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Elite XC: Live And All Up In Your Grill

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Your long wait for MMA on network television has finally ended. It’s not pay-per-view, it’s not YouTube, it’s CBS, bitches. My fellow MMAholics, we done came up. Settle in, grab yourself a cold one, and prepare for your world to be changed forever — and that’s just the Busta Rhymes performance!

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9:00 pm: Taking some time to introduce the fighters to start the CBS broadcast. I’m sorry, Jon “Man of Faith” Murphy? Okay. But can you really say “New York Badass” on network TV?

9:02 pm: Dancing girls, ahoy!

9:05 pm: Frank Shamrock delivers an odd commentary about Bruce Lee. He seems pleased with himself for having accomplished it.

9:06 pm: More dancing girls, and some fireworks. You entertained yet?

9:10 pm: Here beginneth the education of the masses in regards to MMA. Soak it up. Frank Shamrock takes us through all the legal and illegal moves, including plenty of Kimbo footage.

9:13: “Fighting for your money and bringing home the bacon — that’s sexy,” says Shamrock. What?

9:14: Street Fighter IV, huh? Count me in.

9:18: Busta Rhymes music video begins. Cue the smoke machine. It’s mercifully short, and they don’t even shy away from mentioning that Rogers is coming off a victory over James Thompson. Who is fighting on the main event. Tonight. Makes you think, no?

9:26: And we’re underway. Rogers is providing the offense early, delivering some strong uppercuts in the clinch. They get some separation and Rogers lands a big right hand, dropping Murphy to his knees. Big Dan Miragliotta steps in right away to stop it. Have they been instructed to keep these fights from devolving into too much needless brutality? I suppose we’ll see.

Gary Shaw makes an appearance in the cage to show off his tracksuit. Apparently Rogers’s story is well-known, but we’re going to go over it again just in case, before losing sound for some reason.

Do work, son!

9:40: So we’re doing this music video info thing for every fighter entrance, huh?

9:42: Phil Baroni is taking his time with his ring entrance. You know, just to prove that he’s not in this to “be a rockstah.” Whoa, some girls just ripped his shirt off. This is just out of control. Mark Coleman is there, looking out for his Baroni. It’s hard to know whether to hate this or enjoy it the way you enjoy a bad movie that you snuck into. A little of both, maybe.

9:47: Baroni comes out fast, getting a takedown off a left high kick and trying to work some frantic ground-and-pound. Villasenor stays active from his back and gets back to his feet. A nice left hook from Villasenor stuns Baroni and gets him moving backwards. Baroni attempts a weak shot and Villasenor defends, then starts picking Baroni apart as the NYBA tries to cover up. A right hand hurt Baroni and he’s down. One more right seals the deal and Big Dan stops it, again slightly early. A pattern developing?

Looks like Baroni is not, in fact, the best eva. Go figure.

9:57: A fun little Gina Carano interview follows more dancing girl footage. Everyone’s favorite overweight female fighter responds to allegations that she might not have been focused enough on her fight by asserting that she’s “not focused on that right now.” That’s less than encouraging.

10:03: Cornrows aren’t so sexy, but Young looks jacked. Gina, meanwhile, seems to be wearing makeup. Maybe a little bronzer, too. Not that I know what that looks like.

10:09: A couple of nice frontkicks from Carano, and she puts Young down. Back on their feet, a big right from Carano. Young comes back with a nice left. Young takes Carano down and Carano looks for a gogoplata. Young postures up and lands a big right. They’re back to their feet and really going at each other. Not a whole lot of defense, but plenty of banging going on.

10:14: Young comes out strong in round two, but her strategy of repeated spinning sidekicks seems to be providing plenty of openings for Carano, who starts to unload. Young is hurt and bloodied. Carano takes her back and looks for the RNC, but time runs out in the round. So far, it’s the fight of the night without question.

The doctors move in to stop this one after the second round, and Carano wins it with Young still on the stool. And here comes her father for a big hug. That’s something we’d never see with a male fighter. Just thought I’d point that out.

