MMA Fighter Challenges People to Punch Him in the Face, Everyone Fails

Eight MMA Fighters Who Desperately Need a Stoppage Victory

By CagePotato contributor Dan “siksik6” Teague

#8: Gray Maynard

When fans and fighters complain about wrestlers in MMA, they’re talking about Gray Maynard. He takes fighters down because that’s what he’s good at. In Maynard’s nine-fight UFC career, he has just one stoppage, a KO of Joe Veres over three years ago. He’s earned his title shot not because of his performances, but rather because what the hell else do you do with a guy who’s undefeated and has won eight straight fights, including one over the current champ? Cole Miller said it best: Taking people down should be a means to an end. Gray needs to start having some refs pull him off of people if he’s ever going to have any drawing power.

#7: Ben Askren

Ben Askren is just starting to make his way into mainstream MMA discussions. However, it’s not exactly a heralded arrival. The kid makes picking strawberries look like it belongs in the X Games. His last “stoppage” was a controversial sub over Ryan Thomas, who promptly and correctly displayed his best WTFIYP face. Before that it was a north-south choke over some guy you’ve never heard of in some organization you’ve never heard of back in August of ’09. For his last fight, in which he won the Bellator welterweight strap, he came about as close to finishing Lyman Good as I did. I was on the couch eating Mayfield Butter Pecan ice cream. It was delicious. As a title holder for an up-and-coming organization, Askren needs to show more of a killer instinct if he ever wants his fights to be broadcast by anyone other than Fox Sports South.

#6: Jake Shields

One can make the argument that Jake Shields gets a bum rap for being a boring fighter. Not so long ago he went on a tear of eight straight stoppages, including a hat trick over Robbie Lawler, Paul Daley, and Nick Thompson. Unfortunately, his last three fights have been snoozers, and in a “what have you done for me lately” sport, all Jake Shields has done for us lately is resurrect the classic Yo Mama-style cracks about how boring he is. Casual fans who don’t think MMA exists outside of the UFC heard the comments about Shields leading up to his fight with Kampmann. And damn if he didn’t go out and back ‘em right up. Jake Shields needs to submit his tape to Extreme Fighter Makeover. Besides, it would be a cross-promotional dream to have his next fight cornered by Ty Pennington and that Paige chick with the impressive ta-tas.

#5: Forrest Griffin

Look, we all love Forrest, but he’s kinda getting a pass because of his fan favorite status. His last stoppage win was his rear-naked choke of Mauricio "Shogun" Rua in September 2007 — the same version of Shogun that struggled mightily against Mark “Ken Shamrock: Part II” Coleman. Other than that, you have to go back to a TKO over Elvis Sinosic and a sub over something called a Bill Mahood, both in 2005. I hate to say it, but all the meaningful stoppages involving FoGrif have ended with him either crying in the corner of the Octagon, or fleeing it altogether. Anything less than an impressive victory over a smaller and past-his-prime Rich Franklin moves Forrest ever closer to being the beloved gatekeeper. In which case, I hear Clay Guida has room in his RV.

#4: Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping is the flagship of British MMA. And with good reason I guess. Who else is it going to be, the two-headed monster of Paul Kelly-Taylor? So it doesn’t give the best impression that your country’s version of Royce Gracie is cool with leaving it in the hands of the judges. For Christ sake, he said his game plan against Chris Leben was to not put himself in danger and come away with the decision. Come on, playa. Bisping could never win another fight and his countrymen would still love him. However, as Ol’ DW will tell you, going global is the hot thing in MMA right now. Bisping needs to start Denis Kang-ing some fools again if he’s going to have a shot at earning fans outside of Jolly Old England.

#3: Jon Fitch

Jesus, Jon Fitch. If I could shake my head in print, now would be the time. There has been some discussion on whether or not Fitch should have a nickname. I’d like to offer “Decision Factory” as a candidate. Thirteen of his twenty-three career victories have been awarded by the judges, including his last seven. Whereas we tend to poke fun at Jake Shields, there seems to be some genuine disdain towards Fitch in the MMA community because of his fighting style. There’s not much to say about Fitch that hasn’t already been said. He’d win against anyone at 170 not named Georges, yet I wouldn’t watch him fight if it were live in my kitchen.

