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Does Chael Sonnen Have Your Attention Yet?

(‘Oh, all the free kittens are gone? That’s cool. You might want to take that ad out of the paper. Just, you know, so somebody like me doesn’t get his hopes up only to have them crushed and ground into a fine, depressing powder. But whatever.’)

If somehow you didn’t know who Chael Sonnen was before this week, chances are you do now.  He’s spent the run-up to his fight with Nate Marquardt at UFC 109 making inflammatory statements about almost everyone but his opponent.  I spoke to Sonnen for this feature on Saturday night’s bout, and as expected it turned out to be an interesting conversation.  Here, for your enjoyment, are selected outtakes from that talk.

Lately you’ve been making waves with your comments about Anderson Silva, saying he actually speaks perfect English but hates the media too much to talk to them. I guess I’m wondering, if it’s not a ploy to get attention, why go after Anderson now?

I didn’t really say anything about Anderson. All I said is what you said there, and that’s no big deal. Once I destroy Nate Marquardt in a few days I will set my sights on him and I will really let it go. Believe me, when I sink my teeth into this guy, those comments aren’t going to seem like anything. I was making a very fair observation. Anderson Silva speaks English. Any time the media comes around he has such disdain for you guys that it’s ‘se habla Espanol.’ He doesn’t have to talk to the media, and in fact he refuses to, and yet the media goes out and strokes his ego and puts him on the cover of everything. It’s the craziest thing I’ve seen.

All the guys in the locker room know it, and we all laugh about it. Here’s Anderson going, ‘I don’t understand,’ and then there’s the media going, ‘We love you, Anderson!’ when he hates you guys. So I was just pointing out that fact. The people in the media should thank me for that, but nobody did, so there’s the media for you. I don’t care about Anderson in the least. I don’t think about him for two seconds of my day. But believe me, when I sink my teeth into him it won’t be just to out the fact that he speaks English.

As you point out, he doesn’t talk to us much and doesn’t give us much to work with, so don’t you think that maybe the reason the media is so hot on him is because of how good a fighter he is and not his personality?

I don’t know if that’s it or not. I don’t know who he’s beaten in the top ten. He beat up a drunk Chris Leben and a one-legged Patrick Cote and every bum that could get a plane ticket to Ohio. He went up to light heavyweight, but how hard is that? It’s the easiest weight class in the company. He beat up some slow and unathletic guys up there. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe he is that good. If he gets past Vitor [Belfort], and I don’t think he will, I’ll sing a different tune. If he can beat Vitor it will change my opinion of him, but until then, I don’t know. I don’t see who he’s beat that’s so great.

He beat Nate Marquardt.

I didn’t see that. Did he fight Nate?

Yeah. Knocked him out.

Oh, I didn’t know that.

Well, he did. And you respect Nate’s skills, don’t you?

Sure, absolutely. I respect Anderson’s too. I respect all these guys and their skills, don’t get me wrong. I’m just saying let’s slow down on this stuff about Anderson being the greatest fighter ever. There’s someone named Randy Couture that you might want to put your eyes on when you’re talking about the greats ever.

Moving on to Nate, what do you think you do better than him?

I really don’t know. I think Nate does everything well. There’s only been a few times when I’ve had to sit down and watch film on a guy and come away scratching my head, saying, ‘Geez, I don’t know what I’m going to do to this guy.’ You know, I don’t know what I bring to the table that shuts this guy down. Nate’s one of those guys. I don’t know what skills I have that are going to come in super handy.

It’s one of these fights where you just have to figure it out. You get in that cage, you’re going to have to find a way to outwork the guy, outhustle the guy, outsmart the guy. Skill for skill, he creates a lot of problems for me. But that’s where the excitement comes in, too. I’m excited to see how I’m going to figure out this puzzle. I’m excited to see how I’m going to handle a guy that’s as strong as he is and as talented as he is. But how will I do it? I don’t know yet.

I’ve heard you say that you don’t have any other choice but to win this fight, and yet you say you have no idea how you’re going to win this fight. It’s this a do-or-die moment for you?

