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Fedor Emelianenko vs. King Mo Is the Fight That Needs to Happen

("I weighed in at 219 pounds for this fight. That’s *British* pounds, homey. Moneyweight, what." / Props:

It’s natural to think that Fedor Emelianenko‘s loss to Fabricio Werdum on Saturday night was an absolute disaster, both for his career and for Strikeforce, who had their pay-per-view hopes riding on a heavyweight title clash between Emelianenko and Alistair Overeem. The shocking upset left fans scratching their heads and wondering what could be next for the Last Emperor. An immediate rematch with Werdum, as Werdum himself suggested after the fight? A tune-up match against someone further down the ladder like Antonio Silva? Retirement?

One name that doesn’t seem to be getting any consideration in the fight’s aftermath is, to me, the most obvious one — Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal, Strikeforce’s reigning light-heavyweight champion. And if Strikeforce wants to pull anything positive out of their current situation, they’ll book Fedor vs. King Mo as quickly as possible. Here’s why:

1) It gives Fedor something important to do. Emelianenko is reportedly the highest-paid fighter in all of MMA right now, and he only has one fight left on his contract. Forget tune-up matches; Strikeforce needs to make the most of their investment, which means giving Fedor another big fight. But they’d be fools to re-do Fedor vs. Werdum right away — especially now that Alistair Overeem is back and ready to fight — and there’s no guarantee that fans would even be interested to see what happens in the sequel. Besides, a rematch would prove very little, no matter who wins it. Either Fedor evens the score 1-1 and steals Fabricio’s title shot somewhat illegitimately, or he loses again, thereby wasting everybody’s time. Let Werdum have his moment and fight Overeem. Fedor may be temporarily out of the heavyweight title picture, but that doesn’t mean he’s out of options. It just means Strikeforce has to tweak their strategy for him.

2) It gives King Mo something important to do. This is just as crucial. Remember how Renato Sobral earned a light-heavyweight title shot by beating Robbie Lawler, despite the fact that he was intending on transitioning to middleweight? Well, Babalu and King Mo won’t fight each other, so it’s time to move on to Plan B. Opponents for Lawal at light-heavyweight are scarce. You could either give Rafael Cavalcante a crack at the belt, or have Dan Henderson go back up to 205 to challenge, despite the fact that he was just dominated by Jake Shields at middleweight. Meanwhile, King Mo has been asking to fight Fedor since last year; he even knows some women who could beat Fedor. Why not put his belt on the line and give him his wish? Even if Fedor wins that belt then leaves Strikeforce, what does Scott Coker really stand to lose? King Mo and Cavalcante would just fight for the vacant light-heavyweight title, and Strikeforce would never have to deal with M-1 Global ever again. Not a bad deal, if you ask me.

3) Fedor can make the weight, and should probably try it for the sake of his career. The weigh-ins on Friday provided us with two seemingly contradictory pieces of information: Fedor looked doughy, maybe even more so than usual, yet he only came in at 229 pounds, his lightest weight in years. He could certainly make 205 pounds if he chose to, with the help of a nutritionist and some basic instruction on water-cutting. (It should be mentioned that the UFC’s largest light-heavyweights, like Forrest Griffin, Ryan Bader, and Jon Jones, all dwarf Emelianenko.) To this point, there’s been no reason for Fedor to leave heavyweight — he’s been perfectly happy beating up bigger opponents — but moving down to LHW would give his career a much-needed second act; think of what it did for Randy Couture in 2003. We now know that Emelianenko isn’t invincible at heavyweight. But could anybody his own size beat him? I think a lot of fans would pay big money to find out.

4) Why the hell not? Come on, we’re talking about King Mo and Strikeforce — the fighter and MMA organization who defined "moneyweight." Shallowness of roster has always been one of Strikeforce’s biggest challenges, but it’s given them the freedom to make interesting fights with whatever fighters they have on hand: Nick Diaz and Frank Shamrock battling at a catchweight of 179. Jake Shields beefing up to take the middleweight belt. Hell, King Mo himself earned a light-heavyweight title shot against Gegard Mousasi directly after beating Mike Whitehead at heavyweight in his Strikeforce debut. Fedor Emelianenko isn’t a heavyweight — he’s simply been competing as one for the last ten years, and his career accomplishments make him immediately qualified to fight for Strikeforce’s light-heavyweight belt. Fedor has exactly one opportunity to become a champion in his next fight, which might be his last. If Strikeforce can’t sell that fight, then God help them.



  1. the glza Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 06:52

    at first i balked, but your reasoning has turned my opinion. i sanction this.
  2. ihateemo Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 06:55

    These are all excellent ideas, which is exactly why Strikeforce won't do any of it.
  3. Lesnars_tiny_pecker_says Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 07:15

    AB-SO-FUKIN-LUTELY. GGGGUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMPPPPPPPP. You are a goddamn geniuos.(even if I can't spell it) I am still recovering from the loss but the idea of him fighting as a LHW is mind blowing so I second the glza's sanction and also agree with ihateemo in the fact that the fucktards at hoe-time m1 whatever won't even realize the potential. I was excited at the beginning of this post , now I wanna punch myself in the dick until I pass out
  4. The Hammer Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 07:16