#2: Frankie Edgar

Frankie Edgar’s mom didn’t give him a chance against BJ Penn. He went out and beat him not once, but twice, and the second time it wasn’t even close. It’s impossible not to respect him for that. That being said, eight of his thirteen wins have been by decision. Edgar has proved that his endurance is top notch, and I understand that you have to use whatever advantages you have. But damn homie, outlasting guys with no real attempt to finish them will only take you so far with the fans. Besides, what happens when you run into the guy that won’t let you outpoint him? (I know I’m not the only one that thinks The Answer would get smoked by featherweight champ Jose Aldo.) Edgar is going to spend some time on his back against Gray Maynard. A successful armbar finish against the guy responsible for his record’s only blemish would do more to improve his image than the guy who used a fake ID to get a flaming eagle tattoo when he was in 10th grade.

#1: Georges St. Pierre

There was no question who would be #1 on this list. Simply put, Georges hasn’t been the same since Matt Serra shocked the world. When Matt Hughes tapped him out, he had the “I was fighting my idol” thing to fall back on. But Serra punched him in the face. And he wobbled around and fell. And Serra punched him a lot more. It was embarrassing. And he’s just a different fighter now. In his seven victories since, four have gone the distance. And the three stoppage wins weren’t particularly stirring: an armbar over a disinterested Matt Hughes, BJ Penn’s corner knowing that the last round wouldn’t be any different than the first four, and Matt Serra silently saying “Alright, alright, I get the point, it was a fluke.”

You can’t say that GSP hasn’t been dominant. Alves and Fitch both looked like they tried to make out with a garden tiller. He hit two sub attempts against Dan Hardy that 99 out of 100 fighters would have tapped to. But still. It may be unfair, but we need more from St. Pierre. Now that Chuck is gone (we think), Georges is the face of the company. He’s expected to be what Chuck was. Champion? Check. Highly marketable? Check. Adored by men and women alike? Check.


  1. ReX13 Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 06:56

    Nice post, and i tend to agree with everything said, even if it is coming from a white belt.(i kid, i kid)
  2. BC_Bud Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 06:57

    This being my first post on this site, thought i'd come up with something insightful... FIRST!!!
  3. BC_Bud Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 06:58

    Damn...FAIL ^
  4. J_Swilly Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 07:01

    First,... of all. Let me agree with one addendum (did I just make that word up?) GSP ranks at #1? Come on,... here is a guy who thrashes opponents for 25 minutes solid. He out strikes Muay Thai Wrecking Machines (Alves), he kills with stand up those who have killer stand up (Hardy), he dominates - out points - out pounds top wrestlers (Kos, Fitch). He may have some decisions but 50-45 is a fight from GSP I'll watch over and over. If some guy goes out cold during the GnP kudos to our Canadian boy and the world's face of MMA Mr. GSP! CA NA DA!!!
  5. destinationblood Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 07:02

    rashad evans?
  6. destinationblood Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 07:04

    ugh i cant stand GSP fights, i think Jake Shields, Fitch and GSP should be tied for 1st.....bisping is kind of fun to watch
  7. cun Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 07:13

    GSP doesn't "desperately need" a stoppage victory. He's already the champion, top P4P, and one of the biggest PPV draws in the sport. Sure, it would be nice to see him finish a guy, but he doesn't "desperately need" to.....he's doing pretty well for himself. On the other hand, the fighter who "desperately needs" a stoppage is Jon Fitch. His propensity for getting decision victories has definitely hampered his career: he had get 8(?) straight UFC wins before he got his first title shot, and now, his road to another title shot is also being prolonged. THIS is a fighter who "desperately needs" a stoppage.
  8. thebassmaster Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 07:17

    Jon Fitch will keep getting snubbed for the title if he doesnt finish a fight. And I have a hard time seeing him finish Ellenberger
  9. cecils_pupils Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 07:18

    Good post, but you knew you would catch hell for ranking GSP as needing a stoppage more than either Fitch or Shields: While GSP is a little safer in how he fights, he can be/should be because he is champ. Fitch has no excuse. He wants another title shot but hasn't finished an opponent to prove he's worth it since Roan Carniero in 2007 - 9 fights ago. Andthat was before his first title shot. Fitch is by far the NUMBER 1 fighter in need of a finish.
  10. cecils_pupils Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 07:19

    @thebassmaster - agreed. Hell, Fitch can't even win in the battle of who needs to finish a fight more!
  11. amsterdamheavy Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 07:20

