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Exclusive: Scott ‘LionHeart’ Blevins Claims Innocence Following Molestation Arrest

Scott Lionheart Blevins MMA
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Back in February, we interviewed Indiana-based fighter Scott “LionHeart” Blevins about his unrelenting quest for MMA glory, despite the fact that he’s never won a professional fight. Less than two weeks after that interview was published, Blevins was arrested on suspicion of child molestation, and suddenly it looked like there was something much darker behind the quirky and inspirational story of LionHeart. Now out of jail and awaiting trial, Blevins spoke exclusively with to discuss the legal battle he’s facing that could put him in prison for the rest of his life.

CAGEPOTATO.COM: It’s good to talk to you again, Scott. Where have you been the last six months?
BLEVINS: Kosciusko County Jail.

The news report that first came out said you were arrested after a two-month investigation. Basically, they said you molested a girl under the age of 14, then helped police arrest three marijuana dealers. What exactly happened the day you were arrested?
Well, on October 14th I had emergency surgery, and then on the 17th my wife and kids asked to go to this guy’s house for a birthday party that was put on for my daughter. And that night she was molested by the guy, and as soon as I found out — which wasn’t until December 29th — I immediately rushed her to the emergency room to be checked for a rape kit, etc. And the police officer that we called, his name is Terry, he tried to say that my daughter was lying. He just didn’t believe it. He tried to say that she was coerced.

The night I took her to the emergency room, the Mentone cops came and talked to the guy who actually molested her, and from my understanding, he accused me to escape from what he did to my little girl. My daughter’s 11 and she’s been taking Tae Kwon Do, learning the honesty and faith of martial arts, and she has never lied throughout her martial arts career.

So your daughter has never changed her story in saying that it was this other guy who molested her, right?

Correct. He put the blame on me to escape these charges. I put a protective order on him while I was in jail for six months — the judge heard the case, he granted the protective order — and a week before he was supposed to be in for the hearing, he actually left the state. And he put his stepson in to say that he was in my house, and he witnessed sexual acts in front of other people. He hasn’t been in my house in over three years, so [this story] must have come from his stepfather.

The boy who said he was in my house had actually tried to molest my son. They go to Mentone elementary together, and he was over about three years ago, and we never had him back at the house because he told my daughter he wanted to marry her and stick his thing in her. And that’s where it started.

What specifically did the stepson say he witnessed at your house?
I don’t know, I actually haven’t seen the police report. I just know there’s a lot of false statements, so I just have to put trust in my lawyer. But he’s a really good lawyer; a year ago he was running for congress. His name is Jay Rigdon, and he’s a very well-respected lawyer.

If you were innocent of these accusations, why did you cooperate with police to bust the marijuana dealers Matthew Haag, Sarah Hein, and Nicky Blair?
Well, when the police came to my house, they didn’t have a warrant and they tried to tell me there was a pound of marijuana in my home. I let them search my home and they never found anything; they even brought in a K-9 unit. And the cop pretty much said that he was taking me to jail, and he was going to take my kids away. He never really said what I was going for, he just said “we believe that there’s drug activity, and if you don’t cooperate with us, we’re going to file molestation charges,” and I was like “excuse me?” And that’s when it dawned on me, I was like oh my God, the tables just flipped on me.

They stuck me out in front of a parking lot in my vehicle, and the cop used my cell phone to set up a drug bust, and made it sound like he was me or something. I was sitting right in front of him, and I wasn’t allowed to talk. I found out it was my cousin [Nicky Blair] that showed up, and when I realized what was going on I jumped out of my vehicle and went to him and I was like “cops, all over” and he took off and almost ran me over. I went across the street to get out of the Warsaw police department’s way, and this Mentone cop, the chief of police, came at me, kicked me to the ground four times, stuck his knee in my back and put a gun to my head.

We called EMS because I was actually hurt from where the cop kicked me, causing me sternum injuries where I gotta have surgery now. And they took me the hospital and told me that they weren’t going to do anything because the cop said that I only fell. But he knew what he did. I was black and blue, my ribs were black and blue, I had a blood clot going into my sternum causing a hernia. The whole six months, I was on 23-hour lockdown. And it’s not over yet.

