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“Fight for ALF” Update: Donate Now, Win Signed Gear From GSP and Bas Rutten!

(Click the image to get a closer look at these treasures, and please donate to Laura Nicholson’s fight against Hodgkin’s lymphoma if you haven’t already!)

A month ago, we asked you guys to pledge some of your MMA memorabilia to our ongoing “Fight for ALF” fundraising efforts. And while that plea sort of fell on deaf ears — I guess you’re not the obsessed hoarders we thought you were? — two more members of the CP writing staff have stepped up to add some items to the pile. Read on for descriptions of the items, details on what you need to do to get them, and a new update from angrylittlefeet herself.

Nathan “The12ozCurls” Smith writes:

I was going through some boxes I packed a while back and I found this stuff. A framed signed Georges St. Pierre picture, a GSP action figure from UFC 87 and two Mint Topps UFC GSP cards.  One is a “fighter gear relic card” that has a fabric swatch of GSP’s man panties or jock strap or something. The other is a “fight mat relic card” that has a piece of the octagon mat from UFC 100. So long as nobody takes a black light to the photo, all the items are in great shape. Granted, I will play TAPS and cry watching these items go but I already have the life-sized cardboard cut-out of Georges that I shower with and anything I can do to help Laura — I am willing.

Chris Colemon donates this signed pair of Bas Rutten MMA gloves, size XL:

So here’s how this will work…

- Our fundraising drive officially ends on July 28th. At the end of that time, the person who has submitted the biggest donation will win the signed, framed photo of GSP.
- The second-place donation will win the Bas Rutten gloves.
- The third-place donation will win either the GSP relic cards, or that UFC 127 program from Jason Moles that was signed by everyone from Kenny Florian to Brittney Palmer — your choice.
- The fourth-place donation will get whatever we have left, basically.

At the moment, the highest donation so far has been $500 (!), followed by a $150 bid, so you’ve got your work cut out for you. But as we always say, every little bit helps, so please visit our Fight for ALF Indiegogo page and kick in what you can. Any questions, let us know in the comments. (And if you have any last-minute memorabilia donations to share, please drop me a line at And now onto Laura’s weekly update…


Hola Taters! It’s Alf again. Just stopping by to let you all know how my latest procedures went.

Monday I had my chemo port installed. They only lightly sedate you for this but I actually fell asleep while they were cutting me open. Yeah. It’s pretty bad when something like this gets to be just another day. It’s much nicer than the PICC line. Nothing actually hanging outside my body to be dealt with. It just looks like an alien implant. Or a third nipple. Whatever.

Tuesday was chemo #2. They went ahead & stabbed right into that brand new port for that. No need to let it heal a little or anything. Reaction to #2 was way less than to the first one thank goodness. We have a nurse in the chemo ward that I swear looks right like Big John McCarthy. Freaks me the hell out. I keep expecting him to shout “Let’s get it on” when he hooks somebody up to their chemo.

Wednesday back to the hospital for another shot. This one is supposed to help my body build my white blood cells back up after chemo. I feel really good today but they tell me that’s from the shot — I will most likely wake up tomorrow with joint pain so bad it feels like I’ve been hit by a truck. Awesome. Don’t sugar coat it. At least my cable should be hooked back up tomorrow I hope. I’ve got episodes of The Wire to catch up on if I can’t freakin move.

So that’s about it. Lotsa procedures, lotsa shots, and a metric fuck-ton of trips back & forth to the hospital.

Oh and I’m back up to 96lbs! That ice cream rx is working!

Have a good rest of the week my fellow Taters!


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Mr_Misanthropy- July 11, 2013 at 4:43 pm
I can't wait until ALF's comeback training montage where she crane kicks pinatas into smithereens blindfolded, karate chops coconuts for pina coladas with her bare hands, and plays sixtten hours of DDR straight to focus her cardio.
Hutch- July 11, 2013 at 4:27 pm
Real cool donations guys. Glad to hear your hanging in there Alf.
Fried Taco- July 11, 2013 at 9:03 am
Did someone say "nipple"?
The12ozCurls- July 11, 2013 at 8:49 am
Ok, ok. I lied. These GSP items were NOT packed away in a box. If you look closely, you can see a couple pictures of my children BEHIND the GSP items on my living room mantel. Priorities, AmIRight?
All jokes aside, donate Taters. Whether it's $1 or *puts pinky finger to mouth* $1,000,000. Buy some Natural Ice instead of Stella and donate the difference. Skip the Purple Haze and burn some shwag for a couple days and donate the leftover funds. Slum it with some J&B instead of the Glenlivet and earn some karma by pledging the savings. It all counts. Make us proud Taters and help one of our own.
El Famous Burrito- July 11, 2013 at 8:47 am
I'm still hoping you get super powers out of this deal.

Good ones, like Colossus.

Not bad ones, like Dazzler.
angry little feet- July 11, 2013 at 7:27 am
Great incentives guys! Thank You! Hell I wish I was eligible for them too! Haha
Much love to 12oz for donating some of his beloved GSP stuff. I know it hurts hun.
LMFAO @ Rex!
ReX13- July 11, 2013 at 7:14 am
Again for the slow potatoes: that "ice cream rx" HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME. Stop tweeting at my wife.