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Fight of the Day: Quinton Jackson vs. Ricardo Arona

Apologies for the lack of updates this morning — CP was experiencing major server eff-ups. But we’re back in business now, and to reward your patience, we’d like to present this video of Quinton Jackson‘s classic battle with Ricardo Arona at PRIDE Critical Countdown in June 2004. Watch as Jackson is knocked out cold at around the 5:30 mark; luckily, the referee allows the fight to continue, and Rampage regains his faculties enough to deliver a WWE-caliber power-slam that immediately ended the fight. You’ll also notice that at this point in his career, Rampage dog-barked after a victory, Arsenio Hall audience-member-style, as opposed to his current wolf-howl.


  1. kentyman Says:

    Wed, 01/09/08 - 07:16

    I always through Arona was a 'tard for not just putting Rampage in a triangle instead of telling the ref that Rampage was out. If he really was out, it should be no problem. As for the slam/knockout, Arona was knocked out by an inadvertent head-butt, right? That's why Jackson was bleeding from his right brow.
  2. kentyman Says:

    Wed, 01/09/08 - 08:06

    Wow, "through" -> "thought". Who's the 'tard now?!
  3. Popetastic Says:

    Wed, 01/09/08 - 09:06

    A classic fight. Easily one of the greatest knockouts in the history of MMA. I haven't watched this fight in probably over a year. I think Quinton looks to be in considerably better physical shape these days than he does in his fight with Ricardo. I'd still love to see Arona competing in the UFC.
  4. TitoG Says:

    Wed, 01/09/08 - 09:11

    "As for the slam/knockout, Arona was knocked out by an inadvertent head-butt, right? That’s why Jackson was bleeding from his right brow." No way watch video and see how Arona's head bounces of the canvas. That's what knocked him out. Rampage was cut from an upkick i believe.
  5. kentyman Says:

    Wed, 01/09/08 - 09:19

    OK, Arona was likely knocked out from the canvas, but I think the head-butt still happened (and added to the knockout). If you watch the replay of the up-kick, you'll see it clips his already turned jaw. Also, if he was cut way earlier, Arona would've been covered in Rampage's blood.
  6. natureboy Says:

    Wed, 01/09/08 - 09:42

    The only head-butt was Arona trying to head-butt the canvas. Canvas 1. Arona 0.
  7. kentyman Says:

    Thu, 01/10/08 - 12:13

    Not sure what I'm seeing then. The fact that y'all disagree with me answers my question though.
  8. the guy who isn't stupid Says:

    Wed, 01/23/08 - 05:12

    Actually it is the head butt at the end of the slam that knocks him out, not the slam itself, the upkick early in the match, although it knocked rampage out, did not cut him ( as can easily be seen if you happen to own this on DVD) he (rampage) splits his head coming down on arona much the same way as couture broke gonzagas nose in their title fight ( head butt delivered accidentally during a double) the PRIDE announcers actually addressed this in one of arona's other matches but didn't have time to elaborate on the stiuation. If you doubt the head butt did the damage, go buy the Pride fighting legacy volume 5 and watch the fight. Lots of better angles there.
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