Was there a trial?
I am facing a trial January 12th.

Why did they just let you out now?
I was released on my own recognizance because they didn’t get me into trial fast enough. Criminal rule 4(A), or something like that, where they’re not getting you into trial fast enough, and it’s like your sixth amendment, the right to a speedy trial. So they released me, but I kid you not, I tried everything to come up with $20,000 [10% of his $200,000 bond]. I got the bond reduced to $100,000, meaning $10,000, and I just could not come up with ten grand, not fighting and stuff. It just didn’t work.

What are the charges that you’re facing?
I’m facing an A felony, and I’m looking at 50 years on that, and I have a C, which is [up to] eight years, but they’ll max me out because it’s going to a trial.

Was this arrest the first time you’d been to jail?
I haven’t been in jail in nine years. I had some friends I hung out with that broke into some houses and they stole some checks and wrote the checks out to me, and I got caught up for forgery, but that was only a six month sentence.

What was the hardest part of your most recent experience in jail?
Not knowing what’s going on in the real world, you know, my career, my family, my kids. Especially my daughter, from what she’s gone through, through all this. I mean, she’s a very intelligent young girl. When I got out, she was so happy to see me. And not to put this county jail down, they did an awesome job, but my medical attention got ignored the whole time I was in there, from my injuries. And I did file a lawsuit against the officers, and I’m suing the mayor of Warsaw, because the Warsaw police department became involved. And the chief of police is also getting sued for the injuries, because he also hurt my wife, and they falsely arrested her.

I’m looking at over, well, they never gave me a price, but I have a cap on the lawsuit, and between their investigation and my other attorney — because I have two attorneys — and the one is very expensive, he costs me $300 an hour, and just for a clerk I’m paying $75 an hour, and $200 for a paralegal. So I kind of got myself wrapped up there.

I have a son, who was born November 12th of 2008, and I had to do a DNA test, and I made them keep my DNA and I gave it to my lawyer and I said “man, you need to hang on to that, because if there is no evidence, well they need to present it, because here’s our evidence.” If there’s something that actually happened or occurred, there would have been DNA, because from my understanding, the girl got checked.

When exactly did you get out of jail, and what have you been doing since then?
I got out September 10th at 4 o’clock, and as soon as I got out I took seven members of my family — my mom, my stepdad, my uncle, and my wife and kids — we went to Golden Corral and I spent almost $80 for us all to eat. And now, I’m just taking it one day at a time. That’s all I can do for now.

How worried are you that you’re going to get convicted? It doesn’t sound like there’s any real evidence to convict you, but do you think you could possibly do a prison term for this?
I have to put my faith and my life in the hands of 12 jurors. It’s a three-day trial, and the prosecutor and attorney are going to have to pick out who they want, and they’ll be able to strike out certain ones. But it’s scary, because 58 years is a lifespan. And I may not do half of that — there’s time cuts and stuff like that — but I’m actually scared for my life, because all it takes is somebody to make up a logical lie that somebody else could believe, and that could be enough to convict an innocent person.

Will you be able to bring up your daughter as a witness to say “Scott Blevins did not do these things”?
My daughter will probably not be doing a lot of testimony on the stand. She went into counseling, and I transferred her from one counselor to another counselor, and both of them said that this other guy, Brian, had done this. We have a family doctor that examined her also after the hospital visits. The cop that arrested me, his name is Terry Engstrand, and he’s been after me for four or five years. He even showed up to one of my fights in Fort Wayne; him and the chief came to harass me.

Why do you think that is?
I don’t know. They come by my home and stalk my house, and I called the state police on them before, because they were harassing me and my wife, and I had to go to the sheriff because it got so bad. These guys were up in my windows that night, 10, 11 o’clock at night driving by. I thought the more I mess with this the worse it’s gonna get. And it did. Because now I’m facing life for something I didn’t do.

