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Fight of the Day: Hamman vs. Suganuma II


As mentioned on Saturday, Jared Hamman avenged his questionable-stoppage loss to Po’ai Suganuma in the main event of Friday night’s ShoXC card. For those of you who missed the fight, it was a wild one, with Suganuma “all over Jared Hamman like a bad rash” in the fight’s opening minutes before Hamman chopped the Hawaiian down with a series of punches midway through the first round; the video is above.

Related: We’d previously wondered what was up with Pro Elite’s recent strange behavior; though they’ve canceled two upcoming events, Sam Caplan at FiveOuncesofPain reports that the company is not on the verge of collapse. If you’re interested in Pro Elite’s current financial situation and how they might improve their condition in the future (and if you have some time to kill), we suggest you read Caplan’s full analysis here.


  1. Kel Says:

    Sun, 08/17/08 - 05:55

    Good fight. I was impressed with Hamman's finishing ability. I am not sure who it was, either Mauro or Quadros, who stated that it was the hammerfists that finished the fight. If you watch closely, you can actually see Suganuma go limp from the punches thrown under his armpit. Nice power generation from the top!
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