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Eleven of the Greatest “Fast Food Fight” Videos on the Internet

(A guy losing his mind over a cheeseburger, a pantsing, *and* a kimura attempt? We are truly living in a golden era, you guys.)

While not quite as popular as the “Bully Gets Owned” video, the “Fast Food Fight” video is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after subgenres of Youtube-based amateur fight videos on the web. Whether taking place at a Steak n’ Shake, a McDonalds, or my personal favorite, a Denny’s, the fast food fight bridges the gap between humanity’s insatiable thirst for sustenance and violence in a way that Medieval Times has never truly been able to exploit.

Below you will find ten of the most infamous fast food brawls to ever be caught on camera, but on the off-chance we missed one of your favorites, give us a shout in the comments section or tweet us at @CagePotatoMMA.

(Probably the most epic fast food fight of them all.)

(The East Oakland Denny’s Halloween fight requires no introduction.)

(Kind of like the previous fight, but with more asscheeks.)

(Some say the high-pitched caterwaul of the New Jersey female bobcat could be heard from space that night.)

(A sh*t-talking janitor gets H-Bombed.)

(To loosely quote one Youtube user, “What was he hitting them with?”)

(Less a fast food brawl, more a TLC match that happened to take place in a Hole Mole.)

(I feel sorriest for the guy who declared this “The best Spring Break ever.”)

(The Strikeforce: Nashville of fast food brawls.)

(Wait…Sid Vicious is still alive?!)

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