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Are DREAM and K-1 in Trouble?

(I have to admit, I was skeptical when FEG announced their business plan using a map with a spaceship on it that would shuttle fighters to events around the world.)

Ever since news of DREAM stiffing a number of fighters of their contracted fight purses including Gary Goodridge, Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza and featherweight champ Bibiano Fernandes, rumors have been running rampant about how dire of financial difficulty the Japanese promotion is in.

Nightmare of Battle does a great job in summing up exactly what the issues have been for FEG that have led to the company being barely able to keep its head above water.

According to the website, the need for outside investment by PUJI Capital was necessitated by a number of factors related to K-1 and DREAM including:

• Back taxes the company has been paying since former K-1 head, Ishii, was jailed for tax evasion.

• The PRIDE Yakuza/Fuji TV scandal and the Akiyama greasing event lost them sponsors.

• An increase in fight purse amounts.

• A decrease in money earned from its television deals in 2009 which is said to be 30-50% less than FEG earned in 2008. 

The story goes on to quote Japanese MMA magazine Kamipro’s editor-in-chief Saito who says the non-payment issues have been going on since DREAM’s inaugural event in 2008 and that the problem hasn’t only affected non-Japanese fighters.

According to Saito,  FEG stayed afloat in recent years thanks to the money it received  from its TV broadcasts of Dynamite!! events, which could explain why DREAM decided to pull the plug on a March show in Korea after a TV deal fell through at the last minute.

Apparently the PUJI Capital investment deal they were touting as being their secret weapon to defeat the UFC in a global MMA war has taken longer than expected to finalize and if the money that was promised to them by the financial backer doesn’t come soon, the organization will be forced to cancel its planned K-1 MAX Koshien and DREAM 16 events.

Saito says if the PUJI deal falls through, the ramifications will be much worse than cancelled shows, it could mean "the end" of FEG.


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danomite- August 18, 2010 at 8:50 pm
cruz fights to another decision. he's amazing at stealing rounds at the end with meaningless takedowns.

personally i had cruz winning 1 and 4, benavidez winning 2 and 5, and round 3 being 10-10. so, i had it a draw basically.

i bet the refs give all five rounds to cruz know, cause they suck at their jobs.

wow.. a split decision with two 48-47's some of these judges are actually getting better.

danomite- August 18, 2010 at 8:24 pm
ok. one more thing. how come no one ever mentions that cruz never keeps his hands up and is always exposing his head.

also, i swear i thought i saw him greasing up the back of his neck before the first round. CHEATER!!! HE'S AFRAID OF THE GILLYTEEN! GREASEGATE 2!
danomite- August 18, 2010 at 8:00 pm
round 3

roller comes out aggressive...roller gets the takedownand moves into half guard then almost got swept but gets back to guard and almost gets triangled...nice upkick from pettis...roller then says here's my head and arm, triangle me, I dare ya....roller keeps passing guard but can't keep it there...roller looks exhausted when pettis lets him stand back up...roller wings a haymaker that misses...pettis lands a nice right hand then takes roller down with ease...roller is super gassed...hands on his knees now...i thought the little guys were supposed to have good gas tanks?...pettis gets a takedown and falls right into a guillotine but roller is too gassed to do anything with it...then roller double dog dares pettis to triangle him and pettis does....pettis taps out roller with a triangle choke....official time is ummmm.....deep into the third less than ten seconds left GSP shouldn't have tapped on that armbar get the idea.

anyways.... i got bored with this shit halfway through the swanson snoozefest and no one is actually reading this besides me so i'm done.

so here's my prediciton for the main event.
Ben A. Videz crushes Cruz in the first round and wins me another 20 bucks.

Adios muchachas
danomite- August 18, 2010 at 7:48 pm
round 2

roller throws a leg kick and eats a right hand...fence clinching.. maybe we should electrify those fences...roller definitely does a good job keeping his chin down, but that's about all the good things i can say about his stand up... goes for a clinch and ends up on bottom with pettis in his guard...roller apparently isn't that good off his back cause he's just holding on and hoping for a stand up...roller gets back up and lands some nice punches that rock pettis...roller gets him down and gets mount immediately but pettis used the cage to reverse it and escape in what has to be the sweetest mount escape i've ever seen...chuck norris style reverse roundhouse kick from pettis that whiffed competely...round ends

2-0 Pettis
danomite- August 18, 2010 at 7:41 pm
ok. this is starting to no longer entertain me.. let's see who's in the audience...ben henderson is doing his razor ramon impersonation...chael is gazing into his own eyes...guida is having a blasty blast...and then they showed the basketball player who is the reason they changed the nba slam dunk rules cause he missed like thirty dunks in a least i think it's him.