    Spot on article, I agree with pretty much everything in it. Oh, and I love the Bisping pic. That one should be used for every article that mentions The Cunt on CP until he gets KTFO in even more glorious fashion. Thinking about GSP, it *is* unfair to expect more from the guy, he did try to finish Hardy. MMA is sometimes pimped as a chess match instead of a brawl and GSP comes in with some of if not the best game plans in the business. Yeah, he has been slightly more conservative since the Serra thing but not dramatically so. One thing with GSP is that he doesnt fight 3/4 times a year anymore, he seems to give 2 defenses and thats it for a while now. I've always liked him, which is weird with him being Canadian AND French...
  12. dcmsm Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 07:22

    shields-miller was boring? really? i thought it was an amazing technical match
  13. Fried Taco Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 07:27

    I always fall asleep during GSP fights. I'm lucky if I make it to round 3. So, yeah, I guess I'm saying I probably wouldn't be able to beat him.
  14. Rottenpunch Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 07:30

    In all fairness I don't really think any of these 8 guys give a two sh*ts on a stick about fan popularity. winning is what counts, they will all tell you that. BUT watching these guys fight can be compared to seeing a relatives photo album, or having a wart on your ass cheek removed.
  15. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 07:31

    I just finished the Part about Gray Maynard and I completely disagree. If you don't think taking someone down holding them there, and beating the shit outta them is a difficult feat at all then you are an idiot and furthermore who cares what fans wants? If I'm that fighter the Win is what I want the Legacy. The ability to be the best is not based on entertaining fans so erase that shit from your head right now. You put up there that Forrest gets a pass because of his fan favorite status? You think GSP needs a Stoppage? are you fucking kidding me? He may not win with Over hand rights or knockouts or even submissions but he still does it in a way were people want to see it. Seriously did you pull the Ben Askren thing out of your ass and think oh I am a clever guy? because Dudes an Olympian for ugh.. Wrestling. It's what he does he takes you down and he beats you up. Bisping is the Royce Gracie of Europe? are you smoking Meth or something? Bisping couldn't finish a wet paperbag off if he tried. Bisping and Edgar are both guys who just don't finish people. All things considering this is one of the worst posts I've ever read do you even think about shit before you spew it? Stop hating the grinders/wrestlers its what they do and they aren't gonna stop just cause some cry baby bitch asked them to, This isn't buffalo wild wings there isn't anyone going to press a button and make the fight more exciting because you don't enjoy it. " I am Not Impressed by your performance"
  16. JWM Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 07:32

    @ Destinationblood I like Rashad Evans last finish when he got KTFO by Machida. Rashad definately needs more of those.
  17. The Fresh One Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 07:32

    No on all accounts. A professional athlete is supposed to win, first and foremost. This is the same as telling a football team who primarily runs to pass more. Yes, KO's are exciting, but guys like Killa B will never have half of the success as the fighters above by putting entertainment over winning (remember yesterdays interview?).
  18. FlashinLeather Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 07:37

    @J Swilly LOL at Dan Hardy's KILLER STAND UP, the guy has one KO in 6 UFC fights, he has been knocked out in the first round of his last fight, and 2 of his 4 wins are split decision victories, not to mention that the he was knocked out by someone who trains at the jackson camp, thats not a easy task.
  19. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 07:39

    @ Amsterdam You think GSP comes in with not the best game plan in the business? That must explain the whole defending his belt every single time and still being champion. He did put the Kimuara on wrong during the Dan Hardy fight to begin with but people make mistakes French and Canadian. Oh I get it a joke about being racist! I love it HA HA HA! Wow I can't imagine how many people look you in the face and want to laugh at you every day.
  20. Goog Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 07:40

    My compliments to Dan Teague. Taking nothing from the other CP writers... this was well written and entertaining. In general, I'm not usually a fan of long lists. But the paragraphs were concise, clever, and informed. Nicely done. I spend enough time making sarcastic remarks here, thought I'd throw out a legit kudo.
  21. danomite Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 07:42

