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Don Frye Is Fixin’ To Do Some Work, Son

Don Frye weigh-ins
(‘You call that a mustache? Shit, kid. My wife’s got that thing beat.’)

How can you tell that Don Frye is one old school son of a bitch?  He keeps his watch on, which, when combined with his sweet ‘stache, means he now has two things in common with the dudes in low-budget porn movies.  In case you were thinking that there isn’t any MMA popping off this weekend, Frye and Dave "Pee Wee" Herman would like to remind you that they’re squaring off at tonight’s Shark Fights "Stars & Stripes" event in Amarillo, Texas.  Frye (20-7-1) weighed in at a svelte 235 pounds for this fight, while the 6’5" Herman (14-1) clocked in at 239.

Actually, for a card that takes place at the Amarillo Civic Center, it’s a decent line-up.  Aside from the next stage in Frye’s ‘Something’s Got to Get Me By Until I Can Collect Social Security’ Comeback Tour, you’ve also got Gerald Harris vs. Nissen Osterneck in a match-up of guys who were briefly employed by the UFC.  And that doesn’t even take into account the prelims, which feature this guy:

Scary right?  It’s like if Keith Jardine and Ryan Schultz somehow had a child together, and that child grew up in the magical world of the movie "Legend."


  1. BM2 Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 09:03

    Of course there is MMA this weekend! Bitetti Combat!
  2. BigCountrysCholesterol Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 09:10

    10$ says that dude has a Gwar poster on his wall.
  3. cwr Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 09:20

    Good luck to Gerald Harris!
  4. steampunk22 Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 09:28

    I'm surprised that guy's nuckname isn't "Grand Wizard", fighting out of Tennessee. Wasn't he an extra in Death Race?
  5. LAS Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 09:34

    Good to see that Bud Light Lime isn't missing out on a great advertising opportunity.
  6. peanutbuttter Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 10:19

    Is that not Techno Viking??
  7. One Two Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 10:27

    Yeah i wish Bitetti was streaming for 6 bucks somewhere. Arona weighed in at 201 saw eastman was over is the fight still going down?
  8. Bodybodyhead Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 10:33

    Herman: Shit this is what im gonna look like in 15 years
  9. clutchy hopkins Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 10:35

    hahaahaha frye rockin the jeans and no shirt ahhaah
  10. TimReaper87 Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 10:58

    Frye will get mashed
  11. Harry Russo Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 11:39

    ^Then get mashed on a shitload of bud light lime.
  12. steampunk22 Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 11:39

    I'd just like to see Frye come out dressed in a hawaiian shirt and khaki short shorts driving a ferrari, flanked by Higgins and TC. Best entrance ever.
  13. Payday Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 11:54

    Frye is fuckin' sweet. He reminds me of that uncle that is always at graduation open houses, getting sauced, telling raunchy jokes, cracking off loud farts, and trying to fight high school kids later in the evening.
  14. Bag Puncher Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 12:17

    ^Wearing snake skin boots, and calling everyone a "pussy".
  15. Socal Tot Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 12:18

    @ steampunk- yeah, the Magnum PI theme song fits him perfectly.
  16. Lysol Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 01:23

    Dude, for an old sun of a bitch, Frye is still fun to watch. This'll be a better investment than the fifteen minutes I spend watching YAMMA fights on Youtube.
  17. battleminnow Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 01:34

    Arena Rumble is tonight as well, in Spokane, WA. Fighters like Jeremy Horn, Trevor Prangley, Lyle Beerbohm, Jason Guida, Terry Martin, and Brad Imes, to name a few. Don't know if it is going to be streamed anywhere.
  18. Walrus Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 01:46

    ^ sounds sick As far as Frye goes. Don Frye is America -- Don Frye is America!!!!!
  19. Bovice Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 02:20

    Frye better wax this fucker's ass. We have the same hometown!!
  20. reddog Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 03:11

    Is Don Frye still managed by Dan Severn? And what about the weight lifter chick that cornered him? She still around? The Beast runs The Predator, trained by the Bull Dyke, all three with killer staches
  21. Bill C. Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 04:04

    Hantz is definitely Techno Viking.
  22. One Two Says:

    Sat, 09/12/09 - 05:33

    @reddog sure your not thinking of rex from rex quon do
  23. LargeMidget Says:

    Sun, 09/13/09 - 02:33

    Any fighter that looks like my dad is ok in my book.
  24. UFC fan Says:

    Sun, 09/13/09 - 12:39

    Don Frye got his ass knocked out, man these old fuckers need to learn they can't fight anymore. That was pathetic.
  25. I Hate Bisping Says:

    Sun, 09/13/09 - 12:57

    Its ok that he got KTFO. Memories are still fond. Just like those of Chuck.
  26. Brock SMASH puny human odour Says:

    Sun, 09/13/09 - 02:21

    Frye: You call that a mustache? Shit, kid. My wife's got that thing beat. Herman: Your wife has a mustache? Frye: Her nipples do. Wait, what did you say about my wife?
  27. UFC fan Says:

    Sun, 09/13/09 - 03:54

    watching old fighters try to be what they use to be is pathetic, its like old comedians thinking they are still funny thank GOD that old fucker George Carlin's died, he was getting more bitter and full of shit each passing year, it was a good thing his wrinkled ass got gone. If Frye fights again it needs to be against some equally pathetic fuck like shamrock.
  28. Houstons db Says:

    Sun, 09/13/09 - 06:35

    Dad? Is that you?
  29. Viva Hate Says:

    Mon, 09/14/09 - 07:33

    Why does Frye have plastic hair?
  30. mark mania Says:

    Wed, 12/04/13 - 08:20

    Don Frye Is Fixin... The Slave of the Husband...

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