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Efrain Escudero’s TUF 8 Blog: Episode 7

During this week of The Ultimate Fighter, we start off with the Junie fight recap. This guy ran his mouth and couldn’t finish Rolando. In my eyes Rolando could have beat Junie if he would have kept behind his jab. I really wanted to jump the cage and ask him how it feels!!! I had to stop myself because knowing Junie he would have gone absolutely crazy, but oh well, I’ll just have to wait and see what the semi-finals have in store for me.

We started having some fun in practice, even though our practices were always different. We played some games on couple of the days which made me forget about fighting for a while. It reminded me that I was there to enjoy my time there and train hard; there is a time to have fun and a time to work. I really needed it at the time. Meanwhile the other team continued to get upset at us because we were enjoying ourselves and they were miserable.

Then we have Coach Nogueira’s birthday. He could have gone out and had a great time — after all, it is Las Vegas — but he decided to come to the house and hang out with us. We cooked dinner and baked him a cake which was a pretty good time I was glad I could be a part of it, and you see that it really meant a lot to him. Once again the blue team hated on us for this. Let’s face it, that’s all they know how to do at this point. In the house guys talk, that’s a given, but then Vinny started saying that he was better on the ground than Coach Nogueria!!! Word got out to Nogueira, and he didn’t take to it kindly. Coach confronted Vinny, which caused a big scene around the house. Me personally, I would never say that about any of my coaches because I think that my coach is there to help me; not for me to prove anything.

Now it’s time for the fight to go down: Vinny vs. Jules. This was not a good matchup for us at all because Vinny has a great ground game and Jules does not have what it takes. I mean, I love Jules and respect him but I didn’t think that if it went to the ground he would have any kind of chance. So the fight started and just as I expected Jules stood there and was scared to attack, and Vinny used very good kicks. It was pretty boring to start and when it went to the ground I knew it was over. Sure enough Vinny has his way with Jules. Now the only question is who will fight next in my weight class — I guess we’ll have to wait and see who steps in the Octagon next.


Other notes on last night’s episode…

— At the beginning of the episode, Mir reams Junie out hard for not finishing Roli, and explains that a win like that is basically a loss. K-Sos piles on about Junie’s weak cardio. “No more fiascos,” Mir warns.

— K-Sos screws up his thumb while rolling with Eliot Marshall and thinks it might be fractured, but it isn’t mentioned again in the episode. At any rate, Sos is healthy enough to plan a wicked interior decorator prank on Jules Bruchez, outfitting his bed to look like a grave. It’s probably the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for Jules. “He lived…he died…who cared?” the headstone reads, then below it, “[infinity symbol] – 2008″. It’s possible that K-Sos misinterprets the meaning of the sideways-eight.

— So, all this he-said/he-said drama started with Frank Mir telling Vinny that he’s better than Nogueira at submissions. Vinny actually agrees: “He’s, like, so basic.” A couple of the red team members let Nog know about it, and Minotauro takes it very, very personally. Nog confronts Vinny in Portuguese: “You really blew it. Now we’re enemies. Enemies.” Yikes. Vinny denies the story and apologizes profusely, but Nog ain’t havin’ it.

Shane Nelson on the Big Nog birthday party: “Team Nogueira suuucks. They’re too close too soon. They act like they’ve known each other for 20 years. They suck each other’s dicks too much….they’re like all over each other’s dicks. It’s like…too much.” Well honestly, how much is too much?

— Stankie on standup vs. ground fighting: “Wouldn’t it be nice if you were so good on top you didn’t have to go down and get dirty, smell all those farts, bam bam bam bam! Wouldn’t that be nice?”

— The Vinny/Jules fight seemed like another example of Team Mir picking off the weakest link from Team Nog. It’s unfortunate to see the good guys lose another one, but Jules Bruchez, like Roli Delgado, wasn’t quite ready to be there. He knew he’d be at a disadvantage on the ground — but who knew he’d get dominated on the feet (if you could call Vinny’s occasional leg-kicks domination). Though the first few minutes of the fight were deathly boring, the end was thrilling. The slickness of Vinny’s clinch to guard-pull to gogoplata attempt to armbar should have the other 205′ers on the show very, very worried.