    How dare you put GSP on this list! and you made him first?! That's it, i'm never coming on this site again, you anonymous fucktard! This site has gone to shit since old dad left anyways. Seriously, though, GSP should be on this list but number 1? guy has finished 3 of his last 6 and one of those was against a guy who is goddamned near-unfinishable. Jon Fitch far and away is number 1 on this list. It's to the point where DW might fire him after just one loss. He's already lost at least one known opportunity at a title shot due to boringness. GSP and Edgar are really the only ones who have any kind of excuse for the decisions, since they're the only two ufc champs on the list and they have to fight the best fighters in the world every fight. I mean, really, look at the guys fitch is decisioning and then look at GSP's opponents and then tell me there isn't a gap in skill level there. btw, "Decision Factory" should be Fitch's official nickname. get on it, whoever is in charge of that.
  22. Canadian Chronic Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 07:42

    I don't think all the blame rests on all the fighters shoulders. Some Guys who don't have the ability to finish, and that is their problem for sure. But, for a guy like GSP, I don't think finishing his opponent is as important as the legacy he leaves behind. More importantly, why would he put his paycheck in jeopardy? Look at Sam Stout n Spencer Fisher, those two guys smacked the hell outta each other and do you think their earning as much as GSP? The UFC rewards people who win, plain n simple. When the rewards for losing an exciting fight are as high as being a boring, yet dominant champion, you'll see a lot more of the slobberknockers style of fights that the fans love so much
  23. danomite Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 07:56

    Really though, your name is Dan Teague and your user name isn't Big Dan?! Or "Big Dan, tout court!", Or just "tout court"? doesn't matter, you're Big Dan to me from now on.
  24. cripplerfan1988 Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 07:59

    What an awful article! Why would some of these fighters require a stoppage so badly? The UFC's LW and WW Champions, the UFC's undefeated #1 LW contender, the undefeated WW Champ of a very promising promotion, the universally recognised #2 WW in the world and a fighter who provided a very impressive stoppage less than one year ago against a very dangerous opponent.
  25. KingTcb Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 08:04

    So a stoppage is required to make u a better fighter?? Edgar vs Griffin wasn't a stoppeage but some people thought it was fight of the year... Every one of Edgars fights is non stop action if he is standing, on top or on his back he is trying to make moves. Same thing goes for GSP, His fights are intense, Look what he did to fitch, he didn't finish him but he put on one hell of an exciting ass whooping that most men woulda quit from. Griffin goes out and puts on a hell of a fight i believe I have heard many times bonner vs griffin was the spark of all sparks to light up mma and guess what..... Not a finsh
  26. Baul_Tampax_Galey_Sucks_Kos Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 08:10

    @KarmaAteMyCunt Let me guess...... you're either a hardcore wrestler or a huge fan of man love? Also, everyone knows that button at Wild Wings is fake....... dumbass.
  27. rite leg ospitahl Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 08:17

    i couldn't agree more with all of this. especially with edgar and gsp. however i disagree with gsp being the spokesperson. look i dont know how u guys have it but i take much ridicule from friends and such about being into this sport as appose to college football. when people try to talk to me about fighting and relay these ideas void of any previous 2009 mma knowledge i have to smile and walk away. and i say that to say this, it would seem from an outsiders view brocklesnarr is pretty much king of the mma, not ufc but mma in its entirety. people still dont know cains name and say they cant believe brock lost to a "no name." fear not, i hate both candidates equally and was rejoicing when brock was exposed for a big bully baby that cant take a punch. anyway, i ramble, while gsp is the guy that our girls dont mind watching fight, brock was the spokesperson for the sport as bad as i hate to say it. maybe now that he lost every tom dick and harry at the local bar wont care enough to be an expert.
  28. PortlandMMA Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 08:17

    In some way I agree with all of these...but some people are in need of a stoppage in different ways then others. The one in need of a stoppage the most is Fitch though. I mean the guy is a world class fighter and no one wants to see him fight...Also His guerrilla jiu jitsu looks a lot like wresting to me. Askren feels out of place in the article too.
  29. rite leg ospitahl Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 08:23

    also kingtcb is an idiot that doesnt understand the point of this article. finishes make u a more likable fighter. griffin bonner was a bloody mess of a fight that if u watch again now is boring beyond belief trust me i watched it again. gsps fights are not intense, neither are edgars. gsp looks like a dirty wrestlers in a highschool take down tournament. and edgar might as well have a huge handle bar mustache with that 1800's jab and move boxing. no matter though i blame it all on greg jackson. if u listen to his corner advice he tells gsp all the time not to pass guard?!?!?!?!?!?!?! why the hell? not finishing is one thing, not trying to finish is another.
  30. Goog Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 08:26

