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Cung Breaks Frank’s Spirit, Arm: EliteXC/Strikeforce Quick Results

(Photo courtesy of Tom Casino @ ProElite)

The dust has barely settled from the EliteXC/Strikeforce event — and what an event it was. For those on the Kimbo watch, he did make a showing during the broadcast and for some reason thought he was in San Francisco. FYI, the fight was in San Jose, and Kimbo also didn’t reveal who he would be fighting on May 31st. Anywho, we all know the headlining event was a war between Frank Shamrock and the undefeated Cung Le. So in the spirit of theatrics, we’ll save the main event results until last.

Let’s get to the quick results:

Joey Villasenor and Ryan Jensen battled in a slow stand-up fight that garnered boos from the audience due to boredom. Villasenor dropped Jensen once, but the fighter came back and rocked Joey with some shots of his own. Just before the end of round one, Villasenor ends it on a KO. Wake me up for the next fight.

Mike Kyle fought Wayne Cole for about 42 seconds. The crazy bastard tapped out due to an armbar at that mark in the first round. Cole picked up a well-deserved submission win.

Gilbert Melendez took on Gabe Lemley in a title fight. Gilbey rocked it in the first, which was mostly on the ground. Herb Dean stopped the fight in the second when Melendez took it to the ground and pounded the piss out of Lemley.

Drew Fickett versus Jae Suk Lim — which was supposed to be Drew Fickett versus Jake Shields until the latter pulled something in his back — ended early in the first via a guillotine choke. The win gave Fickett another notch in his impressive 33-5 belt.

– And the big one, Shamrock vs. Le. As expected, Frank played it up for the cameras throughout and taunted Le with smiles and “come on, bitch” gestures. The fight stayed up despite a couple attempts by Frank to take it down. It was clearly Cung’s match until the third, when Frank dazed the champion kickboxer and almost ended it. The round was almost over, when Cung dazed Shamrock with a kick, but the round ended without a stoppage. However, Bill Goldberg — and I hate to credit him — spotted the swelling on Frank’s right arm during the match. It turns out, he was right. Shamrock broke his right arm and tried to fight through it, but he was unable to answer the 4th round bell. Cung Le becomes the new Strikeforce middleweight champion and had this to say at the post-fight press conference:

“I knew it…I heard the bone snap…they showed me the X-Ray after the fight and I saw it was broken in half.”

Why would they show him the x-rays? Who cares…here are the overall results (including the boring under):

– Jesse Jones over Jesse Gillespie via TKO (0:35 R1)
– Darren Uyenoyama over Anthony Figueroa guillotine choke (1:27 R1)
– Tiki Ghosn over Luke Stewart via unanimous decision
Billy Evangelista over Marlon Sims via KO (0:49 R3)
– Joey Villasenor over Ryan Jensen via KO (4:45 R1)
– Wayne Cole over Mike Kyle via armbar (0:42 R1)
– Gilbert Melendez over Gabe Lemley via TKO (2:18 R2)
– Drew Fickett over Jae Suk Lim via guillotine choke (1:14 R1)
– Cung Le over Frank Shamrock via doctor stoppage

In related news, according to Yahoo Shamrock ended up in the hospital after his fight — and so did his wife. Amy Shamrock went into false labor during the battle and was sent to the same facility. When it turned out to be a false alarm, Frank’s knocked-up better half was sent home.

We’ll have fight vids up soon.

Cagepotato Comments

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ajaykumar- September 25, 2011 at 10:51 pm
what a fight, frank would beat him in a rematch though
Mechanical Engineering Notes
RealityCheck- April 24, 2008 at 2:52 am
Awww, Frank Slamcock can't take the heat, but can talk oh-so-much bullsh!t when he's giving Gracie those *blatant* knees to the back of the head? (More pathetic that he wouldn't even acknowledge it while reviewing/watching the replay **while being interviewed**)

It'd pay good money to see Cung Le have had the chance to swing those kicks at the back of HIS neck.. I mean, he "came [there] to fight", right?

