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‘Falling Tree Knockout’ Alert: Female Fighters Can Get Timber’d Just as Well as Men

(Props: Bracegear via MiddleEasy)

Can you believe that we didn’t include a single women’s match in our tribute to falling tree knockouts? Well, it’s time to give the ladies their due. Here’s a video of Rhiannon Thompson starching Bec Hyatt with a head-kick at a Brace for War event that’s so brutal (and beautiful), it’s like Hornbuckle vs. Gono and Young vs. Tate met and had a baby.


  1. Motivated Penn Says:

    Mon, 01/30/12 - 01:43

    Right before the KO I was thinking, those kicks aren't really effective.
  2. Fried Taco Says:

    Mon, 01/30/12 - 01:57

    I think it knocked the blond right out of her hair.
  3. Clinch-Smash Says:

    Mon, 01/30/12 - 02:00

    That shit is so rare, even Thompson didn't believe it was real! Took like 5 sec. for her to realize what she just did.
  4. The12ozCurls Says:

    Mon, 01/30/12 - 02:11

    She hit the deck like a sack of potatos.
  5. bootystar Says:

    Mon, 01/30/12 - 03:09

    women are always good for a Kyo, that's a what day fo, to get the er gates blowed off the hinges, goot to see. I'm not into blondes, now if only ther's some ald chicks having credible looks, ok, I'm here
  6. bootystar Says:

    Mon, 01/30/12 - 03:27

    I d idn't think dey hyatt'd weather the storm too bad that paris umped the sHark two, no know the key to the win iss a big tail like S'onnin
  7. Ricardo Guitardo Says:

    Mon, 01/30/12 - 04:52

    i'd still do either one of them
  8. IronClad Says:

    Mon, 01/30/12 - 05:30

    Bootystar. . What.the.FUCK are you talking about? Your tic-tacs dun got replaced with crack rocks, homeboy.
  9. 2Dogs Says:

    Mon, 01/30/12 - 06:15
  10. HEY Says:

    Mon, 01/30/12 - 06:39

    boom goes the dynamite
  11. ArmFarmer Says:

    Tue, 01/31/12 - 07:54

    I hope bootystar is trolling.. for society's sake, please be a troll job.
  12. Australian Mantis Says:

    Wed, 02/01/12 - 03:04

    Kickboxer instinct to throw a head kick while in close after a tie up, on the button
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