i have no idea who to pick in this one but roller's face doesn't piss me off when i look at it the way pettis's does so i'll pick him.

round 1
i gotta start paying more attention to the first minute of these rounds...roller looks like he doesn't really wnat to strike with pettis and lunges for a takedown...fence clinching....roller goes for a foot and then eats a right when he gets up...pettis throws a jumping switch kick or whatever the hell it was called...roller punches him and goes for the takedown but falls down...they scramble and they're both up...pettis does that terrible jump kick again..just cause it works for aldo buddy doesn't mean it will work for you....nice head kick from pettis...roller is landing the better punches but ...pettis lands some kind of capoeria wheel kick that blatantly hits roller in the back of the head...more fence clinching while roller clears the cobwebs...pettis then fakes a spinning back fist, drops down and throws that kick again...round ends

gotta give it to pettis based on Pizzaz and flair
danomite- August 18, 2010 at 7:27 pm
round 3

cub slips and mendes pounces to lay on top of him some more...they're back up...mendes throws some power shots and misses on all of them so HE does what he does best and shoots in and lays on swanson again...swnason going for omaplata but gives it up...yay mendes gets half guard then quarter guard...nothing really keeping him from getting mount...just holding onto swanson...not much booing for some reason...cub swanson's gonna have to take a pregnancy test after this one...cub throws the ugliest knee i've seen in a while then gets taken down...throws some punches from across the ring and misses...cub almost stuffed a takedown so mendes switches to his back and says get down here bitch!'s over thank god...crowd is cheering? i'm guessing they're cheering cause it's over

3-0 Mendes

danomite- August 18, 2010 at 7:19 pm
round 2

mendes lands a leg kick then gets a double leg...he stands back up after not doing any damage at all...i think everybody knows a guy who looks like chad mendes he looks like someone hit the random button on a create-a-fighter mode...swanson starting to land some strikes but there's not much damage...mendes takes him down again. maybe this time he'll do something...moves to half...then loses it..lands a few elbows..not really much action at all... a weak attempt at a kimura from swanson and he scrambles back up with about two seconds left in the round.

2-0 mendes
danomite- August 18, 2010 at 7:13 pm
once again, spent most of the round trying to find a wireless connection. but i look up and mendes is in side mount..YAY....other announcer guy says rosenthal will stand them up if there's no action but it's side mount for christ's sake! this isn't eliteXC...mendes lands a punch from side mount...and he stood them up! ok well thats dumb...i hate all stand ups... not much in the stand up we gonna have a lay down now? ....mendes catches a leg kick and takes him down then lets him right back up...both guys are stnading very far away and lunging in with their strikes swansone keeps lunging in with looping rights and a flying knee but nothing lands cause it's coming from a mile away and then he gets taken down right before the bell rings...

based on the three minutes i watched i give it to mendes.
danomite- August 18, 2010 at 7:08 pm
time for another enlightening fighter interview...

manny gamburyan looks land sounds ike a compact car version of Le Profesionnel. Cerrone is dressed like he just hopped off a bull. both guys think they're gonna win their next fight. only one of them has a chance of being right.

cub swanson vs. chad mendes next. i'm already leaning towards picking mendes to win because of cub swanson's trash talk.

does urijah faber have a stipulation in his contract that he has to appear in every commercial during WEC events?

cub swanson has height and reach but i'm picking mendes based on humbleness and the fact that he hasn't been knocked or choked out, both of which has happened to Cub. Cub wins a worst tattoo contest though. first, second, and third place.
danomite- August 18, 2010 at 6:58 pm
This commercial break is brought to you by Brawndo - The Thirst Mutilator. and by Hulu. I was gonna turn the channel to USA and watch Psych, but thanks to hulu I don't have to make those life altering decisions anymore. I can watch psych along with my other favorite shows anytime i want at hulu
danomite- August 18, 2010 at 6:52 pm
stealing internet sucks

bonnar calling this fight of the year candidate.. it's very competitive but i wouldn't go that far...i definitely like it better than garcia/zombie..spent first minute trying to get my internet back but now jergensen is in pickett's guard again...jorgensen stacks him then pickett rolls out and stand back up...jorgensen lands a big right hand then takes him back down.. pickett has apparently packed it in, he didn't even try to stop that takedown... pickett to his credit is throwing up triangles but gets side mounted for his troubles and eats knees to his spinal column...pickett tries to get up and jorgensen takes his back.... then pickett rolls into jorgensen's guard and lands a nice elbow at the bell..

this round goes to jorgensen in my shitty opinion.