Have you had any contact with Brian since the incident?
My understanding, before I was released, was that they cannot locate Brian. Brian is on the run. He failed to come for a deposition, and because of that his testimony will not be heard, since he was the one who actually made the accusation. I think he felt guilty when I put that protective order on him, because he didn’t even show up for the hearing. He wrote the judge and said that he was out looking for a job, but his house was in Burket which is quite a ways from where I was living at. If I would have known the night that I dropped my daughter off at that man’s house, she would have never been at that man’s house. My wife even saw my daughter run from his bedroom to the bathroom, trying to pull up her pants. My wife witnessed this.

Do you think the fact that Brian isn’t going to be part of the trial helps your chances in getting out of this?
Yes. Right now, what it boils down to, the child protective service has failed to go after him, knowing that they’ve questioned my daughter twice, and her story has not changed.

What do you plan on doing until the trial? Will you be fighting again?
I’m going to continue my fighting career, because I cannot let this loophole stop me. I have a goal, and I’m going to continue leaving a legacy if I can. If I have to go on a couple more losing streaks and then get a win at the last minute, so be it, because the day when I go for that jury trial, that may be my only win.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans or anybody else who’s been following this story?
I’d like to apologize to my cousin, because he didn’t know what was going on, and neither did I when the Mentone police tried to set us up outside of a grocery store. [Matthew Haag] was in jail with me, and he’s facing a year in prison; he had a probation violation on top of these charges. And I did see Sarah [Hein], she was in jail for a little bit, and then they released her and now she’s free, as far as I know.

When you go in front of a jury trial and there’s no evidence whatsoever, and it’s pointing fingers, “he said she said,” and if it comes down to two kids sitting on the stand, and their mother has convinced them to cry their eyes out because they’ve been threatened like “if you don’t do this, you’ll never see your dad again” — I’m afraid those kids can get on the stand and put a good act on for the prosecutor, and they can sentence somebody to life.

Well good luck, Scott. I hope justice can be served.
I do too, for the sake of my two kids. And I do have another son, who’s about nine months old, and they came after me for child support while I was in jail, so now I have to worry about that as well. So I’m going to try to find some work and continue fighting part-time. I have some fighters who are still fighting, one’s 6-2 and the other guy’s 2-3, so I want to continue helping them along the way.


Update: In a follow-up interview, Blevins clarified his statement, telling us that he was actually accused of molesting Brian’s daughter, not his own. The charges were later dismissed.


  1. Fedor vs. Bas Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 12:06

    weird stuff.
  2. Daddy_jeffy Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 12:08

    "I have some fighters who are still fighting, one’s 6-2 and the other guy’s 2-3, so I want to continue helping them along the way." The fighter who is 6 foot 2 inches should have some success, but the other guy isn't going to find many matches except maybe that cat with no arms or legs...
  3. Aenarion Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 12:12

    Who to believe? Oh well, I'm not on the jury so I won't make up my mind. Kinda sketchy that he'd molest his own daughter, but that shit happens... gross.
  4. Sheps Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 12:17

    CP, your giving that guy way too much fame. He's the worlds worst mixed martial artist and he touches little children. If anything this guy should be getting Anti-fame. The balding piece of shit.
  5. BigCountrysCholesterol Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 12:23

    Legal system, shlegal system. Who needs attorneys, juries and trials when Potato Nation has got intuitive guys like Sheps? He has read a whopping two entire articles on this guy, and he knows guilty when he reads an interview.
  6. K.E.G. Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 12:26

    Thats just to much of a crazy set of circumstances to be real. This dude is a no talent child toucher. Fuck him
  7. Richard Tucker Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 12:26

    Talk about a father's worst nightmare. That whole "stick his thing in her" part made me think about how molestation is passed down through generations. It sounds like that stepson could have been sexualized at an early age...otherwise, he wouldn't try to act out like that. It's possible that this "Brian" character is a very sick fuck.
  8. K.E.G. Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 12:28

    @Richard Tucker I stand by my previous statement. But you're also correct if this story is true that Brian guy is one seriously disturbed mother fucker.
  9. bdouglas420 Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 12:31

    I will see your 0-9 fighter and raise you an 0-12 fighter in new england. Joe Kavey hasnt even seen a judges decision. He has been finished a dozen times in a dozen fights....clean criminal record though.
  10. virpz Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 12:33

    Damn Man no matter if guilty or innocent that guy is in hell already
  11. shitbag Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 12:33