I never said do-or-die, but I don’t have any other choice but to win. I don’t. It’s like, before the fight everyone always asks if you’re ready. Fight week, that’s all you hear. From your family and friends to total strangers, it’s always, ‘Are you ready?’ And the truth is, you’re never ready, it’s just your turn. It doesn’t matter how I feel or if I’m ready. None of this stuff matters. When they call my name I will put my mouthpiece in and I will walk to the cage and I will find a way to win this fight. I’ve done it many times before. I’ve never been ready. I’ve never felt good.

It’s like UFC 108, which people called the cursed card. That card wasn’t cursed, they just lined up a bunch of sissies. All these guys keep pulling out, ‘Oh, I’m hurt. I broke my such-and-such. I got a staph infection.’ So what? What does that have to do with anything? If you said you’d fight, when they call your name, walk out there and fight. What I’ve said is that it doesn’t do me any good to have a close fight with Nate. I’m not one of those guys who says, ‘I just want go out there and entertain the fans.’ I’m not that guy. I’m out there to win the fight. That’s why it doesn’t matter how I feel or if I’m ready. When they say fight, I’ll fight and I’ll expect to win.

Do you feel like you need to win a title in order to be happy with your career?

Yes, absolutely. I don’t think anybody’s ever had a good career that didn’t win a title. I think if you never won a title, you just quit, but you didn’t retire. It’s been that way in my own wrestling career. In wrestling, if you don’t win a world or Olympic title, you can’t retire. You just have to quit the sport. So I had to quit wrestling, because I couldn’t win the world title. If you don’t win the title, you’re just in the way. Right now I’m just in the way, so I have to win the championship.

Do you think that you have the striking skill and the power to not only win the exchanges with Nate, but knock him out?

I could definitely win the exchange, but I’d be surprised if I could knock him down, let alone out. Unless he’s got a glass jaw that I don’t know about, I’m not going to be knocking him out. But yeah, I could certainly win the exchanges. I’m faster than Nate is.

You might be the first fighter I’ve ever talked to who doesn’t claim to think he can knock his opponent out.

That’s because MMA fighters are a bunch of meatheads and somewhere along the way it became the cool thing to say you could knock a guy out. That never seemed cool to me. I don’t see what that has to do with anything. I’d be disappointed if I could knock him out. I mean, if I did, then great, but I want to go home and look at my DVR and see myself on TV for a long time. If I can get the full fifteen minutes, that’s what I’m going to do.

Again, I’ve never heard a fighter say he wants to go the full fifteen minutes.

That’s because everybody else is lazy. That’s the God’s honest truth. These fighters who say, ‘I’m looking for the finish,’ they’re not looking for the finish. They’re looking to get out of there because it’s really hard work. These lazy fighters who don’t want to have to go out and grind for fifteen minutes, it’s not pleasant, but that’s the business we’re in.



  1. peckawoodd Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 10:50

    So when he says 'se habla español' does he realize that Brazilians speak Portugués?
  2. TheRealKadumel Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 10:54

    se habla espanol? Nice try you fucking idiot he is Brazilian.
  3. peckawoodd Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 10:54

    And he needs to quit riding Randy's Dick. Silva is the best and would lay some serious hands on Sonnen. Plus, Randy doesn't want Chael humping him too.
  4. TheRealKadumel Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 10:55

    That was meant at Sonnen btw.
  5. mizzo Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 10:56

    what a douche
  6. Shane Darwin Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 10:59

    It's clear from reading this that he knows Nate will smash him.
  7. ReX13 Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:00

    Peckawoodd: +1 Am i really to believe that Sonnen is unaware that Marquardt fought Silva?? He talks about watching tape of his opponent--what? the Silva fight was top secret? You couldn't get clearance? Chael "Rhymes w/ 'Fail'" Sonnen needs to get the fuck out. Marquardt is gonna smash this loser, and imma enjoy it.
  8. mma samurai Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:01