29-28 jorgensen. so it is written. so it shall be done. dumb judges better not disagree.

Assholes gave first round to jorgensen too, oh well, it was close so i can forgive them
danomite- August 18, 2010 at 6:43 pm
well, thought the round was gonna end before my page loaded.

pickett is doing better with the stand up in my opinion...jorgensen's starting to land more shots now that he's countering pickett's jab...pickett lands another right that doesn't fazee jorgensen.. and another...pickett's mouthpiece fell out...jorgensen stuffs a takedown then eatss a knee to the nuts. both guys just swinging for the fences now... jorgensen looked like he stunned picket with a lead right.. jorgensen ends up on top of pickett in his guard...jorgensen just laying on him throwing the occasoinal don't stand me up stacking him and now briefly had picket in a standing gillyteen...jergensen stuffs another takedown..

gotta this one to jorgensen
danomite- August 18, 2010 at 6:37 pm
ok. fuck/marry/kill between these two and the lady judge who's name i just forgot. who you got?

jorgenson got dropped by a right straight when he went for a low kick i think. fence clinching. .. jorgenson lands a nice right... more fence clinching...pickett showing nice head movement and a nice jab...jorgensen took him down for half a second...pickett looked like he took a punch to the nuts then mumbled "so that's the kinda fight it's gonna be"...stumbles jorgensen with a punch...jorgensen takes him down and was caught in gillyteen but got to side mount...pickett gets up, jorgensen didn't do much on the ground... pickett lands a sweet flying knee...announcers basically saying that he's the gypsy from snatch...

i give that round to pickett based on damage if that indeed was a cock punch he received. if not it's more of a toss up since jorgensen landed a couple of takedowns. But i'm sticken with the gypsy
danomite- August 18, 2010 at 6:29 pm
this play by blay for people with internet but not cable tv is brought to you by Brawndo - it's got what plants crave.

ok. scott jorgensen vs. Brad Pickett. neither one is gonna win a beauty pageant. i wonder if instead of saying so and so is in the black trunks they'll say jorgensen's the one with vitiligo and pickett's the one who looks like he isn't allowed in a school zone. i bet they don't. pussies.

speaking of ballchinian's the cameraman is showing faber in the audience and for an uncomfortably long time
danomite- August 18, 2010 at 6:21 pm
No WEC play by play? Ok. looks like i'll do it myself jackasses. feel free to join me.

let's see....stephan bonnar is dressed like he should be holding a red plastic cup in his hand instead of a microphone.

ummm....time for bart Palashwekskskijikikiki......Coach K from here on in. in fact all polish people will now be called coach K. anyways time for him to fight Micklewright.

round 1.
sooo i spent most of round 1 writing this garbage. so don't ask me to judge it. they're both throwing punches and stuff. Coach K gets punched in the face and grabs his junk. maybe he's a ballchinian. not sure. his mohawk is a little crooked. i wouldn't have tipped the barber if i were him. Coach K lands his own nut shot. whole round was pretty even, at least what i was watching. i'll start scoring next round.

also, the polish jew who fought njokuani won me twenty bucks. how was he +400 when he's undefeated and Njo is coming off a loss?

ok. round 2 over now. Coach K unloaded a right hook that dropped micklewright after a flurry of punches and mazagatti decided tonight he would be stopping fights early instead of late so i guess that's a good thing, for micklewright at least.
ReX13- August 18, 2010 at 5:46 pm

Nice piece. I've been really curious about DREAM's issues; it seems crazy to me that a Japanese MMA org is running out of cash, considering the enthusiasm of Japanese crowds.

Of course, they'll just go out of business and come back as EGF and startup THRUST!! on New Year's Eve, right?
topdog- August 18, 2010 at 5:01 pm
Its sad Dream actually put together some good cards. I will miss staying up late night drinking with the fights. But hey there is SRC this weekend on hdnetfights.
Mr_Misanthropy- August 18, 2010 at 4:37 pm
I have a DREAM... to start a Japanese MMA organization that doesn't involve the Yakuza and pays its taxes...
One Two- August 18, 2010 at 4:01 pm
hell yeah japanese people are smart they invented nintendo. time to bust out super dream quickly followed by dream 64
Biffmiester- August 18, 2010 at 3:56 pm
That map looks like the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan... and just like it, you don't know what the fuck it means but its gonna work, trust me!

EDIT: RE: Photo Caption - Don't you see! They're using the Street Fighter II player select map as a business proposal for expansion.