    WOW, you mean there's crazy molestation in white trash areas? Who would have thought? No way - corrupt STUPID police? Really? No way. Those fucking cops are the real criminals. Its pretty clear at least one kid was molested and they do not give a fuck and break all sorts of laws themselves and don't really give a shit who did the molesting. Imagine that, a government agent being lazy at the expense of people's lives. Typical inbred ignorant stupid pieces of worthless shit. I hate this fucking world. Fuck anyone that contiues the status quo, go fuck yourself and die.
  12. Darkside Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 12:35

    I wish this guy luck. As screwed up as our justice system has become, it's definitely possible that he can go away for this, guilty or not. Even if he didn't do anything, this will follow him for the rest of his life regardless. Hang in there, dude.
  13. Crap Factory Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 12:37

    Way too many twists and turns in this story. Sounds like a set up to me. Poor bastard, once someone even accuses you of something like this, it doesn't go away with an innocent verdict. He'll have to carry that for a long time.
  14. IRISHLOBO Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 12:39

    I am a criminal defense attorney. I have one bit of advice for "Lionheart".......SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!! I don't know whether this guy did it or not, but shit, man, why are you spilling the intimate details of your case out there, just a few weeks prior to trial, for everyone to see? Oh, and on behalf of his daughter....THANKS A FUCKING LOT, DAD for telling my god-damned business to every cage-potato reading homosexual skinhead in America!!!!! I hope we is acquitted, is released, and then continues to get the shit kicked out of him simply because he was dumb enough to do this interview.
  15. Harry Russo Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 12:46

    Drug bust, child molestation accusations, police corruption, emergency surgery, wife in jail, daughter raped, paranoia, and an $80 bill at the Golden Coral? This has to be fake, because if it's not, this dude's life sucks so bad that you just can't help but laugh at him.
  16. Jugger Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 12:49

    I wonder about people who repeatedly find themselves in the wrong situations, surrounded by the wrong people who are engaging in wrong activities.
  17. Monkey Punch Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 12:59

    no wonder he hasn't won a fight that long ass neck is screaming for a guillotine.
  18. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 01:02

    All this story is missing is the phrase "There I was, minding my own business, when all of a sudden..." How much of this could have been avoided if they'd just outlaw Mickey's Fine Malt liquor?
  19. rob_the_razor Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 01:14

  20. BackbaconBilly Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 01:15

    If he did it he's fucked, and deserves to be.. if he didn't he's still fucked cause he def comes across as the sketchy sort and will forever have the kiddy diddler title hangin over his head, which is about the worst possible thing that a self respecting Father could have ( irregardless if he's bald or not you hairy headed fucker Sheps,lol )
  21. J-Dog Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 01:16

    I'm with Jugger. Sometimes you just have to quit putting yourself in the wrong place with the wrong people and cut the rotten parts off your apple man. If the cops got me for something and said "help us bust three people in a drug deal", I couldn't help them much because I don't know three people who sell drugs. I don't even know three people who use drugs. I used to, but that's what college years are all about. Once you grow up and have a family you're supposed to move on from that shit. Next week on "As the Trailer Park Turns".....
  22. NateGetsIrate Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 01:20

    This guy is so full of shit! I've met plenty of white trash rednecks in my life and when they're lying, they usually start to spin a huge, elaborate conspiracy theory with all types of convenient truths. It's usually too incredible to believe like this one. Too many what if's and too many holes in this story. This loser is going to prison for the rest of his life.
  23. GEE-yuh-TEEN Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 01:32

    Rampage pitties that fool...
  24. Rodney Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 01:34

    Police stalking you for years? Yeah sure, stay in the same town and see how it turns out!
  25. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 01:39

    I'm willing to bet that this whole incident started when someone said "Here, hold my beer."
  26. BigWill83 Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 01:39

    Somebody get Tank Abbott on the phone, I see the season finale of Bully Beatdown already, CELLMATE EDITION This guy is full of crap, his story is a scrpt or somethin, which was poorly scribbled on those $80 Golden Corrall napkins
  27. LockDown Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 01:44

    Mentone Cop def. Scott Blevins via TKO (kicks to sternum) Another one to Blevins records.
  28. Ted Nutmeg Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 01:45