    WOW! Where to begin. Lets start with WHAT AND EPIC DOUCHE!! This guy did nothing but insult everyone and contradict himself, not to mention his political side creeped out when he got called out for calling everyone Silva beat a bum and then back tracking saying how great Nate is. From what I read he's all talk and from what I've seen in his fights not that much action. He may have just about reached Brock Lesnar proportions of douchebaggery on the this one. Although (and I hate to admit this because I despise Lesnar) at least Brock only talks shit about his current opponent and only if they have exchanged words with him as well. He doesn't just call everyone out and belittle damn near the whole UFC. Of all the people he slammed that Anderson beat, I'd love to see Sonen make that "easy" jump to LHW and face Forrest. I would enjoy nothing more than to watch Griffin leg kick the piss out of Sonen ala Manhoef style and leave that dick limping out of the cage. Let him get his full 15mins he wants, and make him pay every single one of those 15mins. Last but not least: "I don’t care about Anderson in the least. I don’t think about him for two seconds of my day." This dude is hugging Anderson's nuts tighter than his black and yellow fight shorts.
  9. steampunk22 Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:02

    I liked a few of his comments, but some of the things he said are definitely of the retarded variety. Nate should take this unless Sonnen grinds him out.
  10. NemesisBC Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:03

    Chael needs to be big in the personality department because his fighting style is about as exciting as watching Jello congeal.
  11. dogpt3 Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:03

    I was gonna smash the line on this guy just for the odds. The fact that he thinks Anderson Silva is over hyped says a lot about how dumb he is though. Then again, I guess being dumb enough to buy your own bullshit is a good thing. Fuck it I'm dropping 50 on him.
  12. macreadysshack Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:04

    It's absurd to think Sonnen doesn't know that Silva speaks Italian. You guys are a bunch of dumbasses.
  13. hjdevnull Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:04

    Please, Chael Sonnen. When you are done fighting, please become an announcer. Especially the one that does post-fight interviews. You are articulate and you are not afraid to say anything. I want to see if you can start a Diaz-Noons level brawl at least once an event just by stating your opinions. "So, you knocked him out in the second round. Do you think he's a glass-jawed loser, or are you just a lazy bum who didn't want to go the full fifteen?" I will buy every PPV you announce. No questions asked.
  14. hotsaucemonster Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:05

    this guy is so fucking ignorant, he thinks BJJ is for fags, A Silva speaks spanish, and 205 is easy? i didnt like this guy much before but oh my god i hate him now
  15. danomite Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:09

    so he didn't know nate lost to anderson? does he know that fellow team Quest fighter Dan Henderson lost to anderson as well? or is he really just that stupid.
  16. OPT1MUSPR1ME Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:10

    WAR Sonnen!!
  17. robthom Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:12

    Honest to god, chaell sonnen NEVER crosses my mind unless theres a HUGE close up picture of him shoved in my face. Ahhh, now its gone again.
  18. gavinslayer Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:12

    Wow, hostile interviewer much? Still, it's pretty dumb that Chael didn't review the Nate/Silva fight. If you're trying to beat a fighter, don't you want to see how other people have beaten him? And yeah, Brazilians don't speak Spanish. Chael doesn't seem like a dumbass per se, but he's got a serious problem with research. Try reading up on your own sport a little, chief. He does have a point about Silva, though. He's definitely the p4p king, but he's turned into a total diva in the last year or so. Silva vs. Shogun needs to happen. I'm just sayin'.
  19. gbc11385 Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:14

    and the award for 2010 douchebag of the year goes to... Chael "yo hablo douche" Sonnen!
  20. Miles Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:18

    does anyone that's heard what this guy says like him? I like fucking brock lesnar more than this retard Nate by KO
  21. omunto Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:19

    The only comment I liked was that he didn't think he could knock Nate out. It was the ONLY time I've seen humility in Sonnen. He's really good at getting people to hate him.
  22. cecils_pupils Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:23

    wow... I didn't know Chael Sonnen had the ability to speak in complete sentences with both feet in his mouth at the same time.
  23. shizznitt Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:25

    what a tool
  24. ktfo Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:25

    Did he fight Nate? lol this fool is just looking for attention. whats funny is how easily maia submitted him with that triangle. A child could clearly see what maia was setting up, the old "Let him scramble out of being mounted only to end up being choked trick". Nate will finish him fast and give him as little tv time as possible. Then send this douche bag packin to strikeforce, at least it will be in time for the april strikeforce cbs show
  25. BlueLB Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:26

