his claim that he’d been kneed illegally — or at least hit in the face by something. It could have been a fist, actually. At the time, this seemed like a pathetic explanation, because if it was a punch, why would Kos try so hard to draw the foul, and besides, hadn’t we just seen the replay of this mysterious illegal blow like 20 times? Forget it. Josh Koscheck was a liar and our minds were made up.

Okay. Are you ready to have your minds blown?

(Props: Neo Cyrus)

The gif above shows the entire illegal-knee sequence. What we were shown on the UFC 113 broadcast, over and over again, was only the left-knee that Daley threw at the very end, which clearly missed Koscheck’s head. What we were not shown was the right-knee that immediately preceded it (watch closely), which connects and rocks Koscheck’s head back. That’s what Josh Koscheck was referring to when he said he got nailed by something in that scramble. Koscheck did his "come on, man!" routine as soon as he had an opportunity — unfortunately, it came after a knee that missed, and the replay editing was not kind to him.

Is Josh Koscheck as bad as a soccer player when it comes to overplaying fouls? Yes, possibly. But he actually did get hit by an illegal knee in his fight against Paul Daley. You can still boo him for being an asshole in general, but at least give him the common courtesy of not calling him a liar. Sorry, Josh.

Update: From another angle, it looks like Kos may have just smacked into the right-knee on his own…

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Fisicoculturismo Espana- September 3, 2011 at 11:47 am
Maybe a little but he is stille a douchebag. Fisicoculturismo Mexico
captaincanuck67- July 20, 2010 at 8:01 pm
concheck should have been suspended at the very least, that is 3 fights in a row where he has faked an injury to recover....and he gets rewarded with a coaching job on tuf and a title shot....will the spider be given the same rewards for being such a lousy fighter?no matter how many times you watch all the replays, there was no right knee, as Daley is backing up concheck comes forward and hits his face on Daley's thigh, not his knee and it was concheck that injured his own face.
Angelton- May 17, 2010 at 10:34 pm
I'm just pissed that second knee missed.
Mr_Misanthropy- May 17, 2010 at 10:01 pm
@ Footballyfrank

I'm with you. Nobody's opinion is going to change reality. Nothing to see here folks, carry on. All the bodies are under white sheets and we're just waiting on the guy that hoses the brains off the street.
beatlesfrank- May 17, 2010 at 8:48 pm
Neither knee hits him his left arm is between Daleys knee and his head and his head is level with Daleys belt !!!!!!!!!!
fatbellyfrank- May 17, 2010 at 8:26 pm
@ccman, you make it sound like a bad thing, and really, whats there to discuss intelligently, Daley threw a wild knee, whcih may or may not have connected, Kos hams it up to try and gain some advantage, doesn't succeed cause Big Dan decides its not worth deducting a point, Kos returns to original gameplan, get him down and submit/and or grind out a victory, Kos wins, not in the most exciting fashion but a win is a win. IMO Kos is the kind of guy who will take any advantage he can. I really don't see to many problems with that sort of attitude, although it does shit some people to tears.
What Daley did after the bell was a very silly reaction to Kos's tactics and now its cost him his job.
I'm not a fan of either fighter, nor am I a "hater'. What we saw at UFC113 was a glimpse at how both fighters operate, and IMO kos does a good job of being the heel and plays up to it. Daley should focus on fighting and not worry about the other shit, it doesn't really suit him.
There you go, another rambling shitfest that proves nothing either way.
ghostboner- May 17, 2010 at 8:17 pm
@ccman - I was objective. I mean really, he couldn't be worse than any of the candidates we had in 2008. I admit that Kos is not particularly charismatic, I admit that I still kind of like him, and I give huge props to CP for calling it like they see it and being men enough to apologize to a person frequently mistaken for a Fraggle.
ccman- May 17, 2010 at 7:28 pm
In the end: potato nation failed. This is one big pro\con kos arguement. Not a single objective view in this whole thread. Fanboys(girls) not fans. Fer shame.
Chiggs- May 17, 2010 at 5:58 pm
Ya'll are on crack if you really think/see the 1st knee hitting him. It Blantantly misses his head BUT does bounce of his shoulder right before, but no way does it connect with his head. Ive watched it, I dont know how many times now, with now, 5 others watching/looking and we all see the same thing and it took actually forever to even catch that. Dudes a f*cking diver, an I dont mean Muff Diving!!!
Zyz Zyx- May 17, 2010 at 5:13 pm
I regularly masturbate to the idea of Koscheck bleeding to death in the street.

There was no knee to his head. None at all. Some of you are working WAY too hard to make excuses for that asshole. Koscheck is a douchetard who TWICE has faked receiving an illegal blow that did not connect so he could mess with his opponent's momentum and/or take a breather to contemplate his male pattern baldness. He just likes to fuck with people and fuck with the system. He successfully did to Daley what he tried to do to Leben in TUF.