    " anyway, it was obvious at that point that I was being set up, which makes sense if you've ever seen the Jason Bourne movies 'cause they set people up all the time. But what's really messed is that every Tuesday the lid is knocked off of one of the garbage cans behind my apartment even though I always put the lids on, so right there you know that the chief of police and the mayor are trying to frame me by messing with my garbage to make me seem like a child molester in front of a jury. So anyway, I was talking all of this over with my lawyer, who by the way represented Bernie Madoff and recently very nearly succeeded in a bid for the United States Senate, but where was I -- oh yeah, so my lawyer and I are eating lunch at Sizzler, which cost me $40, and that's when I remembered that all these times that I supposedly molested my daughter were when I was volunteering to walk dogs at the animal shelter over in Warsaw, so just logically you know I couldn't have done this. I think we're going to get some of the dogs to testify, or we were, but then it turned out that one of the dogs from the shelter was actually from the same litter as the mayor's dog so you know they're just going to get up there and lie to try to frame me for..." Congratulations, Jared Shaw. You are no longer the least classy person ever to be involved with mixed martial arts.
  29. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 01:46

    From Scott Blevins Twitter: What does "Grab my belt loop" mean?
  30. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 01:47

    Ted Nutmeg, you've made my day again, you son of a bitch.
  31. UncleSamsMisguidedChild Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 01:48

    Come on the cops are just after him. This isn't Hollywood cops don't single out innocent men and harrass them. This scum sucking piece of shit did something to provoke the CHIEF OF POLICE. The Chief didn't get to that position being an uneducated redneck. Mark my words Lionheart is a pos and deserves to be molested himself for years to come.
  32. Spacebump Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 01:57

    I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until I read about the nearly $80 check at the Golden Corral. My advice ... Sleep light and keep your butthole tight. JERRY....JERRY...JERRY....
  33. Acrocerid Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 02:18

    Improper use of the word loophole, just shameful.
  34. stingrza Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 02:37

    I'm no lawyer, but this dude should not be conducting interviews about this right now. Nothing good will come of it. He needs to keep his mouth shut and wait for trial. His lawyer should have told him that.
  35. PurplePickle Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 02:54

    Dirty cops and child molesters should be shot and left in the same ditch. I won't bother even trying to guess if Blevins' story is true. If he's innocent, God bless him. If he's guilty, God damn him. I wish his daughter the best and hope life gets alot better for her. Only CP (Goldstein) would do a serious piece of internet journalism with a link to Golden Corral smack dab in the middle of the interview. Outstanding.
  36. WhiteOnRice Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 03:11

    Something just doesn't seem to add up. So his daughter is accusing this other guy of doing this but yet HE gets arrested? To straighten this up wouldn't he just have the cops ask her again who did this? There has got to be a good reason why they arrested him if his daughter accused this other guy from the beginning. I know why, its because hes lying. He's probably taking his daughter to all these counselors to see which one can brainwash her into believing daddy didn't touch her.
  37. Homoplata Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 03:13

    by serious piece of journalism you mean letting a pederass talk on a semi popular blog? CP are now on the level of the people who were going to publish OJs book IT IS IN HORRIBLE TASTE THAT YOU GUYS MADE THIS BLOG ENTRY.
  38. Sheps Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 03:44

    Guillable, only retards like BCC would believe that that guy takes his family to someones house and his daughter gets raped and he doesn't even realize. The guy is a fucking pervert through and through, just look at him.
  39. NateGetsIrate Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 04:10

    This guy doesn't just suck at fighting. He sucks at life.
  40. Da Spied Her Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 04:12

    Apparently he couldn't afford the $5 for the minute when his lawyer was going to tell him to shut up.
  41. LargeMidget Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 04:26

