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DREAM Featherweight GP Field Nearly Complete

(Masakazu Imanari during his win over Mike Brown at DEEP 22 in December 2005. Photo courtesy of stephenfactory.)

DREAM’s next multi-event grand prix kicks off at DREAM 7 (March 8th; Saitama, Japan), featuring featherweights; the exact weight limit will be either 63 or 63.5 kilograms, which is closer to 140 pounds than the 145-pound Western definition of the weight class. According to Nightmare of Battle, eleven fighters have been officially announced so far. Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto’s participation is still a question mark, though he’d probably get seeded to the second round if he signs on. Here’s what the field is looking like currently:

Masakazu Imanari: #5-ranked featherweight. Is the reigning Cage Rage World Featherweight champion, and DEEP Bantamweight champion.

Hiroyuki Takaya: Shooto/K-1 vet who most recently fought for the WEC, where he has lost consecutive fights to Leonard Garcia and Cub Swanson.

Takafumi Otsuka: DEEP/Fury FC vet

Hideo Tokoro: Has had nearly 40 career fights, with three appearances at DREAM events. Most recently lost to Daisuke Nakamura at Dynamite!! 2008 on New Year’s Eve. Holds wins over Alexandre Franca Nogueira and Royler Gracie; once fought Royce Gracie to a draw.

Akiyo "Wicky Akiyo" Nishiura: Shooto/GCM Cage Force vet

Atsushi Yamamoto: Described as Norifumi Yamamoto‘s protégé, though they’re not actually related. Multiple fights in Pancrase and Shooto. Has only won 3 of his 18 fights by stoppage.

Bibiano Fernandes: Decorated BJJ champ who has only competed in five MMA matches in the last five years, taking losses to Urijah Faber and Kid Yamamoto.

Micah Miller: American Top Team fighter who went 2-2 in the WEC.

Chase Beebe: Former WEC bantamweight champ who was dethroned by Miguel Torres last February, then left the organization after dropping a decision to Will Ribeiro.

Joe Warren: Greco Roman wrestling world champion who missed the 2008 Olympics due to positive tests for marijuana.

Kim Jong Won: Former judo Olympian who has been training for his MMA debut with Dong Sik Yoon.

A twelfth spot in the GP will be decided by a DEEP match next week between Shoji Maruyama and Daiki "DJ Taiki" Hata.

Related: Sengoku is also putting together a featherweight tournament, which will reportedly feature #6-ranked featherweight Hatsu Hioki, Marlon Sandro and Ronnie Mann.


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    Thu, 02/05/09 - 06:24

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  2. Poo Flinger Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 06:27

    Go Mike Brown.
  3. Jay White Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 06:33

    rofl go figure
  4. Cap'n Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 06:34

    Okay, I understand that TUF Guy is always trying to be funny, and shocking sometimes, or whatever. Maybe even piss people off, I don't know. I just don't see where he's any of those things at all, just reminds me of some jackass who probably doesn't have enough friends or doesn't get enough attention in real life so he does what he can do and lives what life he can on the internet. He's not funny, not shocking, not daring, not anything. He's like eating tofu.
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    Thu, 02/05/09 - 06:36

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  6. k Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 06:46

    Maybe he just needs a little artificial flavoring?
  7. mayhem420 Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 07:02

    Let me fan the flames a little... I think I found TUF GUY's gym.... The Olympian Centre Home of Xtreme Couture 1117 N. Main Street Lombard, IL 60148
  8. TUF Guy Exposed Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 07:04

    I actually called. Apparently there is a guy there that calls himself TUF Guy there. Except he doesn't train. He just gives free blowjobs while getting fucked up his ass. That's why he calls himself TUF Guy.
  9. TUF Guy Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 07:21

    ohhh yea i almost forgot to say....I LOVE COCK!
  10. TUF Guy Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 07:23

    @ TUF Guy Exposed So, I have a new challenger. Go ask the stupid Serb what happens to pathetic doubters. I'm still out of bubblegum.
  11. mayhem420 Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 07:24

    ill back up TUF guy any day! anybody who talks shit to this guy fucks with me too >=( dont you know we are lovers? goshh im soo gay
  12. TUF Guy Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 07:27

    Pistol Pump has exposed himself. There is a Couture Gym in Lombard. LOL What a FUCKING IDIOT! I mean this guy was stupid enough to post before even checking with google LOL I Pistol Pump = Serb Guy It's too obvious
  13. Kadumel Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 07:30

    Hahah That is hilarious. TUF Guy post your pictures on the forum.
  14. TUF Guy = Serb Guy Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 07:37

    one troll with an imaginary enemy
  15. Poutine Guillotine Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 07:40