    Hmm. Chael seems to forget he has a loss to Forrest.
  26. mma samurai Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:27

    That picture is a snapshot of the future. He's going to have that same look on his face when he's KTFO and layed out on the canvas
  27. DazedNConfused Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:29

    What a cunt. Buried somewhere inbetween Couture's Asshole and Nutsack, talking shit about one of the best fighters to ever fight in the UFC. I almost hope he can beat Nate (LOL yah right) so Anderson can pick him apart and make a highlight reel out of him.
  28. agentsmith Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:34

    At least this was a print interview, so I don't have to hear his nasally "cartoon nerd" voice. This douche-tard also claims he's beaten guys who have beaten Anderson Silva. "Guys"... plural. In reality, the one guy he's beaten who holds a win over Silva is Yushin Okami... except Okami didn't actually defeat Silva, Silva was DQ'd for an upkick to the head when Okami was grounded. So Sonnen's claim is sorta technically true, kinda... but not really.
  29. radiobaby Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:34

    * He beat Nate Marquardt. I didn’t see that. Did he fight Nate? Yeah. Knocked him out. Oh, I didn’t know that. * That is absolute gold.
  30. iDestroy Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:39

    Lol. I like sonnen now. Nate will beat him though.
  31. Onan Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:39

    I don’t know who he’s beaten in the top ten. He beat up a drunk Chris Leben and a one-legged Patrick Cote and every bum that could get a plane ticket to Ohio. Yeah and Sonnen's resume is filled with Top 10 guys he's beaten. Sometimes when a guys says things that are so obviously absurd you just have to laugh. There is no way that Sonnen actually expects anyone to take this seriously. It's very telling that he tells us to wait and see what he is going to say about Silva, not what he is going to do to Silva. Agradecimentos para jogar. Boa noite.
  32. cecils_pupils Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:42

    He should go back to selling real estate... or better yet, go into politics! [with voice like Nixon] "I am not a douche".
  33. agentsmith Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:44

    "I don’t know who he’s beaten in the top ten." Let's have a look at Sherdog's current rankings. Silva has already beaten both the #2 and #3 guys at middleweight, plus the former middleweight champ who is now ranked #10 at light heavyweight, plus the #5 ranked light heavyweight. That's two of the current top-ten guys in each of two weight classes. But yeah, other than that, Silva is a bum. Fuck that Latino loser.
  34. parchy mcthirst Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:45

    chael, do you know that we live in a heliocentric universe? 'no, do we?' yes. 'oh, i didn't know that'
  35. asiansensation Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:47

    hes gonna be singin a different tune when the doctors are waking him up after he gets ktfo!
  36. Art Gibs Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:47

    He's clearly bullshitting a lot here. It's hard to tell when he's being serious and when he's just being controversial. It's a safe bet he knows Silva beat Marquardt, and deep down he probably knows that Silva is virtually flawless (except for having a huge ego). Sonnen is playing all of you like fiddles. He's trying to stir controversy and interest in watching him fight -- even if people only watch to see his face get pushed in.
  37. macreadysshack Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:48

    He just wants attention and . . . well, that's what we're giving him. He's playing a classic heel, here. He's just trying to sell the fight. He's obviously intelligent. You all heard how intent he was on selling the fight with Okami. He was constantly harping on Okami for making him hype it all on his own. All he's doing is fucking with you. And it's working. LOL!!!!!! I love Sonen for this.
  38. Crusader86 Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:50

    Light heavyweight is the easiest class? My ass. LW is so damn stacked. I was going for Nate, but I really hope Sonnen gets smoked now. Though he does seem to mix his being a douche with things that make sense.
  39. macreadysshack Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:51

    Art Gibs sees the truth. Why don't you?
  40. ihateemo Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 11:57