  42. Smitty Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 04:47

    Wow, I didn't know so many of you lived with Scott Blevins, and were there when his daughter got molested. Your valuable, and factual testimony will be needed at the trial. It kills me how many of you ignorant assholes can speak about something you know NOTHING about. No one on this site, including the people who run this site, know what did or didn't happen with this guy, his daughter, his family, or anyone else in that town so, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!
  43. ix791 Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 04:51

    i don't believe this guy for a second..he has an excuse for everything..he was sentenced to 6 months in jail for forging checks he stole from someone's house and he blames his friends for forging it to be paid to his name..yet he's the one who cashed it..because you have to show id to cash checks..what a lying douche..he's a bum and he's 0 and 13 in his mma career. you can't get any worse than that
  44. UFC fan Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 05:10

    he looks like a fucking child molester. And for someone innocent he sure has some nice details about his daughters genitals, and running around with her pants down, sounds like daddy has been diddling. Time to go to prison and get to be head chef at the daily "salad toss".
  45. Poutine Guillotine Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 05:23

    At this point I'm pretty confident CP invented Scott "Lion Heart" Belvins. Ben and Ben dreamed up a delusional MMA character to connect more with the average potato and they went as far as to hire an actor to get beat up at small mma events. During a night of binge drinking the Bens thought it would be funny to take this character and put him in a social expierment, where they would write him into an 'alleged' crime to see the Potato nation's reaction and in turn CP gets the ultimate revenge on the kimo hoax...well played CP, well played.... unless this is actually true, in that case I hope the court date comes in and an innocent or guilty Belvins can continue getting beat up at the most appropriate venue.
  46. NipGrip Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 06:35

    aaahhahah look at "Smitty" playing defense attorney for the guy. Who fucking cares, he spins a good story about police corruption and conspiracy to get him as if that's all they have to do. Oh yeah.. They've got it out for Lionheart alright. Cmon. The guy is guilty, you can read it in his statements there. If you were innocent for molesting your child and another person was guilty, don't you think you'd have a bit more to say than, "Welp, my life is in the jury's hands a durpadurp!" He panic'd when the police got him and his dumbass sounds like he tried to make a deal, "How bout I help you catch some drug dealers??" not understanding that that will NOT help you in a child molestation case. And then he tries to act all, "I didn't know!!" about the actual bust of them. COME ON! One thing I know for sure, he needs to shut the fuck up.
  47. KillDozer Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 06:41

    i smelled bullshit at the point when he said the wife sow his doughter run from room to room with her pants down.
  48. Meohfumado Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 07:09

    Somebody needs to remind this guy that he has the right to remain silent...and should have on this issue until after his court case.
  49. FreddyFangers Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 07:32

    "Well, on October 14th I had emergency surgery, and then on the 17th my wife and kids asked to go to this guy’s house for a birthday party that was put on for my daughter. And that night she was molested by the guy, and as soon as I found out — which wasn't until December 29th".............."My wife even saw my daughter run from his bedroom to the bathroom, trying to pull up her pants. My wife witnessed this." - She witnessed this but waited two months to tell her husband that... BULLSHIT "I have a son, who was born November 12th of 2008, and I had to do a DNA test, and I made them keep my DNA and I gave it to my lawyer and I said “man, you need to hang on to that, because if there is no evidence, well they need to present it, because here’s our evidence.” If there’s something that actually happened or occurred, there would have been DNA, because from my understanding, the girl got checked." - He doesnt know if his daughter, who he refers to as "the girl" was checked when he rushed her to the emergency room "I do too, for the sake of my two kids. And I do have another son, who's about nine months old, and they came after me for child support while I was in jail, so now I have to worry about that as well." - So he had this most recent child with another woman who wasnt his wife? THIS DUDE IS SUPERBLY GUILTY...OF SOMETHING
  50. Meaot Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 07:42

    Fucked up shit. Our justice system is so messed up. Innocent until proven guilty, my ass. Hope his lawyer's as good as he says he is.
  51. mondooh Says:

    Tue, 09/22/09 - 09:53

    Jesus Crass mang, was it just me or did "ya'll hear that dangone banjo music in the background while reading this Barbra Walters interview???? Bens WTF are you guys doing???? thinking???
  52. M1-Grovel Says:

    Wed, 09/23/09 - 09:04

    CP, are you that hard up for fighter interviews? No victories, and a potential child molester? Does this guy really deserve attention/discussion guilty or not?
  53. Killer Bee Says:

    Thu, 09/24/09 - 05:55

    So he's a terrible fighter and he touches kids. Nice.
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