10:19: The post-fight interview reveals a relatively unscathed Carano, except for maybe a little smudged eye-shadow. At least she seems aware that she needs to get back in the gym to get her “butt in gear.” Just asking me to make a joke about getting my gear in her butt. I’m sorry.

10:30: We learn the origin of Scott Smith‘s nickname. He reenacts working in a steel mill. Weird, it looks like it was filmed in the same warehouse as the Kaitlin Young pre-fight clip.

10:35: Matt Hughes is in Lawler’s corner. Not a big deal, apparently.

10:39: We’re feeling each other out early on, with Lawler stalking Smith. Fans are booing? Apparently if it’s not all-out war for thirty seconds these fans grow restless. They pick it up right away, with Smith coming after Lawler and Lawler deciding to punch his way out of trouble. It works, as Lawler tags Smith and mocks him a little. Smith’s legs are wobbly, and it may be only a matter of time as Lawler pours it on, but he’s saved by the bell and stumbles toward his corner.

10:45: Lawler doesn’t have a sense of urgency about finishing Smith, and Smith takes the opportunity to land some knees and fight his way back into this thing. That’s enough to wake Lawler up, as he goes back on the attack. They’re both bloodied up and brawling it out to end the round. That frame may have gone to Smith.

10:52: The pace has slowed some to start this round. Lawler is bleeding from his forehead and Smith seems to aiming for it with his jab. Lawler goes for the first takedown of the fight and Smith stops it, but ends up giving his back. Lawler accidentally pokes Smith in the eye trying to defend a punch, and Smith seems bothered by it. The doctor comes in to take a look at it and it looks like this one is done, despite Smith’s apparent ability and willingness to continue. An anti-climactic end to an exciting fight.

Ruled a no-contest. That’s no fun. Nick Lembo from the New Jersey State Athletic Commission comes on to blame Scott Smith for telling the doctor that he couldn’t see.

11:11: The Kimbo show can now begin in earnest. CBS even shows some of his YouTube clips. Kimbo mentions his balls. Network TV, meet mixed martial arts.

11:14: Frank Shamrock claims that Kimbo is way too “comfortable with violence”, and that scares people. One person who isn’t scared, he says, is James Thompson. I’m not so sure about that last part.

11:19: If James Thompson’s cauliflower ear is any indication of how he’s spent his training time leading up to this event, he may just have a chance.

11:21: Kimbo comes out while fans wave “Kick Ass Kimbo” signs. That’s the best we could do with pre-made signs? Don’t worry, Kimbo’s style is listed as “Brawling”. Just in case they haven’t defined him well enough up to this point.

11:26: Extreme close-up of Kimbo’s face. We didn’t need to get all up in his nose like that.

11:27: Takedown for Thompson early on. Let’s see Kimbo’s ground game. Thompson gets to side control but Thompson can’t control the underarm and let’s him back to his feet. Thompson attempts a standing guillotine, to no avail. Thompson gets put on his back, Kimbo in his guard. Thompson gets side control on Kimbo, looks for an Americana, but does so as if it’s something he’s only ever seen on TV. Kimbo escapes and the round ends with both men looking a little lost.

11:33: Kimbo stuns Thompson with a good left and some knees. Kimbo attempts a guillotine but without locking up the guard. Thompson escapes to side control but eschews the opportunity to take the mount. Referee Dan Miragliotta inexplicably calls for a stand-up with Thompson in side control. Kimbo lands some big shots, but Thompson manages another takedown and finishes the round with a barrage of elbows.

11:39: Kimbo lands a right hand to Thompson’s ear. Ranallo shouts, “It popped!” Indeed it did. Thompson’s ear is bleeding badly and Kimbo is landing some big rights. Thompson is staggered, and Miragliotta moves in to stop it with Thompson still on his feet. “The Colossus” shoves Miragliotta’s head away from him in anger. Kimbo by TKO.

One wonders why this same referee didn’t stop the fight when Kimbo lay on his back absorbing elbows for the final minute of round two, and yet called a halt to it without Thompson even being knocked off his feet. Sloppy may not be the most perfect description of this fight, but it’s certainly the one that leaps to mind.