    "I want to go home and look at my DVR and see myself on TV for a long time." I don't care who you are, that is fucking comedy gold right there. Easily one of the funniest interviews I've ever read. If only all fighters could sell themselves like this, the sport would be even bigger!
  41. Organ Donor Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 12:07

    Spoken like a man who is subconsciously aware that this is the apex of his career trajectory. The pinata has been split open, and he's grabbing as much candy as he can before the party's over. He knows that so many illogical contradictions can't withstand the test of time but it doesn't matter. His time is up. I guess it's time for him, in his own words to quit MMA.
  42. Run Forest Run Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 12:11

    BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Sorry. Huge douche chill.
  43. hooligun Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 12:16

    what a cunt! I think I like this wanker about as much as I like Koscheck ;)
  44. HeadsWillRoll Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 12:22

    This guy might be funny (which I assume he's trying to be) if he wasn't such an effing downer. From now on, whenever I read any of his interviews I will imagine him speaking with the voice of Pat of 90's SNL fame. There...that's better. Oh, Chael. You so funny...
  45. mcdolph Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 12:25

    i like his bullshit. it's good bullshit.
  46. YesCartwheel Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 12:26

    What a cock. This knuckle dragger needs to stop peeking at Couture's hog.
  47. T_Durden Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 12:28

    Hmmm, I watched a video of this interview somewhere or it might be that he's spouting the same garbage to anyone that sticks a mic in his face. But I do remember him saying that the whole 'I want to watch myself on my DVR as much as possible' comment was him clearly playing. He said he'd want to end it as soon as possible. It was an interview with Helwani I think. But anyway, aside from all the idiotic comments that I can't decide whether they're real or not, does it not sound like according to his math, he's most likely going to lose to Nate, and he hopes Silva loses to Belfort so that as he said 'he can really sink his teeth into Silva'? He doesn't really make a case for him beating Nate at all. In every interview I've watched he talks about how much better Nate is compared to him. I truly hope Marquardt destroys him. And this guy needs to shut up about Silva beating bums and drunk Leben...Sonnen is the same guy who was submitted once, and barely decisioned a drugged up Paolo Filho a couple yrs ago.
  48. J-Dog Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 12:31

    Hahaha.... those damn Japanese fighters always ask if you speak Mandarin. And don't even get me started on the fucking Canadians always asking if you will please speak Rahkine. And the damn illegal Mexicans asking "parlez-vous angalis?"
  49. agentsmith Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 12:34

    One thing's for certain: his interviews are more interesting than his fights.
  50. 831 Father Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 12:35

    It's so obvious he's just fucking with the media and the fans. Yet all you "smart", "knowledgeable", internet MMA fans always have a heart attack every time Sonnen opens his mouth. Chael is a real-life human troll, yet everyone still feeds him, it's hilarious. To quote a user on another MMA site about the interview: "it’s hilarious how butthurt you guys are getting."
  51. iDestroy Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 12:41

  52. LoneWolf Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 12:47

    I totally hope Nate beats the eff out of Chael....what an asshole. He has no freaking respect...
  53. Ricardo Cabeza Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 12:49

    "That’s because everybody else is lazy. That’s the God’s honest truth. These fighters who say, ‘I’m looking for the finish,’ they’re not looking for the finish. They’re looking to get out of there because it’s really hard work." That may be the dumbest thing I have ever heard ! And that my friends is a huge statement!!! What fighter (or any worker ) of any sort would not want to get out early with out injury or fatigue? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm gonna have to call BS on Chael.
  54. Phil Baloni Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 12:52

    this guy is awesome in that he is so indiscriminantly douchey and so un-self aware of just how ironic he actually is. it's almost the same affliction that matt hughes has in that he has no concept of irony. on a sidenote, i find this man extremely boring. so not only is he annoyingly awesome, but he's boring to watch. i call him Chael 'Time to Start Yawnin' Sonnen.
  55. thai-clinch Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 12:56

    wow i have a new favorite fighter to hate
  56. HippyMMA Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 12:57

    he is a super douche
  57. budsellers Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 01:01