    I should jump back in here on topic... I thought the article was well written, but I personally don't care one way or the other how the fight goes. If it's 3-5 rounds of guys working their guts out, that's cool. But I will draw my line somewhere close to Fitch who just lays or "tries" for a rear naked for 3+ minutes per round. Don't stand against the cage and press for 5 rounds, but dirty boxing is a skill as much as BJJ. And I can't complain about a Frankie Edgar fight. That guy works hard. And if I pay $50 for fights, I'd rather watch 3-5 rounds of a good fight versus a flash knockout in 45 seconds.
  31. GILL-uh-TEEN Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 08:31

    Makes me wonder if people's contracts were not setup for show/win money, but show/win/stoppage money. 10 to show 10 to win and 5 to stop would motivate a guy who is new to the organization... but the problem is, those fresh guys aren't the ones who tend to need motivating.
  32. KingTcb Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 08:32

    let me guess rite leg ospitahl, is a kiss ass brock fan. FINSH FIGHTS OR DIE TRYING!! I understand the article well and realize just like everyone on this site not including u gsp and edgar dont need stops, y? oh bc they are the champs and oh hey guess what else, fight of the night more then once. jackass
  33. Kid Clam Curtains Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 08:45

    GSP ahead of fitch, Maynard and Askren? lmao.
  34. Get Off Me Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 08:48

    Decision victories do not equal boring fights necessarily. With that in mind, this article is far less offensive, but placing GSP on the list with #1 is offensive. GSP has fought the best at 170 and dominated in his fights, if you think he "needs" a stoppage, clarify why he "needs" a stoppage? There is a big difference between trying to finish(GSP) a fight and fighting safe(Fitch, Maynard and Shield Z) and a real mma enthusiast knows the difference. If you can't stay awake for a GSP fight, it's past your bedtime and you should get some rest.
  35. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 08:53

    @Baul Let me guess. I hit a nerve, you just love watching MMA and pretending you know anything about it. You even go out of your way to make sure all the tapout shirts you buy are shiny. Look Grappling is the ONE fundamental that makes the sport go round and round. You can hate on it and call it man love all you want but it doesn't change the fact that Fighters shouldn't have to change their game plan because you aren't entertained. Poor guy I bet you just don't get hugged enough. Also, The Button at Buffalo Wild Wings is just as real as me giving a shit about anything you say.
  36. LET IT RAIN Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 09:01

  37. mthomas Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 09:08

    I'm sorry but GSP @ number 1? I read this site every day religiously but rarely post. But I HAD to today! Seriously, putting him above Fitch? Or even putting Edgar above Fitch? Look, I like a stoppage as much as anyone, but c'mon! Edgar, while most of his wins are by decision. is always entertaining to watch. And GSP dominates every second of every fight. For all of the GSP haters that complain about his decisions, the Alves/Hardy fights was the FIRST TIME in his career that he had won by decision back-to-back. It's true--look it up. Sure a finish would be nice, but as Cun said, he's already the champ and doesn't need to prove himself. He fights smart--an approach that has seen him finish 2/3 of his (high-level) opponents over his career. And, yes every Fitch fight looks the same, but I feel a little bad for the guy. He has the 2nd-best record in the UFC (better than GSP's) and he gets passed up time and time again. If this sport was just about results, he should have had another title shot by now. He's the one guy on this list who "desperately NEEDS a stoppage victory" I'm out bitches...
  38. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 09:20

    I liked the article. It had a good premise and it was funny. I gotsta disagree on one thing though: the fighter in most desperate need of a stoppage victory can only be Jon Fitch. Everyone else is a distant 2nd.
  39. siksik6 Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 09:21

    See, l told you these things are polarizing. Goog is giving me props all serious n'shit, and Karma wants to fight my mom for giving birth to me.
  40. Douchebaggery Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 09:25

    GSpizzle is numero unizzle? he doesn't need anything, "desperately". what else does he need to prove
  41. Diaz Cartel Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 09:34