Kimbo says he didn’t expect Thompson to be that strong on the ground. No one tell him that Thompson really wasn’t so good on the ground at all. A couple months worth of jiu-jitsu classes might have made the difference there. Christ. I’ve had enough.


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cosanostra- November 7, 2011 at 3:48 pm
Count me in for tha 9:14: Street Fighter IV, huh?
bookingsystem- November 7, 2011 at 2:35 am
Nice nice site thanks
Dana White- June 1, 2008 at 8:55 pm
Bunch of KIMBO haters prob the same ppl that hate tito,nick diaz, nate diaz,anyone thats not white take that hate back to germany you fucking redneck homos KIMBO just trying to take care of his kids.
Kimbo's Answers- June 1, 2008 at 3:52 pm
I've watched the fight many times now and I disagree with most of what everyone is saying. While Thomson closed the second round in control, none of the shots he was landing had much leverage and Kimbo did a moderate job of keeping Thompson close so that the elbows and hammer fists couldn't do much - that's why the ref didn't stop it. Thompson won the 2nd round I felt due to the strong finish. First round when Kimbo was in the guillotine, he gave a "thumbs up" to the ref to let him know he was OK, he did not tap - the announcers saw it ringside and announced it, if you watch the replays it was pretty clear. First round - even. Second round - Thompson. Third round Kimbo pops open Thompson's ear and land 6 cosecutive bombs unanswered. If the stoppage was premature, it was only premature by 5 - 10 seconds cause Thompson had no answer and was not defending himself. I think the ref did a good job.

Secondly, Kimbo himself says that he has a "long way to go" and "a lot to learn." You can't fault him for taking the paychecks, his story is among the most marketable in MMA even though his skills aren't at the upper echelon. Kimbo and Bas KNOW he is not the best heavyweight or even in the top 10 for that matter, however he is going to take full advantage of his time in the spotlight and work hard to make it last. Just like anyone else would do. I thought the fight showed that Kimbo has some basic ground game principles and is becoming a more well rounded fighter. Overall, I thought the fight was entertaining and even better, it was FREE you ungrateful jackasses!
dudeman- June 1, 2008 at 1:09 pm
Speaking of stoppage, the fight should have been called when kimbo was on the ground getting pounded for over a minute without intelligently defending himself. If it were a UFC fight it would have been called then.
dudeman- June 1, 2008 at 1:07 pm
Kimbo should have lost that fight hands down. Early stoppage FTL!
tiny350Z- June 1, 2008 at 12:49 pm
@Jeff... you're absolutely right... we were saying the same thing before the fight. Any logical fighter would have drained that before going into the cage.
Thank god for those awesome WEC fights last night. I slept much better.
Guess Who faggots- June 1, 2008 at 5:47 am
At the end of the second round was the funniest thing I have ever seen. The ref didn't stop it because those ''strikes'' JT was giving kimbo at the end of the second round had absolutely nothing but the weight of his arm on them. I sleep on pillows that hit harder than that. If the ref stopped it there there would be 100 other people saying it was a ridiculous stoppage. He got his arm out a few times stopping the elbows, jesus christ I could slap you in the face with my dick harder than he was hitting him. I don't like either fighter, I just know what I saw and that was some god damn love taps. And also if you say it was a ridiculous stoppage then you're a fucking joke moron because he was rocked and his ear was bleeding like a stuck pig. What do you think he was capable of doing after that? I bet kimbo's next punch would have put him to sleep.
Jeff- June 1, 2008 at 4:40 am
Ok, now that I've seen some real mma thanks to the WEC, I can sleep soundly, but one last bit about Kimbo before I crash.

Nobody has suggested that JT's ear may have been intentionally filled with blood to create grounds for the stoppage later on. This is a totally baseless accusation. Only thing that makes me say it is the fact that it was so blatantly a health concern and it would have been easy to drain before the fight.

I'll know if y'all think I'm crazy in the morning. (and oh yeah, Kimbo DIDN'T TAP, don't waste your time. Kindly refer to the 4 or 5 other reasons that this fight was fixed.)
Jeff- June 1, 2008 at 4:19 am
Lol @ Warcraft, for not noticing the obvious troll attempt. If the poster's name is in blue, it's CP staff.

