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Eleven of the Greatest “Bully Gets Owned” Videos on the Internet

(Australian bully talks trash, gets Barboza’d.)

CP reader Juan Pablo B. sent us the above video earlier today, and it made us realize that “bully gets owned” videos have become a powerful Internet genre unto themselves, like scare pranks or ASMR vids. The appeal is obvious: We rarely get to see aggressive dickheads get their comeuppance in real life, so it’s always incredibly satisfying when moments like these are caught on tape.

There are literally thousands more videos where these came from, so if we’ve left out any of your favorites, drop some links in our comments section or tweet ‘em to us @CagePotatoMMA.

(Casey Heynes vs. Richard Gale: The Citizen Kane of “Bully Gets Owned” videos.)

(Just about the cleanest bully-KO you’ll see on YouTube.)

(What did this idiot *think* was going to happen?)

(Bully slaps the dude in the red shirt, sucker punches the guy standing against the tree, and is served some sweet justice out of nowhere.)

(Never judge a nerd by his nerdness.)

(Big boy in the red is basically the white Bob Sapp.)

(The rare bully double-KO.)

(Two more classics of the genre.)

(And finally, the best falling tree knockout we’ve seen outside of an MMA fight.)

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