    If threatening someone online is what it takes for a t-shirt COUNT ME IN!!!! WAR The internet ...oh BTW the grand prix of the wee men looks pretty decent...but wait that's related to the article, am I supposed to post that here?
  16. Serb Guy Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 07:44

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  17. Kadumel Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 07:48

    Serb Guy bitched out rofl.
  18. Kirky Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 07:51

    FIGHT!! ... looser gets tatoo'd to their forehead?
  19. Kadumel Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 07:55

    You're right... I prefer stand-up and wrestling to rolling on the ground with half naked sweaty men. Nice try though, TUF Guy.
  20. TUF Guy Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 07:59

    @ Kadumel Stand-up and Wrestling? Come on by and prove it. Let's see if u can do any better than Serb Guy or machete for hands and actually make it to the front door. If not, stay off my dick. Jay White's busy sucking it.
  21. TUF Guy Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 08:03

    @ Kadumel Serb Guy is a fucking chickenshit. You're probably just like him. The only rolling u ever do is on the floor laughing. Go change your diaper bitch.
  22. Pistol Pump Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 08:14

    I've already given TUF Guy the directions he needs to take for him to get himself into a body bag. The fucker ignores my posts. HEY TUF GUY, POST YOUR PICTURE, so that I can confirm that I'm gonna kill the right guy. Chicken shit, troll.
  23. Goog Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 08:35

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't he post a link here to his myspace about a month ago? If it's him on the page, and it seemed to be, he's not a very big guy. Big mouth and attitude, yeah. But I'd say he's 175 at best.
  24. Kadumel Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 08:36

    Goog you get mad brownie points if you can find that link.
  25. Pitol Pump Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 08:45

    Goog. Link me.
  26. TUF Guy Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 08:48

    @ Kadumel Aren't u the loser who thought some other loser was pretending to be u? News flash shithead, nobody wants to be a pathetic loser like u. U probably wish u weren't u and wish u were as cool as me. Yes I did post that link. I'm still waiting for u gutless assholes to show up.
  27. Kadumel Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 08:51

    Post the link again I never saw it. No that isn't me TUF Guy but thanks for trying to keep up with my personal life. I do wish I was as cool as you, I really do. I love your posts they are very insightful.
  28. TUF Guy Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 08:51

    Thanks. I put a lot of work into my posts. Glad you're enjoying them.
  29. Clozer Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 08:58

    Wow, Kadumel is making friends again! Keep up the good work there. I like how he said I prefer stand up and "WRESTLING" than rolling on the ground with sweaty half naked men? What do you do in wrestling? Too funny.
  30. Pistol Pump Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 08:58

    Where's that fucking link?
  31. Kadumel Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 09:02

    Clozer - Wrestling in the defensive sense is way different. I don't know if you are familiar with wrestling but you never allow yourself to get taken down and put on your back, you don't "roll" from your back etc... BJJ and "rolling" look at these positions alot differently.
  32. Kadumel Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 09:21

    Clozer in MMA, you don't pin your opponent. You try to knock him out or submit him.
  33. Clozer Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 09:25

    Just to clarify, did you say in the defensive sense? Wrestling you are trying to throw and pin your opponent. Which is as close to groping a half naked sweaty man as BJJ, just sayin.
  34. Clozer Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 09:27

    I said wrestling you moron! I know the point of MMA heeb! I train here in Sac.
  35. Kadumel Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 09:28

    You're right TUF Guy, I sure don't. I never wrestled for 7 years.
  36. TUF Guy Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 09:29

    Kadumel doesn't have a clue about wrestling or bjj
  37. TUF Guy Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 09:34

    LOL. Maybe u can pick up Serb Guy after he gets off work from Taco Bell and drive him since the idiot is bad with directions.
  38. Kadumel Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 09:37

    Sorry I don't live anywhere near Chicago, and on top of that I heard you were only like 5'9 at 175 so I would tower over you and have 40 pounds on you. Thanks for the offer though!
  39. TUF Guy Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 09:39

    @ Kadumel Another win for TUF Guy. U losers like to talk a lot of smack but can never back it up. Even when I'm willing to accommodate u, u turn down the offer like the pathetic loser that u are.
  40. Kadumel Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 09:40

    Rofl you realize that I live in Texas which is not exactly accomodating me by paying a $10 entrance fee right?
  41. TUF Guy Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 09:42

    @ Kadumel Wow. 7 Years? LOL. I'm begging u to come and demonstrate your wrestling skills. I'll even pay for your admission. Just tell them you're here for TUF Guy. Bring Serb Guy too. I'll take on the both of u shitheads.
  42. Howard Stern Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 09:43

