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Fight of the Day: Rumina Sato vs. Nico Veressen at “Shoot the Shooto”

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An absolute must see bantamweight battle from last weekend’s “Shoot the Shooto 2011″ card, which transpired in Tokyo, Japan and featured none other than Shooto legend Rumina Sato facing off with Belgian born fighter Nico Veressen. Sato, who you may remember as our Technique of the Year holder for 1999, has built his name off legendary battles with top competition like Takanori Gomi, Caol Uno (at the time), Joachim Hansen (again), and Hatsu Hioki. Veressan was 1-0 heading into the bout, with his lone win coming against a fellow 1-0 fighter. Think you know how this one went down? Well, you’d be wrong.

From the start, Sato showcases the mix of mindfuckery and vicious leg attacks that he has become known for, first trying to goad the younger man into a ground match with the infamous Fireside Pose Manuever popularized by Fabricio Werdum before launching into a series of submissions that is nothing short of dazzling. I counted three or four toe holds, an inverted triangle ala Braulio Estima, and maybe a calf slicer attempt thrown in just for fun.

But Veressen is no slouch, offering some solid submission defense, some nasty ground-and-pound, and a Brazilian kick for good measure. At one point, he literally has Sato on the ropes, performing a spot on impersonation of Jackson/Silva 2 in order to evade Veressen’s punches.

Once the fight gets back to the feet, however, Veressen is clearly the fresher of the two. A straight right later and this baby is all over. With the loss, Sato drops to just 2-6 in his last 8 fights, with 4 of those losses coming by way of (T)KO.

As a bonus, I’ve posted the rarely seen match between Sato and Isamu Osugi from an early Shooto event all the way back in 1995, featuring a finish that would make Toby Imada flush with jealousy. Enjoy.



  1. Fried Taco Says:

    Mon, 11/07/11 - 03:11

    Good scrap, maybe we can get "Toe Hold" as our next CP Technique of the Day? Y'know, so the rest of us can learn how to finish it.
  2. skeletor Says:

    Mon, 11/07/11 - 03:35

    God damnit. Danga you ruined what would have been an otherwise great fight. The fight was still awesome but you are the worst.
  3. TheHulkSmash Says:

    Mon, 11/07/11 - 03:38

    Sata would have totally gone flying out of the ring if Veressen didn't grab his legs. What a sportsman.
  4. jfjjfjff Says:

    Mon, 11/07/11 - 04:09

    someone teach that white guy how to bow.
  5. itsgalf Says:

    Mon, 11/07/11 - 05:14

    maybe Sato was trying to teach him how to bow when he went flying over the ropes?
  6. FaH Q NL15 Says:

    Tue, 11/08/11 - 05:29

    That was dope. loved Nico's lock up of one of Sato's arms and legs with a triangle type formation at the 4:10 mark, i dunno how to esplain dat shit but that was my attempt. If Sato didnt roll over and face the mat, woulda been a real cool way to finish a fight. Although KO's after a crazy scrap like that are pretty cool too.
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    Sun, 07/22/12 - 12:49

    [...] Fight of the Day: Rumina Sato vs. Nico Veressen at “Shoot the …Nov 8, 2011 … Sato, who you may remember as our Technique of the Year holder for 1999, has built … Tags: Fight of the Day,fight videos,Rumina Sato,Shooto … [...]
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