I know, I know. No it's ok you're still cool.

and after WEC 33....

kimbo who?
Kimbohhhhh- June 1, 2008 at 2:57 am
I don't hate on Kimbo. He is what he is. The problem is that he was promoted and hyped to be the biggest thing in MMA. hahahah. never, but that's not Kimbo's fault. Anyway, the funny thing is that he was created by the internet and hype...and those same things will destroy him. I think that he should go into boxing or toughman competitions or something to that effect.

Anyone else thing that Thompson's elbows were suspiciously weak while Kimbo was defenseless?
BIG CHRIS- June 1, 2008 at 2:39 am
This whole debacle just solidified the legitimacy of the UFC....I will never watch the Elite XC again....Kimbo, Kimbo, Kimbo....what in the world was that crap?!?! that was the weakest thing I have ever seen in my life, James thompson came in looking like he was casted for Chronicles of Narnia and got up out of the makeup chair when they were halfway done with him...all Kimbo had to do was aim for that speed bag on the side of his head and he would have won in the first round.....I think they should have gave JT's ear a seperate pee test for looked like it might have been on the juice....
prvtpthd- May 31, 2008 at 11:19 pm
speak for yourself i dont like him because he is black
Warcraft- May 31, 2008 at 11:01 pm
End of the UFC?
If anything this just showed most of us why we like the UFC even more.
No fireworks, no cheerleaders, and no fixed fights.
Good thing they didn't drain Thompson massive ear it was like a signal to the ref to stop the fight and give bimbo the win.
Yes, UFC does pay some of there fighters below what most people would call an average payday but that's the business. If they don't like the pay they should get more or don't fight its simple.

P.S. No one hates kimbo because hes black. Its cause hes a lame-ass MMA fighter who should still be putting out Bumfights highlights on Youtube.
prvtpthd- May 31, 2008 at 10:02 pm
jt was still standing and thats all that counts. kimbo is a silverback and he belongs back in the zoo
Aryan- May 31, 2008 at 9:34 pm
"end of the ufc"
are you black? so much anger
end of the ufc- May 31, 2008 at 7:23 pm
pretty sure all you ppl hating on KIMBO are red neck homos with no life JT got rocked 4 hard hits without him protecting himself he was sitting there taking those bombs of course the ref is going to stop the fight stupid asses if JT was hitting kimbo with those bombs when he was on the ground it would of been the same thing with a stop.
Anonymous- May 31, 2008 at 7:12 pm
korsobalias- May 31, 2008 at 7:07 pm
This was the worst card I have ever seen. Carano was the only truly interesting fight but that got stopped due to black eye. WTF? All the stoppages were complete bullshit. Kimbo is a made up star that would get his ass kicked against even cans in the UFC. Elite XC is a fucking joke. They are trying to be like the XFL was to the NFL. Remember what happened with that? Yup went broke. So will EliteXC. We want to see a real sport not some half fantasy half real stuff. Once it started getting real they would call the fight. Yuck. No wonder UFC is still #1. Good luck Tito if you choose Elite as your next career choice. You are gonna wish you made up with Dana.
Tryone Shoelaces- May 31, 2008 at 7:03 pm
I think we can all agree that the Kimbo myth of power took a beating but a round of applause for Thompson, we kept saying he had a chin of glass but he proved everyone wrong.
The tap on the refs chin was great...

Physically Kimbo wasnt overwhelmingly impressive. He didnt pop out of the screen like the comic book character he was made up to be next to the taller brit.
He has a thick musculature but probably looks like a midget next to a beast like Bob Sapp or or a giant like Silvia.
There have been bigger and stronger guys in MMA and tons of cut and defined roidsters like Coleman and Kimo. I loved PRIDE and other japanese promotions and those people love freak shows like Kimbo. Theyve had bigger and badder looking mofus but once he wears out his exposure and Rutten's name in Japan, he should make a few bucks.
The big beard effect with the chintzy grill and the coiffured body hair is up there with KISS and Elton John. The effect is good but not as overwhelming against big opponents.