    I want to do dirty things to this Rachelle Leah chick. I don't understand why you jack off's are discussing these little fighters when you could be discussing things like banging Rachelle Leah or the one with the big flapjack's Gina Carano.
  43. TUF Guy Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 09:48

    First of all, it's a $30 entrance fee because you're not a member. I know every member, so I know you're not one. Secondly, u can stay at my place while you're here. After I put u to sleep, I'll throw u in my basement until you're ready to go home with your tail between your legs. Finally, congratulations on finding my myspace, I only posted it up here for u idiots.
  44. Kadumel Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 09:52

    Everyone check the forums. I put up how to get to his myspace there. He is the one from Alsip Illinois. Nice pix with fat chix. You = phail.
  45. Kadumel Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 09:52

    Ahahah I just found TUF Guy's myspace!
  46. TUF Guy likes fat chicks Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 09:57

    I also like to ride my Honda Davidson! Seriously bro, a Shadow???? Come on!!!!
  47. TUF Guy's Dad Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 10:00

    @ Kadumel Good find man! LOL. What a effin douche.
  48. HAHAHA Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 10:00

    Damn! TUF Guy is FUGLY!
  49. Kadumel Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 10:03

    How awesome would it be for the Ben's to do an exclusive interview with a certain amateur fighter... Say, TUF GUY!! : )

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 10:33

    Ben: So why are you such a douche? TUF Guy: Oh, because my dad's one too. Ben: Why are you so angry at the world? TUF Guy: Because I'm ugly and have a small penis. Ben: So why do u post so much if you hate this site? TUF Guy: I think it's because I have nothing else to do, and I'm basically just looking for the attention I never got when I was a kid. Ben: Do you actually train as much as you say you do? TUF Guy: Actually, no. But I do play with my trainset a lot at home. It's great. Keeps me occupied and it's really fun. Ben: So what would you do if someone actually showed up looking for you? TUF Guy: Um, probably apologize and try to make a new friend. That's how I got my wicked train set. My new friend, his name is Serb Guy by the way. He felt so sorry for me that he bought it for me. Ben: I see. So do you have anything you want to say to the potato nation? TUF Guy: Yea, sure. I'm sorry for being such a jerk. I'm really a nice guy. I just have a hard time making friends. I was hoping to get a lot of laughs and meet new and interesting people. I apologize to Old, Bald & Irish, Machete for hands, Kadumel, Serb Guy, and of course you Ben, for my tasteless racist remarks. Sorry if I offended anyone else. Ben: Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us. Any last words or shout outs? TUF Guy: No problem, I wasn't doing anything anyways. I usually just wait for responses from people. Thanks for talking to me and listening to my side of the story. I have no one to shout out.
  51. Clozer Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 10:38

    That wasn't even funny? Somoene actually wasted the time to type that for what reason? Great work Kadumel. You are the only one that would starve for attention that much.
  52. Clozer Sucks Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 10:52

    well, u found it worth reading and worth commentating on. rofl!
  53. Kadumel Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 11:01

    ? I didn't write that you idiot...
  54. pierre larouche Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 11:35

    I dont want encourage the delusional types like TUF Guy who probably werent breast fed as kids or something but Capn Says had the best comment Ive seen in a while: "He's not funny, not shocking, not daring, not anything. He's like eating tofu." Youre a fucking poet Capn.
  55. Jimbroni Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 12:50

    LMAO!!!! Awesome Interview!
  56. zeke Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 02:21

    Anybody who challenges somebody that they met online to a fight in the real world is a douche in my books. I think TUF Guy fits into that category.
  57. BM2 Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 03:27

    What the hell is with this ridiculous internet drama. The news of Imanari, Tokoro, and Wicky Akiyo must be getting everyone FIRED up
  58. Anonymous Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 03:55

  59. Anonymous Says:

    Thu, 02/05/09 - 05:08

    I agree Miller vs. Imanari in the final. I also agree with Howard Stern wanting to abuse Rachelle Leah with my huge penis!
  60. The Ventriloquist Says:

    Fri, 02/06/09 - 10:47

    LMAO at anon what a fucking tool
  61. lilpo0ts Says:

    Mon, 02/16/09 - 08:27

    wow what an epeen contest. how about this..shut up. and if any of you guys were serious there would have been something already. fight each other on instant messenger or something. and if any of you guys have any thing to in northern va im too broke to travel but i will gouge your eyes out and kick you in the nuts until evolution gives you a uterus. i can fight but i would rather do that to give you something to post on here about..
  62. TUF Guy's entire family Says:

    Mon, 02/16/09 - 02:09

    please...somebody fuck him up he always gets piss drunk at our reunions and hits on his cousin Susan he has a real problem
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