    Strikeforce struggles to follow logic ever so I don't see them doing it I mean like you said in the article they still talked about the lawler sobral fight as if sobral would fight king month after he won after clear statements by both fighters to the contrary. So maybe they will just cut him cause they think he has no value or just give him the title shot since he did lose and that's how you earn a heavyweight title shot!!!
  5. Cock_Chestnar Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 07:19

    The Russian mob would love to see that betting line especially after the cheddar they made on Werdum this past weekend. Fedor falling into a triangle choke?......bitch please!
  6. justscrappin Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 07:21

    Sorry...but Fedor likes ice cream, ( a fact you guys keep reminding us of..) so I don't see him wanting to cut the 24 lbs. to compete at lhw. It would be sweet if someone could talk him into cutting the weight....I would love to see him more svelt and fighting smaller guys. I just feel like his overall attitude makes it seem like his heart isn't into fighting anymore...he has all the money he needs from the huge paydays he has collected over the last 10 years. He lives pretty modest...doesn't look like he is into ballin out of I think he can probably just sit back and enjoy his life now. He is also young enough..where he could take a year off...see if the competitive fire still burns..and then consider the cut.
  7. ramie78 Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 07:22

    This is my only problem with this idea, Fedor just lost and now he get a title shot? This would be two title shots for fighters coming off a loss. Not a good look! Fedor should fight Silva and if he wins then the winner of Overeem/Werdum. I understand that Fedor is Strikeforces poster boy but this is what is wrong with strikeforce, a title defense but on fighters. In every organization you have a growing point and that is to be expected but Strikeforce is so stuck on trying to be the UFC that they are spending money on two or three fighters and not grow their organization. Its time to stop trying to be something that you aren’t just be Strikeforce and see what happens. Now two of your poster boys have lost and it could mean the end of Strikeforce.
  8. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 07:23

    Fedor fighting Overeem makes no sense now, and an immediate rematch only takes Werdum's greatest vicotry away from him. King Mo is right in the middle, like the cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich. Which, as we all know, is the best part of a grilled cheese sandwich. I mean, without the cheese its just bread. I can get bread anywhere. Give me the damn cheese!!!
  9. DangadaDang Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 07:31

    I like all this talk about "the sake of Fedor's career" As if one loss will tarnish the guys reputation as the greatest fighter to ever live. As if he wouldn't totally dominate a rematch with Werdum. As if King Mo has anything to offer him as far as the fight game goes. Sure give him King Mo, so he can win a title and immediatley forfeit it by retiring.
  10. Sabado Gigante Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 07:41

  11. joshuan29 Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 07:46

    It's not quite time for him to move down to Light Heavyweight. It is ONE loss. It wasn't a beating or a KO. He go caught in a well executed triangle by one of the top five BJJ guys in the world. We all saw the mistake he made in diving right into Fabricios guard and then not standing up when he got his arm loose the first time. Fedor is a small heavyweight that has made a living out of beating the Hell out of guys that are much larger than him. As the first thirty seconds of his fight with Werdum will atest, he still has devastating speed and power to knock a larger man down and he certainly has A+ ground skills although he made a mistake on Saturday night with Werdum. The bottom line is this folks: Fedor is STILL the all around best heavyweight in the game with the best mix of power/speed striking, grappling, and submissions. He has basically made one mistake in ten years. To put it plainly, we owe him a few more before we start saying he isn't capable of staying in there with the big boys. Fedors chin is well tested and still hasn't been dusted off. I believe if you put him in there with guys like Overeem, Lesnar, or Carwin he's still going to come out on top. Finally: I'd like to analyze a few upsets from a few other notable guys. Anderson Silva: Got caught in a heel hook by a guy that had no business beating him. Hell Silva has four losses and has screwed around in his last couple of fights and we still consider him number one world. GSP: Matt Serra anyone? Serra beat GSP down. Any reason to believe in that second fight that GSP wasn't going to kill Matt Serra in a rematch? Brock Lesnar: Listen I am a Frank Mir fan but Frank was right on the brink of getting KO'd in that first fight if not for a lucky break on that back of the head punch, and I think everyone knew what was going to happen to Frank Mir in that second fight with Lesnar. Even if Lesnar gets beat by Carwin does that make Lesnar any less scarry? Hell even Carwin nearly got KO'd by Gabe Gonzaga, who got a drubbing at the hands of Randy Couture, who even at 60 Lbs lighter than Lesnar wrestled respectably well with Brock Lesnar until he finally got overwhelmed. Could the Randy Couture of the early 2000's have beaten Lesnar, instead of the 45 year old Couture? Maybe....but then does that mean that Chuck Liddell could have come up to heavyweight and laid out guys like Sylvia, Mir, or Arlovski. At some point MMA fans, we have realize just how close these guys are at the level of UFC and Strikeforce. It is true that at this skill level anyone can beat anyone. Hell in a year, Roy Nelson could KO Brock Lesnar and we could be hailing Big Country as the heavyweight king! The one constant thing about the heavyweight division for 10 years has been Fedor sitting on top of it, head and shoulders above everyone else. Fedor himself has said for many years, that him being unbeaten was only temporary, but by God it's been 10 years. That's about the most impressive thing I've ever seen in MMA and I believe Fedor is owed a few more mistakes and losses before we start writing him off as done at heavyweight. In Conclusion: Give me Fedor-Werdum II or give me Fedor-Overeem. Hell, Brett Rogers got a title shot, why not Fedor. And after that Strike-Force contract ends, Somehow Someway give me Fedor and Lesnar/Carwin/Velasquez/Mir/JDS, because I STILL beleive Fedor goes through UFC's heavyweight division like KOpectaid through their fat ass mommas!
  12. fACE7biter Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 07:49

