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Fedor Emelianenko ‘Disappointed’ By Josh Barnett’s Steroid Bust, Would Prefer Brett Rogers

(Meanwhile, Fedor’s urine test came up positive for vodka and childlike wonderment. Props to M1.)

Fedor Emelianenko and his manager, M-1 Global president Vadim Finkelchtein, held a press conference today in Moscow to assure fans that contrary to recent reports, death-reports/”>he is still alive. Kidding, y’all. Actually, they met with Russian media to answer questions about this Josh Barnett clusterfuck. Some highlights:

On Barnett: “I feel disappointed about this situation. But I will fight anyone who Affliction puts in front of me. I know a lot of fans waited for this fight to happen and I am sorry for them. I can’t do much about it now but I am in good shape, my training has been good and continues to go well…There was no specific manner to prepare for the planned bout with Josh Barnett. It’s all the same: standup and ground game… Undoubtedly, it’s better to know the name of your opponent long before the fight.”

On Barnett’s Replacement: “By the end of the evening we expect to officially announce who’ll be the replacement for Barnett. Vitor Belfort agreed to come in principle. We personally entertain the idea of having Brett Rogers step in since he knocked Andrei Arlovski out. But if there is any problem with Rogers, then it’s pretty safe to say it’s going to be Belfort. However, we are well aware of the fact that fans don’t consider Vitor Belfort to be a suitable replacement, according to a recent Sherdog poll*…Belfort can make heavyweight but the fans don’t want this fight. Fedor isn’t seeking an easy fight. If logistics weren’t an issue, we’d like to see Fedor fight against Brett Rogers. Fans want it (and) so do we.”

On the UFC: “We are open to any offer. The issue really is with the UFC, not with us. We are ready to fight the UFC champions…Just remember the scandal when we founded M-1 Global. Randy Couture left the UFC in order to get the opportunity of fighting Fedor. Then the UFC sidelined him and litigation ensued. We want to negotiate and cooperate with the UFC but it seems as though they are not ready…The UFC’s roster is occupied by a vast majority of American athletes. Not every single best fighter is under their banner. So don’t believe the hype. There is no real international diversity that’s anywhere close to what we’re doing with our M-1 Challenge concept.”

* It is still unclear how Fedor feels about the current CagePotato poll ("Which current UFC champion will be the last to lose his title?"), though one would assume he’d select Georges St. Pierre.


  1. Fedor vs. Bas Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 05:53

    They should just hold the fight in Japan where they used to juice all the time in PRIDE.
  2. Canadian Chronic Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 06:12

    make it happen. At least Rogers would look like he belonged in the ring with Fedor
  3. Dmonicideals Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 06:17

    It is about to be Mr. Rogers neighborhood.
  4. generalpride66 Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 06:22

    id order rogers vs fedor,... belfort fedor noooo way
  5. TrouserSnout Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 06:23

    If Roger's wanted the fight and so did Fedor, then this is crap. Reminds me of the EliteXC days. Seems that Affliction is using Fedor as a cash cow, just like EliteXC used Kimbo.
  6. Swedish Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 06:30

    LOL. This is a big joke. i'm NOT buying the ppv. Save your money for a real promotion.
  7. M1lkjuice Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 06:33

    Afflction is scared that Rogers might actually, and would, knock fedor out, and their company is too fragile for that. who would they have then, nobodys, the VP Tom, hahahahahaha
  8. ksgbobo Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 06:37

    There is some other good fights on the Affliction card, even though this was a big let down, I would want to see Rogers fight Fedor instead of Belfort who was already planned to fight that night. And TrouserSnout, how can you compare Affliction with EliteXC and Fedor to Kimbo. Affliction hasnt put Fedor against people like Tank Abbott or James Thompson. Fedor has fought that doufus Sylvia and Arlovski. Reputable fighters, well you can argue Sylvia as a reputable fighter, maybe. I dont see Affliction failing if Fedor were to lose like EliteXC fell when Kimbo's glass chin was shattered.
  9. mayhem Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 06:45

    If its Bret he will get taken down and subed fast... If its Vitor he will be beaten up and down much like the last MW to fight Fedor did. Neither guy is a valid replacment. Just one happens to be a MW while the other a MW... so pick your poision. They will both go down hard and fast. Fedor will go home and will continue to fight has beens and never was fighters.
  10. Koeikan Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 06:48

    I dunno... I think a motivated Belfort (which you can bet your ass we're gonna see) presents more problems than Rogers. Rogers is absolutely dangerous, but I think Belfort's speed and crisp boxing could be a problem. Of course, that all changes if Fedor takes him down.
  11. DansMuayThaiMMA Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 06:49

    Does anyone know for sure how many more fights Fedor is under contract for before he can sign with UFC? I'd love to see him against Brock, but I also want to see him against Randy as well. A lot of people are saying there are no good heavy weights, but to be honest, I think there are some good names coming up. For instance you have the following: Shane Carwin Bobby Lashley (not UFC yet) Kimbo Cain Vasquez Not to mention we don't know who will come out of TUF 10 Then of course you have Randy who could fight up, Fedor if he signs. At some point, someone will beat Brock and I'm looking forward to that. Dan
  12. Koeikan Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 06:53