    Translation from republican to english: Chael has no idea what Nate is going to do in this fight, or how bad Nate is going to hurt him, but he is hoping to have the skills needed to make it to a decision. He hates quitters!
  58. PortlandMMA Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 01:17

    I honestly couldn't dislike this guy more than I do. The fact he acts like he is some what intelligent is the most annoying thing out there. I am so glad I have the opportunity to vote against him in joining the State house of representatives. On the countdown to UFC 109, he says something like "yeah I want to joint the state house of representatives, but first and foremost I'm focused on being a fighter." Way to sell yourself as a politician genius. I also heard he is brushing up on his Spanish so he can train in with some of Brazil's finest.
  59. side.check.kick Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 01:17

    "I'd be disappointed if I knocked him out." "I want to go home and see myself on the DVR for a long time" "I never feel good, I never feel ready" LOL, a champion in the making folks!!!
  60. macreadysshack Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 01:27

    Wow, this site is trolled by roughly 90% retards. Fuck, it's just like real life in here.
  61. Goog Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 01:32

    I never liked Sonnen, either, but not everything he said was ridiculous. Randy has held numerous belts in different weight classes for a long time. Silva so far has one he's defended a handful of times. If we're still talking about the champ - or even contender - Anderson Silva 14 years from now, then... okay. Throw his name in the "Greatest fighter ever" discussion. Silva's an elite striker, for sure, but all Sonnen said was he hasn't put much time in to be handed such a status. And Randy will always get the "legend" points for being around and considered a pioneer in the sports early development. It's too far along for anyone else to really get credited for that these days. I don't like Sonnen at all and I like Silva even less. May they both tear major muscles in training camp that requires long painful surgery and years of recovery. Or a least a really good mat burn.
  62. fightwithpassion Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 01:53

    I think her was being ironical, you know like when Frank Trigg did his John Madden impression.
  63. Rampages Conscience Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 02:00

    Wow, it's like you were able to go into the future and capture the exact expression that Sonnen will be wearing while he is lying on the mat and looking up at the lights above the ring tomorrow night... while unconscious.
  64. Rampages Conscience Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 02:02

    @ Brazil's finest. It is bizarre that Sonnen would be sharpening up his Spanish to talk to Brazilians... considering the fact that they speak Portugese.
  65. Rampages Conscience Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 02:02

    @ PortlandMMA. It is bizarre that Sonnen would be sharpening up his Spanish to talk to Brazilians... considering the fact that they speak Portugese.
  66. budsellers Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 02:24

    @ Rampages Conscience - what is bizarre is that you would comment on this interview without reading the first answer chael said about anderson(a brazillian): "Any time the media comes around he has such disdain for you guys that it’s ‘se habla Espanol.’"
  67. Keyser Soze Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 02:47

    Originally I wanted Marquardt to win to set up the rematch with Silva, however... after laughing my ass off at this interview, I'm tempted to hope that Sonnen wins for one reason alone. Silva would absolutely humiliate and tear Sonnen a new asshole. Even if Belfort magically beats Silva and wins the MW title., it would be pretty much the same story. A world class ass whooping similar to Bisping's by Henderson. Weird thing is, Sonnen's ramblings are so off the wall it's funny. Regardless of whether or not he actually believes it, it's still comical. Put a mic in front of a Diaz, Sanchez or Koscheck and I cringe. 1rst round TKO by Marquardt. If Sonnen makes it to round two it'll be shocking for me.
  68. ACG8893 Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 02:53

    God i really hope Nate knocks this douche bag out.
  69. ghostboner Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 03:00

    I used to dislike Sonnen, but that interview was hilarious. I will give him his props for refusing to hug anderson's nuts, even if his reasoning is total poop, and also for refusing to talk up his KO power and calling all the fighters lazy meatheads. Funny shit! I am still going for Marquardt though because he is the man.
  70. Dante Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 03:01