    The logic here is actually pretty airtight. I do agree with ramie that another title shot for a losing fighter looks bad... but I just don't think the negatives outweighs the positive. All Strikeforce can do is try to put up the best marquee they can, I think everyone is aware that this isn't the UFC. Besides, the WORST thing SF coudl do right now is do a rematch between Werdum and Fedor. Werdum submitted the top fighter in MMA in a minute, that gets you a title shot! Especially in a barren heavyweight division. A rematch just keeps Overeem from fighting even longer. Considering Overeem finally seems geniune about being the heavyweight face of the company, they need to keep him busy. And above all else, I fucking despise the one dimensional, idiotic walking stereotype that is King Mo, and I would love to see Fedor rape him and make him humble.
  13. ReX13 Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 07:59

    Oh for fuck's sake...Fedor loses but somehow he's **still** the goddamn Terminator?? Fuck that, and fuck you. Head and shoulders above everyone else? No, fuck he hasn't been. He's been kept from the top level competition for years, and now it's been demonstrated why he's been sheltered. Look, i like Fedor, i respect him, and i believe that he enjoys competition and doesn't care about his record. Really, truth. But i am so very tired of the Fedor nuthuggers who refuse to accept that he isn't the best heavyweight in the galactic empire, as much as i am the Fedor haters who think he's pure garbage.
  14. joshuan29 Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 07:59

    "And above all else, I fucking despise the one dimensional, idiotic walking stereotype that is King Mo, and I would love to see Fedor rape him and make him humble." LMAO Ok...maybe you just sold me on it. Lawal is like a bad Xerox of Rampage.
  15. Harry Nips Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 08:15

    Fedor could easily make 205 but he lost because he got sloppy not because he was undersized. I say stay @ heavy until his skill is no longer able to conquer size. He was the best heavy in the world for 10 years I'm not ready to chase him off after 1 loss. On a side note: I think Crocop shoulda made this move years ago.
  16. joshuan29 Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 08:26

    "Oh for fuck's sake...Fedor loses but somehow he's **still** the goddamn Terminator??" Ten years son. TEN YEARS gives him that mystique. A loss is a loss yes, but a 10 year winning streak speaks for itsself. "Fuck that, and fuck you. Head and shoulders above everyone else? No, fuck he hasn't been. He's been kept from the top level competition for years, and now it's been demonstrated why he's been sheltered. " First I'd like to know why "fuck you" has anything to do with this. I don't think you'd talk to me like that in person and there's no reason to on a fuggin d-board. Secondly, just because he hasn't been in UFC doesn't mean that who he fights isn't top competition. At the time Arlovski and Sylvia were top competition. Brett Rogers and Werdum were both ranked in the top 10. Just because UFC has a new influx of talent at heavyweight division, Fedor is suddenly supposed to go to work for someone he probably hates in Dana White, fighting guys who up until about a year and a half ago he would unquestionably dominate. Remember Carwin, JDS, and Cain V just recently got there and got to contender status. Fedor would whip Coutures ass no question, and Frank Mir was really the only guy worthy of challenging Brock Lesnar last year at the big UFC 100 last July. You know how Mir got there? By beating Big Nog who Fedor dominated more than once. You know how else? Cause before that Mir CAUGHT Lesnar in a very well executed but lucky sub! It doesn't make it any less of a win, but it was LUCKY! "Look, i like Fedor, i respect him, and i believe that he enjoys competition and doesn't care about his record. Really, truth" Respect to you on that. "But i am so very tired of the Fedor nuthuggers who refuse to accept that he isn't the best heavyweight in the galactic empire, as much as i am the Fedor haters who think he's pure garbage." Doesn't take a "nuthugger" to recognize greatness over an extended period of time. He may or may not be the "best heavyweight in the galactic empire" right now, but the fact is he got beat. It happens to EVERYONE! He lost to a guy with a credible skill set who could feasibly catch anyone in the world with that same move. But whether he got beat or not, for the love of God look at his career. Look at the list of guys he's beaten, WITH EASE! Big Nog, Sylvia, Arlovski, Coleman, CroCop, Herring, Randelman: All at or close to their Prime. I'm not arguing Fedor's loss. I'm saying that right now, until someone else does what he's done, he's the GREATEST OF ALL TIME
  17. Run Forest Run Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 08:39

    Moronic article. And guys on here were predicting Strikeforce to be the idiots talking about awarding Fedor's loss with a title fight.. How do you say, "Thanks for coming, now go away," in Russian? He's the white Kimbo. Unappologetically over-hyped. Other than a few legit fighters (Nog, Babalu) he's fought the "Who's who" of "who's that?" And a note to MMA "announcer" and "enthusiast," Gus Johnson; Werdum did not "dethrone the champion." Fedor would have to actually FIGHT CHAMPIONS to become one. Oh, wait. Maybe he was taking about that silly WAMMA thing that M-1 made for him...
  18. Neggar Wants a Watermelon Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 08:41