    @DansMuayThaiMMA: Not sure it's an issue... Barnett just f'ed Affliction. I would be surprised if this isn't their last event.
  13. JPfighter Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 06:57

    Given that this whole situation is so screwed up, Affliction should just turn the main event into a Battle Royale held on an Native Reserve (to avoid the grasp of CSAC). Fedor, Belfort, Rogers, Babalu, Arlovski, Yvel, Buentello, Rothwell. Then, half way through the match, Lashley shows up and cleans house in less than 30 seconds. As Lashley is left standing in apparent victory, in comes Brock Lesnar with Dana White following behind with a 2x4. The ultimate showdown!
  14. TheHuytonHandGrenade Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 07:02

    As we all Know Belfort isnt the best replacement to take on Fedor. Fedor is not a massive heavyweight probably around 220lbs isnt he? so when Belfort was told he might get a chance at this he probably would have been around 200lbs himself so by fight time theres not going to be a huge difference in weight. Its not ideal but realistically who else is going to accept the fight now? If Fedor doesnt fight on this card, Affliction has less chance than they had of surviving.
  15. Mike Milbury Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 07:06

    Does Rogers really deserve the alleged $800,000?
  16. RearNakedPoke Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 07:13

    Rogers has a 30second chance of winning this fight....time starts now
  17. Endocat Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 07:16

    if Tim can get paid 800,000 to lose in 36 seconds, then so can Brett
  18. Soda Popinski Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 07:20

    belfort better not wear white shorts, thats all im saying.
  19. vyapaar Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 07:28

    Now that is how a true champion talks like. He know what the fans want -- asking for brett rogers -- He is not making any excuses about training for a different guy on such a short notice -- and is apologetic to the fans about the fucked up thing barnett has done. Can't wait to see him go UFC - if that happens - and knock the shit out of the heavy weights over there.
  20. sPeLLcHeCkEr Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 07:34

    LOL @ JPfighter... all it needs after that is a run-in by Fedor, who grabs the UFC belt and knocks out Lesnar/Lashley/DW. He then runs back up the aisle clutching the belt towards backstage, hops in a limo and screeches out of the arena, shades of Bobby Heenan. Pure gold. @DansMuayThaiMMA: Cain Vasquez = Cain Velasquez. Vasquez was that butchy latina chick from Aliens.
  21. Kim Couture is a cunt Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 07:40

    Fedor can suck a dick. Im so sick of this fuckin guy. P4P the greatest fighter in the world who recently has knocked out 2 UFC rejects, one who just got owned by RAY MERCER and another that is a walking KO waiting to happen. Fuck him now he gets another middleweight. Whata joke.
  22. RearNakedPoke Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 07:56

    @Kim Couture is ... Says:...... ummm look at his record sweetheart, Win Mark Coleman Submission (Armbar) PRIDE 32-The Real Deal 10/21/2006 2 1:15 Win Wagner da Conceicao Martins Submission (Punches) PRIDE-Shockwave 2005 12/31/2005 1 0:26 Win Mirko Filipovic Decision (Unaminous) PRIDE-Final Conflict 2005 8/28/2005 3 5:00 Win Tsuyoshi Kohsaka TKO (Doctor Stoppage) PRIDE-Bushido 6 4/3/2005 1 10:00 Win Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Decision (Unanimous) PRIDE-Shockwave 2004 12/31/2004 3 5:00 NC Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira No Contest - Accidental Cut PRIDE-Final Conflict 2004 8/15/2004 1 3:52 Win Naoya Ogawa Submission (Armbar) PRIDE-Final Conflict 2004 8/15/2004 1 0:54 Win Kevin Randleman Submission (Kimura) PRIDE-Critical Countdown 2004 6/20/2004 1 1:33 Win Mark Coleman Submission (Armbar) PRIDE-Total Elimination 2004 4/25/2004 1 2:11 Win Yuji Nagata TKO (Punches) Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2003-Inoki Festival 12/31/2003 1 1:02 Win Gary Goodridge TKO (Strikes) PRIDE-Total Elimination 2003 8/10/2003 1 1:09 Win Kazuyuki Fujita Submission (Choke) PRIDE 26-Bad to the Bone 6/8/2003 1 4:17 Win Egidijus Valavicius Submission (Kimura) Rings Lithuania-Bushido Rings 7: Adrenalinas 4/5/2003 N/A Win Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Decision (Unanimous) PRIDE 25-Body Blow 3/16/2003 3 5:00 Win Heath Herring TKO (Cut) PRIDE 23-Championship Chaos 2 11/24/2002 1 10:00 Win Semmy Schilt Decision (Unanimous) PRIDE 21-Demolition 6/23/2002 3 5:00 Win Chris Haseman TKO (Lost Points) Rings-World Title Series Grand Final 2/15/2002 1 2:50 Win Lee Hasdell Submission (Guillotine Choke) Rings-World Title Series 5 12/21/2001 1 4:10 Win Ryushi Yanagisawa Decision (Unanimous) Rings-World Title Series 4 10/20/2001 3 5:00 Win Renato Sobral Decision (Unanimous) Rings-10th Anniversary 8/11/2001 2 5:00 Win Kerry Schall Submission (Armbar) Rings-World Title Series 1 4/20/2001 1 1:47 Win Mihail Apostolov Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Rings Russia-Russia vs Bulgaria 4/6/2001 1 1:03 Loss Tsuyoshi Kohsaka TKO (Cut) Rings-King of Kings 2000 Block B 12/22/2000 1 0:17 Win Ricardo Arona Decision (Unanimous) Rings-King of Kings 2000 Block B 12/22/2000 3 5:00 Win Hiroya Takada KO (Punches) Rings-Battle Genesis Vol. 6 9/5/2000 1 0:12 Win Levon Lagvilava Submission (Choke) Rings-Russia vs Georgia you must be new to the sport
  23. Jeffro Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 07:59