    People should try and understand that most MMA fighters on this list tries to finish their fights (except for Fitch, and Maynard). It just means that their opponents are tough S.O.B's. GSP shouldn't even be on this list. He outclasses his opponents in the cage every time he steps in. Although he became less aggressive after his loss to Serra, this is because he doesn't want to make the same mistake again. That means his style has evolved which is important if you want to stick to the fight game and remain champ for a long time. For guys like Fitch and Maynard, they are what you call "grinders" in MMA. It's a strategy on winning a fight. It takes a great deal of skill, strength and endurance to showcase this ability. They pretty much kill of their opponents' spirit by neutralizing their attacks and making them look shit in the cage/ring. If this was the case, then how come you didn't put Chael Sonnen on this list, huh? Also, I don't get all the Jake Shields hate. Most of his wins are by submissions. It's only because of his fight with Miller that he was branded as a boring fighter. If you are a true martial art enthusiast you should appreciate this style of fighting. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitions are similar and are longer than your typical MMA match.
  42. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 09:37

    No,No don't get me wrong the article was presented well and everything I just disagree with the fighters you choose to out in the article. I mean it's whatever end result I just disagree with this whole You need to entertain the fans bullshit because the thing is if you piss them off enough like all the Ex-GSP haters and Silva Haters who tune in just to see them lose. Side note I wouldn't fight your mom she might kick my ass. Keep it real
  43. Fried Taco Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 09:42

    @Get Off Me - I'm not so sure GSP is really trying to finish his fights. He's a good striker, and a good wrestler, but he's not a knock-out artist and he doesn't really go for submissions. The point made above is that since the Matt Serra loss, he has had four decisions and three stoppages. In his 14 fights previous to the Matt Serra loss, he had only 3 decisions. So lately he has one submission over Matt Hughes, one TKO for against Serra with his knees, and one TKO when BJ's corner threw in the towel between rounds. I can understand the decisions over wrestlers like Fitch and Koschek, but Dan Hardy? That should've been a finish. So what I'm saying is not that the fights are boring, but they are predictable. GSP goes in there with his game plan, executes it to perfection, and all 5 rounds end up looking just about the same. And I start nodding off because it's past my bedtime. Oh, and just FYI, I don't agree with GSP as number 1. Not even that he needs to be on the list. That's like putting him as number 1 on the list of fighters who need to have a better body, ahead of guys like Roy Nelson.
  44. Baul_Tampax_Galey_Sucks_Kos Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 09:45

    @Karma If you didn't strike a nerve before, you have now...... shiny Tapout shirts have become the scum of the earth.... what was once an upcoming exciting sponsorship of elite mma fighters is now a company that is upheld by fat wannabe's with just enough facial hair to think that they look tough and hope that someone will see them in they're new "shiny" shirt and think that maybe because of their big-boned build they're a fighter. So sorry to disappoint but nooo Tapout shirts over here. Anyway, yes you are right..... grappling is ONE (not "the one") fundamental of mma that makes it go round and round.... blah blah blah. But when one fighter gets all Gray with another fighter and tries to Fitch them in the ass from the missionary position for 3 rounds or more, you have to draw the line between some healthy grappling and some straight up man love. Just like shaking it more than 3 times in the restroom is considered playing with it, laying on top of a man for an extended period of time must be considered gay. At least bi-curious. I mean, this is the UFC right? The biggest MMA promotion in the world, so if grappling appears to be your only "fundamental" maybe you should take your ass to a grappling tournament and come back to the UFC when you've developed other facets of your game. Finally, you were right about one other thing. The button at Wild Wings must be real! Because you cared enough to reply, didn't ya?
  45. KidDinomite Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 09:47

    This is a controversial topic so I'm gonna be short and sweet. A lot of guys say that winning is what matters and not the entertainment factor. Well if there's no entertainment and all the fighters are winning by decision by laying on opponents, eventually people aren't going to watch anymore.
  46. cecils_pupils Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 10:03

    RwilsonR = thread winner with this gem: I just finished reading this, and I thought that if Jake Shields followed your advice and and did submit his tape to Extreme Fighter Makeover, that would be his first submission in over two years.
  47. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 10:12

    @Baul Like I said fighters don't care what you think they're gonna go in there and do what they need to do to win within the rules(Congo Aside). I don't think you know how much hot air this article blows for no reason at all. I think the saying is the words fall on deaf ears. If they are staying just busy enough to keep the fight on the ground then I guess that's just to bad for you and the people who think like you. I respectfully disagree that grinding out a fight and holding down your opponent takes no skill in fact it takes a great amount of endurance and strength to pull that kind of win off specifically when fighting the best in the word. Perhaps if you wish to watch purely striking I could suggest HBO or Showtime at around 11pm on weekdays. It's old news and its not gonna change. I'm done on this thread I have to go cut four pounds before the days over keep it real and Don't be scared homie!
  48. RwilsonR Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 10:24