Waching Thompson and Slice on the ground was like watching two retarded virgins trying to fuck for the first time...just when you think they see the big opening, they start fucking the shoulder blade.
You can teach ground work and practice it but just like 6 year old judokas at a competition, you forget everything you learned and stick to the leg sweep.
When youre brain has been scrambled and you fall down in a BJJ guard for a breather, you are in survival mode. Instinct comes in and you do what come naturally. Practice jitsu/judo for a few years and it will become second nature just like a new language will after years of practice. You might have been taught a Kimura but seeing the opening to it from various positions comes with experience.

If Kimbo was 25 years old, Id say he has time but the clock is thicking to learn AND make second nature martial arts. Of course, we live in a world where we want everything right away and think experience can be condensed.

I have no hate for Kimbo, anyone in his situation would have done the same when presented the chance. He speaks very well and says the right things and his look is marketable.
But he is not what MMA should be showing as its face. I dont mind the Butterbean and Han Choi and other freaks but I dont want the first mainstream exposure to be them either.

Actually, the whole card seemed like a brawlers meet with few ground skills.
Bootylam!- May 31, 2008 at 6:22 pm
WTF is up w/ all the complaints? Plenty legit, but crying about stuff like "corny production" and "bad announcing" is STUPID. Listen to metal w/ TV on mute, or do you need those assholes to explain it to you? Who cares about "production"? Ignore it until the fight is on! And how the hell can folks who didn't even see the fights be talking shit? The Kimbo robbery of Collossus was a fucking joke, but other than that the fights were good. Not great, good. [Besides the NYBA getting destroyed, which was COOL!] Crush destroyed that girl, wrecked her eye so bad they wouldn't show it again. [It was literally growing as she sat there and her eye was SHUT! UGLY!] Quit hating on a young league for not having everything perfect. It was a decent, fairly classy show. Besides the Kimbo farce. And now WEC tonight? YESSSS!!!! Lil Evil vs. Urijah "I've been the man since I was a little kid" Faber! [Funny ass quote and yes he said it]
Shady- May 31, 2008 at 5:54 pm
@ Cack Says:

June 1st, 2008 at 9:33 am
wow…wat a bunch of haters….kimbo gave a thumbs up..he didnt tap….stop hatin…anyone of u fucks will get knocked out by kimbo…

Please! I'd fucking work Kimbo. All i'd have to do is bait him into chasing me around the ring for a few minutes and he'd be so gassed he'd probablt just fall down without me even having to go near him.
Oatmeal- May 31, 2008 at 5:43 pm
all people notice is when thompson was on top or choking kimbo....what about when kimbo was throwing some bombs that would knock your average mma fighter the F out
its not like thompson is a defenseless little rabbit , for kimbo to do that well on the ground was damn surprising... and when kimbo was taking those so called "elbows" on the ground i think he was just resting once he realized this guy cant do no damage
KimbosBlindEye- May 31, 2008 at 5:08 pm
# Cack Says:
June 1st, 2008 at 9:33 am

wow…wat a bunch of haters….kimbo gave a thumbs up..he didnt tap….stop hatin…anyone of u fucks will get knocked out by kimbo…it was a good fight…surprized the shit out of me….

Still amazed people are trying to defend kimbo are you that blinded by his bling or what.
Thompson puts kimbo into a pretty good standing choke and what happens the camera goes for a massive wide angel shot at the ceiling of the stadium!?!?!.
Cut back about 5sec later and Thompson has let go of his choke hold.
I think Thompson let go because he felt kimbo tapping and assumed he won cause any ref who wasn't paid to make kimbo win would have seen that.
Even those elbow the last minute or two of round 2 if you are not defending you lose the fight its that simple Kimbo just sat there and didn't try to get out of the very bad spot he just ate Thompson elbows.
rob enderle- May 31, 2008 at 4:55 pm
Man, is Shaw about to burst Alien style?
Can someone tell him that black WONT make him look slimmer?

Only Guidos wear tight tshirts when they look like they are 11 months pregnant.