    Anyone who is mad is a terd. SONNEN FTW
  71. Spidey Sense Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 03:26

    mma samurai - nice comments! although i must disagree - i think that will be the look on his face as he gazes into the emptiness behind his eyes, in a cracked bathroom mirror in a chevron station, right before he eats a hollow-point out of a colt python .357. or, something like that. he may hang himself. wow, what a jerk. i could say douche, asshole, ignorant big mouth whatever, but i feel that jerk is the most all-encompassing, simple yet profound word to apply here. here's a prediction, in elemental terms (since chael-rhymes-with-fail thinks he's so badass): his name will be called, and he'll go into the octagon in a not feeling too good and not exactly ready state. then nate's gonna enter, and sonnen's gonna look at him and wonder if, when they go to the bottom of the well, will the beast be down there? well, you're going to know the answer to that when nate beats you so hard that you wish you had never been born. it's going to hurt, it's going to leave a mark, and it's going to be humiliating when you watch the video on your bigscreen later on. there's not gonna be any recovery for sonnen, and dana's gonna drop him like a shitty rag.
  72. kaig223 Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 03:32

    Holy shit that was funny
  73. Spidey Sense Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 03:41

    but wait, tito is still king of the douches. sonnen has many miles and years to go in order to achieve ortiz's level of douchebaggery. matt hughes is living pretty comfortably in this club too, now that i think about it. i'll submit that sonnen does not know how to speak spanish or portugese, and that he can't he be expected to tell the difference between the two. i mean, i can't tell the difference between russian and czechoslovakian when i hear them. it's a moot point though, 'cause he looks like a DB for commenting on silva and getting the language wrong. it made him look stupid. and ignorant. thuggish too. let's get to the bottom of whether or not silva can speak english though. that is the one nugget of any value in that whole mess of an interview.
  74. Monstrosity Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 03:57

    i believe the part about anderson just not wanting to talk to the media. don't really care but its probably true. the rest of this interview was him trying to be a heel from the WWE.
  75. mma samurai Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 04:12

    Thanks spidey. As far as swallowing a gun in the bathroom, we can onlly hope. It's funny the more everyone started talking about heels I noticed there is at least one stand out douche cannon in each division. Sonnen arguably the MW champ here (the only time he'll ever be MW champ mind you), Matt Hughes is the reigning WW (Koschek is a close second in my opinion), Tito is the obvious LHW king there, Brock Lesnar at heavyweight (hey he is the first guy in the UFC to hold two titles at once!) and as far as the LW's go I'd have to say Gray Maynard based solely on his bitchassedness for not stepping up and fighting BJ given the chance (this one is tough because there aren't too many douchey dudes at LW). There you go CP there's an article for you, "Top 10 Douchebags in MMA of All Time". This is where Van Wilder reminds you to write that down.
  76. easy11019 Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 04:17

    My suspicions that Sonnen is a narcasistic douchebag have just been confirmed. Thanks Cagepotato
  77. budsellers Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 04:50

    just watched his fanhouse interview with mma fighting and chael told ariel helwani that he was just kidding when he said that he wanted to see himself at home on the dvr for up to 15 minutes, but his delivery was about as straight and non-comedic as a 12 inch ruler.
  78. rockpaperscissorkick Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 06:18

    "he has such disdain for you guys that it’s ‘se habla Espanol.’" Doesn't Anderson Speak Portuguese just like almost all the other Brazilian fighters? Or is he faking that also? God I hope Marquardt knocks this guy out.
  79. NateGetsIrate Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 06:28

    You know what? Fuck this loudmouth! I haven't even read this article but im pretty sure i know how it went down. This piece of shit thinks talking crap is gonna help put some dollar's in his pockets. Only one faggot can pull that off and his name's Perez Hilton. I can't wait to hear about how bad he got beat down, because i'm not gonna watch this douchebag be on the recieving end of KO of the night. I wouldn't want him to get any of my ppv money.
  80. Harry Nips Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 06:43

    Sonnen's a Team Quest fighter who must have absolutely no respect for Hendo b/c he lost to Silva too. He seems like a drama queen to me.
  81. Spidey Sense Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 08:03