    I just finished reading this, and I thought that if Jake Shields followed your advice and did submit his tape to Extreme Fighter Makeover, that would be his first submission in over two years.
  49. ProtectYaNeck Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 10:26

    Apparently the person who wrote this didn't watch Edgar's fight before Penn vs Edgar I. Besides why would anyone desperately need a stoppage?
  50. nicey Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 10:44

    GSP at #1 is the only reason one needs to determine this article, and it's "author", are ruh-tards.
  51. LOKI Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 10:59

    I approve of your #1! the parenial P4P mainstay should have more ways to win than the top control special. All that magick oil and Georges can still only finish dudes in his mouth.
  52. Hank Mardukis Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 11:11

    Antonio McKee (he's under contract with the UFC, didn't you hear?)
  53. Sakuraba3900 Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 11:33

    " Kind of ethnic-looking bleach blonde arch enemy?" fucking gold lol
  54. cecils_pupils Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 11:41

    @Hank Mardukis - haven't ya heard? McKee finished his last 2 fights, one by sub the other by TKO.
  55. Elentius Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 12:28

    GSP is certainly not number 1. I am not just saying this because he is my favorite fighter, but because you have to look at the fights from an entertainment perspective. I really want to sleep when Jon Fitch and Jake Shieldzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... uh sorry. Oh yeah when they fight I am bored because they do not try to end the fight and are not complete fighters.
  56. RaginAsian Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 12:40

    I cry when I watch Extreme Home Makeover. When Paige is on, my penis cries. Happy tears. (I'm talking about semen)
  57. FaH Q NL15 Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 12:42

    @karmatemycat OK, 1, racism is hilarious, 2, if the fans wanna see finishes, that means dana does too. Im partial to the ground wars where mother fuckers completely control their opponent. I love seeing people look up at their corners pissed off that they just got taken down again. But if fans (dana) wanna see finishes. Fighters (not so much for gsp) should probably get it in their head that, if given a possible opportunity, they need to go out there and give the fans what they want. Finishes do a fuckload to fighters careers.
  58. Baul_Tampax_Galey_Sucks_Kos Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 01:26

    @Karma Good luck cutting those four pounds, its really gonna help when you relieve Karma from eating your cat. But while you're chin deep in pussy just remember one thing: while it may take skill, endurance and strength to hold down an opponent for an entire fight, it also takes skill, endurance and strength to eat out your own cat. And homey, I ain't scared.
  59. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 02:10

    You sir are great at staying on task. Herp Derp. You sound scared homie.
  60. BryanF Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 03:23

    How about Jake " The Decision Magician" Shields VS Jon "The Decision Factory" Fitch?
  61. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Tue, 11/09/10 - 03:52

    Its ironic consider Shields has finished most of his fights via Submission that you people talk so much bullshit about him but continue on it's amusing to me.
  62. RwilsonR Says:

    Wed, 11/10/10 - 08:39

    How about we go with Jon "The Judges' Bitch" Fitch? I mean, he gives us such a wonderful rhyming option with his name, it would be a shame not to go for the low-hanging fruit.
  63. Kuch Says:

    Thu, 11/11/10 - 03:10

    You forgot Antonio McKee.
  64. URL Says:

    Tue, 08/06/13 - 05:17

    ... [Trackback]... [...] There you will find 83447 more Infos: [...]...
  65. jalia parsnip Says:

    Sun, 12/01/13 - 02:30

    Eight MMA Fighters Who Desperately Need a Stoppage Victory | Cagepotato... I believe technological innovation just causes it to be even worse. Now there is a channel to never ever treatment, now there is not going to be considered a possibility for them to find out....
  66. MMA Fighters, Jason Garret Loves Cowboys, Pink Cleats No No, DILDOBOMB Says:

    Mon, 12/16/13 - 01:44

    [...] Dump 8 MMA fighters who need a stoppage victory [Cage Potato] Jason Garrett was bread for the Cowboys head coaching job [Sportress of Blogitude] Kid kicked off [...]

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