*sighs* Punk ass biatch.
TomGWar- April 1, 2008 at 7:17 pm
If you're good at driving to the hoop, then whoever is guarding you is going to give you some room, and that frees up space for your jump shot. If you don't drive, then that space will close, and now you're being closely defended for a lower percentage shot. Frank never shot or made any real attempt to take Cung down, and instead attempted to match his good but not great striking skills against someone who was clearly in another class in terms of his striking, especially kicking ability. People are posting that he tried and Cung defended his takedown attempts, but that's nonsense. He clowned around and truly believed he could strike with Cung and win, and he paid for it in round 3. A total career ending type of injury. It's frustrating to see that happen. speaking as a fan of the sport. It will be interesting to see what Cung does next. He is an exciting fighter.
What if??- March 31, 2008 at 10:27 pm
What I do not understand is that why there are some still say WHAT IF? No body would know WHAT IF? The point is Shamrock lost the fight with his arm broke in half. They both fought great and very professional in their game. They both respect each others professionally and show their greatness in the sport that they love. So, stop the WHAT IF? I have respect for both Cung Le and Shamrock. And on Saturday Cung Le came out on top. We should leave it as that. If there is a rematch, then there is a rematch. Still no one would who would come out on top IF there is a rematch. As for others said about WHAT IF? Move on.......
Bitches!- March 30, 2008 at 10:49 pm
Shamrock would have kicked Les ass if he didn't try and prove a point of beating Cung at his own game. Le was out in the third and Shamrock got to cocky to put him away. Shamrock is a much better fighter.
Neanderthal- March 30, 2008 at 5:41 pm
Frank didn't get hurt. He just claimed that so Chung Man Ho or whatever the fuck his name is didn't KO his ass.
UFC needs to start a Senior's Division kind of like the PGA has that way all these washed up oldies can have a league to fight in.
Max- March 30, 2008 at 9:51 am
Aryan you're a peanut. How would a "rematch" be any different. It was a bloody fair fight and frank lost, i dont see what a rematch is going to change. Denial
mmacoach- March 30, 2008 at 3:09 am
You couldn't be more right... getting hit with a knee is like nothing else bro. Your comment about the spar instead of fight is a great way to put it. I'm glad it went the way it did though. I don't really care for Shammy, but I respect what he's done. I think it is time for a different "style" to get some notoriety (did I spell that right?). Good shit though shutupandfight.
shutupandfight- March 29, 2008 at 11:49 pm
the hard knees i was referring to was when Le missed the backkick with about 90 seconds left in r1...Shamrock had Le with his back against the cage and his head facedown at gut level for 2-3 seconds. if he had come to fight and not spar he could have easily ended it right there with a ko or at least set up a tko.

maybe my point about the knees is that i think they are an overlooked weapon by many...used effectively as a weapon by few...and used as an offensive takedown defense by even fewer.
mmacoach- March 29, 2008 at 8:48 pm
Frank would never beat Kung Le, not that Kung is the baddest dude around. Kung had good enough takedown defense. Frank might get on him if Kung makes a mistake, but I don't think Shammy could hold Kung down for long. Frank got punked. Frank did rock Kung in the 3rd though yet was too gun-shy to finish him. I agree with Rhein also, the theatrics were annoying after the first round. Shutupandfight, I agree with your overall point, but a couple hard knees in any round of any fight means the fight is over. Bottom line, Shammy didn't get it done. And who the fuck wants Marlon Sims fighting on their card? He disgraced himself in front of the entire MMA nation. The 2 Noahs, Gabe, and Marlon should "go peacefully into the night" from their TUF appearances, oh and that last dude that Serra fired for being a tool store also, don't be skird dog. Joey Villasenor is a tough dude, but is very lackluster. He should use his boxing background more effectively. Cagepotato, you need someone to cover the KOTC events out here... that is where all of these guys got their start and it is a great show. Contact me through if you need info. Ask for Chris.
rheindog- March 29, 2008 at 4:52 pm
heres taht thread, thoughts? I dont know, it obviously didn't end with shammy debating anything, but he certainly played up his arm, i mean can you even feel that shit when your all adrenalined up?

My main complain is that like cun would rock shammy, and shamrock would casually turn around, drop his hands, take a couple steps back, then turn around and they would fight again... who the fuck lets someone do that? edwards-thompson.
shutupandfight- March 29, 2008 at 4:14 pm
a few hard knees by Shamrock in the first...there would have been no second or third...and no broken arm.

someone forgot to tell him...this was a fight.
rheindog- March 29, 2008 at 4:08 pm
Someone on sherdog forum posted, that something similar to this would happen, i can't remember the specifics, but to my memory it was dead on. I'm not gonna say anything further related to that.
Goldberg didn't say shit he was talking about his elbow, and he broke his wrist. Goldberg is retarded someone get rid of that asshole.
Man- March 29, 2008 at 3:13 pm
I noticed frank shamrock kept blocking those kicks too.. because I thought back to the gonzaga/couture fight where couture's arm was broken. Anyways, its nice to see that frank lost because he's way to cocky, annoying, and just weird......
CagePotato- March 29, 2008 at 1:57 pm
@ Wiltzor:

That shit was last week, brotha:
Bill- March 29, 2008 at 1:52 pm
Frank Shamrock is a joke. He is just as worn out as his brother!.
Aryan- March 29, 2008 at 1:32 pm
what a fight, frank would beat him in a rematch though
Wiltzor- March 29, 2008 at 7:04 am
No coverage of WEC's event and Chael Sonnens victory?