    Well, Samurai, we're pretty much on the same page as far as douche status across the divisions, but since we're going all out, I gotta make some adjustments--> for WW I give the edge to Kos. That guy could offend a room full of people just by walking past it. And Nate Diaz takes the cake for king of the douches in LW for me. He'll remain there until he has the skills to back up what his mouth is doing, since his attitude and mean mug aren't enough. Tito will always be the greatest, grandest and most complete DB of all time for me. He's the fucking Wayne Gretzky of DBs. Speaking of douches in general, will somebody please get Jonathan Goulet the fuck out of the UFC? I've been watching this hump do nothing for the sport for years now, and every time the camera catches that eye of his that looks like a runny egg yolk I get the willies and want to barf all over the living room. Yecch.
  82. Harry Nips Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 08:16

    Douchebag list: HW- Frank Mir, LHW- Tito (no contest there), MW-Bisping (there are alot of candidates in this division),WW-Dan Hardy, LW- Diego Sanchez by a landslide.
  83. Spidey Sense Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 08:16

    I've solved the Chael Sonnen riddle - The only possible explanation is that he is, in fact, from Bizzaro World. That explains everything.
  84. Spidey Sense Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 08:21

    Harry Nips - Well played, Sir. I should have known to factor Bisping into the MWs. It'll take him years to work off the rep he earned for himseld on the TUF show, then double that again to make up for the fact that Hendo blasted the first eleven years of his memories out of his head.
  85. Randy Pan Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 08:39

    A mildly successful publicity ploy. His mission to hype his fight up has left him without much dignity. Sonnen has been listening to too much Rush. I remember how Sonnen expressed distaste at Okami's refusal to engage in a smack-talk exchange prior to their fight, explaining that a fighter has to work to hype up his fights. If he wasn't saying so much nonsense, it would be easier to call him articulate. I think his proximity to Couture and Henderson's fame has fucked up his head. He wants a lick of that brass penny so bad. Too bad he can't finish fights.
  86. P2 Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 08:49

    This newfound attitude compliments his whole "Republican" persona quite well. He's like the bad guy in a teen movie from the 80's. Nate has to beat him, or they're gonna sell The Goondocks!
  87. I hate mat-burn Says:

    Fri, 02/05/10 - 10:34

    Sweet objective interview
  88. Spidey Sense Says:

    Sat, 02/06/10 - 06:07

    Bad guy from an 80s movie. Cobra-Kai!!!!!!
  89. Joe Hogan Says:

    Sat, 02/06/10 - 10:06

    That card wasn’t cursed, they just lined up a bunch of sissies. All these guys keep pulling out, ‘Oh, I’m hurt. I broke my such-and-such. I got a staph infection.’ So what? What does that have to do with anything? This is fucking gold. You hear that gentlemen! When Sonnen has a staph infection and broke a leg, he's not acting like a pussy and just enters the ring. That shit doesn't have anything to do with it. No doubt!
  90. Joe Hogan Says:

    Sat, 02/06/10 - 10:08

    Removed double comment.
  91. Komodo Says:

    Sat, 02/06/10 - 07:29

    I couldn't even read all of it. Just a little too knobby :þ
  92. C-rad Says:

    Sun, 02/07/10 - 09:27

    Well most of these comments are obviously posted by A.S. Fans. There is absolutely no problem with that at all. All sports fans will defend their favorite teams/players/fighters if someone is bashing them. I had only seen Sonnen fight once before last night and yeah, it was pretty lackluster. However last nights performance against Nate was pretty dominent (although Sonnen did get caught A few times). Regardless of how he acts or what he says, he deserved that win last night and he deserves to be one of the top contenders. I personally don't think that he would be able to beat silva or belfort but he earned his chance. But, you never know what can happen in the octogon. Nate WAS heavily favored last night. Off topic slightly: did you hear Joe Rogan talk about his conversation with sonnen? Sonnens quote was " I'm a republican, I don't lay on my back with a man between my legs." that's some of the funniest shit I've ever heard.
  93. WalterHurricane Says:

    Sat, 06/12/10 - 05:49

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