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Erin Toughill Dumps Barrel of Haterade on Kim Couture

Kim Couture bikini
("If hatin’ is your occupation, I probably got a full-time job for you." More hair-raising photos of Kim at Fightlinker.)

Not everybody is in the holiday spirit this week. Over on the UG, MMA fighter and former American Gladiator Erin Toughill weighed in on a thread about Kim Couture’s performance last Friday. Things got very ugly very quickly:

Kim was NEVER training MMA before she met Randy. Even if I married Randy (being at the "level" I am now) it would NEVER make me a world class Greco Roman wrestler lmfao thru marriage.
Kim has gone on record numerous times saying she "built" the Couture name/brand & it was nothing b4 her. Kim was interviewed post "sparring" with Wand Silva saying, "Silva had to turn it UP, when I turned it up" lol believing that she was actually making Wand spar HARD. She has said "it’s really hard for Randy to pass my rubber guard" lol believing that her "guard" can keep the ICON away. Kim had lunch w some ladies from the XC gym b4 her fight. She had some lip augmentation done. Girls askd howd it affect her fight? Kim said, "It would not. I dont get hit in sparring OR when I fight. I have a ‘black style’ when it comes to boxing". That is word for word and it blew me away lol Kim has "improved everywhere" and has taken 3 weeks off from training in a year…yet lookd like she has been training for 3 weeks, total.

There are SO many women fighters that feel the same way…I just dont have an issue saying it. She has no business fighting nor taking spotlight from women who deserve to fight & cant seem to get a contract, like Roxy, Young, Tate…2 name a few.

It should be said that Toughill is already known to be a bit of a loose cannon, but we don’t doubt that her words reflect the feelings of countless female fighters who toil in relative obscurity just to see an undeserving athlete take home the biggest check. Erin should take comfort in the fact that fame-by-association isn’t something that lasts in the world of MMA. The Couture name may have gotten Kim in the door, but she didn’t deliver, so you can expect Strikeforce to get off the Sugar Free train and start pushing the real prospect in Kerry Vera.


  1. Merlin Says:

    Wed, 11/25/09 - 01:00

    Some one's been hanging out with Sable. Wow "Sugar Free" from the neck down you look HOT! Next time just do the full comb over so we can't see your foot-face at all .... THEN I'll do ya.
  2. petro Says:

    Wed, 11/25/09 - 01:04

    I bet Toughill has a huge clit.
  3. Clue-by-Four Says:

    Wed, 11/25/09 - 01:53

    I bet you have a tiny cock.
  4. Douchey McDoucherton Says:

    Wed, 11/25/09 - 02:11

  5. Richard Fitzentite Says:

    Wed, 11/25/09 - 02:14

    ET has it twisted. What Suga-fwee meant, by it being hard for Randy to pass her "rubber guard"..., was that Randy's meat is huge. Due to years of competition, Randy suffers from what is known only as "Cauliflower Cock". So Kim naturally won't let his over worked unit near the Beef Curtains without a condom. Hence the term "rubber guard", as in she guards the goods unless he has a rubber on. But if you know the Champ as good as I do...he just blasts Jimmy Hendrix's - Star Spangled Banner as he enters the bed room and then, "ITS AAALLLLLLLLL OVER......!"
  6. agentsmith Says:

    Wed, 11/25/09 - 03:27

    Does "black style boxing" mean she throws punches in a much funkier way than normal honkeys?
  7. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Wed, 11/25/09 - 03:54

    DAMN!! That's a nice yard.
  8. One Two Says:

    Wed, 11/25/09 - 04:22

    hell yeah erin! bout time someone told her whats up I mean everyone thought it right.
  9. for the love of mma Says:

    Thu, 11/26/09 - 08:08

    wow id love to be in her rubber gaurd without a rubber!!
  10. DbHK Says:

    Thu, 11/26/09 - 06:33

    HAHA! This read delivered the goods. I'd love to see Strikeforce set a fight between Erin and Kim up, just so "Couture" could take another ass-beating. She's a weak-body and a fake ass biatch.
  11. Komodo Says:

    Tue, 04/06/10 - 10:00

    Good shiaaat :)
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