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‘Fight Master: Bellator MMA’ Cast Announced With 32 Welterweights, Including Joe Riggs and ‘Lelo’ Aurelio

(I’ve got some bad news — Joe *is* the show’s token hot chick. / Photo by Esther Lin)

Spike TV has just released the full cast list for Fight Master: Bellator MMA, the upcoming reality show in which 32 fighters compete under the direction of four well-known coaches — Randy Couture, Frank Shamrock, Greg Jackson, and Joe Warren — for a spot in an upcoming Bellator tournament. The inaugural welterweight season will premiere on Wednesday, June 19th at 10:00 PM, and features a few notable names among the lesser-known prospects. For instance…

Joe Riggs: By far the most experienced fighter in the field, Riggs has competed extensively for the UFC, WEC, and Strikeforce. His sole Bellator appearance in May 2011 resulted in a knockout loss to Bryan Baker. Riggs is currently on a five-fight win streak.

Marcus “Lelo” Aurelio: The Capoeira expert’s flashy kicks have resulted in some must-see knockouts. Six of Aurelio’s career wins have come within the first minute of the fight. However, his Bellator debut last November resulted in a decision loss against Chris Franck.

Chris Lozano: The “Cleveland Assassin” has competed in three different Bellator welterweight tournament seasons since 2011, but has been unable to progress past the semi-finals. In a way, this is like a Comeback season for him.

Andy Uhrich: Good to see you again, buddy!

Several of the other cast-members have also competed previously in Bellator, including Josh Quayhagen (who’s already gone 3-1 for the promotion), Darryl Cobb, Frank Carrillo, and Jason Norwood. Check out the full cast-list after the jump, and click here to watch a teaser video for the show featuring the coaches and fighters.

Marcus Aurelio
Age: 26
Record: 6-2-0
Vancouver, British Columbia
Twitter: @barraozinho

Nick Barnes
Age: 22
Record: 5-0-0
San Diego, CA
Twitter: @Nick_phoenix170

Eric Bradley
Age: 31
Record: 5-1-0
Las Vegas, NV
Twitter: @ericbradleymma

Mike Bronzoulis
Age: 34
Record: 15-5-1
Houston, TX
Twitter: @thegreekmikeb

Frank Carrillo
Age: 29
Record: 6-3-0
Miami, FL
Twitter: @CarrilloMMA

Darryl Cobb
Age: 32
Record: 6-6-0
East St. Louis, IL
Twitter: @devistatdarryl

Christopher Curtis
Age: 25
Record: 7-2-0
Cincinnati, OH
Twitter: @TheActionman513

Evan Cutts
Age: 22
Record: 5-1-0
Dallas, TX
Twitter: @TheButcherCutts

Mike Dubois
Age: 30
Record: 3-0-0
Thomasville, GA
Twitter: @zombiemikemma

Tom Gallicchio
Age: 26
Record: 16-8-0
Howell, NJ
Twitter: @TomDaTank5

Ismael Gonzalez
Age: 32
Record: 11-10-0
Los Angeles, CA
Twitter: @Ismael_mma

Gareth Joseph
Age: 28
Record: 9-5-0
San Diego, CA
Twitter: @garethjoseph

Chris Lozano
Age: 30
Record: 9-3-0
Cleveland, OH
Twitter: @CLE_assassin

AJ Matthews
Age: 24
Record: 5-2-0
Carlsbad, CA
Twitter: @AJ_MMA

Rob Mills
Age: 35
Record: 8-2-0
Newcastle, United Kingdom
Twitter: @robmillsmma

Steve Montgomery
Age: 22
Record: 3-1-0
Florence, SC
Twitter: @WeaselSteve

Chip Moraza-Pollard
Age: 24
Record: 7-4-0
Plymouth, MA
Twitter: @chipthesurgeon

Brett Nakamura
Age: 30
Record: 6-1-0
Maui, HI

Jason Norwood
Age: 28
Record: 12-3-0
Fort Hood, TX
Twitter: @rightfight170

Dom O’Grady
Age: 31
Record: 15-5-1
Detroit, MI
Twitter: @Dom_OGrady

Jacob Ortiz
Age: 31
Record: 8-4-0
San Manuel, AZ
Twitter: @KobeTheStunna

Josh Quayhagen
Age: 26
Record: 6-1-0
Lake Charles, LA
Twitter: @JoshQuayhagen

Joe Riggs
Age: 30
Record: 39-14-0
Phoenix, AZ

Eric Scallan
Age: 27
Record: 11-4-0
Lafayette, LA
Twitter: @EricScallan

Cristiano Souza
Age: 30
Record: 5-0-0
Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Twitter: @SouzaSoldierBoy

Brendan Tierney
Age: 37
Record: 10-5-0
Queens, NY
Twitter: @Tiny_Shorts

Bryan Travers
Age: 29
Record: 13-3-0
Bakersfield, CA
Twitter: @BryanTravers

Andy Uhrich
Age: 27
Record: 8-3-0
Gering, NE
Twitter: @stunneruhrich

Tim Welch
Age: 22
Record: 8-4-0
Great Falls, MT
Twitter: @TimWelchMT

Cole Williams
Age: 30
Record: 5-1-0
Darian, WI
Twitter: @havocole

Joe Williams
Age: 27
Record: 7-1-0
Tustin, CA
Twitter: @jawmma

Artenas Young
Age: 32
Record: 9-5-0
Houston, TX
Twitter: @MachineGunYoung

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thehonorablereese- May 6, 2013 at 4:27 pm
I'm not usually a grammar Nazi, but Joe, if you are going to tattoo a phrase onto your chest, make sure to use the right form of "you're." Must be embarrassing...
Mr_Misanthropy- May 6, 2013 at 2:48 pm
They photograph them. These hazy focus people. They’re always having picnics. There’s always a tree, a pond… who are these people? I don’t know them. I don’t want them on my card either.
Alan K- May 6, 2013 at 2:14 pm
So they're fighting for the chance to enter a tournament where they will win their first two fights by close split decisions that probably should have gone the other way only to get knocked out in the finals by...I'm gonna say...Douglas Lima. Sounds like fun.
dipsetkilla316- May 6, 2013 at 1:55 pm
Oh this is going to be hilariously bad.
Fried Taco- May 6, 2013 at 12:32 pm
I'm with algiers, I'd like to see Joe W coaching Joe R.
algiersheadkick504- May 6, 2013 at 11:47 am
Joe warren?? Mind as well make Joe Riggs the coach
algiersheadkick504- May 6, 2013 at 11:46 am
Theyll make frank shamrock a coach but not tank abott. Already not watching
Uncle_Irish420- May 6, 2013 at 11:09 am
Does the Bellator reality show winner get a spot on the next TUF cast?