    I want fedor to fight a can and totally destroy him so I can watch new and cool gifs.
  19. joshuan29 Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 08:49

    White Kimbo comment=Instant loss of credibility. Anyone who has won a heavyweight championship in the UFC or Pride is a "legit fighter" I count five of those he's beaten. Who has Brock Lesnar beaten? Frank Mir and Couture are the only two legitimate guys in his record book, and he's 1-1 with Mir. Are you trying to say that Arlovski, and Sylvia were not "legit" in their prime??
  20. CyberGawD Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 08:49

    With Fedor’s recent loss to Fabricio Werdum, it got me thinking about how good Fedor really was/is. With the use of statistics, mathematics, logic, and common sense, I will easily show that Fedor has never been the P4P best in the world, and how he shouldn’t even be considered a top 3 heavyweight. Alright children, class is now in session… Fedor Emelianenko (Career breakdown) Years fighting: 11 # of fights: 34 Record: 31-2-1 Fights/year avg: 3.2 Wins by KO or Submission: 25 Fights finished ratio: 78% Ok, time for some facts (Fedor fans’ worst nightmare). In Fedor's first 12 fights he was given a handful of nobodies with only a few truly legitimate tests. He fought and defeated two A-level fighters; Ricardo Arona (LHW) by decision and Babalu Sobral (LHW) by decision. He also fought a few low B fighters. But all in all his first 12 fights were essentially gifts, given the fact that his only true tests came in the form of natural LHWs. Almost all other MMA champions have had a far more difficult and taxing first 12 fights than this so called “last emperor.” As for Fedor’s next 15 fights, we finally see a step up in competition, but definitely nothing too spectacular. He was able to add two more victories over A-level fighters; Mirko CroCop (decision) and Big Nog (twice by decision). He also defeated B+ fighter Mark Coleman (twice) and B fighters Kevin Randleman, Heath Herring, and Egidijus Valavicius. Apart from these somewhat credible fighters, Fedor also fought Yuji Nagata (former pro Japanese wrestler, 0-2 record), and “Zuluzinho” (a gigantic freak show-type fighter with a loss to butterbean). Hmmm I didn’t think “P4P kings” were involved in circus attractions, but Fedor clearly proved me wrong. Now it’s time to analyze Fedor’s most recent opponents, starting oldest to most recent: Matt Lindland - A middleweight fighter who is 2-3 in his last five bouts. Hong-Man Choi (absolute joke) - Choi is another freak show-type fighter who is similar to Giant Silva. He holds a record of 2-3 with a victory over Jose Canseco….Mhmm. He fought Fedor (who was 28-1) with only one MMA fight under his belt. Tim “Giraffe” Sylvia - Sylvia was chosen by Affliction to be Fedor’s first opponent under their promotion. Anyone with any MMA knowledge knows that Sylvia cannot compete with the new breed of HW. In fact, after losing to Fedor, Sylvia got knocked out by Ray Mercer (a 49 year-old boxer with one professional MMA fight). Andrei Arlovski - Finally, an A-level fighter. Any fan of MMA knows that Arlovski is a decent fighter with a good resume. With that said, I give Fedor credit for finishing him (even though Arlovski tried a hero/kung fu move). Arlovski has lost his past three fights btw. Brett Rogers - Rogers is a hard hitter with many gaps in his game. With only one victory over a big name, Rogers almost finished Fedor with some decent ground and pound, and was thought by many to win the first round. I give props to Fedor for a fairly good knockout, but Rogers was gassed 3 minutes into the 1st round. Fabricio Werdum - Werdum is a top-10 HW with extremely good Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In this fight we saw Fedor make a complete amatuer mistake by sloppily trying to finish a dangerous black-belt who was barely dazed. Werdum sunk in a sick submission that forced Fedor to tap. Now, compare his recent opponents to other top fighters. GSP - Matt Hughes, Matt Serra, Jon Fitch, BJ Penn, Thiago Alves, Dan Hardy Anderson Silva - Dan Henderson, James Irvin (LHW), Patrick Cote, Thales Leites, Forrest Griffin (top-10 LHW), Demian Maia BJ Penn - Joe Stevenson, Sean Sherk, GSP, Kenny Florian, Diego Sanchez, Frankie Edgar Brock Lesnar - Frank Mir, Heath Herring, Randy Couture, Frank Mir Lyoto Machida – Tito Ortiz, Thiago Silva, Rashad Evans, Shogun, Shogun When you look at Fedor’s most recent opponents compared to other great fighters there is almost no comparison. Every other top fighter has had much tougher opponents for their divisions than Fedor, but yet people still believe that Fedor is a top three P4P fighter…It’s madness! I mean come on, a middleweight, a freak-show, a washed up giraffe, the glass-jawed Arlovski, a former Sam’s club tire changer, and Werdum! That is not a list that any “top” fighter should have on their resume, but Fedor really knows how to test himself... I hope all of you can see why I don’t have much admiration for Fedor and why he really isn’t all that he’s cracked up to be. Sorry fanboys, but I just made your lives a little worse. Class dismissed.
  21. ReX13 Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 09:11

