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EliteXC Quick Notes: Diaz, Rogers, Cyborg, Noons + More

(“Yeah man, so this is like, one of the *actual tires* that came off of Rampage’s truck. No shit. Got it off Craigslist.” Photo of The Grim by Esther Lin.)

Nick Diaz and Brett Rogers won’t be sitting on their hands waiting for their arch-rivals KJ Noons and Kimbo Slice to become available — MMA Junkie reports that both fighters have been scheduled to appear at EliteXC’s November 8th event, which will be broadcast on Showtime. Their opponents haven’t been announced yet, but EliteXC’s Jared Shaw confirmed that Joey Villasenor will also be part of the event; rumor has it that he could face Robbie Lawler for the middleweight title.

Speaking of the Showtime card, FiveOuncesofPain reports that EliteXC wants to add Eddie Alvarez to the lineup, and build up to a fight for the vacated lightweight title if him and Nick Diaz win their fights and KJ Noons continues to be a problem. Side note: Before Diaz competes again for EliteXC, he’ll head to Japan to battle Hayato “Mach” Sakurai at DREAM.6 (September 23rd; Saitama, Japan) for DREAM’s welterweight title. In other EliteXC news…

— A fight between Cristiane “Cris Cyborg” Santos and Yoko Takahashi has been officially added to the undercard of Saturday Night Fights III on October 4th. If time permits, the match will be shown on the broadcast on a tape-delay basis. Cyborg vows to improve on her last performance by knocking Takahashi out three times in the first round.

— EliteXC’s heavyweight champ Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva has released a longer statement about his steroid bust. Some highlights:

“I maintain the conviction I never used any improper substances for this fight. I will take the exams again in the best laboratories in the USA to prove to the media, EliteXC, and mainly to my fans that I am innocent. Last year I underwent surgery to remove a tumor, as I suffered from “Acromegalia”, for which I spent over 100 thousand reais on hospital, doctors, airplane tickets, medication and 20-days stay in the city of Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro. After surgery my case was followed by an endocrinologist who is controlling my hormones, as up until I got the tumor, my GH (Growth Hormone) was…equal to that of five men…

Besides loving my profession, I love life even more and I know that taking any type of steroid could risk my life. I want to make it clear it is only a question of time before I prove I took no product aside from natural ones and three injections prescribed by my doctor to control my GH…Besides not being able to take steroids, I also do not need to, because I am privileged in how my body produces high levels of hormones naturally.”

— You may also be interested in this new interview KJ Noons did with (props to Fightlinker), where he lashes out at EliteXC for not hyping him as much as they hype Nick Diaz, and expresses his wish to fight Josh Thomson and avenge his loss against Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett. And it looks like Noons can sling shit as good as anyone: It seems like CBS is running the show at EliteXC more and more now…
K.J. Noons: Well, that’s good. Maybe they’ll appreciate who they have. My contract is up in November. You know what I mean? So, maybe they’ll appreciate someone who doesn’t flick the cameras off and can talk on CBS. I mean, that shit will fly on Showtime. You can say whatever you want to say, but…we’ll see. Maybe they still want to promote pot-smokin’, middle finger, street-fightin’…I don’t know. Maybe it’s not the organization for me, maybe it is. Hopefully they’ll want to keep me. I do like them…As long as I’m the champion, I want to stay, so hopefully they can see the value in me. And like I said, in November, my contract is up. I’ve got two more fights and that’s it.

Ironically, “Pot-Smokin’ Middle Finger Street-Fightin’” is the working title for Saturday Night Fights IV.

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dedstrk- August 25, 2008 at 9:35 pm
“I maintain the conviction I never used any improper substances for this fight."

The key word in this sentance is "this". He didn't say he never used them before he just said he didn't use them for this fight. Which might be true but supposedly what he used has a long half life.
PROJECTX- August 25, 2008 at 9:29 pm
I agree with fightfan. The hole elitexc thing is just sad.
fightfan- August 25, 2008 at 7:34 pm
A little rant every now and then cant hurt.....:)
Sharper- August 25, 2008 at 7:16 pm
It's too bad that the cyborg fight might not make it to the broadcast, as she was very exciting to watch in the previous fight. I think the UFC/WEC (most likely the WEC) should consider adopting a female class. Can't hurt.

I love when fighters in these weaker promotions think they are the best in the world. Noons in the UFC would be middle ground. You have to assume he knows this. If he was smart he would be loving the ability to be on top. If he jumps ship, he is jumping to the bottom of somewhere else (unless he moves to like Strikeforce or something).

Fightfan needs to chill out...
fightfan- August 25, 2008 at 6:56 pm
Muhahmad Ali vs Kimbo....What I mean. And, yeah I know the spelling is not correct
fightfan- August 25, 2008 at 6:54 pm
Fucking joke of a joke-ass promotion. They will call Diaz the top contender, but they will give him anoehr near 40 old Thomas Denny. They need him not to lose. Elite has around 4 or 5 names that are recognizable and they will go to all extremes to make sure they DO NOT LOSE.

The Kimbo vs Shamrock WWE match is beyond ridiculis. Why not get Chuck Liddell, when he is freakin 65 and walking with a cane to fight s KIMBO-like" fighter of that time. Same deal....Or why not have half retarded, senior citizen muhahmud Ali to fight Shamrock. that is what they want a legend with a name.....TOO BAD IF THE LEGEND IS 10, years or not more past its prime.

I do not mean retarded in a bad sense up there. Just wanted to make the point that Elitexc would probably stoop that low, just to have a RECOGNIZABLE name and legend fight kimbo.



CAGE need to dig up an email and POST it HERE ON YOUR SITE.....So people can email that fucking moron jared Shaw and tell him what an asshole he is