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Fedor- October 31, 2008 at 7:27 pm
Mir is a dick, Vinny's jiu-jitsu is scarely good, up against someone like Bader who i'm sure will have the ability to keep the fight standing and use his wrestling defensively to stub takedown attempts would give Vinny alot of problems, but yea watching his jiu-jitsu is alot of fun. we'll just have to see though.
Anonymous- October 30, 2008 at 6:56 am
Nog conveys respect, honor, and experience in his voice alone. We all know his credentials. He's a straight badass and I have nothing but respect for the man. And yes, Mir does come off as a young douchebag...not sure why he reminds me of Tito Ortiz; I can't put my finger on it. Douchebag, enough said. WAR NOG!
nogs little balls- October 30, 2008 at 5:22 am
honestly i have no clue why every1 is a nog nut hugger if you ask me nog isnt really training them as good as mir is i mean bringing in anderson silva to beat on you for a week isnt what i would call a good practice
Clozer- October 29, 2008 at 4:31 pm
Fenix, You're a doosh! Hand picking them? There is tapes sent in, then the tryouts, then he "hand picks" 32 guys to fight each other to win their spot in the house. How is that hand picking? Jules won to get there, but I agree SUCKS and is a scared POOSAY! He was just a space filler for the show, and the whole time he was running his mouth, I kept saying"damn, that's an awful lot of shit to talk, I hope he can back that up". Complete failure, his arm should have been dislocated for making everyone listen to his madness then playing possum. Huge bitch!
Massiveamounts- October 29, 2008 at 4:28 pm're right man I wish I didn't know this about Mir, as his story was inspirational but the piss poor person I now know he is has destroyed any feel good story surrounding this arrogant asshole. One good thing coming out of this episode, I can not fucking wait til the Mir Nog Nog will see the vid footage of Mir saying Vinnie is better than nog on the god damn I can't wait. It's almost like the producers, Dana or someone is paying Mir to be the asshole of the show for better ratings, and just the opposite goes for Nog, it's such a drastic difference it makes it look like their padding mir and nogs pockets to create the "good guy, bad guy" side of the show....but I don't honestly believe that but damn there's such a drastic difference...I bet the producers are loving it though, makes their job easy.

Vinnie vinnie vinnie, Nog now considers you an enemy.....that's one person who I wouldn't want as an enemy. Vinnie you're a complete and utter disrespectful cocksuker and I hope your career goes no where, better yet I hope someday hope you need big Nogs help in some way to further your career and he tells you to go eat a bag a dicks. Who the fuck do some of these fools think they are, the amount of wars big Nog's been thru you show him that respect, I don't give a fuk how good your ground game is...have you been thru what Nog has, no have you won the wars Nog fucking newb act like it. I can not stand the disrespect that's being shown by some of these fools...I say lock Junnie Vinnie and anyone on Mirs team who agrees with what Mir said, lock them all in a cage with Anderson and the Nog brothers....lets see how good Vinnies ground game is then. Fucking punks. I at least have a few to hate now, and god dayum if I thought it would of been Bader but I hope Bader puts this Vinnie guy to rest before he makes it to the finals. Dayum rant over, disrespect is something I have a hard time accepting, specially when it's against someone like Nog who deserves nothing but respect.
ADW- October 29, 2008 at 3:58 pm
I can't believe how pissed off Big Nog was! He seems like one of those people who does not get angry very easily, but in this case I think he was justified. Mir and Vinny are both punk bitches. You have to be to get Big Nog that pissed off. Its also funny how Vinny was talking shit and laughing until big nog called him out. Then he was trying to be all respectful. What a bitch.
1glove- October 29, 2008 at 3:39 pm
I used to love Mir when I only knew him by his fighting, as a person he sucks, go BIG NOG.