    Joshuan29>> First of all, nothing personal. "Fuck you" sounds personal, i know. And yes, i definitely would talk to you that way in person. Because i'm an asshole. Seriously, ask my wife. By the way, what's a d-board? Really, i'm exasperated with this clinging to the notion that Fedor's ten year run somehow makes up for the fact that half of his wins and half of that time span is against joke competition. "...just because he hasn't been in UFC doesn't mean that who he fights isn't top competition." Yes, that's exactly what that means. I enjoy MMA all over, but it's pretty clear and demonstrable that Zuffa has the best fighters. Fedor's recent fights have been against men in the bottom of the Top 10, who probably didn't belong there anyway. Rogers was sitting on top of a bloodied Fedor, but he was too gassed (in the first damn round) to do anything with it. Arlovski made Fedor look like a boxing amateur before catching one on the button. Anyone who claims a victory over Tim "oops i crapped my pants" Sylvia in the past couple of years should retire. Timmeh ain't been the same since he dropped out of the UFC. Fedor would almost definitely not win a title in the UFC. He's not the top heavyweight in the world. The only thing to discuss now is when did he cease to be the top heavyweight in the world. At the latest, it was March of 2007--when Couture re-entered the division. Since then, the competition has only gotten better, and Fedor continues to fight unknowns and has-beens.
  22. badmarthafocker Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 09:22

    "Fedor can make the weight, and should probably try it for the sake of his career"...The guy slipped into a triangle choke and got caught by a 2x ADCC champion. Why is everyone hitting the panic button on Fedor's career because of one mistake?
  23. Zee German Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 09:43

    @CyberGawD 1. Nobody likes smartasses. 2. Nobody likes smartasses who are stating the obvious. 3. Nobody likes smartasses who are stating the obvious using a really, really annoying alias.
  24. cecils_pupils Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 09:44

    All I can say is there is no way in hell I am reading all the essays in this comment section. While I like the reasoning behind saying King Mo should be next, I disagree. Fedor is HW, let him fight HW - not moneyweight. Rematch Verdum or Antonio Silva. Plain and simple.
  25. Organ Donor Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 10:06

    It would be worth it just to see how ripped Fedor would look at 205.
  26. joshuan29 Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 10:22

    "Class in session" Something tells me after that Sub loss to Werdum we're going to find out whether or not he's a top P4P fighter, even though most MMA fans with sense already know he is. The heavyweight division in every combat sport has a weaker talent pool than than those of LHW, MW, and WW. UFC's heavyweight division JUST became consequentle in the last year and a half. Before JDS, Carwin, Cain, got there and added to the pool, the UFC HW division has been two or three good guys and whole bunch of cans. Example: 2007: UFC HW division= Really Good: Couture, Sylvia, Gonzaga, Arlovski, Nog, Pretty Good: Werdum, Cro Cop, Kongo .... who else? Cans! Thats all of the guys that are possibly top ten ranked in the UFC heavyweight division at the time. And out of that pool of talent I count 5 Losses to Fedor. And yes, Werdum. 2008: Lesnar just got there, lost to Mir right off the bat. So we have Couture, Lesnar, Mir, Nog, Werdum, Gonzaga Cro-Cop, (not really relevant anymore) mainly. JDS, Cain, Carwin, just starting out and in some cases not even on the main card yet. The rest of the top ten ranked HW's in the world were not in UFC at the time, IE Arlovski and Sylvia. 2009-2010: UFC Heavyweight Div. explodes: Now we have Lesnar, Carwin, Mir, JDS, Cain, Nog, Gonzaga, Nelson, Todd Duffee.....Wait a minute Thats about the same number of guys there were in 2007!! Now lets look at the guys in it. JDS: In my opinion the most impressive of the new blood. Victories over Werdum, Gonzaga, Cro-Cop all in pretty dominant fashion. Carwin: Victory over Mir impressive! Almost KO'd by Gonzaga. But he did win. Cain V: Nog old and drubbed, Kongo drubbed by decision, Ben Rothwell is Crap at the time they fought Lesnar: Beat Mir but is 1-1 with him, Couture wrestled with him convincingly but was 60 lbs lighter. Still a talented monster Question: What is so much more impressive about these guys than Fedor and the men he's beaten lately?: Brett Rogers, lots of power good striking with holes in his game (like Cro Cop), Arlovski top level talented former champ at the time #2 in the world (like Frank Mir), Sylvia, Giant good all around fighter with good striking and wrestling who just got done kicking the UFC champs ass but got caught in a trianlge before leaving the UFC. What I'm saying is the notable skins on the wall of the new bloods are these: Mir, Couture, Nogueira, Cro-Cop, Gonzaga. These are all guys that Fedor would beat or has beaten. The UFC Heavyweight division is wide open right now. When it starts working its self out and say Carwin beats Lesnar, then Cain beats Carwin, then Roy Nelson who has pulled off an upset on JDS upsets Cain V then we will be back to square one, does Roy Nelson then become the top HW in the world, and Fedor couldn't beat him?? The fact is the UFC heavyweight division today is only SLIGHTLY better now than it was in 2007, with Couture, Arlovski, Nog, Sylvia, Mir, Gonzaga. 2008 had a lull and now it's good again, but the new guys haven't fought eachother yet meaning that none of them has really beaten anyone currently accepted as "Great" accept for those guys I listed. I love Frank Mir but he's not a world beater, Noguiera is right at the end (thanks largely to Fedor), Couture is a legend but he's 45!!, Cro Cop is not the same guy who won the open weight GP, and Gonzaga is the gatekeeper to the HW division who ALMOST KO'd Carwin. You say these new guys would KILL Fedor? I'll beleive it when I see it. Werdum caught Fedor much the same way Mir caught Lesnar, and Chonan caught Anderson Silva. Fedor has DOMINATED top level competition in his career, but top level competition is relevant to the time your talking about, and the division that you're in. For instance a victory over Cro-Cop is much less impressive now than it was in 2005, a victory over Brock Lesnar now would be much more impressive than a victory over him in 2008. Fedor beating Arlovski on a five fight winning streak or beating Tim Sylvia right off of his UFC championship bout, or beating Rogers on an 8 fight winning streak is just as impressive as anything the top 4 in UFC's heavyweight division have done lately.
  27. k-onda Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 10:25