    Belfort will have to make 206 to be a heavyweight. He will be bloated and he certainly will not have the hand speed that he displayed in his last fight. Very disappointing.
  24. Crackgibson Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 08:15

    "Fedor, you get yourself a job by sundown or I'm shipping you off to military school with that goddamn Finkelchtein shit kid! Son of a bitch!"
  25. ZombieLove Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 08:27

    *Squees like a girl* I would soooo love to see Brett Rogers thrown in there with Fedor. Out of the current pick of heavyweights (to step in), he's the one I care about most. At best Barnett's fight was going to be a gruelingly dull attempt to take Fedor out to a decision....but Rogers? Rogers knocks people the fuck out. Suddenly I actually care about an Affliction fight. Oh yeah, hi everybody! I'm new. :)
  26. My Cage Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 08:42

    I would love Fedor to fight Brett Rogers, after the K.O he did to arlovski. We caught up with our sources and it is official that Fedor is fighting Vitor Belfort.
  27. just some dong Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 08:59

    Man, I was gonna buy this PPV just to support MMA and see if Fedor could do it again. But a win over Belfort wouldn't be much of an accomplishment (for Fedor, that is) and I doubt if anything can save Affliction now. Just feels like I'd be throwing money away... 'Course, it might be worth it just for the hilariously bad production and tangible feeling of shattered dreams in the air... Breath deep, Dana.
  28. ZombieLove Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 09:14

    We caught up with our sources and it is official that Fedor is fighting Vitor Belfort. Oh... well I'll just go back to not giving a shit about Affliction then. Hopefully Fedor can come to some kind of agreement with the UFC. That's where the real heavyweight challenges are anyway.
  29. Jonny5 Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 09:42

    Rogers deserved the payday and that way they wouldn't of ruined the Belfort Santiago match which I was very excited about. Bad move I think but I will probably still watch.
  30. Maitreyan disciple Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 10:01

    Maitreya, will step up for 2 costco chickens, a lb of chronic and 10 lbs of the sweet white cure.
  31. Jonny5 Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 10:07

    Jorge Santiago vs TBA.....??? Way to let one bad drug test ruin two top fights. + after DW's little blurb about Belfort recently we all wanted to see him against Santiago to see his performance against an actual top ten MW in the world. I mean Lindland and Martin is cool but I thought this was gonna b tha one where we really got to see Belfort under some real fire. Now it is totally true but so much less relevant especially after Belforts refusal to fight Mousasi at a higher weight class a few weeks ago. I was happy they had gotten Santiago.
  32. Shatski Says:

    Thu, 07/23/09 - 12:41

    It's kind of a goofy thought, but it is almost like Affliction is doing their damndest to try to save face and take away some of the UFC's credibility with this fight. They still want Fedor to be the big draw so he needs an opponent. Dana White says he's thinking of bringing in Vitor Belfort to after his contract opens up to fight Anderson Silva. So, if (more likely, when) Belfort gets pummeled by Fedor, he'd be coming off of a loss then going on to fight the middleweight champ, which just looks ridiculous. Then again, it could have no effect since he does primarily fight at weight classes twenty to fifty pounds lighter than what Fedor weighs, so it's almost a given that he would lose. No credibility hurt and all is forgiven in Belfort's case. Atencio may just be trying to still have some kind of draw for the sinking ship, but he's also trying to hurt the UFC's business by trying to undermine the credibility of a potential main event fight for a future PPV.
  33. mr_popo0 Says:

    Fri, 07/24/09 - 12:03

    LOL!!!! at JPfighter
  34. poplar table Says:

    Fri, 07/11/14 - 06:30

    Third Flower... My spouse and that i are actually now delighted that Albert could carry out his scientific tests due to the ideas he had by way of your web content. It's every now and then perplexing to simply generally be giving away measures which many people could...

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