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Exclusive: Never Back Down 2 Interview With Scottie Epstein and Michael Jai White

(Video courtesy of YouTube/CP)

MMA flick Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown got its DVD release last week, which means it’s time to find out if Todd Duffee‘s Oscar buzz is legit. We sent CagePotato L.A. correspondent Scott Palmer to a ‘NBD2‘ media event at 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu West L.A. earlier this month, where he spoke to director/star Michael Jai White and co-star and one of the film’s fight choreographer’s Scottie “Einstein” Epstein about the movie-making process. Some highlights and an incredible GIF of the thespian version of The Duffman in action are after the jump; for more killer flicks, check out the latest Sony Action Unleashed DVDs.

• Epstein says that they spent a lot of time making sure that the film’s fight scenes were as realistic as possible to avoid the scrutiny of fans, who take umbrage when MMA bouts in movies seem more like a scene from a Steven Segal film than an actual fight.

• MJW says that wearing the hats of director, actor, and fight coordinator wasn’t an easy task, but he feels he was up for the challenge.

• Epstein says MMA fans who have followed the sport for any length of time will have fun trying to figure out which actual fight finishes they mirrored the stoppages in NBD2 after.

• MJW compares Epstein’s behavior on set to that of crazy diva Diana Ross.

• There will be a Black Dynamite 2 as well as a BD cartoon.

• Scott was in a movie years ago with Mike Tyson, Robert Downey Jr, Scott Caan, Jared Leto, Bijou Phillips, Raekwon, Brooke Shields, Ben Stiller, Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Sticky Fingaz and Chuck Zito.

The movie is available in stores for purchase or you can buy or rent it online at outlets like Amazon and iTunes.

Check out the trailer HERE.

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