    Age has to catch up with Fedor eventually, and everyday these real Heavies are looking more bionic. I say do it, sanctioned, done. Who do we need to talk to to make this happen? *And all y'all who feel you need to write a damn book in the "comments" section on the inter-web are completes douches.
  28. dogpt3 Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 10:37

    The reality is we don't know if the Hype is real. Fedor could easily lose to King Mo, Overeem or Werdum again and then what? More claims the russian mob fixed the fight? All the Fedor nut huggers are really quite blind. Im gonna post it again so everyone can see - Here is Fedors record: 2009 - Brett Rogers 2009 - Arlovski 2008 - Tim Silvia 2007 - Hong man Choi 2007 - Matt Lindland 2006 - Mark Hunt 2006 - Mark Coleman 2005 - Zuluzino 2005 - Crocop (Decision) 2004 - Nogeira (Decision) So the two most legitimate fighters he faced he won by decision, explain to me how this record makes him the best fighter in the world? Arlovski and Silvia had both been battered, abused and spat out of the UFC. Brett Rogers is a nobody. Hong Man Choi fought Jose Canseco for christs sake. Lindland, Hunt and Coleman all decent fighters. Zuluzino is a heart attack waiting to happen. Crocop and Nogeira, he beat by decision and these guys are getting abused in the UFC.
  29. ReX13 Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 10:38

    joshuan29>> oh, whatever. Anyone who is going to stand by Fedor as the invincible man is probably not going to change their minds just because he lost.
  30. dogpt3 Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 10:46

    @ Joshuan29 - Schools in session and you sir fail. Of all the fighters fedor has faced, I would say the most notable are: Nogeira, Semmy Schilt, Cro Cop, Babalu. I dont think its fair to put Arlovski and Silvia in the mix as they were already washed out of the UFC when they fought Fedor. Of all those Notable fighters, Fedor beat them all BY DECISION. The rest of the Cans he fought he knocked out. Now for those claiming russian mob ties and taking dives, do you think its more likely that they paid some can to take a dive or get Fedor to take a dive and ruin his perfect record which is the entire claim that M-1 global has?
  31. joshuan29 Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 10:57

    Rex If Overeem or Carwin or Lesnar smashed Fedors face in, or Frank Mir snatched Fedors damn head off in a choke then I'd give it to you that maybe it was time to either move down or retire. He's not invincible, noone is, and I never thought he was. But he is the most dominant fighter ever in the MMA HW division, and probably as of right now, the greatest of all time in MMA. I'm simply saying that getting caught in a triangle doesn't destroy an entire decade of dominance. Dog Arlovski and Sylvia were not "spat out of the UFC." Arlovski left on a 3 fight winning streak in the UFC, and two of Sylvia's last 3 UFC matches were for the UFC title for much of both fights he was kicking their ass. Also, decisions on Cro-Cop and Nog were in their PRIMES and in both cases Fedor tossed those two guys around the whole fight, IE Lesnars decision on Herring X 2.
  32. joshuan29 Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 11:05

    @Dog Nog twice, Cro- Cop, Schilt, Babulu? Decisions? More like 20 minutes of Constant Ass Whippin. WATCH those fights. All of them were dominating, no question pillar to post ass whippin. In some cases, that is more dominating than a KO

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 11:19

    joshuan29...I agree with most of what you said ...but Lidell is a natural heavy his fat ass cuts to 205. And there is no arguing with these guys that dont respect Fedor or anything that came out of Pride... hell they just started watching MMA fights when Brock Lesnar made the move to mma...Hence all the Brock and ufc Fanboys...They dont realize that when he beat Nog Twice, that no one else could. They dont realize that Crocop was kicking heads into the 7th row in Japan for a long time before Fedor (and kevin randleman ) came along... I deal with it all the time here were I live. The thing is these companies want to appeal to the casual fan so naturally you get a bunch of dudes that stumbled across a spike tv viewing of a ufc event and now they are fucking experts in the sport.. When guys like us have been following the sport since the get go .. since it was introduced to america. SOme go beack even further since before it was introduced here in america... All I can say is Ignorance is a hard thing to fight.. I have read alot of it in this thread. I am not hating on UFC I get almost all of the PPVs they have unless I am at work. I am also not hating on Strikeforce...( I do hate M1 Global tho) I Am a fan of MMA and a fan of certain fighters just like in Boxing I like certain fighters.. not all of em cuz some are assheads... or cocky jerks.. From an MMA fans perspective Fedor is one of the greatest of all time... funny thing is Fedor himself never called himself that the fans and the MMA community called him that. Most people would consider ALi the greatest of all time..I consider it to be Walker Smith Jr...(yes look it up, he is the greatest stop scratching ur head and look it up!)... in boxing... but the fans didnt start calling him that HE DID!! SO to me Fedor is more genuine and definately not overhyped or fake. its real like it or not you can take the top 3 fighters on any top ten list and he has more wins than them combined... Hey ALi fought guys like Chuck Wepner... and CLeveland Williams who was maimed and almost killed by a gunshot... (before he fought ali of course) Did any one discredit Ali ??? Nope...why because true fans of boxing are educated and they know the sport. THis is what dissapoints me about this sport is unfortunately alot of the casual fans fuck it up and there is alot of them.
  34. Run Forest Run Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 11:21

    joshuan I never said a word about Lesnar. He's a couple days away from an L as well. "Are you trying to say that Arlovski, and Sylvia were not "legit" in their prime??" THAT comment = instant loss of credibility.
  35. Shatski Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 11:27

    The caption for King Mo up there is great. El Famous, Apparently you can only get bread easily unless you are Kimbo, since he's demanding bread all the time. He can't get it himself! haha. I've never thought Tim Sylvia was impressive. He's a tall, lanky, awkward dude with some long reach, but that's all I saw. He had some power in his hands, but I agree with Rex. The division was light at the time.Sylvia and Arlovski fought for the belt three times in a fairy short span of time. Pretty sure his loss to Noguiera was an anaconda choke, but not 100 percent on that. Fedor would probably hang in there with the current UFC crop, but dominate them? Nah. He could go undefeated, but he'd be in some pretty tough battles doing it against guys that are way bigger than him and a hell of a lot more athletic than Hong Man Choi and Zuluzino. Comparing some of his more recent opponents to current UFC heavyweights is acceptable, but saying the level of competition is on par, probably not. Take Brett Rogers and Carwin. Both big guys with pretty similar records, at least ten wins with a lot of KO's. Would I want to see that fight? Sure. But I think Carwin would take it. He can throw bombs, obviously, but he has the ground skills to round it out, too. Rogers might have something on the ground, but we haven't seen it from him. Maybe he forgot about it against Overeem. Would Fedor knock out Carwin like he did Rogers? Possibly, but Carwin got his nose broken than almost right away, then knocked Gonzaga out, so he might able to take more punishment. I don't know who would be the best matchup for Fedor in the UFC, but they would all be good to watch. All blow outs? No way. But until Fedor and M1 sign on the dotted line, the debate will continue. Shoulda, woulda, coulda.
  36. meanfinger Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 11:30

    @ joshuan29: u cant say someones better cuz they beat so and so.. a fight is a fight and thats why they get in there and bang. and fedor needs to stay at hvy. SF just needs 2 mix it up and get some more competition in that div. i'd rather see lashley cut down to light hvy. since he thinks he entitled to sum real competition. plus that would be a decent match up between mo and lashley imo.
  37. Shatski Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 11:36

    Sylvia was not kicking Couture's ass, either.

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 11:38

    @ Shatski Loss to Nog was a Guillotine.

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 11:47

    A SHatski...I agree with you and M1 and Fedor will not sign he will never fight in the UFC.
  40. munche Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 11:58

    The point people seem to be missing, isn't that Fedor NEEDS to go to LHW because he can't compete, but that the King Mo fight is the only really interesting fight for him in SF. Fedor-Overeem? Retarded now. Fedor-Bigfoot? Yawn. Fedor-Werdum II? Not interested. But put Fedor at LHW vs. King Mo (who btw also needs an opponent badly) and now it's interesting. The other fights aren't interesting. Strikeforce has such a shallow HW division that there's nothing left for Fedor there.
  41. Shatski Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 12:02

    MMAINMYBLOOD, I know that's what it says on wikipedia, but I was thinking different'. I'm sure it was a guillotine, though. Maybe there was some anaconda attempt in that fight.
  42. meanfinger Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 12:11

    so reward fedor with a title shot so he can retire and ruin SF's lhw division, kinda like shields is gonna do with the mw div.? uhhh.. kinda dumb.. make bobby"big mouth"lashley cut down.. he thinks he's the shit, he's callin out competition. king mo vs. lashley should b a good one. both have small tanks, and good wrestling. king mo by 2nd round ko. fedor is in a bad spot now.. since everyone over hyped him. its not gonna matter who he fights. its gonna matter HOW he fights. when your 31-2 you pretty much beat anyone who's been worth a damn the last 10 years. give werdum his wish.. then if fedor loses that.. he has no choice but to cut down to 205

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 12:12

    @munche and why good sire cant he compete...oh thats right Because in all of his fights he has lost one... No he doesnt NEED to do anything. What Strike force NEEDS to do is get more LHWs for him to fight... Hey wait didnt Jardine just get cut?? King mo is garbage... all he is going to do is lay on people like he did with Gegard. Grinders are non exciting boring fighters that hope the judges will see it their way, they dont try to finish anything they just simply lay on you and hope that a dominant position is good enough for a W, Bitchcheck, Sonnen, Chestnar, King Mo, Tyson Griffin, Rashad Evans all boring fighters ... they have some finishes... but that is not their norm... Fedor has some descisions.. but all are unanimous none split.. and it aint for lack of trying to finish... he tries to finish with every punch or sub attempt!!! He is not content with just laying on people for 15 min. Fedor will never cut to 205 thats why he has been so successful in the HW devision he is at his natural wieght. If he cut to 205 he would be robbing himself of his explosiveness and power... he has mastered fighting at his own wieght.. Like the old school fighter he is he doesnt care how big the opponent is.

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 12:15

    Shatski I think ur right he did attempt... I remember all of Sylvias ass whippins Vividly he didnt lock it in... but he used the Guillotine to finish.. I hate sylvia...all he is, is a big dude with long reach no ground game to speak of. My Daughter caught him in a heel hook and he tapped.
  45. fACE7biter Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 12:27

    The point everyone is missing is that in a business where everyone has bad nights or gets caught by someone who isn't ranked as highly, Fedor avoided such a loss for over a decade. Its like the world Series of Poker. You could say its just luck, and thats why a nobody always wins, and yet, the final tables always have the same pros on them every year. Thats because they are the best at what they do, as is Fedor. Besides being on a ridiculously long win streak, he fight all of his opponents looking to finish as quickly as possible, and often times confronted them as they played to their strong suits. He kicked the shit out of Cro Cop, fought in Nogueras guard, and always looked for the sub or KO against whoever he was fighting. In an age of fighters who lay on a guy until the decision comes, or dance around and avoid them all together, I would think the MMA community would appreciate a guy who goes out of his way to finsih his fights, his own safety be damned. Oh, and assuming Werdum does fight Overeem(as he fucking should) and lets say they find someone for King Mo, how giving Roger Gracie a shot at Fedor? They could easily agree to a catchweight that suites both of them, and it would make for a somewhat interesting story. People would be interested in seeing whether or not Fedor succumbs to a BJJ expert a second time.
  46. Shatski Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 12:29

    I remember think that when I saw the third fight with Arlovski. If he didn't have reach, he'd have been fucked. He wouldn't have been able to jab effectively the entire five rounds. Bring that girl up right! She may have quite the future. The female Werdum, if we're being topical. haha.
  47. jgrant Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 01:28

    If I was Fedor, the only way I'd take this fight is if King Mo's crown and scepter were on the line instead of the belt. Those are way more important than a Strikeforce belt.
  48. dogpt3 Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 01:42

    The reality is that the game has changed, and people like Fedor, Crocop and Nogeira are the reasons for that, the same way that golfers started to hit the gym and take their games to then ext level when Tiger started smashing everything. If you want to get into the poker analysis, its the same thing, Hellmuth used to be the man but now he's shit because the game has changed and hes too stubborn to revamp his game, instead he opts to revamp his mental caoching or whatever kind of nonsense hes on now. I am not arguing that Fedor is a legend and back in the Pride days was an absolute god, I'm merely saying that since fighting Crocop which I consider to be the pinnacle of his career, hes been padded by M-1 trying to leverage off his record and build a brand around him by dominating cans. If you were to put him in the mix with the UFC heavyweights he would not go through Cain, JDS, Carwin and Lesnar with a perfect record.
  49. joshuan29 Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 02:49

    "If you were to put him in the mix with the UFC heavyweights he would not go through Cain, JDS, Carwin and Lesnar with a perfect record." These guys are all beatable. They are all tough and very impressive but I don't think you could say Fedor couldn't beat all four of those guys. Now before I'm a "nuthugger" I'm not saying it's a sure thing that he'd walk in and bushhog all 4 of them, I am saying he is capable of beating all four. I am through arguing it because I know what I've been seeing for the last ten years so I am resolved to the wait and see approach. I hope he signs with UFC. I love the fighters in the UFC. But Dana White is a self rightous prick (as is Vadim Finkelstein), and I think he's ruined his chances of signing Fedor by the way he's talked about him. If he signs on Dana's dotted line I think skeptics will be suprised by what Fedor does to that division. I wonder, even if he did go into the UFC heavyweight division and clear it out, would he get any more respect than he already has. All things considered, as a Die Hard MMA fan and a Die Hard Fedor fan, I hope he fucks off M-1 and makes a run through the UFC.
  50. Dick_Misanthropenis Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 03:04

    i WILL ONLY WATCH THIS FIGHT IF THEY INSTALL (oops, forgot to turn the caps lock off from my retarded caption) fire sprinklers over the cage that shower the combatants with Rockstar energy drink for the entire duration of the match. (Kinda seems like I'm having trouble CONTROLLING THE VOLUME OF MY VOICE, doesn't it?)

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 04:28

    @Shatski Yeah I think Tim Sylvia is the only boring fighter I ever saw compete in the sport and not lay and pray!! I think I was in and out of sleep when he fought Arlovski the third time... Yes she will be in Bjj when she hits 4 one more year... I want to train her to whip cyborgs old ass when she gets ready.. I just hope cyborg stops taking Roids by then... and still fights...
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